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    Facility Planning Isela Aguilar University of Phoenix HCS/446 May 7, 2012 Peter Mabrey The Emergency Room (ER) at Sharp Chula Vista is one of the busiest within San Diego County. Nevertheless, an emergency room is the least place a family member or anyone wants to be on any given day. Unfortunately accidents or unexpected thing happen. Sharp is staffed with the highest rank of capable emergency doctors, administrative personnel, and nurses. Highly trained and skilled staffs to help

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    PROPERTY MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT AN ASSIGMENT ON FACILITIES MANAGEMENT [pic]NAME OF THE STUDENT: NAME OF THE MODULE: MODULE CODE: SUBMITTED TO: DEPARTMENT: NAME OF THE UNIVERSITY: YEAR: TABLE of CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION: 5 2. BODY OF THE CURRENT TOPIC: 6 2.1 The Key Issue of Facilities Management: 6 2.2 Strategic function of Facilities Management: 6 2.3 Role of Facilities Management in Property Management: 7 2.4 Facilities Management in the direction

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  • Facilities Planning Portfolio

    self -management. This portfolio is based on the learning outcomes covered in this module. Presented in the main body of the portfolio are four facilities planning aspects of the hospitality, tourism and events industries. The four topics are: Maintenance and renovation, Outsourcing, Environmental Management and Technology. The main findings of the portfolio are that a HTE facility can reap many benefits from making renovations to the property. Also, that when considering whether a HTE facility should

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    Facility Planning Part II HCS 446 Laura Norred October 15, 2012 In part one of facility planning the need for a rehabilitation center focuses on physical and occupational therapies was discussed. The need for the center is based on the community not possessing a large enough space they could go to and receive their therapies

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    point responsibility system * To experience a comprehensive approach to strategic facilities planning align with business objective. Fm outsourcing risks The following risks are typically associated with fm outsourcing * Critical service or asset failures * Service provider underperformance * Financial underperformance * Cultural rejection * Loss of knowledge * Labor risk MANAGEMENT ISSUE The decision to outsource or provide services in house must take into consideration

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    The facilities listed below exist in the I-SATS as active, treatment non-State Approved facilities that responded to the 2011 National Mental Health Survey (NMHS) as active substance abuse treatment providers. Could you please review the information for these facilities and determine whether or not the facility is a State Approved treatment program, a Non-State Approved treatment program, or whether this facility is a duplicate of an existing I-SATS facility? Even if you determine that the

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  • Facility Planning

    It is also important to know that the hospital is expanding in other areas and a well-functioning urology and nephrology program will support this growth. The need for the specialty clinic also varies from separate sterilization room to bathroom facilities for staff that are separate from patient restrooms (Prairie lake hospital, 2013). Reference Bayte, M. (2009). A guide to managing public policy. Retrieved from http://books,google.com/books?909idlksdjfodisialsdkzmlkdmfldksaldjfldk Census

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  • Facility Management

    markets; • Integrative view: FM is the multidiscipline based on the integration of 3 disciplinairy management fields: Resource Management, Service Management, Hospitality Management. FM resources • • • • • • • Human resources Material resources Information resources Financial resources Market resources Production & Logistics resources Development resources (Innovation) FM andHospitality Management • The art of welcoming • The conditioning of behaviour • The conditioning of navigation 3

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  • Sustainable Facility Management

    into facility management at Saxion by identifying the needs of international students residing at the University’s accommodation facilities. This thesis will advise Saxion director of facility management on how to incorporate sustainability in its facility management practices in order to minimize life-cycle costs of assets, preserve the environment, and better the lives of employees and other stakeholders such as students, teachers and suppliers. Project objective formulation: The facility management

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  • Sentec Singabore Facilities Assessment

    Assess the technology described in Suntec Singapore in the light of the latest technological developments for convention centres. Suntec Singapore convention centre is a state of the art convention centre, that prides itself in providing modern facilities and technology to its guests and clients. The world has become a global community and large multi-national conference centres have to cater to all nationalities. Having this in focus, Suntec Singapore has implemented Digital Congress Network in

