Face Face Communication

  • Face to Face vs Virtual Teams

    Teams and Face to Face Teams Virtual Teams and Face to Face Teams Research Paper March 4, 2012 Introduction As organizations continue to expand globally and increase the use of internet/web technologies to conduct their business, virtual teams continue to increase significantly. In today’s business world, virtual teams are more common in the workplace as opposed to face to face teams. There are various differences between virtual and face to face teams and thus

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  • Many Faces

    Sambo Fisher Jayne Santos English 101 May 22, 2008 Many Faces There is no good if there is no evil. In the early 1900s, a time of change brought many prosperous beginnings, a time for capitalism, a time for opportunities. However, with them came a time of conflict and turmoil for the poor, the immigrants, and the ostracized—women. In society a woman was classified as the maiden, the nurturer, the Madonna, the sex goddess, the witch, or the whore. In the novel Ragtime, E.L. Doctorow portrays

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  • Online Education vs Face to Face

    Online education versus face-to-face Nicole Mackie COM/155 November 24, 2012 Lezli Pearson Online education versus face-to-face There are several reasons online schooling is better than traditional schooling. Online schooling gives better delivery of the material. Traditional schools will often charge more than online classes. There is more flexibility for students with other commitments in online education. Online schooling requires dedication, discipline, and a distraction-free-environment

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  • Face Detetction

    Data Communication Theory What is dotted decimal notation on IPv4 addresses? Answer: It is presentation form for the numerical data that consists of a string of decimal numbers each pair is separated by a dot. The common use is to write the numbers in the octet group based 10 (decimal) numbers separated by dots. In computer networking, Internet Protocol Version 4 addresses are commonly written using quad-dotted notation of four decimal integers, ranging from 0 to 255 each. Chapter

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  • Face Recognition

    Re  Face Recognition Paper Adriana Zachry Psych/560 November 13, 2012 Christopher Wessinger Face Recognition Paper Face recognition develops slowly through life. Recognizing a face can be a difficult for the individual and also for the brain system that processes. The complexity of recognizing individual faces can be a difficult task at times. Recognizing faces also includes looking at an individual’s emotional expression and then, being able to take that information and processing it

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  • Face the Fats

    According to the “Face the Fats” article we have bad fats, better fats and then best fats. Bad fats are considered to be trans-fat and saturated fats. Bad fat would be anything with butter in it or on it. Examples of saturated fats would be loaded potatoes, deserts and even steaks. Trans fat would be anything fried such as French fries, fried chicken, or anything really greasy. Better fats are monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fat. These fats are better for you and better for your heart health

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  • Face-to-Face Commuication

    Commwk5ASSGNROBERSONI How a person perceives themselves and others substantially influences the communication between an individual and other people in every aspect of communication. When we communicate with others we unintentionally start our own individual evaluations, the manner of how they are dressed, if they use eye contact, the tone of their voice, verbiage from whoever is involved to act differently with the other person. The age, sex and familiarity with other people also affect how

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  • Face Recognition

    REVIEWS, REFINEMENTS AND NEW IDEAS IN FACE RECOGNITION Edited by Peter M. Corcoran Reviews, Refinements and New Ideas in Face Recognition Edited by Peter M. Corcoran Published by InTech Janeza Trdine 9, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia Copyright © 2011 InTech All chapters are Open Access articles distributed under the Creative Commons Non Commercial Share Alike Attribution 3.0 license, which permits to copy, distribute, transmit, and adapt the work in any medium, so long as the original work is properly

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  • Identity in the Face of Discrimination

    Identity in the Face Of Discrimination The thought of identity is an ever-present theme in society. From the moment of birth till death, humans persistently search to piece together who they are in this world. Humans seek to foster their identities by selecting values, beliefs, and assumptions perceived to define who they are. In extreme cases collective identities can be destructive. Defining one’s self as belonging to a collective group, more often than not, leads other groups to be labeled

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  • The Cognitive Process: Recognizing Faces

    Face Recognition Face perception is the method that the brain and the conscience mind recognize and understand a face, mainly the human face. If there’s one class of stimuli for which recognition is the most important, significant, and frequent, it’s the recognition of faces (Robinson-Riegler & Robinson-Riegler, 2008).Without the ability to recognize familiar faces, we would be awash in a sea of strangers (Robinson-Riegler & Robinson-Riegler, 2008). When we recognize faces it is the most utilized

