Explain Whether You Agree Or Disagree That There Should Be A Difference Between The Treatment Of Prospective As Opposed To Current Employees Where Drug Testing Is Concerned

  • Drug Testing at Workplace

    A growing trend in the business world today is to use drug testing to screen prospective job applicants and monitor current employees for drug usage. Drug testing at work presents us with a difficult ethical dilemma raising a question: How businesses can respect individual’s basic right to privacy and at the same time provide a safe and productive work environment. Drug testing at workplace is a serious ethical and legal issue with opponents claiming that it is directly infringing on employee’s

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  • Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement? Telephones and Email Have Made Communication Between People Less Personal.

    is the one reason. If one people miss someone, due to the improvement of technology, he can just call up to him instead of meeting with him. However, they do not realize that communicating through email and telephones will weaken the relationship between them. Moreover, if communicating with others without using face-to-face communication, people cannot feel the emotion of others by seeing their body language. The sound in telephones and sentences in email cannot express the emotion clearly. The

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  • Defeating Drug Screens

    Fooling the Bladder Cops: The Complete Drug Testing Guide Justin Gombos June 1, 1999 2 Contents 1 Introduction 2 Detection Times 2.1 Halflife of TetraHydraCannabinol . . . . . . . . . . . 2.2 Approximate Detection Times of Various Substances 2.2.1 Frequency of Intake . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.2.2 Amount of Body Fat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.2.3 Predicting Detection Period . . . . . . . . . . 2.3 Positive (defined) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.3.1 Passive smoke and positives

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  • Difference Between Truncate and Delete

    1. What is different between TRUNCATE and DELETE? The Delete command will log the data changes in the log file where as the truncate will simply remove the data without it. Hence Data removed by Delete command can be rolled back but not the data removed by TRUNCATE. Truncate is a DDL statement whereas DELETE is a DML statement. 2. What are ORACLE PRECOMPILERS? A precompiler is a tool that allows programmers to embed SQL statements in high-level source programs like C, C++, COBOL, etc. The

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  • Drug Testing in the Workplace

    Problem Most employers require passing some kind of drug test to get hired on. They might require a drug test for an accident investigation, or a random drug test. Either way everyone knows they might get drug tested at their place of employment. What is the drug test process? How accurate is that drug test? What drugs will they be looking for? What kinds of drug tests are there? What is the better drug testing method to use? This is what The Better Business Bureau wants to know. Background

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  • Drug Testing Employees

    MGMT455 Unit 5 Assignment Drug Testing Employees A clear written policy that outlines the employer’s expectations regarding drug use will allow for drug testing in a drug-free workplace program. The program has to include training the supervisors on the signs and symptoms of drug use, how to enforce the policy, employee education on drug use dangers, and a provided referral system, or Employee Assistance Program, for employees with drug problems. These programs are meant to help companies

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  • Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

    ITT | Drug Testing Welfare Recipients | Why We Shouldn’t | | Michael Chiodo (11594970) | 8/30/2012 | Drug testing welfare recipients has been a major topic across the United States for a few years now. Many argue that if working class people are subject to a test prior to hire or randomly during the length of employment, why should those that don’t have to work for money not have the same treatment? Invasion of privacy is a huge disadvantage on the government’s part, yes it is free

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  • Drug Abuse

    Drug Abuse and Addiction Signs, Symptoms, and Help for Drug Problems and Substance Abuse Some people are able to use recreational or prescription drugs without ever experiencing negative consequences or addiction. For many others, substance use can cause problems at work, home, school, and in relationships, leaving you feeling isolated, helpless, or ashamed. If you’re worried about your own or a friend or family member’s drug use, it’s important to know that help is available. Learning about

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  • Compare and Contrast Utilitarianism and Deontology.

    majority of people affected. Explain whether you agree or disagree that there should be a difference between the treatment of prospective as opposed to current employees where drug testing is concerned. I agree that there should be a difference between the treatment of prospective as opposed to current employees where drug testing is concerned. I do that if an individual whether they are a prospective or current employee and are abusing drugs than they should not be employed especially if there

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  • Drug Addiction

    A STUDY ON DRUG ABUSE AMONG YOUTHS AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIP 青年濫藥與家庭關係的研究 THE FINAL REPORT (FINAL version) February 2011 1 PREFACE The project on the study on “DRUG ABUSE AMONG YOUTHS AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIP” (“the Study”) is being undertaken by the Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention and the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at the University of Hong Kong (“the Consultant”). The research team comprises the principal investigator (PI), Professor Paul YIP, Director