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  • Facilities Management

    11.1 Summarise the characteristics of the roles of management suggested by Mintzberg. Drag and drop the characteristics listed below into the correct management role. Management Role | Characteristics | Figurehead |  Manager acts as the representative or symbol of the organization. Examples of this role are attending meetings on behalf of the organization, appearing on ‘platforms’ as a representative of local business. | | | Leader | Concerned with interpersonal relationships, what motivates

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  • , Financial Management of Health Care Organizations and Ethics Are an Important Part of Running a Health-Care Facility.

    chosen for this assignment, is Betsy Gallup’s article Ethics Are an Important Part of Running a Health-Care Facility, and she explains ethics as having three components: independence, integrity and objectivity (2009). The article continues by explaining ethics in the healthcare sector; as patients’ at a healthcare facility or hospital we expect to receive fair and ethical care from the facilities medical professionals attending to us. One expects the same ethical behavior from the healthcare workers

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  • Event & Facility Management

    Nicholas Lawrence Event & Facility Management Ch. 9 case study Mrs. Etzkorn CMMS is an abbreviated term for computerized maintenance management systems and are a type of management software program that perform functions in support of the operations and maintenance (O&M) programs. The software automates and streamlines most of the logistical functions done by O&M staff (U.S. Department of Energy). “Typical CMMS functions depend on the complexity of the system chosen. Examples include:

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  • Facility Planning

    office & meeting room rental with fully equipped office facilities & furniture. It is located in the developing business hubs of Kowloon East district – Kwun Tong where is proposed to develop as another business core district by the government (Policy Address, 2011-2012). With the growing demand of office space, it is important to utilities and extends the flexibility of the design of the office space; to provide necessary services and facilities to adapt the needs and expectation of business clients

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  • Facility Report

    form found the valet department is in ‘1-excellent condition’ although some aspects of valet housekeeping (mechanical and structural) were ranked lower at ‘2- minor damage/cosmetic’. Recommendations have been provided for both facility/engineering and general management to assist respectively in taking corrective measure to minimise and where possible eliminate the present issues that require maintenance.   Table of Contents Letter of Transmittal............................................

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  • Facility Audit

    classroom material to a real-world sport/leisure setting. For this assignment, you are to visit/attend a sporting event or facility and perform a qualitative assessment of the spectator/participant experience. By analyzing the activity you should heighten your understanding of consumers' reactions to the activity or event and understand how to better meet customers’ needs as a facility/event manager. Written Assignment 1. Describe/Identify the following Event General Information: a. Name

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  • Disaster Plan for Healthcare Facility

    Healthcare Facilities Safe from Disaster The price we pay for the failure of healthcare facilities due to disasters, such as tornados is high in cost. The cost of planning and making a healthcare facility safe from a tornado disaster is low compared to rebuilding it after disaster strikes. The damages of disaster healthcare systems and facilities is a human tragedy which results in large economic losses, dealing with devastating blows to the development goals of the facility, and it can also shake

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  • Facility Paper

    jump-start growth. In February 1998, McDonald's made its first-ever investment in a restaurant chain it did not itself develop, buying a minority stake in Chipotle. Chipotle continued to be run independently, headed by Ells as CEO, and neither its management structure nor its menu changed. Following the McDonald's infusion, Chipotle began expanding outside of Colorado. Two units were opened in Kansas City (one in Kansas and one in Missouri) in 1998, and several new markets were entered in 1999:

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  • Facility Planning

    When stakeholders decides to think about building a new facility or remodeling a current building, there are numerous of stages involved, but there are these particular one’s when the decision of building or remodeling is made. The first stage is to define and plan the hospital project. This will include a strategic plan, assessment and design. The second stage is to design the development, the schematic design, building permits and the necessary construction documentation. The third stage the financial

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  • Correctional Facilities

    Correctional Facilities As many people know, the United States’ correctional system isn’t perfect. It is actually far from it. Plenty of people who are incarcerated are, in fact, not guilty of what they were charged for. Along with men who were wrongly convicted, there are men who committed the crime, but were found not guilty. These are just two of the many imperfections in our correctional system. Despite saying this, I feel that it is the fairest system our world has ever seen. Our prisoners

