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  • Facility Planning

    Facility Planning Isela Aguilar University of Phoenix HCS/446 May 7, 2012 Peter Mabrey The Emergency Room (ER) at Sharp Chula Vista is one of the busiest within San Diego County. Nevertheless, an emergency room is the least place a family member or anyone wants to be on any given day. Unfortunately accidents or unexpected thing happen. Sharp is staffed with the highest rank of capable emergency doctors, administrative personnel, and nurses. Highly trained and skilled staffs to help

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  • Facility Management

    MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT AN ASSIGMENT ON FACILITIES MANAGEMENT [pic]NAME OF THE STUDENT: NAME OF THE MODULE: MODULE CODE: SUBMITTED TO: DEPARTMENT: NAME OF THE UNIVERSITY: YEAR: TABLE of CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION: 5 2. BODY OF THE CURRENT TOPIC: 6 2.1 The Key Issue of Facilities Management: 6 2.2 Strategic function of Facilities Management: 6 2.3 Role of Facilities Management in Property Management: 7 2.4 Facilities Management in the direction of Financial

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  • Facilities Planning Portfolio

    portfolio are four facilities planning aspects of the hospitality, tourism and events industries. The four topics are: Maintenance and renovation, Outsourcing, Environmental Management and Technology. The main findings of the portfolio are that a HTE facility can reap many benefits from making renovations to the property. Also, that when considering whether a HTE facility should outsource services or retain them in- house they have many key points that they should take into consideration to help them

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    Facility Planning Part II HCS 446 Laura Norred October 15, 2012 In part one of facility planning the need for a rehabilitation center focuses on physical and occupational therapies was discussed. The need for the center is based on the community not possessing a large enough space they could go to and receive their therapies

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  • Facility Planning Part Ii

    Facility Planning Part II HCS 446 Facility Planning Part II Introduction Development and growing a facility takes much time and contemplation with respect to regulatory requirements, budgets, planning and development of the building and the interior design of the building.   Making certain code requirements are met which is usually to help the architect and contractor. Many matters must be well-thought-out during the preliminary design created by the stakeholders in the blueprint.   Color collections

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  • Facility Management

    a comprehensive approach to strategic facilities planning align with business objective. Fm outsourcing risks The following risks are typically associated with fm outsourcing * Critical service or asset failures * Service provider underperformance * Financial underperformance * Cultural rejection * Loss of knowledge * Labor risk MANAGEMENT ISSUE The decision to outsource or provide services in house must take into consideration both the capability of service providers

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  • Facility Planning Iii

    Facility Planning III Facility Planning III Throughout this paper we are going to look at the facility that I chose to design. Then we are to look at what I could have done differently. Then we are going to look at what I have learned from this experience. So let us get started. My Facility I chose to add on to an urgent care clinic in order to expand the clinic so they could meet more patients needs. What I could have done differently is the layout of the facility so I could

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  • Facility

    The facilities listed below exist in the I-SATS as active, treatment non-State Approved facilities that responded to the 2011 National Mental Health Survey (NMHS) as active substance abuse treatment providers. Could you please review the information for these facilities and determine whether or not the facility is a State Approved treatment program, a Non-State Approved treatment program, or whether this facility is a duplicate of an existing I-SATS facility? Even if you determine that the

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  • Facility Planning

    Planning a renovation for a specialty clinic is a very detailed experience. The renovations will be expected to last for up to 10 years so it is important to plan for future needs. It is important to plan for the future needs of the community but to avoid over building. Over building will result in a loss of returns for the clinic. The specialty clinic at Prairie Lakes Hospital has two doctors a urologist and a nephrologist. Last week a second urologist has signed a contract to start work at the

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  • Facility Planning Paper Part 1

    Downriver Medical Associates India Williams HCS/446 April 8, 2013 Randall Webb Health care facilities have changed throughout the years they have improved in services that they provide as well as they assumed different sizes and shapes. Health care facilities no longer have the cold feeling and distinctive smell that the use to. The building looks more like the community that their located in and they also cater more to the community. Patients expect to receive the best care possible and