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  • North Face Case Study

    North Face Case Questions 1. Should auditors insist that their clients accept all proposed audit adjustments, even those that have an “immaterial” effect on the given financial statements? Defend your answer. No, clients are not required to accept all proposed audit adjustments that need to be made to the financial statements. However, the auditor is required to challenge management to justify not recording these adjustments. Regardless of the justification, the auditor needs to be aware that

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  • Challenges Single Moms Face

    Challenges Single Moms Face Liberty University Abstract The purpose of this paper is to inform our society of the significant challenges single mom face. Raising children in this era is a very difficult task for couples and it brings greater challenges when is done by a single parent

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  • North Face

    “Recognition Measurement in Financial Statements of Business Enterprises” and SFAS No. 48 “Revenue Recognition When Right of Return Exists” are guidelines that dictate when companies are entitled to record revenue. The FASB CS No. 5 was violated by North Face Inc.,...

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  • The North Face

    THE NORTH FACE The North Face is an American outdoor clothing and goods brand formed in west coast San Francisco, 1968, by two hiking aficionados Douglas Tompkins and Kenneth Klopp. The given name references the notion that the north face of a mountain in the northern hemisphere is, by and large, the most difficult to scale. The company specializes in outerwear, footwear and equipment such as backpacks, tents and sleeping bags targeting climbing enthusiasts bound for The Himalayas. However, in

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  • Face to Face Reference

    New technologies are arguably replacing the need for libraries to provide face-to-face reference. However, by reviewing the data out there, we can see there is still a demand for the option of conducting reference sessions in-person, especially in academic libraries. Academic libraries are any library found in a four year institution, community college, or two year institution. The Facts of Reference We will first focus on the fact that technology has forced traditional reference to expand

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  • Face to Face

    Face to face Professor Adelia Cozart-Amos Professional Communication April 28, 2012 Face to face Have you ever had an important, interview, date, or social gathering and looked in the mirror to find a great big zit? This can be a scary time when there is a first impression that you want to make but can’t because of the zit. Zits are the most unreasonable scary imperfection that can cause a first impression to be embarrassing and self continues. Many people talk about different

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  • Saving Face

    | Saving Face | By: Francine D. Kemp | | sjcruz | 9/19/2010 | [Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document.] | Within the last nine years, more than 310,000,000 people migrated daily to new points on the globe. (Kemp 2009) Why are so many people migrating? In a world where culture understanding

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  • Issues That Face Marriages Today

    reader of the challenges that face marriages in today’s society. It researches the issue of cohabitation before marriage and how people view it whether it is harmful to the marriage or how it can help the marriage be more successful. Another issue that is reviewed is the issue of infidelity. It discusses the problems that arise from infidelity and touches on the reconciliation process that couples have to go through if they have a desire to stay in their marriage. Communication and forgiveness within the

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  • Face of Facebook

    Friends By Face or Friends By Facebook “As we click with more pals online, the idea of friendship multiplies,” by Joel Garreau (2008). “Whom exactly can you count on(pg 139).” As a society today everyone is depending on the status of the internet. More than half of the people in the world has a Facebook from people you would never think of will have one. The points are you can pick your friends but…, words colliding, stitched together, and the real thing. Are these your frinds indeed?

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  • Saving Face

    consequences of it, which is losing face. Nowadays, people struggle to save their face among people and in their society because they are worried about their future and they don’t want to ruin it. In this society, we will constantly learn the importance of saving face and the ways of doing it. Also we realize the consequences of losing face and how to avoid it. Why people try to save their face in front of others? Well, there is variety of reasons why saving face is so important to people. One of

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  • The Effects of Online Communication Versus Face-to-Face Communication

    The Effects of Online Communication versus Face-To-Face Communication Innovations and advances in the field of Information Communication Technology(ICT) have resulted into major revolutions and remarkable changes in communication and use of media may it be in organizations, work places or in general social interactions. It therefore becomes imperative to scrutinize and analyze the impact of this advancement in communication technology particularly in regards to the normal workplace settings, our

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  • Challenges Young Adults Face

