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    Gangs By: Kanan Suleymanov A gang is a very complex group of people made by certain people in order to obtain money and power. It maybe hard to believe and one may think how is a gang even remotely complex? A gang is far from being simple and easy to establish it takes a lot of man power and intelligence. It is considered somewhat like a business an illegal one of course but a business never the less. In the dictionary a gang is defined as a group of people through organization

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  • Gang Violence

    Gang Violence 1 Running Head: GANG VIOLENCE IN SALINAS Gang Violence in Salinas Angelica Mejia-Rutland Portland State University Gang Violence 2 There are certain distinct crime problems that notably stand out to the citizens of a community. Problems that the community would like addressed, reduced, and eventually eradicated. The crime problem I would like to address in this paper is the dilemma

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    Gangs The word “Gang” at one point in time was only used to describe a group of people, now days the word “Gang” is associated with negative groups who commit crime and violence. According to the FBI over 20,000 violent street gangs, motorcycle gangs and prisoner gangs currently exist throughout the United States, with over one million members (Federal Bureau of, 2009). Gangs are made up of all types and kinds of human beings from men, to woman, and even children. A good amount of the crime

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  • Youth Gangs

    Describing Gang Membership: An Examination of Youth Gangs Kiara C. Ross Georgia Gwinnett College Introduction Numerous studies have been conducted on the subject of youth in gangs and the many characteristics of a member or a nonmember. In this paper I will discuss what is considered a member of a youth gang, a nonmember and anything else in between. I have read three articles and I will compare and contrast each of their findings in detail. Article 1 The first article that I will be discussing

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  • Gangs and Youth

    LOOSING OUR YOUTH TO GANGS To prevent youth from being involved in gangs or gang-related activities more states should implement programs similar to A&E’s “Beyond Scared Straight” to let kids see what the consequences of their actions could lead to. Gangs and crimes are increasing each year that it’s no wonder why kids fall susceptible to them. There are currently about 400,000 youth gang members and about 600,000 adult gang members in the United States. Out of all the youth gang members 360,000 of

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    01/13/2011 Juvenile Gangs My bias opinion on youth gangs is the same as I view planting a seed. If you plant a seed in bad soil most likely you’ll grow a defected or bad plant. I say that to say this “if a child is raised in an unstructured household most of the time that child will take his home training outside the home. Then we also have our young kids joining gangs that come from good homes, but can’t escape their negative environments once they walk outside their front door. Also some of

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  • Modern Day Prison Gangs

    Modern-Day Prison Gangs and How They Operate Angel Ruby March 21, 2013 American River College Modern-Day Prison Gangs and How They Operate There are several different prison gangs currently in power within the prisons today. There is the Mexican Mafia, La Neustra Familia, Black Guerrilla Family, and The Aryan Brotherhood. Though each gang has separate syndicates, these four gangs remain the most influential (A. Ruby, personal interview, March 19, 2013). How these gangs operate depends on

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  • Uprising Gangs

    A Study of Uprising Gangs in Americas Inner Cities A Senior Thesis Proposal Presented to Senior Seminar University of Central Missouri Bachelor of Science By Aloni Benson Senior Thesis Proposal Title: A study of Uprising gangs in Americas Inner Cities occurring during the 1990’s till Now Statement of the Problem: i. Purpose of the study A. Explain the influence of uprising gang conflict. B. Compare the trends of Gang violence over decades.

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  • Gang Control

    Associate Level Material Appendix E Gang Development and Control Tables Gang Development Below are descriptions of gang development theories. Copy and paste the correct description into the table below next to the appropriate theory. There are five descriptions and four theories. One description is not valid. Theory | Description | Anthropological | * Individuals who join gangs for this reason may have an older family member who is a gang member. They may go through distinct

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  • Gangs and Medida

    violence. Going back to the 1980s, many large city media outlet would have some headline news story of gang violence that happened in the city recently. A LA Times reported one said of his newspapers coverage that we “generally painted a scary scene” of gang violence (Metcalf, 2012 pg. 336). In fact, many report used the term “gang-related” with out any official police reports that it was a gang that committed that crime. This is because “it generated interest” in the story and due to journalistic