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  • Sustainable Facility Management

    into facility management at Saxion by identifying the needs of international students residing at the University’s accommodation facilities. This thesis will advise Saxion director of facility management on how to incorporate sustainability in its facility management practices in order to minimize life-cycle costs of assets, preserve the environment, and better the lives of employees and other stakeholders such as students, teachers and suppliers. Project objective formulation: The facility management

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  • Facility Planning Part 1

    Facility Planning Part 1 HCS/446 June 24, 2013 Royann Schmidgall Facility Planning Part 1 There are numerous stages involved when stakeholders think about remodeling or building a new facility. There are three specific stages when deciding to remodel or build. Stage one is the planning and defining the hospital project. This includes a strategic plan, needs assessment, and concept design. Stage two is the design development, schematic design, construction documentation, and building

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  • Facility Planning Pt 1

    Running head: FACILITY PLANNING PART I Facility Planning Part I Brenda Gary HCS/446 Johnnie West July 1, 2013 Facility Planning Part I Strategic facility planning (SFP) is a method used to create an improved, yet positive form of service delivery from the facility’s management organization to stakeholders (Roper, Kim, & Lee, 2009). In the development of a new long-term care facility for Greenwood, Mississippi, strategic facility planning will be the key to its success. There is a need

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  • Hcs/466 Facility Planning I

    Facility Planning Part 1 Shirley Doctor HCS/466 Facility Planning Dr. Michael Snell September 8, 2013 Franklin C. Fetter Outpatient Clinic Strategic Planning is an essential first step in the development of a result-base accountability system,” (Schilder, 2013, p. 1). In strategic planning an organization must know their goals, missions, and how to reach them. Health care facilities are in huge demand for the elderly and for people who lives in low-income communities. A person who receives good

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  • Facility Planning

    equipped office facilities & furniture. It is located in the developing business hubs of Kowloon East district – Kwun Tong where is proposed to develop as another business core district by the government (Policy Address, 2011-2012). With the growing demand of office space, it is important to utilities and extends the flexibility of the design of the office space; to provide necessary services and facilities to adapt the needs and expectation of business clients through analyzing the planning strategies

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  • Disaster Plan for Healthcare Facility

    Healthcare Facilities Safe from Disaster The price we pay for the failure of healthcare facilities due to disasters, such as tornados is high in cost. The cost of planning and making a healthcare facility safe from a tornado disaster is low compared to rebuilding it after disaster strikes. The damages of disaster healthcare systems and facilities is a human tragedy which results in large economic losses, dealing with devastating blows to the development goals of the facility, and it can also shake

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  • Consideration

    contract. Consideration distinguishes contracts from gifts. For there to be a contract there must be something of value given in exchange for the promise. In this case, Chris promised $40,000 in exchange for Dina graduating from a specific college, Eagle College. There was apparently a discussion about it that prompted Dina to enroll in and complete the course of study at that school. For the contract to be legally binding, there must be legal sufficiency and adequacy of consideration (fairness)

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  • Consideration

    Consideration is one of the elements that are required to form a contract. In consideration, both parties must promise to give or do something for the other. (Note: if a contract is made by deed, then consideration is not needed.) In other word, consideration can be described as the mutual rights and promises made by the parties to a contract. This can be either a promise to do something that a person not legally obligated to do, or a promise not to do something that a person have the right to do

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  • Facility Planning

    building a new facility or remodeling a current building, there are numerous of stages involved, but there are these particular one’s when the decision of building or remodeling is made. The first stage is to define and plan the hospital project. This will include a strategic plan, assessment and design. The second stage is to design the development, the schematic design, building permits and the necessary construction documentation. The third stage the financial aspect of planning at the same time

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  • Facility Planning I

    Facility Planning Part I Alice Dennis HCS/446 April 14, 2014 Hannah Matatyaho Facility Planning Part I Health care services are important for an individual to continue existence and accessible when needed in the community, which is harmless, and sanitary. The expansion is for the well- being of the public and the facility, which is set to develop the reconstruction or extension of the outpatient clinic. The facility is Redwood Falls Minnesota, called Redwood Area Hospital Outpatient Center

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  • Facility Planning Part 2

    Facility Planning Part II HCS 446 Facility Planning Part II Introduction Development and growing a facility takes much time and contemplation with respect to regulatory requirements, budgets, planning and development of the building and the interior design of the building. Making certain code requirements are met which is usually to help the architect and contractor. Many matters must be well-thought-out during the preliminary design created by the stakeholders in the blueprint. Color collections

