Explain Why The Dreyfus Affair Polarised France

  • J'Accuse, Zola and the Dreyfus Affair

    artillery officer in the French army named Captain Alfred Dreyfus was arrested and charged with supplying the German Embassy in Paris with military secrets. After a private trial in which only the military were involved Dreyfus was convicted of treason and was consequently imprisoned on Devil’s Island off the coast of French Guyana. From the outset the case was full of ambiguities and unanswered questions. The evidence used to convict Dreyfus was dubious and the lack of concrete evidence provoked

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  • Explain Why Police Have Lots of Discretion with Juveniles

    Explain why police have lots of discretion with juveniles? give examples! Introduction In recent years there has been growing concern about the incidence and seriousness of juvenile offending. This concern has not been unwarranted. Statistics gathered for the Sourcebook of Criminal Justice indicated a significant increase in the number of juvenile arrests, from year to year, during the late 1980’s and throughout the early 1990’s. One snapshot, in 1996, revealed that the number of juvenile arrests

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  • Explain Why Britain Signed the Anglo-Germany Agreement

    Explain why Britain signed the anglo-Germany trade agreement One immediate reason for why Britain signed the naval treaty as it served as a warning to France against the pursuit of blatant policies of encirclement aimed at Germany made evident after signing the franco-russian treaty of mutual assistance in1935 , . Britain feared that these policies would encourage rather than avert war. And so signed the anglo-german trade treaty as a way of maintaining and – Germany. Moreover, a key reason

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  • Madoff Affair

    successful market making business. He originally would pay large institutions for their orders, or “flow”. After initial success, he then went on to manage some investment funds. His returns were outrageously high and people could only speculate as to why. Since he had his market making business, people assumed he must have been illegally “front-running”. Front-running is when he gets a very large order for a stock transaction, and jumps in front of the transaction with personal money. This allows the

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  • France

    France The little powerhouse that is France is home to the most romantic city in the world, Paris. Its area is slightly less than the size of Texas at 643,701 sq km. Other major cities in the country are Marseille-Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Lille, and Cannes which is famous for the film festival. French is the official language, and its neighbors include Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. The United States has quite a few less neighbors at 2, which are Canada and Mexico. France is

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  • France: Pestle

    | 2013 | | Department of Management Studies IIT Roorkee | [Country report: france] | The report contains an overall analysis of France as a business destination for trade and new business ventures. We have adopted the PESTEL Analysis methodology to arrive to our conclusion. | INDEX 1. Introduction 2. Timeline: France 3.1 History 3.2 Present 3.3 Future 3. PESTEL Analysis 4.4 Political 4.5 Economic 4.6 Social 4.7 Technological

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  • France

    France The French Revolution (French: Révolution française; 1789–1799) was a period of radical social and political upheaval in France that had a fundamental impact on French history and on modern history more broadly. The absolute monarchy that had ruled France for centuries collapsed within three years. French society underwent an epic transformation, as feudal, aristocratic and religious privileges evaporated under a sustained assault from radical left-wing political groups, masses on the streets

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  • Public Affairs

    Paul and Elder defined ethics as “a set of concepts and principle that guide us in determining what behaviour help or harm sentiment creatures”. Theories on ethics are postulated by renowned scholars to certify the diverse views on ethics and to explain the cause and variance in diverse attitudes and actions. Each theory emphasizes different points such as predicting the outcome and following one’s duties to other in order to reach an ethically correct decision. The usefulness of a theory means that

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  • Explain Why the British Government Opposed the Italian Invasion of Abyssinia?

    Explain why the British government opposed the Italian invasion of Abyssinia? One reason for why the British government opposed the Italian invasion of Abyssinia was largely a result of British self interest. Britain had become increasingly worried over Mussolini’s ambitions to create an Italian empire, and feared that Abyssinia would become the epicentre for further expansion. Abyssinia shared borders with Uganda and Kenya both of which were British colonies, they felt that if Mussolini’s meet

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  • France

    Exam 1: Introduction to Africana Studies Short Answer Questions: Be sure to respond to the ENTIRE question, since each question has two parts. (4 points each/100 points total) Why is Africa a continent and not a country? How would you describe the size of Africa in relation to the size of the United States? Africa is a continent because it is a large land mass with many countries within it. A country is a large community with their own set of political rules that differ from

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  • Current Affairs

    www.ibpsexamguru.in Content: Current Affairs 2013 (December 2012,January 2013,febraury 2013,March 2013, April 2013 ) Howdy ! friends . we are providing Five months current affairs for all competitive exam preparation .. Source : Various Location on Web Portal . Contains : 1. International Awareness 2. National Awareness 3. States News 4. Confrences 5. Sports and News 6. Awards and honors 7. Persons In News 8. Important dates 9. Books and Authors 10. Science and technology 11. Economy News INTERNATIONAL