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  • A Competitor Firm Has Outsourced Its Production Abroad. You Could Do the Same. You Are the Major Employer in the Town Where You Are Located. You Have to Decide Whether Also to Outsource Your Production

    organisation, policy, or product and evaluate the ways in which the object could be regarded as ‘good’, and ‘bad’. You may choose a specific case to evaluate; or build a hypothetical case using suitable real world examples. A competitor firm has outsourced its production abroad. You could do the same. You are the major employer in the town where you are located. You have to decide whether also to outsource your production. Introduction The industry that my firm operates within is the winter

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  • Differences Between Aasb Framework and Ed164

    Qualitative Characteristics and Constraints of Decision-useful Financial Reporting Information.’ released by Australian Accounting Standard Board (AASB). Four major differences have been identified between the AASB’s current Australian Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements and ED 164 are identified. In Current Australian Framework financial report are prepared from a proprietary perspective whereas in ED 164 they are prepared from an entity perspective. The boards decided

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  • Testing for Drugs in Yhe Workforce

    1. How does drug testing effect hiring and testing employees A. Though many feel that drug testing is an invasion of privacy, drug testing enhances the probably to having a successful business. B. The strategy is to obtain the best employees to come in and assure that your company will have a successful production and outcome rate. C. There are different regulations and laws set to insure proper and relevant drug testing that assure the best environment for the workplace (employer and

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  • Explain the Differences Between Parliamentary Government and Presidential Government

    One of the largest differences between these two forms of government is that parliamentary government involves the fusion of the powers of the parliament and the government, whilst presidential government involves the separation of the executive judicial and legislative. One example of the fusion of powers in the UK is that until 2005 the Lord Chancellor was both the head of the judiciary, a speaker in the House of Lords, and he also ran the Lord Chancellors department. An example of the separation

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  • Drug Testing for Welfare

    Healey, Eric Government 2305 Drug Testing The idea of drug testing for recipients of Public Assistance is a very controversial topic. I will discuss both the advantages and dis advantages of drug testing and how it affects the people of the United States as a whole. I believe in a system that provides for the welfare of others, food, clothing, and shelter for those that are in need, especially when children are concerned. As Americans it is important that we take care of our own citizens

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  • Drug Testing

    choice of whether or not to test students for illegal drugs. When deciding, they have to consider the pros and cons. There are articles that state that drug testing should be done in both middle and high school. There are also articles that state there should not be drug testing in middle and high school. You may be asking yourself why should both middle and high school students be tested for drug use? According to one article, if students are tested, it will help the students to stay drug free. In

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  • Discuss the Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Describe How You Would Treat These Issues with Hypnotherapy

    * “Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy”. Introduction Common requests for hypnotherapy treatment are those related to stress, anxiety, habits and phobias. An understanding of the relationship between these disorders, examining the similarities and the differences between each, provides the therapist with information useful in deciding how and if to treat these disorders. It could also be argued that the uniqueness

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  • Explain the Difference and the Relationship Between Information Technology (It) and Information Systems (Is).

    1. Explain the difference and the relationship between information technology (IT) and information systems (IS). Information Technology and Information Systems work hand in hand in many business scenarios, although they are not the same. Information Technology (IT) refers to the technological side of an organization, but is not limited to communications. The IT department is the division of engineering that deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to get, transmit, and store information

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  • Drug Testing in School

    Drug Testing in School Youa Vang DeVry University Drug Testing in School Drug use has continued to increase within the past years. “An estimated 22.5 million Americans from the age of 12 or older had used an illicit drug or abused a psychotherapeutic medication in 2011. That is 8.7 percent of the US population (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2012).” Most people start taking drugs in their early teenage years because they get pressured easily. With drugs being one of the biggest pressures

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  • Compare and Contrast Utilitarianism and Deontology

    majority of people affected. Explain whether you agree or disagree that there should be a difference between the treatment of prospective as opposed to current employees where drug testing is concerned. I agree that there should be a difference between the treatment of prospective as opposed to current employees where drug testing is concerned. I do that if an individual whether they are a prospective or current employee and are abusing drugs than they should not be employed especially if there

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  • The Relationship Between Leadership Styles and Employees Commitment

    THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LEADERSHIP STYLES AND EMPLOYEES COMMITMENT IN EAST AFRICA BOTTLING S.C (COCA-COLA) A TERM PAPER: THE COURSE OF ADVANCED ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR AND DESIGN BY: SIRAK TEFERI ……….…. MKMW/601/06 SUBMITTED TO: TESFAYE SEMELA (Professor) The Relationship Between Leadership Styles and Employees Commitment Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION.................................................................................................................................