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  • Consideration

    Consideration is considered to be the third element of contract law that needs to exist to form a contract. There is an exchange of promises between two parties a promisor and a promisee where each party either have a benefit or suffer a detriment, which is referred to be a consideration. Sir Frederick Pollock defined consideration as "An act or forebearance of one party, or the promise thereof, is the price for which the promise of the other is bought, and the promise thus given for value is enforceable"

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  • Facility and Management

    Facilities managers are responsible for the management of services and processes that support the core business of an organisation. They ensure that an organisation has the most suitable working environment for its employees and their activities. Duties vary with the nature of the organisation, but facilities managers generally focus on using best business practice to improve efficiency, by reducing operating costs while increasing productivity. This is a wide field with a diverse range of responsibilities

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  • Facility Planning Part 1

    FACILITY PLANNING: SUTTER EXPRESS CARE Evelia Anaya-Fernandez HCS 446 July 29, 2014 Jacqueline Tobar FACILITY PLANNING: SUTTER EXPRESS CARE In reference to choosing a facility close to my living area, surprisingly I found Sutter Express Care located in an actual Rite Aid on Del Paso Road. Sutter Express Care is basically a walk-in medical clinic, which is located inside of the local Rite Aid store(s) right next to their pharmacy. The facility appears to be small, provides quick, efficient

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  • Facilities and Design Management

    2010 Facilities Design and Management Course Work 1 Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Feasibility Study 4 2.1 Local Area Analysis 4 2.2 Lodging Market Analysis 4 2.3 Proposed Facilities 5 3.0 Site Planning 6 4.0 Planning of Exterior and Interior Design 7 4.1 Exterior Design and Engineeing Amenities 7 4.2 Interior Design and Engineering Amenities 7 4.2.1 Lobby Facilities 7 4.2.2 Guest Rooms and Floors 8 4.2.3 Food and Beverage Outlets 9 4.2.4 Recreational Facilities 11 4

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  • Hc 446 Week 3 Facility Planning Part Ii

    Environmental Impact Outline document on the student website Develop an outline for hazardous waste management, fire and safety management, disaster management, security management, or ADA guidelines for a renovation or new planning of a health care facility. Each team is assigned a different area so there is no duplication. The outline will then be used for a final presentation in Week Five. Include the following information in your outline: Write an overview of your

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  • Hc 446 Week 4 Facility Planning Part Iii

    This file includes HCS 446 Week 4 Facility Planning - Part III General Questions - General General Questions Read the following information: Health care facilities are unique and have clearly defined characteristics based on the needs of the facility or population being served. Poor design may lead to staff, visitor, or patient stress. In large facilities, inability to find a department may lead to frustrations and disorientation for older patients. Poor layout may also lead to

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  • Facility Planning – Facility Selection: Part 1 & 2

    Facility Planning – Facility Selection: Part 1 & 2 In health care there are many different facility types; one in particular is an outpatient clinic. Outpatient clinics are facilities which provide medical care and treatments that do not require an overnight stay in a medical facility or hospital. An outpatient care can be managed in a medical office or even in a hospital, but mostly services are provided in a medical office or in an outpatient surgery center (About Careers, 2014). One facility

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  • Facility Planning

    Facilities Planning Lecture 7-8: Layout Planning Algorithmic Approaches Quadratic Assignment Problem    Departments are to be assigned to predetermined locations (sites) in the floor plan. Each department is treated as a unit square, so that any department can be assigned to any site. This is a quadratic assignment problem, since the “cost” of assigning a department to a particular location depends on the locations of the other departments. Dr. Erkan Bayraktar 2 11.07.2010

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  • Facility Planning

    Facility Planning Part 1 HCS/446 Elizabeth Theodorides February 09 2015 Laura Vilardi Description The facility I have chosen is an outpatient facility in Miami, Florida at Jackson Health system. The renovations will cost the public around 101 million dollars (The Miami Herald). The renovation’s will be for the Outpatient services and also for the main hospital as well, which is now part of the new outpatient facility that wil be added to this hospital. The organization is also looking to

