Fi515 Week 2 Assigment

  • Bus 308 Week 4 Assigment

    b.1 Xbar = 16.05 b.2 Xbar = 15.96 b.3 Xbar = 16.02 b.4 Xbar = 15.94 two tailed critical value rule requires we split α in 2, Therefore (Z 0.01/2)= 2.576 Z = (xbar – 16)/( 0.1/6) B.1 Critical Value Z = (16.05 – 16)/( 0.1/6) Z = 3.0 – therefore readjust P value = 2 time the area to the right of z 2(1- Z) = 2(1- 0.99865) = 0.027 0.027 < 0.01 – therefore reject and readjust CI Xbar ± (2.576)( 0.01/6) 16.05 ± 0.0429 = [16.007, 16.093] readjust B.2 Critical Value

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  • Week 1 Assigment

    Week 1 Assignment Rogelio Santos EDU 639 Human Relations. & Learning in the Multi. Envmnt Instructor: Dr. Rojas April 8, 2013 A few years ago I had an Asian boy in one of my classes. Before he even stepped into my class I did some research on him. I did it because actually was doing the right thing. I wanted to know if the student spoke English, and I also wanted to find out what was his ethnicity. Well my student spoke a few words in English and he was Korean. I learned to phrases

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  • Week 2

    Week 2 Questions 12.A. Equal –interval is a variable in which the numbers stand for approximately equal amounts of what is being measured. Example: A person’s GPA same difference between 3.0 and 3.5. B. Rand order is a variable in which the numbers stand only for relative ranking. Example: Student’s standing in his or her graduating class C. Nominal is a variable in which the values are categories. Example: a study of human gender. Male and Female D. Ratio Scale is a scale of measurement

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  • Bus 100 Assigment 2

    for customers. References Angel investor. (n.d.). Retrieved March 2, 2013 from the OLPC Wiki: Kelly & McGowan (2012). BUSN, 4th ed. Mason, OH: Cengage Learning. Paul, Stephanie. (Sep 2008). Partnerships: Pros and Cons Retrieved from Small Business Loans. (n.d. ). Retrieved March 2, 2013 from OLPC

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  • Week 2

    the requirements of the week four coding tasks. No other adjustments were needed because of the flexibility seen with object oriented programming. When working with multiple developers in a large project, having a program that is modular is crucial as code can be checked in or out with ease. For this assignment we took parts of what is the same program and put them together in a mish-mash of code to complete this java program we all have worked hard on for the past few weeks. We learned how the

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  • Wlp Assigment 2 Software Package Promotion

    value of Safety Chat is unique features, customer happiness (scenario, 2012). For example, when using Safety Chat software to communicate with others, the users’ messages is completely private from others except the intended receipts. Moving to step 2, CEO needs to translate values into specific vision and goals for each team. When translating value into specific vision and goal for software developer team, this vision is to lead instant messaging software with privacy and security engine and the

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  • Week 1 Assigment

    Week 7 Assignment: Salem Manufacturing Directions For this assignment, you’ll read about Salem Manufacturing and answer the question that follows. This assignment is due at 11:59 p.m. on the seventh day of Week 7. Grading Criteria Use the following criteria to guide your work for your Week 7 assignment. Tasks | Target: | Week 7 Assignment: Salem Manufacturing | This assignment will be graded by a key provided by the instructor. Weekly assignments are worth 40 percent of

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  • Week 2

    Cardenas LAW/421 September 2, 2013 Neha Bhatia Learning Team “A” Discussion Team “A” learned in week two the differences between substantive, procedural, criminal, civil, common, and statutory law. This paper provides differences and examples of these types of laws. Substantive Law Substantive Law is what deals with an individual’s personal rights, known as “real property” in which the rights are regulated in this arena. An example of these laws discussed during the week was the case of Mary

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  • Week 2

    factors that will make an impact on aggregate supply and demand, for example the government can create policies that can adjust the taxes which will influence how the consumers will spend money and increase consumption expenditures. Objectives In week two we discussed the two types of economics and also the development of macroeconomics. We also covered other topics such as fiscal policy and the two different types of fiscal policies, which are expansionary fiscal policy and contractionary fiscal