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  • Research on Employees Morals of Fci Headquarters India

    while during my internship at FCI. It is the research project on employment morals in FCI head quarters. While during the survey for this project I had experience lot of thinks that how to make the questionnaire & how to get it filled by the employees, as they are on at all levels. My research project has been completed successfully at FCI. The basic result is that the employment morals at FCI is around 55-60% INTODUCTION OF FCI Food Corporation of India (Hindi: भारतीय खाঘ निगम) was

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  • Employers and Employee Rights on Drug Testing in the Work Place

    EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEE RIGHTS ON DRUG TESTING IN THE WORK PLACE: Employer and employee have different rights and responsibilities in the organization. The right are provided for the productivity of the organization. Drug and Alcohol Testing: The use of drugs such as cocaine and alcohol has received widespread attention in recent years and many private employers now routinely test for drugs and alcohol use. However, the laws regulating drug testing are relatively new. The courts are still

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  • Drug Testing in the Worforce

    Impact of Drug-Testing Programs in the Workplace Paul DiLorenzo Marquette University Americans are concerned about drugs, and employers are no exception. They have been told that drug use in the workforce is common and that workers who use drugs will harm their businesses through increased accidents and absenteeism, or through more subtle, but serious effects of decreased efficiency and productivity. It is certainly

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  • Explain the Difference Between What Williams Calls Internal Reasons and External Reasons. Do You Agree with Williams That There Is No Such Thing as an External Reason?

    Explain the difference between what Williams calls internal reasons and external reasons. Do you agree with Williams that there is no such thing as an external reason? Bernard Williams Started a long running well spoken about debate, about the nature of reasons in his seminal paper 'Internal and External Reasons' (Williams 1980) and the following publication 'Internal Reasons and the Obscurity of Blame' (Williams 1989). Williams famously argued that all reasons behind our actions are internal

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  • Where Do You Want to Be

    Biracial and Multiracial Identity: Who Am I? Research Focus Multiracial Identity Sociology and the Study of Race and Ethnicity The Creation of Subordinate-Group Status The Consequences of Subordinate-Group Status Resistance and Change WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? How Does Society Rank Different Groups? What Are the Four Types of Groups? Does Race Still Matter? How is Biracial and Multiracial Identity Defined? How Is Sociology Applied to the Study of Race and Ethnicity? What Leads to the Creation of Subordinate-Group

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  • Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

    Drug testing for welfare recipients: Con By Austin Keller / In Blogs, Politics / January 17, 2014 See the opposing argument here. When one first hears about the idea of testing welfare recipients to make sure that they are not using drugs, the idea seems to be sound. Of course we do not want welfare money going toward the purchase of drugs when it should be going only to necessary and useful things. As with almost any political idea, however, these policies need to be executed. Political intentions

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  • Explain the Difference Between Bentham's Act Utilitarianism and Mill's Rule Utilitarianism (25)

    Explain the differences between Bentham’s and Mill’s Utilitarianism (25): Utilitarianism is a consequentialist ethical theory as the consequence of an action or rule is the main principle to judge whether an action is right or wrong. Act Utilitarianism is a teleological theory which was designed by Bentham, states that the act which produces the most pleasure was the most desirable act. Rule Utilitarianism is a deontological theory which was designed by Mill, states that that the act which produces

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  • Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement

    Do you think that people want something new and different and are never satisfied with what they have? Well, some people might oppose this point. However, for the following three points and examples, I strongly insist that as people get more, they want something even more. Now, I will give you my three points that support my position. To begin with, many people think that they want to walk when they are running. They then want to sit if they are walking. Next, if they are sitting, they

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  • Impact of Motivation on Employees Performance

    (quantity and quality) from every organizational member. Theorists of both cognitive and a cognitive orientations agree that managers should give considerable emphasis to tying organizational rewards to performance on the job Hamner, 1974; Porter & Lawler, 1968). The assumption (often implicit) in these attempts to encourage increased performance is that there is an additive relationship between externally mediated rewards and rewards which arise out of task performance itself. Therefore, if either one

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  • Compare and Contrast Relativism and Deontology

    majority of people affected. Explain whether you agree or disagree that there should be a difference between the treatment of prospective as opposed to current employees where drug testing is concerned. I agree that there should be a difference between the treatment of prospective as opposed to current employees where drug testing is concerned. I do that if an individual whether they are a prospective or current employee and are abusing drugs than they should not be employed especially if there

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  • Children Should Never Be Homeschooled. Do You Agree or Disagree?