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  • Facility Planning Consideration

    Facility Planning Consideration Tanyale Bell HCS/446 April 27, 2015 Richard Nordahl Abstract Facility Planning Consideration In this following paper I will discuss the regulatory requirements and their effect on design and equipment. This paper will give audiences detail on color selection implication and noise issues, electronic items needed, and Gantt chart that details and implementation plan. Thus, this evidence will give resource and facts of examination of budget planning and cost

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  • Facility Management

    “Facility Management” is as like as to “Property Management” but usually applied to sizeable or commercial properties where the management and operation is more complicated. The International Facility Management Association defines facility management as a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the buit environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. The facility Management responsibilities are covering a wide range of function and support

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  • Planning

    AMBA 640 / AMBA 640 HYBRID COURSE MATERIALS ASSIGNMENTS Acme Mexico City and Application of World-Class Operations and Information Systems Management Techniques and Production Planning and Strategy for Toyota North America (Version 06/01/15) Background Information for Acme Mexico City Acme Home Improvements, Inc. was founded in 1982 in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. By mid 2015, the company had 125 stores along the US East Coast from Florida to Maine. Its annual sales are currently ~$5,400,000

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  • Facility Planning

    Facility Planning - Part I University of Phoenix Facility Planning HCS/446 April 26, 2009 Facility Planning - Part I The Free Medical Clinic of Newberry County, Inc. opened its doors in December, 2004 to serve the needs of Newberry County residents without access to professional health care due to lack of income or adequate health insurance. Since the opening of the clinic hundreds of Newberry citizens have received care from volunteer physicians and dentists on a wide range of medical conditions

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  • Health Services and Facility Planning

    and number: | Tarun Bheemireddy18509771 | Student contact details eg mobile: | 0469046449 | Unit name and number: | 400844 : Health services and facilities planning | Tutorial group: | | Tutorial day and time: | | Unit Coordinator/lecturer: | Diana Messum and Ian Forbes | Title of assignment: | Health services and facilities planning | Length: | 1500 words | Date due: | 07/09/2015 | Date submitted: | 07/09/2015 | Campus enrolment: | 567326496Parramatta | Declaration:

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  • Facility Planning Part 3

    Facility Planning Part 2 Pamela Jackson HCS/446 September 28, 2015 Rachel Rivera Facility Planning – Part II Facility planning for a health care organization or outpatient clinic takes on its own unique regulatory requirements. Regulatory requirements are requirements that have been mandated by various federal, states, and local municipalities regarding the operation and safety of business operations as well as services provided. They are the legal fence between education and

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  • Facility Planniing

    Facility Planning Shrunda Young-Johnson HCS/446 August 6, 2015 Janice Chilton Facility Planning Houston Texans new ambulatory clinic in Cleveland, Texas will be opening soon. It will feature state of the art surgical center. The Houston Texans Ambulatory Clinic will be have outpatient same day surgery center and imaging center. Our Ambulatory Clinic will have an unveiling in the summer of June 2016. This paper will focus on regulatory requirements and the effects on design and equipment

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  • Hcs 446 Week 4 Individual Facility Planning Part Iii

    HCS 446 Week 4 Individual Facility Planning Part III To Buy This material Click below link http://www.uoptutors.com/HCS-446/HCS-446-Week-4-Individual-Facility-Planning-Part-III Read the following information: Health care facilities are unique and have clearly defined characteristics based on the needs of the facility or population being served. Poor design may lead to staff, visitor, or patient stress. In large facilities, inability to find a department may lead to frustrations and disorientation

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  • Ethical Considerations

    The Nursing Professional and Ethical Considerations for Using Web-Based Social Networking Sites The Nursing Professional and Ethical Considerations for Using Web-Based Social Networking Sites As nurses navigate web-based social networking sites there is a dangerously thin line between professional and personal online etiquette. Health care employees must maintain patient confidentiality and privacy at all times, as well as serve as a positive representation of their place of employment. Inappropriate

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  • Facility Planning

    Dorothy Bascom Facility Planning Part 1 HCS/446 February 23, 2014 LITANYA SIMIEN-ROBNETT Facility Planning Part 1 Baptist Health building new $400 million cancer center . In order to provide great care to patients and stand above the rest, it is extremely important for stakeholders to make sure that the facility is built so that each area serves the designated treatment. part of the stack It is also important to make sure the building has a secure structure