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  • Facility Management

    Facility Management Name Institution Facility Management Facility management (FM) as an interdisciplinary field that is devoted to the coordination of space, people, infrastructure and the organisation aim at providing professional specialised services to the other units in the organisation. Facility management can be summarised as creation of the optimal environment for the organization's primary functions by taking an integrated view of the customer infrastructure that is used to deliver

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  • Fenugreek Facility Management Report

    FENUGREEK RESEARCH COMPANY LTD. FACILITY MANAGEMENT REPORT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This ten-page facility assessment report presents the findings from a three-week period of investigation in Fenugreek Research Company Ltd and relates recommendations both operationally and strategically which the Fenugreek management is advised to take to resolve the issues that surfaced during the period of investigation. Seven most pressing concerns coming from the Fenugreek staff were each dealt with in detail and

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  • Facility and Management

    Facilities managers are responsible for the management of services and processes that support the core business of an organisation. They ensure that an organisation has the most suitable working environment for its employees and their activities. Duties vary with the nature of the organisation, but facilities managers generally focus on using best business practice to improve efficiency, by reducing operating costs while increasing productivity. This is a wide field with a diverse range of responsibilities

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  • Facilities Management for Exhibition & Convention

    HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION (TSING YI) DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINSTATION FACILITIES MANAGEMENT FOR EXHIBITION & CONVENTION “LOST?” Student Name: Chan Sze Yiu 101372547 Table of Contents I. Brief of Exhibition II. Program Rundown III. Full List of display material IV. Floor plan layout with simple design i. ii. iii. CityWalk Floor Plan Overhead plane Depressed base plane V. Two contractors information and quotation VI. Venue provider requirement VII. Thing to concern

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  • Facility Management and Programming

    citing the source of the work will be considered plagiarism and will result in an unsatisfactory grade for the work submitted or for the entire course, and may result in academic dismissal. | | AA5008-8-5 | Dr. Thomas Pucci | | | Facility Management and Programming | Week 5: Interview 05/05/2012 | | | <Add Learner comments here> ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

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  • Importance of Educational Facilities Ii

    complete facilities they will gain great achievement and could help the students boost their performance. And having a good facility appear to be an important requirement for student learning, provided that the other conditions are present that support a strong academic program in the school. Also, they ensure the safety of the students by constructing their buildings to satisfy high-level earthquake resistance standards. The buildings are designed to minimize structural damage in the event of an

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  • Long Term Care Facility

    Long Term Care Facility Joint Commission Accreditation Long term care facilities use Joint Commission Accreditation as a benefit to show the quality and commitment to the health care organization. A long term care facility that is Joint Commission accredited will have a more appealing look to reimbursement centers and to the patient and families that they care for. Having this accreditation is also a risk management tool. The likelihood of a bad outcome is reduced if a facility is accredited by

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  • Facilities and Design Management

    2010 Facilities Design and Management Course Work 1 Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Feasibility Study 4 2.1 Local Area Analysis 4 2.2 Lodging Market Analysis 4 2.3 Proposed Facilities 5 3.0 Site Planning 6 4.0 Planning of Exterior and Interior Design 7 4.1 Exterior Design and Engineeing Amenities 7 4.2 Interior Design and Engineering Amenities 7 4.2.1 Lobby Facilities 7 4.2.2 Guest Rooms and Floors 8 4.2.3 Food and Beverage Outlets 9 4.2.4 Recreational Facilities 11 4

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  • Facility Planning – Facility Selection: Part 1 & 2

    Facility Planning – Facility Selection: Part 1 & 2 In health care there are many different facility types; one in particular is an outpatient clinic. Outpatient clinics are facilities which provide medical care and treatments that do not require an overnight stay in a medical facility or hospital. An outpatient care can be managed in a medical office or even in a hospital, but mostly services are provided in a medical office or in an outpatient surgery center (About Careers, 2014). One facility