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  • The Pentagon's New Map: It Explains Why We'Re Going to War and Why We'Ll Keep Going to War

    the first world and those countries that either due to size, military capabilities, or growing economic impact is on its way to joining the Core. This latter sub-group are led by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). The author explains that the key difference between the Gap and the Core is the plenitude of choices offered to their denizens. Those living in the Core are offered a greater and better range of choices due to their enhanced connectivity with each other and with the

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  • France Period

    HISTORY OF FRANCE • 13th century Spreading the weight of vaults over a series of ribs, columns, and pilasters, Gothic architecture allows the dissolution of the wall. Windows in cathedrals and churches are filled with stained glass; the shimmering colored light transfigures the vast interiors. Depicting biblical stories, scenes from the lives of the saints, or single figures, stained-glass windows complement the sculptures on the exterior and the rites and ceremonies observed within. • 1209

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  • Explain Why Britain Did Not Intervene When Germany Re-Militarised the Rhineland in 1936?

    Explain why Britain did not intervene when Germany re-militarised the Rhineland in 1936? After World War 1, Germany was forced to sign a document known as the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty prohibited a lot of things that Germany had such as taking away land mass and reducing military size. One of the things that were banned was the ability to field a military force in the Rhineland. One of the reasons that Britain did not want to intervene when Germany re-militarised the Rhineland is that

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  • Explain Why Cohabitation Has Increased

    Explain why cohabitation has increased in the UK (20) Cohabitation is when two unmarried people in a romantic relationship live together, they may also have children. Cohabitation is profoundly reshaping family life, this is because of the sharp increased in the UK since the 1960s, this is for many different reasons some of these include; the change in society’s culture and morals, birth controls becoming available, the drop of number of people getting married. The increase in duel working relationships

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  • Explain Why the Policy of Thorough Was Unpopular During Personal Rule

    Explain why the policy of Thorough was unpopular during Personal Rule The first reason why Thorough was unpopular during Personal Rule was because Charles’s actions suggested that he was becoming absolutist, after all, Thorough was effectively an alternative system of government in the absence of a Parliament. This suggestion of absolutism created a fear of tyranny and a mistreatment of civil rights. It was generally thought that, if Thorough worked, it would result in an England ruled by the

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  • French Affair with London

    love affair with London Will the British and the French ever understand each other? “Rosbifs” are well known as the discoverer of binge drinking, they are awful cook and hypocritical. On the other side of the Channel, the “Froggies” are uppity, unclean and always on strike. Both keep clichés going and issues of dispute are not lacking as the debate between Sarkozy and Cameron at one of the last European convention demonstrated. Jean Guiffan has supported in Histoire de l’anglophonie en France (2004)

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  • Current Affairs

    Nigerian History and Current Affairs April 2013 Vol. 3.9                            Origination, Information and Statistics Current Ministers as @ April 2013 Top Officials in Government States Data and Governors Addresses of Federal Ministries Addresses of State Liaison Offices Past and Present Leaders 1960 -2013 Foreign Leaders 1921 - 1960 Natural Resources Tourist Attractions Exchange Rate History Memorable events - 800BC to April 2013 Political Parties Map of Nigeria

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  • P5 Explain How and Why Groups of Customers Are Targeted for Selected Products.

    4a – P5 Explain how and why groups of customers are targeted for selected products. Segment marketing is the where defining the businesses customers’ needs and wants by ordering them in particular groups that receive different care and different levels of marketing. Customers are segmented by a business can vary from business to business but generally include areas such as, sex, regional location, income, socioeconomic factors, or previous buying. Geographic - Geographic segmentation is an important

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  • Explain Why Civil War Broke Out in China in 1946

    Explain why civil war broke out in China in 1946 to 1949 The nationalists began the Guomindang offensive against the communists in Manchuria, 1946. This was to be the start of bloody civil war that would last for three years, until the communists assumed their victory in october of 1949 and Chiang fled to Taiwan. One key factor in the reason for the civil war were the conflicting ideologies between the communists and the nationalists. They did not agree on any matter regarding China and their

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  • Explain Why the Dreyfus Affair Polarised France

    The Dreyfus Affair that begun in 1894 and continued through till 1906 ultimately resulted in the separation of church and state in France. The accusation that Alfred Dreyfus committed treason by selling military secrets to Germany caused a divide within the French community by pitting the Dreyfusards against the anti-Dreyfusards. It was essentially a campaign against the Jewish community in France and how they were disloyal to France and her people. It was eventually found that the evidence that