    TITLE: Speech on Three Challenges Young Adults Face INTRODUCTION Today, I want to explain some challenges that affect young adults which if left on detected can cause serious harm not even death. Three main challenges I feel that affect young adults health complications, depression, and suicide. In today’s young adults they are serious issues that go undetected to parents faculty and other family members and friends. Many young adults are faced with the pressure of being the top senior, honor

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  • Double Faces

    Double Faces A compare/Contrast Essay Ayman Mohammad Writing Studies 101 Ms. Sana Sayed March 12 2014 Double Faces “There is a deep inside each one of us, one ‘belonging’ that matters, our profound truth, in a way, our essence’ (Amin Maalouf, 2012, p. 66). These were some few words explaining what every ones true identities are and how Maalouf strongly believes that each and every one of us must scout deep down inside of ourselves to seek for our true uniqueness

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  • North Face Discussion

    North Face Case Discussion The North Face, Inc. tried to position its outdoor apparel and sporting equipment products at the “high-end” segment of the retail market. In order to maintain the quality of its merchandise, North Face manufacturing all of its products in-house rather than out-sourcing some of its manufacturing operations to third parties. As a result of North Face’s limited production capacity, the company faced quality control issues over the next several years

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  • Virtual vs Face to Face Teams

    Virtual vs Face to Face Teams More and more organizations today are moving away from the traditional tall hierarchical structure towards a more flexible and team work based structure. Generally speaking, working in teams has proved more efficient and effective than in separate departments, although tall structures are still in operation in many industries depending on their competitive environment. Working in teams helps employees make important decisions on their own, instead of relying on an

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  • Face Recognition

    Intel® Technology Journal | Volume 18, Issue 4, 2014 HETERogEnEoUs FAcE REcognITIon: An EmERgIng TopIc In BIomETRIcs Contributor Guodong Guo West Virginia University An emerging topic in biometrics is matching between heterogeneous image modalities, called heterogeneous face recognition (HFR). This emerging topic is motivated by the advances in sensor technology development that make it possible to acquire face images from diverse imaging sensors, such as the near infrared (NIR), thermal infrared

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  • Face-to-Face Meeting Is the Conversation

    thus, as the function of protecting employees, the union had to acknowledge the information for them to ensure that the workload and status of the employee’s was remained and interpreted specifically in order for them not to be overloaded or lose face within public community. Loosing prestige and overloaded works demotivate staffs in cooperating with the business and paying effort to tasks. To summarize, even though Canterbury Hospital had a clear and appropriate general business goal of building

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  • Faces of Indebtness

    FACES OF INDEBTNESS 1) KENYA Kenyan borrowers promptly repay their loans despite the stiff interest rates and high inflation, presenting a lower default risk investment environment for banks compared to other parts of the world. The low default risk for banks has however not translated to lower interest rates for customers despite the credit referencing system taking effect. The credit risk is measured in terms of gross non-performing advances as a percentage of the total gross advances. A

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  • Mr No Face

    Mr. No Face All the kids laugh and joked about him as he walked threw the park. They called him Mr. No face. He had this long gray and black beard that covered his whole face, all you could see is his beady hazel eyes covered with bushy gray eyebrows. He walked with a limp to the left as if his lefts foot always bothered him. His brown slacks, which were held up by black suspenders, were always creased perfectly down the middle. He wore a black hat with a red and white feather on the left

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  • Mediated Breakups Versus Face to Face

    Relationship Termination: A Look Into the New World of Mediated Breakups Versus Face to Face With so many options of how to communicate in today’s world, it makes it difficult to determine when is the appropriate time to use each method of communication in every day interactions. Even further, researchers wanted to investigate appropriate ways to use methods of communication in significant events in a relationship, specifically relationship termination. Each potential choice

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  • Online Learning and Face-to-Face Contrast and Comparison

    Online Learning and Face-to-Face Contrast and Comparison When personal computers were introduced into the workforce, they were used to automate and simplify many of our work routines. With the growth and population of the computer, it was natural for the automation of training to follow. Many trainers began to look for ways to automate training, and ways to move traditional training to the computer. This was the dawn of electronic learning, more commonly referred to as e-learning. With the invention

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  • Changing Faces of Police Maganement