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  • Week 2

    Starbucks WEEK 2 Starbucks New Market Entrance Starbucks strategic goal is to increase market share of the non-coffee drinker; they have begun by introducing an extension of a product line targeted to this segment. To ensure market growth, Starbucks has repositioned one of its current products, the Frappuccino line, this product has been extended to include 3 new flavors; Double Chocolate Chip Crème, Vanilla Bean Crème, and Strawberries &amp; Crème, introduced throughout the summer months. Faced

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  • Week 2 Assigment

    University of Phoenix Material Media Convergence Worksheet Write brief 250- to 300-word answers to each of the following: |Questions |Answers | |What is meant by the term media |Media Coverage compared to technology is defined as a process of combining together the | |convergence with regard to technology, |telecommunications and computers and turning them into one

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  • Week 2

    December 10, 2012 Ethics Essay Week one reading helps understand and compare the similarities and differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics. As we include a description of the differences in how each theory addresses ethics and morality. Then concluding

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  • Week 2

    the matrix. The Web site provides you with a strong starting point. You may also want to perform a general Internet search to find additional information. • Include APA-formatted references on a separate page. The assignment is due in Week Three. |Cross-Cultural Communication | |Country |Preferred

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  • Week 2 a

    XACC/291 – Week 2 Assignment Thank you for using! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need additional help with this assignment. Complete Exercises E9-1, E9-7, &amp; E9-12 and P9-7B E9-1 (A). The cost principle states that assets must be recorded at the cost at which they were acquired. Although plant assets can fluctuate in fair market value, their book value will remain consistent. Companies must compute the total deprecation of the asset and allocate

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  • Week 2

    concerns of the existing customers it has made. In the following we will discuss the similar competitive advantages of a Riordan and other companies such as General Mills and Apple, Inc. that were researched in addition to Riordan by team members last week. We will then estimate which competitive strategies Riordan could use to improve innovation and sustainability of business operations in both the United States and globally. We will discuss why we chose those competitive strategies and estimate why

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  • Bus 644 Week 3 Assigment

    BUS 644 Week 3 Assigment Click above Link to get this A Graded Material For More information visit our website: BUS 644 Week 3 Assigment Click above Link to get this A Graded Material For More information visit our website: BUS 644 Week 3 Assigment

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  • Fi515 Week 1 Assignment

    Week 1 assignments FI515 Mini case A-Why is corporate finance important to all managers? Corporate finance provides managers with the skills to identify and select the corporate strategies and individual projects that add value to the company. It helps them to forecast the funding requirements of their company and the necessary strategies to acquire those funds. B- Describe the organizational forms a company might have as it evolves from a start-up to a major corporation. List the advantages

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  • Week 2

    University of Phoenix Material Week Two Practice Problems Prepare a written response to the following questions. Chapter 2 12. For the following scores, find the mean, median, sum of squared deviations, variance, and standard deviation: 1,112; 1,245; 1,361; 1,372; 1,472 Mean: 1312 Median: 1361 Sum of squared deviations: 76090 Variance: 19023 Standard deviation: 138 16. A psychologist interested in

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  • Week 2

    flour 1/2 cup sugar 2 sticks of cold butter, cut into small pieces 3-4 tablespoons of colored nonpareils or sprinkles Instructions Preheat oven to 325 degrees. In food processor with knife blade attached, pulse flour and sugar until combined. Add butter and pulse until dough begins to come together. Place dough in a large bowl. With hand, gently knead in nonpareils or sprinkles until evenly blended and dough forms a ball. On lightly floured waxed paper, pat dough into 2 equally

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  • Week 2

    Film 101 Mansour Week 4 – The Foreign Film (400 Blows, 1959) French New Wave (1959-1964) BREAKDOWN FROM CH 10 READING Origins Early French Cinema of 1930’s A period of Poetic realism which meant treating everyday life with emotional sensitivity, showing us how the hardships or highs/lows are supposed to FEEL Jean-Paul Sartre, philosopher with existentialist philosophies: Artists should rebel against societal constraints Responsibility for their own actions Create their own world Alexander

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  • Hrm530 Week 2 Discussion 1 & 2 Hrm 530 Week 2 Discussion 1 & 2