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    Gangs Kimberly Richardson Everest University A gang is a word that is not uncommon in this day and town. You can find one in every town every city every state. Many people could say that they are scared of them because they are big and bad. Then when you talk to the young boys they would tell you that they are the protection of the streets. My friends are always there when I need them. In the following paragraphs I would like to discuss the gangs in America and what they mean to people

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    Gangs throughout American have been around for more then a hundred years. Gangs really started when immigration in America was increasing as well as the criminal behavior. The Prohibition is a time when gangs rose to power by selling illegal alcohol and also paying off corrupt cops. The leaders of the gangs were considered lords and they had control of the city. In the later 20th century gangs began to change and focus more on drugs and violence. Gangs were focused more on the media and controversies

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  • Street Gangs and Aggregate Homides

    "Street Gangs and Aggregate Homicides: An Analysis of Effects During the 1990s Violent Crime Peak" Homicide Studies 16(3): 280-307. June 11, 2012. Online. June 12, 2013. City-level violence escalated and peaked during the 1990’s, which possibly caused a similarly high homicide rate. Many studies have linked gang activity with higher rates of violent crimes. This study uses empirical research to link gang violence with homicide rates. A majority of studies only looked at the micro level of gang attribute

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  • Gangs in America

    States the rise of gangs continue to plague rural, suburban, and urban communities. There is a devastating expansion of street gangs as of 2011, and there are becoming more sophisticated in the operations of drug trafficking and prostitution. Today’s gangs are becoming more organized and opportunistic with advanced technology to recruit new members each and every day. According to the National Gang Intelligence Center (NGIC) there are roughly 33,000 gangs in America, 1.4 million gang members of the

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    prominent problem in society. Gangs use violence as a primary operating procedure to gain power and regulate drug sales. Gang violence is a domain expansion of the general social problem of violence. Gang activity is very prevalent in lower income neighborhoods and ethnic ghettos where underprivileged children are often recruited. Economic hardships often fall on families with children under the age of 18. Poverty stricken adolescences commonly resort to gangs because a gang can give youth a sense of

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  • Gang Injunctions

    Social Justice, a report on street gangs called ‘Dying to belong’ argued: “Over the past decade, British society has seen an increase in gang culture and its associated violence. In addition, the composition of gang culture has shifted: gang members are getting younger, geographical territory is transcending drug territory and violence is increasingly chaotic.” The report went on to say that the “police in London and Strathclyde have each identified 171 and 170 gangs respectively.” The Metropolitan

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  • Gang Violence

    Communication Essay: Gangs Gangs have existed in almost every city in America and around the world for decades. A gang is usually composed of a group of individuals who are linked to a certain internal organization known to have power over a particular area or community, and generally are involved in criminal and violent acts. According to the FBI there are 33,000 gangs in the United States some of the most famous including the Bloods, the Crips, and the 18th Street Gang. When two or more of

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  • Juggalos Are Not a Gang

    We Are Not A Gang! We Are Family!: Juggalos Fight Back Abstract “Juggalo” is the name of the very dedicated fans of the Insane Clown Posse and the other artists on the bands record label Psychopathic Records. In 2011, the FBI’s Gang Activity report listed Juggalos as a growing gang threat in the United States. Since then, Juggalos from across the country started flooding Psychopathic Records and the Insane Clown Posse with e-mails stating that they were being harassed by law enforcement just

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  • Gang Memership

    Gang Membership Esmeralda Sinanovic Thomas Edison State College February 09, 2014 Gang Membership  “According to the 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment report, gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent of violent crime in most jurisdictions, and up to 90 percent in others” (Gangs, n.d.). Such high numbers in crime involvement raise a concern. What are some characteristics of gangs? Gang members mostly are males with females being 20%-40% of gang members. According to NYGC 2012

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  • Motorcycle Gangs

    Motorcycle Gangs: From Outlaws to Any Joe Throughout history any person that rode a motorcycle was considered an outlaw or some sort of bad ass. The beginning days of motorcycle gangs weren’t the everyday Joe that had a nine to five job. These people were in their own class and were feared by anyone that crossed their path, but times have changed. Now anyone can ride a motorcycle without being labeled as a deviant outlaw. From the 1950 to today, the world has changed their perspect on a person