    Changing Face of Police Management For law enforcement agencies to succeed its current leadership style and practices must change to keep up with these progressive times. The old authoritarian style of leadership of conformity and unyielding compliance will no longer work today. One of the reasons for law enforcement agencies to prepare now rather later is because the face of law enforcement is evolving. As veteran officers retire a new generation of police officers are being hired and are currently

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  • Online and Face to Face Education

    website or customer service Coworkers, other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Instructor Notes •  •  •  •  •  8 4 or less main points (McArdle, 1993); 5-9 chunks or individual pieces of information (Woolfolk, 2001; M. L. Tate, personal communication, 2007) Cues rather than whole sentences (McArdle, 1993) Notes on slideshow presentation or index cards Answers to questions students will likely ask based on past experience, including question parking lots from previous classes (Phillips,

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  • Face Time

    rP os t Changing a Culture of Face Time Do No tC op yo by Bill Munck Reprint r0110j This document is authorized for educator review use only by Halah Simon, Iqra University until February 2016. Copying or posting is an infringement of copyright. Permissions@hbsp.harvard.edu or 617.783.7860 rP os t November 2001 HBR Case Study Are Some Customers More Equal than Others? Paul F Nunes and Brian A. Johnson . Robert A. Eckert r0110b op yo First Person

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  • North Face

    academia.edu/9339215/CASE_STUDY_OF_THE_NORTH_FACE_INC._AUDITING_ Summary Founded in the mid-1960's by Hap Klopp, The North Face, Inc., was a premier supplier of high-quality hiking, camping, and outdoor gear. In July 1996, North Face's went public. Initially, it sold at $14 per share, then peaked at $30 per share. In March 1999, NASDAQ halted public trading of North Face stock following the company's announcement it would be restating financial statements due to "bad bookkeeping".Christopher Crawford

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  • Face Detection

    component anal- dataset. ysis yielded on average 40% classification accuracy. Using fea- The facial landmarks (eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth) are intutures extracted by facial landmark detection, we received on itively the most expressive features in a face, and could also average 52% classification accuracy. However, when we used serve as good features for emotion classification. a convolutional neural network, we received 65% classification accuracy. 1.3 1 Support vector machines are widely

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  • The New Black Face

    “The New Black Face Movement” The New Black movement is encouraging youth of my generation to adopt an attitude of assimilation instead of enduring a fight to keeping our identity. History is important to people of all cultures it helps to guide you by knowing where you’ve come from and it lets you know when you’ve elevated your way of thinking by honoring your ancestors and what they have fought for. The new black movement is encouraging a growth stunting amongst black people which is not helping

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  • The North Face

    The North Face The North Face expands market in China Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 Background: Company, Industry and Competitors 1 3.0 Business Issues/Challenges 3 4.0 Conclusion 4 Reference 5 Appendix A: Organization Structure of the North Face 6 1.0 2.0 Introduction The North Face, founded in 1966 by Douglas Tompkins and produces equipment and apparel for outdoor activities such as mountaineering, rock climbing and hiking, action sports and performance activities

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  • The North Face

    The North Face The North Face expands market in China Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 Background: Company, Industry and Competitors 1 3.0 Business Issues/Challenges 3 4.0 Conclusion 4 Reference 5 Appendix A: Organization Structure of the North Face 6 1.0 2.0 Introduction The North Face, founded in 1966 by Douglas Tompkins and produces equipment and apparel for outdoor activities such as mountaineering, rock climbing and hiking, action sports and performance activities

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  • The North Face

    The North Face The North Face expands market in China Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 Background: Company, Industry and Competitors 1 3.0 Business Issues/Challenges 3 4.0 Conclusion 4 Reference 5 Appendix A: Organization Structure of the North Face 6 1.0 2.0 Introduction The North Face, founded in 1966 by Douglas Tompkins and produces equipment and apparel for outdoor activities such as mountaineering, rock climbing and hiking, action sports and performance activities

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  • The North Face

    [pic] The North Face The North Face expands market in China Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 1 2.0 Background: Company, Industry and Competitors 1 3.0 Business Issues/Challenges 3 4.0 Conclusion 4 Reference 5 Appendix A: Organization Structure of the North Face 6 Introduction The North Face, founded in 1966 by Douglas Tompkins and produces equipment and apparel for outdoor activities such as mountaineering, rock climbing and hiking, action sports and performance