    HRM 530 HRM530 Week 1 to Week 11 Complete Course Click below link for Answer or visit Download All assignments Answer Here HRM530 Week 1 Discussion 1 "Managing Change in Organizations" Please respond to the following: Determine why change is so difficult for organizations. Propose ways that human resource (HR) specialists can assist in making change easier

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  • Week 2

    University of Phoenix Material Week 2 Practice Worksheet Prepare a written response to the following questions. Chapter 3 For the following scores, find the mean, median, and the mode. Which would be the most appropriate measure for this data set? 2, 2, 0, 5,1, 4,1, 3, 0, 0, 1, 4, 4, 0,1, 4, 3, 4, 2, 1 Based on the scale of measurement for each variable listed below, which measure of central tendency is most appropriate for describing the data? The time (in years) it takes a

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  • Financial 534 Week 6 Assigment

    Gino Zarabia Fin 534 Week 6 assignment Chapter 10 Problem 20 Professor : Anthony Critiny 20. Consider the following two, completely separate, economies. The expected return and volatility of all stocks in both economies is the same. In the first economy, all stocks move together - in good time as all prices rise together and in bad times they all fall together. In the second economy, stock returns are independent - one stock increasing in price has no effect on the prices of other stocks

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  • Chattanooga Case Analysis Assigment 2

    CHATTANOOGA CASE ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT 2 Chattanooga Case Analysis Assignment 1 Tomas Thomson Jack Welch Management Institute Dr. Earl Richardson JWI 510 November 14, 2015 Abstract The goal of this paper is to analyze the Chattanooga Ice Cream Case. The Chattanooga Ice Cream case is a case study where senior officers of a food company have opposing views for turning a declining business around during a crisis. The general manager, Charles Moore is faced with several

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  • Bus 521 Week 2 Bus521 Week 2

    BUS 521 Complete Course BUS521 Complete Course Click Link for the Answer: BUS 521 Week 1 Discussion "Entrepreneurship and Business Model" Please respond to the following: * From the e-Activity, debate the role entrepreneurship plays in America. Next, determine three to five potential advantages and challenges that entrepreneurial ventures

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  • Bus 430 Week 2 Bus430 Week 2

    BUS 430 Complete Course BUS430 Complete Course Click Link for the Answer: BUS 430 Week 1 Discussion 1 "Customer Service - Zappos"  Please respond to the following: * From the e-Activity, analyze the role that customer service plays and determine the service management skills at Zappos. Evaluate the different way(s) that Zappos creates a

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  • Week 2

    following information for 2 sources. | A. Source 1: | a. Title of the source: Strokes b. Author: Michael P. Barnes c. Publisher: New England Journal of Medicine d. Copyright year: 2010 | B. Source 2: | a. Title of the source: Recovery After Strokes b. Author: Bruce H. Dabkin c. Publisher: Medical Table d. Copyright year: 2005 | (See next page to continue part 2) Part 2: Supporting your main idea | 15 points | Directions to complete part 2: Refer back to the topic

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  • Journal 2 Week 2

    Read About Journals in ENG125: Introduction to Literature for more information about the purpose and expectations for journals. This week, you continue writing your journal entries. This journal entry is designed to help you document ideas about conflicts in literature, which will contribute to the information required for the Week Three Draft and the Week Five Literary Analysis. Recognizing conflict is essential to understanding the various commentaries literature can provide.  In Journal

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  • Week 3 Assigment

    Week 3 Assignment RES 345 February 01, 2016 Week 3 Assigment The article "American Dream in Flux: The Endangered Right to Lease A Home highlights the constitutional violation and social harm perpetuated from the declining shift in homeownership coupled with the increasing inclusion of governmentally promoted community rental restrictive zoning ordinances and private covenants. For the most part zoning ordinances and private laws (rules, regulations, and deed restrictions) appear to provide

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  • Fi515 Midterm 2

    corporation earnings can be double or triple taxed depending on individual or corporate ownership of stock e. S-corps can elect to be taxed as proprietorship or partnership Points Received: 10 of 10 Comments: 2. Question : (TCO G) Aubey Aircraft recently announced that its net income increased sharply from the previous year, yet its net cash flow from operations declined. Which of the following could explain this performance? Student Answer: The