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  • Explain Why the Liberal Party Won a Landslide Victory in the 1906 General Election

    Explain why the Liberal Party won a landslide victory in the 1906 general election There were many factors that enabled the victory of the Liberal Party in the 1906 election, most importantly, due to the neglect of social reforms when the Conservatives were in power between 1885 and 1906. Also, the Liberals used the disregard from the Conservatives for the tariff reform campaign in 1903 to encourage many citizens to vote Liberal, this links to the fact the Liberals mostly gained a lot of support

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  • Explain Why the Conservatives Lost the 1906 General Election

    Explain why the conservatives lost the 1906 General Election There are three main reasons the conservatives lost the 1906 General Election, one of the main reasons was the tariff reform. The Tariff Reform was a pressure group setup in 1903 to protest against unfair foreign imports to protect British industry from foreign competition. It was launched by Joseph Chamberlain; he wanted to reintroduce tariffs, with a lower level tariff for goods coming into Britain from the empire than for goods imported

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  • Explain Why Bismarck Introduced the Anti-Socialist Laws

    Explain why the anti-socialist law was introduced in Germany in 1878 (12 marks) Bismarck introduced the anti-socialist laws due to a number of factors all stemming from his underlying fear of the threat of socialism and the pragmatic nature in which he found the opportunity to exploit socialism and introduce the new laws swaying the public opinion away from socialism. One reason why Bismarck introduced the anti-socialist laws in 1878 was due to socialism being a political and social threat

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  • A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun

    A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries A Gun. Linda Hasselstrom is a peaceful woman but feels safer when she is carrying a pistol. When she travelled alone she found herself and many women nearby in some fearful and dangerous situations. She believes that getting a gun changes the balance of power and provides a measure of safety. So due some events in the past she has been convinced to own a pistol so her reasons for getting a gun is fear, vulnerability and her main reason

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  • Identify and Briefly Explain Why Population in Developing Countries Is Still Growing

    Identify and briefly explain why population in developing countries is still growing Most developing countries are experiencing rapid population growth. Developing countries are in stage 2 or 3 of the demographic transition model. This means that they have falling death rates, due to improving health care, while birth rates remain high. There can be many reasons why the population in developing countries is still growing. Firstly developing countries have limited access to family planning services

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  • Explain Why There Were Two Revolutions in Russia

    Explain why there were two revolutions in 1917? In Russia in 1917 there were two revolutions which took place. The first revolution was in February 1917 and the second in October 1917. There were many factors that led up to the first revolution as people were not satisfied with how the country was run. The people wanted to get rid of the Tsar and Tsarina and this had a large impact leading towards the first revolution. The second revolution took place because the Provisional Government (PG) was

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  • France Culture

    France Oct 20, 2014 Introduction France is a modern European state and a republic, the capital of France is Paris, and is one of the world’s top five economies. The French head of state is the President, elected by universal suffrage (2012 elections): the president governs through a Council of Ministers and a parliament made up of two chambers, the National Assembly (lower house) and the Senate (upper house). In addition, the political system in France called (Republique)

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  • Explain Why the Monasteries Were Dissolved During the Reign of Henry Viii

    “Explain why the monasteries were dissolved during the reign of Henry VIII (June’ 12)” There were many factors to why the monasteries were dissolved during the reign of Henry VIII ranging from personal needs to governments need for the money. One of the reasons why the monasteries were dissolved during the reign of Henry VIII was because he needed the money to finance his army. This was a precaution in the event of an invasion by the Catholics power in Europe. Any attack was considered war

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  • Explain Why Managers Are Important to Organizations

    Explain why managers are important to organizations Why are managers important? * Organizations need their managerial skills and abilities more than ever in these uncertain, complex and chaotic times. * Managerial skills and abilities are critical in getting things done. * The quality of the employee/supervisor relationship is the most important variable in productivity and loyalty. Tell who managers are and where they work Who are manager? * Someone who coordinates and oversee

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  • Explain Why Foreign Aid Is Sometimes Ineffective

    Explain why foreign aid is sometimes ineffective The international aid doctrine has been one of the main economic components in the foreign policy jigsaw since the end of the Second World War as it has been widely used according to the evolution of geopolitical matters and ‘development thinking’. According to the OECD, foreign aid usually takes the form of a grant or a loan made to a developing country by the ‘official sector’ of a donor country in order to ensure economic growth as well as stable