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  • Facilities Management. Crm. Corporate Law. Consumer Behavior. Business Ethics. Business Management. Business Communication. Aravind 9901366442.Doc

    has observed the norm of respectful behaviour and polite conversation. But, do you think there is something gone wrong in his case ? Account for your general impression of Mr. Sinha’s performance at the interview. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 1. Discuss the various provisions WTO has made for the developing countries? Critically evaluate the impact of WTO on the India. 2. Discuss the present status of technology in India and Indian business organization. Discuss the role of technology

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  • Facility Planning

    Facilities Planning Lecture 7-8: Layout Planning Algorithmic Approaches Quadratic Assignment Problem    Departments are to be assigned to predetermined locations (sites) in the floor plan. Each department is treated as a unit square, so that any department can be assigned to any site. This is a quadratic assignment problem, since the “cost” of assigning a department to a particular location depends on the locations of the other departments. Dr. Erkan Bayraktar 2 11.07.2010

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  • Facility Planning

    Facility Planning Part 1 HCS/446 Elizabeth Theodorides February 09 2015 Laura Vilardi Description The facility I have chosen is an outpatient facility in Miami, Florida at Jackson Health system. The renovations will cost the public around 101 million dollars (The Miami Herald). The renovation’s will be for the Outpatient services and also for the main hospital as well, which is now part of the new outpatient facility that wil be added to this hospital. The organization is also looking to

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  • New Sports Facility Plan

    New Sport Facilities Management Outdoor Campus Recreation Field Facility We will be conducting an outdoor campus recreation facility. The facility will include 2 soft-ball fields as well as 2 multi-purposed fields. These will provide different areas to focus on such as budget of the whole construction and facility usage, where the location in University of Akron we will put the facility in, what the facility will offer, who will be managing the program of the facility, and who will be the architecture

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  • Facility Management

    “Facility Management” is as like as to “Property Management” but usually applied to sizeable or commercial properties where the management and operation is more complicated. The International Facility Management Association defines facility management as a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the buit environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. The facility Management responsibilities are covering a wide range of function and support

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  • Unit 18: Facilities Operations and Management

    UNIT 18: FACILITIES OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT Get assignment help for this unit at assignmenthelpuk@yahoo.com LO1 Understand the operational responsibilities of a facilities manager Staff: structure and responsibilities; employment terms and conditions; training and development; appraisal; legal issues eg equal opportunities, discrimination, dismissal, working time regulations, transfer of undertakings Buildings: uses; allocation of space; capacity; essential services and supplies (mechanical

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  • Overdraft Facility

    current account exceeding the available cash balance.� An overdraft facility enables businesses to obtain short-term funding - although in theory the amount loaned is repayable on demand by the bank. There are several important factors to consider when assessing the appropriateness of an overdraft as a source of funding for SME's: - The amount borrowed should not exceed the agreed limit ("facility").� The amount of the facility made available is a matter for negotiation with the bank; - Interest

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  • Facility Planning

    Facility Planning - Part I University of Phoenix Facility Planning HCS/446 April 26, 2009 Facility Planning - Part I The Free Medical Clinic of Newberry County, Inc. opened its doors in December, 2004 to serve the needs of Newberry County residents without access to professional health care due to lack of income or adequate health insurance. Since the opening of the clinic hundreds of Newberry citizens have received care from volunteer physicians and dentists on a wide range of medical conditions

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  • Facility Desgin

    My facility evaluation took me to visit The Don Hutson Center, which is the indoor practice facility of the Green Bay Packers. The Hutson Center is located across the street from the legendary Lambeau Field, it was constructed in 1994 at a cost an estimated $4.7 million. The space has since been renovated and some technological advancements have been made inside of the structure to help the overall functionality of the facility for the Green Bay Packers. Following are a list of questions that was

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  • Lodging and Facilities Management

    Running Head: LODGING FACILITIES & MANAGEMENT Lodging Facilities & Management   Introduction Lodging facility is a type of inhabited accommodation. Generally individuals who take a trip and stay away from home for more than a day demand accommodation for sleep, ease, safety, shelter from general temperatures or rainfall, depot of luggage and approach to common household purposes. Lodging facilities can be rendered to individuals in the form of hotel, hostel, guest house and