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  • Assigment 2

    regular customers come to the nail salon every 2 or 3 weeks, promote to new customers - Clients enjoy with provided services and products - Make sure the salon nice and tidy at all times A business may change its objectives over time due to some reasons: A business may achieve an objective and will need to move onto another on. For example: Excellent Nails had achieved their objective, which is getting amount of regular customers come every 2 or 3 weeks The competitive environment might change,

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  • Fi515 Week 2 Assigment

    FI515 Homework 2 Keller Graduate School of Management FI515 Managerial Finance Sept 09, 2011 Page 112 3-1 Days Sales Outstanding Greene Sisters has a DSO of 20 days. The company’s average daily sales are $20,000. What is the level of its accounts receivable? Assume there are 365 days in a year. Formula for DSO = Receivables/ Ave sales per day = Receivables/( Annual sales/365) = 20 days x $20,000= $400,000

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  • Assigment 2 a Complete Home Network

    Assignment 2: A Complete Home Network Jonathan Scholl Strayer University CIS106 Professor Jamshid Haghighi June 7, 2016 A Complete Home Network Introduction: I believe this is way more than enough money for an entire home network, but it also comes down to what the needs of everyone in the household are. If you have gamers or those with workstations, then you’ll definitely need to take into consideration that you’ll need better than average hardware. But some family members may only need

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  • Week 2

    he really wanted to sell the car. Johnny was understanding. Mark writes on a piece of paper that he would keep the offer open for two weeks. Johnny how ever found another car that he was interested in purchasing. This was just a week into the agreement. Mark was not happy about the fact that Johnny went and purchased a car without giving him the full two weeks to make up his mind as into if he was willing to sell the car or not to Johnny. Johnny then told Mark that he is revoking his offer.

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  • Fi515 Homework 2

    Lorchineng Lo FI515 Homework 1 Minicase/2.6,2.7,2.9 Problems Minicase – Page 45 1. Corporate Finance is important to all managers because they want to know how their company is performing. If a company isn’t producing income, they won’t be in business for too long. By managing Corporate Finances, companies are able to expand their company lifeline, through maximizing their stocks and shareholders. 2. There are many different types of organizational forms: Sole Proprietorship,

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  • Fi515 Week 2

    five questions. The proposed regulation can be submitted as either a separate Word document (.doc) or Adobe file (.pdf). This means you will submit two attachments to the Week 2 Dropbox: (a) a Word document with the questions and your answers and (b) a copy of the proposed regulation you used for this assignment. (10 points) 2. Describe the proposal/change. (10 points) 3. Write the public comment that you would submit to this proposal. If the proposed regulation deadline has already passed,

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  • Week 2

    Week 2 Assignment Monica Callis, Week 2 Assignment The four functions of management can be affected by internal and external factors such as globalization, technology, innovation, diversity, and ethics. The functions of management are not immune to these factors no matter how big or small the organization. Even an organization as large and complex as Apple is affected by these factors. Globalization Globalization has become a key factor for large corporations to excel above the competition

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  • Fi515 Week 4 Homework

    7-2 - Boehm Incorporated is expected to pay a $1.50 per share dividend at the end of this year (i.e., D1 = $1.50). The dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate of 7% a year. The required rate of return on the stock, rs, is 15%. What is the value per share of Boehm’s stock? D1= $1.50 per share g = 7% rs= 15% What is the value of a share of Boehm Stock? P^0 = D1 /(rs – g) P^0 = 1.50/(0.15-0.07) P^0 = $18.75 7-4 - Nick’s Enchiladas Incorporated has preferred stock outstanding

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  • Fi515 Week 1

    responsibilities to society at large? Yes. Firms have responsibilities to society at large due to the fact that society is actually the largest stakeholder in firms. In fact the better health of stock prices result in a more profitable society. (2) Is stock price maximization good or bad for society? I actually answered this question above in which we show that a majority of society own stock’s in large organizations. Due to this reason, stock price maximization is good for society. (3)

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  • Fi515 Week 7 Homework

    FI515 Week 7 Homework Problems pp. 681-682 16-1 Cash Management Williams & Sons last year reported sales of $10 million and an inventory turnover ratio of 2. The company is now adopting a new inventory system. If the new system is able to reduce the firm’s inventory level and increase the firm’s inventory turnover ratio to 5 while maintaining the same level of sales, how much cash will be freed up? Sales=$10,000,000 Inventory turnover ratio (old) 2 Inventory Turnover ratio (new) 5 Freed