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  • Current Affairs

    www.sakshieducation.com    Current Affairs (Sep 15 to 21) Bit bank  1. The International Economic Association (IEA) has appointed which of the following as president-elect of the association? 1) Kaushik Basu 2) Rakesh Mohan 3) Jagdish Bhagwati 4) Amartya Sen Who is only the second West Indian to score a test century aged 40 or more? 1) K. Edwards 2) S. Chanderpaul 3) J. Blackwood 4) D. Bravo K. Srinivas and Rashmi Kumari won the men’s and women’s singles titles respectively in the fourth world

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  • Current Affairs

    Inclusive Learning Guaranteed!!! (LIKE US ON FACEBOOK AND GET ALL IMPORTANT UPDATES) Category Wise Current Affairs from January 2015 to June 2015 1) Awards and Honours 2) Appointments 3) Banking and Finance 4) Indian Affairs 5) International Affairs 6) Science and Technology 7) Sports 8) Obituary Visit DayTodayGK.com for Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Current Affairs Quiz, Banking Quiz, Marketing Quiz, Science Quiz, English Quiz..etc 9) Important days observed from January to June THE MORE

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  • Antisemitism and Catholic Colonial Algeria in the Time of Dreyfus

    Introduction From 1894 to 1899, Captain Albert Dreyfus, an Alsatian Jewish artillery officer, languished in prison on Devil's Island after the French Army General Staff wrongfully convicted him of treason and espionage. The campaign for his release, organized by his family and supporters, along with revelations of an army cover-up, saw the so-called “Dreyfus Affair” become the major focal point of French public discourse at the turn of the century. Partisan camps of “Dreyfusards” and “anti-Dreyfusards”

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  • France

    country as remarkable as France? You probably cannot. France is an astonishing country. The primary language of France is French. French is a language derived from Latin and 115 million people speak it as a native language. Approximately 15% of the world knows how to speak French. This language was born in France and it is spoken in many other places such as Quebec, Mauritius, Louisiana, and Côte d'Ivoire. France has many more things too offer than language. France has an extraordinary background

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  • Explain Why There Was No Successor to Lenin

    Explain why there was no successor to Lenin in 1924? (12 marks) Lenin's concerns over who was to replace him were largely due to ego, he thought that noone was capable of seeing Russia's problems, or the "correct" Marxist solution as clearly as he could. Lenin's ego was the main reason why no one candidate emerged whilst he was alive. He was concerned about all the the prospective candidates, seeing such flaws in their characters that he thought none of them were suitable for the position. He

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  • Explain Why Richard Duke of Gloucester Made Himself King

    Explain why Richard Duke of Gloucester made himself King of England in 1483. (12) England in 1483 can only be described as unstable – Edward IV’s premature and sudden death caused turmoil specifically between Richard and the Woodville family. There was fierce competition between the two over who would be the protector of Edward V and rule as Regent until the King was old enough. Within months of his brother’s death he had usurped the throne and imprisoned the King. There are multiple reported reasons

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  • Dreyfus Model

    The Dreyfus Model Introduction: Dreyfus brothers have stated a theory which depicts the stages of an individual's progression in achieving professional expertise. They have been broken down into a series of five stages: novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, and expert. The phenomenological model states that an expertise in any skill and medical skill, in particular, cannot be captured by the rule-based expert system. It argues that the expertise is said to be an unconscious and automatic

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  • Explain Why the Hispanic Vote Is Becoming More Important in Us Elections

    Explain why the Hispanic vote is becoming more important in US elections (10 marks) Hispanics are a growing group in the USA in terms of politics, this can be seen through demographics, according to the 2000 census, they did form 12% of the population, but by the 2010 census this figure has increased over 16% (51 million people) this was due to immigration and birth rates, therefore over the years they have become more influential as they are now a larger proportion or the electorate. Furthermore

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  • France

    1. Heat waves After the devastating event that occurred in the year 2003 where around 15,000-19,000 people died as a result of extreme temperatures most of them being elderly citizens. France has decided to adopt strict heat wave guidelines in order to avoid to occurrence of such events. * Pollution In order to help reduce automobile exhaust fumes, the Paris police asked motorists to reduce their speed, while the mayor’s office has made street parking free and asked residents to use public

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  • 1. Explain the Main Reasons Why Financial Markets and Financial Intermediaries Exist.