    homeschooling in America has recently been trending as the popular alternative to public or private schools. According to the U.S Department of education, a staggering 1.5 million students were being homeschooled as of 2007! I believe that children should be given the opportunity to be homeschooled because it has many positive outcomes such as forming close knit families, bringing out the child’s best potential, preparing the child for college and also incorporating religious beliefs into the child’s

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  • Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

    Drug Testing Welfare Recipients: A Wise Choice Robert Denson ENG1420 Mr. A. Hewlett 10 February 2015 The national welfare system was created in 1935 to provide federal aid to the elderly, disabled and qualifying single mothers during the Great Depression (Costly, 2015). Public housing assistance, the Food Stamp Program and Medicare are examples of state programs available to assist families in need. Welfare, undoubtedly, is an essential source of assistance for many under privileged families

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  • Differences Between Banks’ Current and Credit Accounts

    Differences between Banks’ Current and Credit Accounts Student’s Name School Affiliation Differences between Banks’ current And Credit Accounts Through the use of technology, there has been a revolution on how money is used on a day to day basis. Banks have capitalized on this developing trend by offering various products and services that cater to individual needs and wants (Herman, 2005). In addition to this, they have developed enticing incentive

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  • Explain Whether You Agree or Disagree with This Statement: 'the League Failed in the 1930s Simply Because It Faced Greater Challenges Than It Had Faced in the 1920s.'

    Explain whether you agree or disagree with this statement: 'The League failed in the 1930s simply because it faced greater challenges than it had faced in the 1920s.' The League of Nations was set up after World War I to ensure lasting world peace. However, it failed in the 1930s after a series of unsuccessful attempts to restore peace and justice. Everyone lost faith in it and it lost its purpose totally. Personally, I do agree that the League failed in the 1930s simply because it faced greater

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  • History Discussion - Explain Whether You Agree or Disagree with This Statement: 'the League Failed in the 1930s Simply Because It Faced Greater Challenges Than It Had Faced in the 1920s.'

    History Discussion - Explain whether you agree or disagree with this statement: 'The League failed in the 1930s simply because it faced greater challenges than it had faced in the 1920s.' The League of Nations was set up after World War I to ensure lasting world peace. However, it failed in the 1930s after a series of unsuccessful attempts to restore peace and justice. Everyone lost faith in it and it lost its purpose totally. Personally, I do agree that the League failed in the 1930s simply because

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  • ‘the Reforms of Alexander Ii Weakened the Tsarist Regime’, Explain Why You Agree or Disagree with This View

    ‘The reforms of Alexander II weakened the Tsarist regime’, explain why you agree or disagree with this view. (25 marks) While in reign Alexander II introduced many reforms into Russian life, hoping they’d play a key part and influence society positively. Nevertheless, the majority of the reforms weakened the Tsarist regime showing that planning was not effective, and that many of the ideas had been rushed, for example, the emancipation of the serfs. The reform of emancipation weakened the Tsarist

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  • “the German Constitution of 1871 Established a Democratic Form of Government in Germany.” Explain Why You Agree/Disagree with This View.

    in Germany.” Explain why you agree/disagree with this view. Many people believe that the German constitution of 1871 was a democratic from of government and I am going to debate the reasons why it was and why it wasn’t seen as a democratic form of government. For many reasons I both agree and disagree with this view. First of all I agree with this view because I know from my own knowledge that the German Constitution of 1871 was a federal constitution. This is a constitution where a system of federalism

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  • Did the U.S. Media Cause the Loss of the War, Explain Whether You Agree or Disagree with This Statement.

    offensive showed that 44% of the American public believed that military intervention in Vietnam was a mistake, however only 10% favoured immediate withdrawal. This possibly indicates that many people believed America should not have entered the war but now that they had, they should try not to lose it or indeed lose prestige. It was often presumed that media reports from Vietnam at the time of the Tet offensive helped to shape public opinion on Vietnam at the time. One Iconic image of the war which

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  • Agree to Disagree

    | | Agree to Disagree China is frequently regarded as a rising power, which challenges the United State’s dominant position in the International System. Theory, as well as history suggests this to be a dangerous situation and there have been calls from Chinese leaders for a new type of great power relations. Perhaps the major challenge for this new type of power relations, is the relation between the U.S.A.- Japan – and China. China recently expressed rather clear views on that relationship

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  • ‘the Consolidation of Royal Authority in the Years 1487-1509 Was Due to Henry Vii’s Control over the Nobility’ Explain Why You Agree or Disagree with This View