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  • Parks Design Considerations

    Division Deputy Director Park Planning & Development Division, April Penera City Staff Sheila Bose, Park Planning & Development Division Div Brasted, Developed Regional Parks Division Tom Cartier, Public Buildings and Parks Division Charles Daniels, Park Planning & Development Division Hossein Motamani, Park Planning & Development Janine Anderson, Developed Regional Parks Division Mark Marney, Park Planning & Development Division John Montoya, Facilities Maintenance Division Kevin

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  • Facility Planning Floor Plan Part 1

    Facility Planning-Floor Plan: Part 1 HCS446 June 6, 2016 Diane Moon Facility Planning-Floor Plan: Part 1 In designing the Kelly Family health Center (Appendix Fig 1) through the use of the Medscape application was both fun and eye opening. The level of detail and thought that one must consider when designing a facility came full circle. As the designer I was force to consider details such as layout of furniture, equipment to be used, storage spaces, layout patient care area, nurses’

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  • Facility Planning Floor Plan Part 3

    Facility Planning-Floor Plan Part 3 HCS 446 July 4, 2015 Diane Moon Facility Planning-Floor Plan Part 3 Expansion and developing of a facility takes time and thought with respect to guiding requirements, planning, budgets and advancement of the building and its interior. Providing that code requirements are met which is generally to help the designer and contractor. Many matters must be well-thought-out during the preliminary design created by the stakeholders in the blueprint. Color

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  • Facility Planning Floor Plan Part 4

    Facility Floor Plan: Part 4 HCS446 July 11, 2016 Diane Moon Facility Floor Plan: Part 4 The planning and design guidelines for healthcare spaces produced by the American Institute of Architects, the average patient just want to feel safe and cared for in a health facility. To address the problems of mistakes in health care and grave safety concerns, important modifications of the health care practices, culture, and the physical settings are necessary and need to be lined up, so that

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  • Facility Planning

    Facility Planning III Tanya Waller HCS/446 December 20, 2011 Deanna Hatcher Facility Planning III Having to go to the hospital or doctors, office can be a scary and stressful experience for patients. One stressful experience for an older patient is times that the facility is very large. The inability for them to find a department can lead to disorientation and frustration. Caregivers that work in healthcare facilities can also become stressed and can develop increased fatigue

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  • Dimas Facilities

    Performance … the performance of a project is measured by three criteria: is it on time? Is it on budget? And does it meet the agreed-upon specifications? These are outcomes which depend, to a large extent, on the effectiveness of the planning process which, in turn, depends on the quality of the scheduling? Budgeting … as pointed out at the beginning of the chapter, one cannot prepare a budget without knowing the specifics of each task and the time period(s) during which the

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  • Research Summary and Ethical Considerations

    Research Summary and Ethical Considerations Michelle Parker Grand Canyon University Introduction to Nursing Research NRS 433V Nora Bazydlo April 8, 2012 Research Summary and Ethical Considerations The relationship between nurses and families is incredibly intricate. The intricacy of this relationship is shown whether the development is for a few hours in the emergency room or for a longer period of time in an intensive care unit or a skilled nursing unit. To understand the study reviewed

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  • Facility Planning Part 1

    Facility Planning Part I University of Phoenix HCS/466 February 1, 2012 Facility Planning Part I In my community there is a significant need for an urgent care facility. The emergency room in my community is providing care for uninsured, and emergencies at the moment. If it was an urgent care facility for the ambulatory patients who are uninsured; this would take a huge load off the emergency room, and it would allow true emergencies to be treated accordingly. Currently many services that

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    Strategic Facility Planning: A White Paper - International Facility ... www.ifma.org/files/resources/tools/SFP_WhitePaper.pdfFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View 2. Strategic Facility Planning: A White Paper. In the real world of facility management (FM), a plethora of activities fall under the facility manager's responsibility ... Free Essay on Facility Planning - Juno22 www.antiessays.com/free-essays/83300.html11 Apr 2011 – Running Head Facility Planning Part 2 Keisha Wright? Facility Planning

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