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  • Abortion Facilities

    Abortion Facilities Impacting Women for the Good In the year of 1973, the option of receiving an abortion became legalized due to the case of Roe v Wade. (NRLC). Women in the earlier years were having unsafe procedures to terminate a pregnancy, due to the negative views people held on the topic, they sought alternative methods. Some people highly place abortions on an ethnics issue stand, judging whether the act is moral or unmoral or whether the bad outweighs the good. This issue, when debated

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  • Facility Planniing

    Facility Planning Shrunda Young-Johnson HCS/446 August 6, 2015 Janice Chilton Facility Planning Houston Texans new ambulatory clinic in Cleveland, Texas will be opening soon. It will feature state of the art surgical center. The Houston Texans Ambulatory Clinic will be have outpatient same day surgery center and imaging center. Our Ambulatory Clinic will have an unveiling in the summer of June 2016. This paper will focus on regulatory requirements and the effects on design and equipment

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  • Crisis Management Facilities in Singapore

    towards offering various crisis management services to their citizens to improve their livelihood and wellbeing. A crisis can be defined as an emergency situation where normal day-to-day routine and / or businesses are interrupted. Therefore crisis management constitutes those processes and procedures which aim to reduce the effects or in certain cases, prevent the effects of crises to get uncontrollable and unmanageable. Singapore has a large spectrum of crisis management agencies, which specialise in

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  • Facility Design

    companies to have at least one director; PTY company must have at least one, with one ordinarily residing in Australia (s201A(1)); public companies must have at least 3, with at least 2 in Aus (s201A(2)) * Directors’ role: manage or supervise the management; for companies that rely on the replaceable rules as their internal governance rules, s198A provides that “the business of a company is to be managed by or under the direction of the directors’” * Company secretary: public companies must have

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  • Facility Planning

    Dorothy Bascom Facility Planning Part 1 HCS/446 February 23, 2014 LITANYA SIMIEN-ROBNETT Facility Planning Part 1 Baptist Health building new $400 million cancer center . In order to provide great care to patients and stand above the rest, it is extremely important for stakeholders to make sure that the facility is built so that each area serves the designated treatment. part of the stack It is also important to make sure the building has a secure structure

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  • Facility Planning

    Facility Planning III Tanya Waller HCS/446 December 20, 2011 Deanna Hatcher Facility Planning III Having to go to the hospital or doctors, office can be a scary and stressful experience for patients. One stressful experience for an older patient is times that the facility is very large. The inability for them to find a department can lead to disorientation and frustration. Caregivers that work in healthcare facilities can also become stressed and can develop increased fatigue

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  • Dimas Facilities

    Chapter 5 Scheduling the Project This chapter covers the topic of scheduling, probably the most extensively covered subject dealing with project management. In addition to the usual PERT and CPM networks, Gantt charts, etc., the subject of project uncertainty and risk management is also discussed. The use of computer simulation and Crystal Ball to generate the approximate distribution of project completion times to help better understand the implications associated with schedule uncertainty

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    Strategic Facility Planning: A White Paper - International Facility ... www.ifma.org/files/resources/tools/SFP_WhitePaper.pdfFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View 2. Strategic Facility Planning: A White Paper. In the real world of facility management (FM), a plethora of activities fall under the facility manager's responsibility ... Free Essay on Facility Planning - Juno22 www.antiessays.com/free-essays/83300.html11 Apr 2011 – Running Head Facility Planning Part 2 Keisha Wright? Facility Planning

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    Bell HCS446 July 16, 2012 Jennifer Freel Florida Surgery Center When concerning the renovation of the Florida Surgery Center there are certain things to consider when doing renovation like what is the Florida Surgery Center, the community or facility needs, and the population that the surgery center will be servings. Description The Florida Surgery Center is a center help with performing surgery on patient that has a serious health related issues, they also help treat patient when the hospital

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  • Camping Facilities

    Camping facilities How can Internet technologies help a business form strategic alliances with its customers,suppliers, and others? Information technology can help a business form strategic alliances with its customers, suppliers, andothers by enabling communications, collaboration, and information sharing in ways that were never before possible. By virtue of working together online, managers can monitor and automaticallycapture process metrics, identify bottlenecks, and recommend process improvements

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