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  • Gangs

    Prison Gangs Prison gangs are criminal organizations that originated within the penal system. The first known American prison gang was the Gypsy Jokers. The Gypsy Jokers formed in the 1950’s in Washington state prisons. The first gang with nationwide ties was the Mexican Mafia, which formed in 1957 in the California Department of Corrections. According to statistics, gang activity in prisons has increased from only 9.4% in 1991 to 24.7% in 1999 and is even higher now. Today there are five original

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  • Gang Violence

    The Boys & Girls Clubs of America Targeted Outreach Strategic Approaches primary approach to gang prevention is to identify and recruit at-risk youth and place them into ongoing Club programs and activities (Boys & Girls Clubs of America, 2008). The Boys & Girls Clubs of America offer health and life skills, sports fitness and recreation and tutoring (Boys & Girls Clubs of America, 2008). The programs and activities of the Club help to develop at-risk youth’s character, creativity, and health and

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  • Growth of Gangs

    The Growth Of Gangs Gang: A formal or informal ongoing organization, association, or group that has as one of its primary activities the commission of criminal or delinquent acts, and that consists of three or more persons who have a common name or common identifying signs, colors, or symbols and have two or more members who, individually or collectively, engage in or have engaged in a pattern of criminal street gang activity. The key to the any gang definition is the phrase, "engage in criminal

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  • Gang Culture

    Each gang has a culture of its own, although it may not be very different from the culture of other gangs. Using Schaeffer's definition of culture, gang members teach one another - formally and informally - what the customs of the gang are i.e. how to dress, how to behave with women - or men, and they possess specific knowledge about the gang for example; traditions, initiation rites, territory, history. The culture of a gang is imparted from one generation to the next through a process called socialization

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  • Ethnography Gang Leader

    Ethnography Excerpt 1: Gang Leader For A Day: Sudhir Venkatesh J.T. seemed to appreciate having the ear of an outsider who would listen for hours to his tales of bravado and managerial prowess. He often expressed how hard it was to manage the gang, to keep the drug economy running smoothly, and to deal with the law-abiding tenants who saw him as an adversary. Sometimes he spoke of his job with the same dispassion as if he were the C.E.O. of some widget manufacturer — an attitude that I found

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  • Prison Gangs in Canadian Prisons

    Summary of critiqued article: “Are All Gangs Equal Security Risks? An Investigation of Gang types and Prison Misconduct” - Ruddel, R., Gottschall, S. (May 5, 2011) To date, there has been very little scholar investigation towards the different types of gangs in Canadian penitentiaries, and their unique contributions to prison misconduct. Gangs in the correctional system are one the biggest problems facing correctional staff and administrators. Does every gang pose the same threat towards the Canadian

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  • Gangs

    Project Gangs David Vary Bryant & Stratton College CRJU102 W. Verna 25 July 2013 Introduction This paper is on Gangs. It will include the meaning of gangs both the Federal and State definition. The others areas it will cover will be the History of Gangs, The impact of Gangs, Gang Problems, Drugs and Trafficking, Guns and Violence, and Special gang Units. Federal Definition The federal definition of gangs as used by the DOJ, DHS, and ICE is an association of three or more

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    Gangs within the System Prison is a system that was made to make inmates better. Since the start of prisons, gangs have become a big part. Gangs fight in order to dominate and run everything. It is a constant battle between them. Who you are affiliated with says a lot. Gangs in prison are more than just a group of men killing each other , It is more family oriented . Prison gangs were originally formed by inmates as a means to protect themselves from other inmates. Throughout the years, prison

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  • Gang Violence

    Gang violence was ruled as what is known as the Bronx, New York. Many youth felt this was the only way of life and the only choice they were given to survive. The youth then turned to the gangs and referred to their actions as a way of life. Which in turn lead to many young lives lost between the African American culture and the Latino culture. With fire in their lungs and pain in their hearts Hip Hop and Rap was born. Many called it their way out of the burning hell on earth. More than 60 years

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  • Youth Gangs

    2013 Youth Gangs Today in America we hear a lot about gangs. There are gangs everywhere but the ones we hear about the most are the ones associated with the youth. I am going to be evaluating John Gerhardt’s Youth Gangs: An American Epidemic. By reading the article I already agree with what he has to say. It is about learning about gangs and how most of them are affiliated with races. If one wants to know how they operated then we must know that race can determine what each gang is and the beliefs