    ‘The consolidation of royal authority in the years 1487-1509 was due to Henry VII’s control over the nobility’ Explain why you agree or disagree with this view Henry came to power in 1487 after Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth. The government by 1485 was well organised but had come perilously close to collapse on a number of occasions during the fifteenth century. Therefore Henry faced many problems such as crown authority as Henry was not entitled to the crown and he was only

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  • Explain the Differences Between Absolute and Relative Morality. [25]

    rights affect every moral decision. Primary and secondary rights: • CULTURAL ABSOLUTISM – ultimate moral principles do not change from culture to culture, e.g. value of human life, family. 2. Main features of relativism, pointing out differences with absolutism as you go. • Moral command / prohibition alter depending on time, place, person. All situations may be different. Different cultures express different moral codes of conduct. • Subjective, teleological – utilitarianism, situation ethics

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  • Production Management - Inventory Is a Part of Manufacturing Strategy Do You Agree with This Statement If so Explain Why It Should Be Only a Part of the Total Manufacturing Strategy

    ASSIGNMENT SOLUTIONS, PROJECT REPORTS AND THESIS aravind.banakar@gmail.com ARAVIND - 09901366442 – 09902787224 PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT 1. Mention situations in (a) banking, (b) advertising, (c) agriculture, and (d) hoteliering where production and operations management is involved. Describe the inputs, outputs, processes and utilities. 2. What are the hurdles in the globalization of services? Mention the managerial, social and political issues. Are services, generally more

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  • Human Resource Management - What Potential Conflicts Could Arise Between the Japanese Managers Trainers and the French Employees Explain

    the MD change his mind and go against Maniyam? What role might the VP-HR have played in the episode? 2. If you were Maniyam, what would you do? 1. What should Vijay do? 1. How would you rate Dinesh’s behavior? What method of appraisal would you use? Why? 2. Do you assess any training needs of employees? If yes, what inputs should be embodied in the training programme? 1. In the case of the Indane Biscuits, bring out the importance of

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  • Mandatory Drug Testing Legislation

    Mandatory Drug Testing Legislation Mandatory Drug Testing Legislation The subject of our debate is whether or not public assistance recipients should be required to pass a mandatory drug test as a qualifying standard. There are currently twenty seven states considering some type of legislation this year that would require anybody wishing to receive public assistance to pass a drug test in order to do so. While on the surface this type of policy seems to make sense in order to regulate where a state

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  • Do You Agree or Disagree That the Government Should Ban Smoking in Public Places?

    Do you agree or disagree that the government should ban smoking in public places? Since Los Angeles prohibited smoking in bars, clubs and restaurants in 2003 some European countries decided to follow the same idea three years later. It has been an attractive initiative from the American government, which helped “a global trend” (BBC 1). In 2007 new tougher restrictions appeared. The New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg based on studies that showed that even smoking outside, a significant harmful

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  • Employee Surveillance and Testing

    "Employee Surveillance and Testing" Please respond to the following: Argue for or against the practice of electronic employee surveillance at work. Provide specific examples to support your argument. What laws, if any, may be violated by such practices? Employers want to be sure their employees are doing a good job, but employees don't want their every sneeze or trip to the water cooler logged. That's the essential conflict of workplace monitoring. New technologies make it possible for employers

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  • Drug Testing Should Be Mandatory to Receive Social Assistance in the United States of America

    The topic as to whether or not drug testing should be mandatory to receive social assistance in the United States of America is a highly controversial, hotly debated topic that is sure to draw a lot more attention in years to come. After much consideration and personal debate, I still find it hard to choose one side 100 percent on the issue. While I strongly believe we should both respect and honor the United States Constitution, I also believe that our society, not to mention the technology that

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  • The Case for and Against Drug Testing

    The dilemma of whether or not to have a drug-testing policy in corporate America is a colossal subject. Alcohol and drug abuse are considered to be amongst the most common health hazards in the workplace. Drug use in the workplace is an increased liability to employers and can cost companies millions of dollars. In this case study, a company named Castulon Corporation, is faced with a dilemma of whether or not to implement a drug-testing policy. The cause for this dilemma is the fact that upper

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  • The Patriot Act; Agree of Disagree

    The Patriot Act: Agree or Disagree Amanda Collier ENG/215 August 27, 2012 Bruce Massis The Patriot Act: Agree or Disagree President George W. Bush signed into law on October 26, 2001 The USA PATRIOT Act. The title of the Act is a letter acronym: Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001 (PUBLIC LAW 107–56—OCT. 26, 2001) This Act was written to prevent and punish terrorist acts here in the United States as well

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