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  • North Face

    and the product it makes or the service it provides. The North Face started in a small mountaineering retail shop in San Francisco’s North Beach by two hiker enthusiasts in 1968. Soon thereafter, The North Face moved to the other side of San Francisco to began designing and manufacturing its own brand of technical mountaineering apparel and equipment (Parker, Battles, Melechiori, Kim, Cummins, 2015). By the early 1980s, The North Face was taking exploration to the outer limits of the ski world, adding

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  • Business Communication - Does Arvind Pandey Really Face a Dilemma.

    Business Communication Questions: 1. Comment on the appropriateness of the sender’s tone to a customer. 2. Point out the old – fashioned phrases and expressions. 3. Rewrite the reply according to the principles of effective writing in business Questions : 1. What is non – verbal communication ? Why do you suppose that this commercial relies primarily on non-verbal communication between a young man and a gorgeous woman ? What types of non – verbal communication are being

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  • Business Communication - Does Arvind Pandey Really Face a Dilemma

    Need Answer Sheet of this Question paper, contact aravind.banakar@gmail.com www.mbacasestudyanswers.com ARAVIND – 09901366442 – 09902787224 BUSINESS COMMUNICATION CASE I: A Reply Sent to an Erring Customer Dear Sir, Your letter of the 23rd, with a cheque for Rs. 25,000/- on account, is to hand. We note what you say as to the difficulty you experience in collecting your outstanding accounts, but we are compelled to remark that we do not think you are treating

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  • Conflict Face Negotiation

    Face-Negotiation Theory (Conflict) Dr. Stella Ting-Toomey developed the Face Negotiation Theory as a way of describing how people from different cultural backgrounds handle conflict with each other. She bases her theory on two basic concepts: Face (how we want people to see us/our public self image), and Facework (ways of handling conflict). She has identified 7 core assumptions and 5 empirical propositions that when used in tandem illustrate the Face Negotiation Theory as of 2010. A copy

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  • The Face at the Window

    “The face at the window” Journal article by Heather Neilson Item description: The Gothic novel is characterised by several established features: the supernatural, passion, violence and fear. In this article Heather Neilson examines the predominate characteristics of a genre which emerged as a response to a period of instability in personal, social and political life. Whether conservatively defined as referring to a group of novels written by English authors between the 1760s and the 1820s-

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  • Problems College Student Face

    & Choosing majors are considered to be the top ten common problems students face during college. (Garfieldgatehubpages.com, 2012) A. What are some of the experiences you face? Have you ever found a solution to your problem? How do you overcome these things? B. You meet up with your friends or your partner and you go out and party, drink, do drugs but have you ever consider the consequences you will face later an in life? C. Then, today we are going to talk about Friends/ relationships

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  • North Face

    Corporate Strategy and Direction of The North Face Inc. Corporate Strategy and Direction of The North Face Inc. The North Face, Inc. sneaker industry, is a highly sophisticated designer, distributor, and marketer of technically innovative sneaker products. We have built a strong, widely recognized line of products, and have been established as the world’s premier brand for outdoor apparel. Our sneaker line offers state-of-the-art technology that offers comfort, support, and style, backed by a lifetime

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  • North Face

    North Face, Inc. 1. Should auditors insist that their clients accept all proposed audit adjustments, even those that have an "immaterial" effect on the given financial statements? Define your answer. I think auditors should strongly insist that their proposed adjustments should be made. If the company makes the proposed adjustments, it would seem to allow for a lesser probability for misstatements to occur. Even though an adjustment may seem immaterial for one year's statements, a combination

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  • As Technology Develops, More Shopping and Business Is Done Through the Internet While Communication Face-to-Face Becomes Less Frequent. Is It Positive or a Negative Development?

    As technology develops, more shopping and business is done through the Internet while communication face-to-face becomes less frequent. Is it positive or a negative development? Informational systems are improving very fast at present and they have become a relevant part in a modern person’s life. The one can buy items and deal by means of the World Wide. This phenomenon has harmed and profit consequences. Above all, it is hardly to argue with statement that the natural people’s discussion

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