    Explain the main reasons why financial markets and financial intermediaries exist. Why are banks special? A bank is a financial intermediary that offers loans and deposits, and payment services. In the past decade the banks have become a very important part of the economy. Banks are financial intermediaries, financial intermediaries and financial markets main role is to provide a system by which funds are transferred and allocated to their most productive opportunities. Banks need money and they

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  • Explain Why Conformity and Obedience Are Important in the Public Services, with Reference to Research Studies

    M3. Explain why conformity and obedience are important in the public services, with reference to research studies. Conformity and obedience are forms of social influence which strongly affect our behaviour is social situations, from following fashions and unwritten social norms which organise our behaviour, to committing immoral acts because we are commanded to by someone who appears to be in a position of authority. This essay looks at the similarities and differences between the three, looking

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  • Explain the Main Reasons Why Financial Markets and Financial Intermediaries Exist.

    Explain the main reasons why financial markets and financial intermediaries exist. Why are banks special? A bank is a financial intermediary that offers loans and deposits, and payment services. In the past decade the banks have become a very important part of the economy. Banks are financial intermediaries, financial intermediaries and financial markets main role is to provide a system by which funds are transferred and allocated to their most productive opportunities. Banks need money and they

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  • Describe and Explain How and Why the London Docklands Were in Need of Rebranding

    Describe and explain how and why the London Docklands were in need of rebranding Rebranding is “a change of image through the development of a marketing strategy.” The London Docklands needed rebranding because it in decline and couldn’t get out of the spiral of decay. This was occurring in the 1970s. A major reason why the Docklands were in decline was because of containerisation. This meant that the London Docks and the River Thames were not large enough for the sheer size of the new ships. As

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  • Using Economic Theory Explain Why Some Countries Are Richer Than Others

    Using economic theory explain why some countries are richer than others The wealth of a country can be measured by many different ways. People may judge it by the countries natural resources or by the countries welfare in an economical plan. To be simple the basic economy of a given country decides its slot in the positioning of poor or rich. There are three major categories of countries – first world, developing and third world countries. First world countries are with stable prospering economies

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  • France

    法国 ------------------------------------------------- 百科名片 法国(La France),全称为法兰西共和国,现在是法兰西第五共和国,位于欧洲西部,与比利时、卢森堡、德国、瑞士、意大利、摩纳哥、安道尔和西班牙接壤,隔英吉利海峡与英国隔海相望。法国是第一次世界大战的主要战胜国之一,虽在第二次世界大战中期战败且沦陷于德国,但在国际上仍然有一定的影响力,因而成为联合国安理会常任理事国,对安理会议案拥有否决权。法国亦是欧盟和北约创始会员国之一,八国集团之一和欧洲四大经济体之一,亦是《申根公约》的成员国。法国不仅在工农业方面非常发达,而且也是世界文化中心之一。首都位于巴黎。 中文名称: | 法兰西共和国 | 英文名称: | The Republic of France | 简称: | 法国 | 所属洲: | 欧洲 | 首都: | 巴黎 | 主要城市: | 巴黎,马赛 | 国庆日: | 7月14日 | 国歌: | 马赛曲 | 国家代码: | FRA | 官方语言: | 法语 | 货币: |

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  • France

    France If there was one thing at the forefront of the minds of French voters, with the upcoming presidential election, it would be the current economic crisis focusing mainly on the failing euro. (Hey, Big Spender) This paper will summarize three articles that relate to the failing euro and the French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s role in this issue, part of a possible solution of getting it back on track in “Going Dutch” by Martin Feldstien, in the “The Failure of the Euro” from Foreign Affairs,

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  • Briefly Explain Why Catel May Not Succed in Any Economy Including Kenya

    1. Briefly explain why cartels may not succeed in any economy including Kenya. A cartel is a formal (explicit) agreement among competing firms. It’s a formal organization of producers and manufacturers that agree to fix prices, marketing and production. Cartels usually occur in an oligopolistic industry, where there are a small number of sellers and usually involve homogenous products. Cartels members maybe agree on such matters as prices fixing, total industry output, market shares, allocation

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  • Disneyland in France

    proved the Japanese also have an affinity for Mickey Mouse with the successful opening of Tokyo Disneyland. Having wooed the Japanese, Disney executives in 1986 turned their attention to France and, more specifically, to Paris, the self-proclaimed capital of European high culture and style. "Why did they pick France?" many asked. When word first got out that Disney wanted to build another international theme park, officials from more than 200 locations all over the world descended on Disney with

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  • Family Affair

    lives,” Kendra replied, unable to remove the look of horror from her eyes. The whole thing just seemed so unreal. “I completely understand.” Reeka patted her on the back in comfort. “Take deep breaths in, baby, to keep yourself calm while I explain everything.” Kendra did as she was told as her mother shared how she and Kenny met during one fateful spring break in Florida. At the time, they were both seniors at different colleges, had both lost a parent within the previous five years

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