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  • West Philly Gangs

    West Philadelphia Gangs West Philadelphia Gangs West Philadelphia is a diverse community that is inhabited by people of various religions, economic classes, and race. It is an area with in the city that has a large number of universities and a very large amount of urban row homes and apartment complexes. West Philadelphia is an area that contains many homes in a very small area. The population of the 19th Police district is approximately 231,200.("Population Demographics," 2013) This section

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  • Houston Gangs

    Butler Eng. 1001 31 October 2012 Houston Gangs Houston is a very populated city that has a very big problem with gangs in the communities. There are many people that are concerned about their children going to school safely because there’s so much gang activity in Houston. Many of the children’s parents are concerned about the influence of gang activity that is constantly rising. I have seen twelve year old kids being influenced to be in a gang or either gang affiliated already. Communities are terrified

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  • Gangs

    Gangs “Gangs”, the biggest threat to societies worldwide. The Oxford Dictionary defines the ‘gang’ as an organized group of criminals or disorderly people. Are your one of these people? I would hope not. You may have been feeling left out by your classmates but have been welcomed I by this significant group that seems to always want attention. Don’t be fooled. Gangs come in all shapes in sizes and welcome any willing volunteers. On the surface, gangs are caused by peer pressure and greed

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  • Youth and Gangs

    Why Do Urban Youth Join gangs? There is no universal agreed upon definition of a gang. According to the national institute of justice the federal definition is “An association of three or more individuals whose members collectively identify themselves by adopting a group identity, which they use to create an atmosphere of fear or intimidation, frequently by employing one or more of the following: a common name, slogan, identifying sign, symbol, tattoo or other physical marking, style or color of

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  • Gang Violenve

    Gang Violence: What Really is Going on? Professor Holly Walpole ENG 1270: English Composition II Module 4: Research Paper Indiana Tech 10 December 2014 Outline THESIS: Gang violence is an escalating problem in American society today I. Gangs in the United States are becoming more violent and deadly than ever. Thousands of people are dying each year from these ill-mannered thugs. II. Gangs within the past two decades, beginning in the early 1980’s a growing concern has been

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  • Gangs

    Gangs ~Britanie Taylor “Gangs”, the biggest threat to societies worldwide. The Oxford Dictionary defines the ‘gang’ as an organized group of criminals or disorderly people. Are your one of these people? I would hope not. You may have been feeling left out by your classmates but have been welcomed I by this significant group that seems to always want attention. Don’t be fooled. Gangs come in all shapes in sizes and welcome any willing volunteers. On the surface, gangs are caused by peer pressure

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  • Peers and Gangs

    Peers and delinquency: Juvenile Gangs, Groups and Fraternities 12/03/2010 Juvenile Delinquency Dr. Ibe By Shantrevia Jordan Nowadays we often hear about peer groups and how peers influence people. Everyone in the world belongs to a peer group. They are not only for kids. Peer groups are social groups consisting of people who are equal in such respects as age, education or social class. Members of a particular peer group often have similar interests and backgrounds

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  • Gang

    SOC-384-OL010 Abstract In this paper I will attempt to prove that gangs are a problem in our society today and jails are not the solution to this problem. I will also attempt to show that people and organizations on watch are not only slowing down gang activity, but in all their power trying to put an end to it.   Gang Activity in Camden I also did my own research about the gang activities in Camden and surrounding areas. This came up with a lot of interesting information

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  • Gang Prevention

    Gang Intervention Paper Summary Every-time I hear the word “gang members” I get into an emotional state of mind based on the fact that was how I was living as a teenager in South Central Los Angeles. That’s why I chose to do my signature assignment on gang intervention on junior high and high school campuses. My case study was based on a large urban junior high school. The school was experiencing an increase in gang behavior along with an alarming increase in the number of students bringing

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  • Gangs

    coming from and urban community and poverty and surrounded with latinos and other ethincs I have experience with my own that people do what it takes for their family not to suffer from proverty or other needs, they will be involve in drugs trafficking, gangs, robbery, or any related scam. My topic will be related with the most dangerous crime drug trafficking and how people get involved, that is now dealing in all over the world. That started in china and moved in easterm countries and western, and Europe

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  • Impact of Gangs

    Gang Life The term gang (noun) is simply defined as an organized group of criminals. However, the gang sub-culture is more complex. A gang is better defined as a group of adolescents and young adults who are united upon on a common idea/identity, and are often involved in delinquent activities to better their own stature. Gangs usually have a somewhat military like structure, with leaders at the top, lieutenants and sergeants, and soldiers at the bottom. Young children have various reasons for

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  • Female

    Female Rulers Erin B HUM111 November 29, 2015 History is full of powerful women who ruled over lands and won wars to protect their kingdom just the same as the powerful men in history often times better than the men. Some female rulers we know from history such as Hatshepsut who ruled over Egypt long before Cleopatra, Queen Victoria of Great Brittan, Queen Elizabeth II queen of England today and the list could go on and on. However, the two female rulers that we are going compare are Wu Zetian

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  • Girls and Gangs

    Girls and Gangs For much of history, gang members who are female have generally been left out of the equation. When both the layman and the researcher looked at gang life, gang members, and how they function, rarely have women and their role in gang culture been considered. However, women have long played important roles in gang life, culture, and membership, and the importance of such cannot be ignored. When women in gangs are studied, patterns emerge, the paths that often lead to gang life are

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  • Gangs in America

    The gang issue in America is not a new one. Gangs have been around for many years but in the past couple of years the violence and gang related crime has escalated significantly. Police departments across the nation have developed gang units in which the specific purpose is to target and curtail the area's gang criminal activity. There are many different gangs, with many different names however, they all have certain commonalities in that they are driven by criminal activity, they have involvement

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  • Gangs

    Gangs on the Rise? What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word gangs? The first thing you might think of is maybe violence, drug trafficking, and even possibly in some cases prostitution. Well whatever it is that comes to your mind it is probably not anything good. Gangs feel that they overpower other gangs and don’t allow the opposing gang members to be on “their” territory, that’s where the violence comes into play. Younger kids ages from about 15 to 17 have a greater chance to

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  • Gangs

    Introduction………………………………………………………………………...2-3 Criminal Activity……………………………………………………………………3 Types of gangs…………………………………………………………………….4 Street gangs……………………………………………………………..…4 Prison gangs……………………………………………………………….5 Motorcycle gangs………………………………………………………….6 3 most feared gangs in the United States………………………………………6 Mara Salvatrucha………………………………………………………….6 Crips………………………………………………………………………...7 Bloods………………………………………………………………………7 Female involvement in gangs……………………………………………………8 Conclusion…………………………………………………………………………8-9

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  • Prison Gangs

    Prison Gangs Prison Gangs According to (Wikipedia) a prison gang is a term used to identify any type of gang activity in prisons and correctional facilities. The difference between prison gangs and street gangs has become unclear because gang members are in and out of the prison system according to the (Street Gangs and Interventions: Innovative Problem Solving with Network Analysis, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, 2005). Prison gangs offer more than just simple protection for

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  • Gang Violence

    Gang violence has always been a real issue, and in the late 1990s, it was at its peak with gang related war; in especially in Southern California particularly Los Angeles. Los Angeles has been a major problem with gangs since the early part of the 20th century. Los Angeles is informally known as the "Gang Capital of the Nation". In Los Angeles, law enforcement officials are aware of more than 1300 street gangs with over 150,000 members. In the City of Los Angeles alone, there are over 400 separate

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  • Gang Violence

    effects of Gang Violence Gangs have been around since the beginning of time. Humans have always banded together for mutual protection and support - and to better dominate others. Gangs have always provided a way for people to more effectively get what they want, especially if it comes to force. And weaker members of society gravitate toward gangs that they feel can offer a sense of community and protection from others. But today were going to reflect on the effects of the most modern gangs. I watched

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  • Gangs

    Gangs: Civil War 3 Jonathan Davis Composition II Instructor: Kaisa Miller Everest University May 19, 2012 Gangs: Civil War 3 Children are our future and it is our responsibility to protect our inheritance. Gangs have been taking the lives of our youth sense the civil rights movement. Gangs have no specific color, age, culture, or ethics. Gangs have manipulated our children to give them their trust, love, and respect. Parents this is a custody battle without courts. Spend quality time

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