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  • Week 2 Assigment

    Week 2 Assignment: Understanding Effective Money Management Assessment A, Part 1: Creating a Personal Financial Statement - Assets | 1 point | Car: Bluebook value $1250.00Cash: $378.00Savings Accounts: $826.00 | Assessment A, Part 2: Creating a Personal Financial Statement - Debts | 1 point | Rent: $750.00Electric/ Gas bill: $131.75Cable/ internet/ Phone bill: $80.42Credit Card: $31.00Cell phone bill: $72.37 | Assessment

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  • Week 2

    | | |College of Social Sciences | | |SOC/100 Version 2 | | |Introduction to Sociology | Copyright © 2011, 2006 by University

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  • Fi515 Homework 2

    Assume there are 365 days in a year. The Days Sales Outstanding: Receivable / Average sales per day DSO= 20 days, Average daily sales = $20,000 Receivable 20 days= 20,000 Receivable = 20 x 20,000 = $400,000 Problem 3-2: Vigo Vacations has an equity multiplier of 2.5. The company’s assets are financed with some combination of long-term debt and common equity. What is the company’s debt ratio? Debt Ratio: Total liabilities / Total assets Problem 3-3: Winston Washers’s

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  • Week 2

    References Choice of Business Entities. (2001). Retrieved May 2, 2012, from RMS Accounting: Griffin, D. (2012). The Difference between an S and a C Corporation. Retrieved May 2, 2012, from Small Business.Chron.Com: Howell, R. (2012). Accounting Implications of a Sole Proprietorship. Retrieved May 2, 2012, from Small http://smallbusiness.chron

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  • Fi515 Homework Week 3

    value = 1000 r = coupon rate per coupon payment period = .08 i = effective interest rate per coupon payment period = .09 n = number of coupon payments remaining = 12 =1000*0.08*[1-(1+1.09)^-12]/0.09+1000*(1.09^-12) = 928.3927 = $928.39 5-2 Yield to Maturity for Annual payments Wilson Wonder’s bonds have 12 years remaining to maturity. Interest is paid annually, the bonds have a $1,000 par value, and the coupon interest rate is 10%. The bonds sell at a price of $850. What is their yield

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  • Fi515 Week 2 Homework Problems

    Sisters has a DSO of 20 days. The company’s average daily sales are $20,000. What is the level of its accounts receivable? Assume there are 365 days in a year. DSO= 20; Average Daily Sales= 20,000 20 = A/R / 20,000 20 x 20,000= A/R 400,000 = A/R (3-2) Debt Ratio Vigo Vacations has an equity multiplier of 2.5. The company’s assets are financed with some combination of long-term debt and common equity. What is the company’s debtratio? Equity Multiplier= 2.5 Equity Ratio= 1/EM 1 / 2.5= .40

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  • Fi515 Week 6

    FI515 Homework Week 6 12 -1 AFN Equation Baxter Video Products’s sales are expected to increase by 20% from $5 million in 2010 to $6 million in 2011. Its assets totaled $3 million at the end of 2010. Baxter is already at full capacity, so its assets must grow at the same rate as projected sales. At the end of 2010, current liabilities were $1 million, consisting of $250,000 of accounts payable, $500,000 of notes payable, and $250,000 of accruals. The after tax profit margin is forecasted to be

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  • Fi515 Week 2 Homework

    20,000 3-2 Debt Ratio Total Liabilities / Total Assets Solution: 60% 3-3 Market/Book Ratio Market price per share / Book value per share Book value per share = Common equity / shares outstanding Book value per share = $6,000,000,000 / 800,000,000 = 7.5 Solution: $75 / 7.5 = 10 3-4 PE Ratio Price/Earnings Ratio = Price per share / Earnings per share 8*3.00 = 24 24/$1.50 = 16 3-5 ROE ROE = ROA x Equity Multiplier ROA = Profit Margin x Total assets turnover ROA = .03 x 2 = .06 ROE

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  • Fi515 Homework Week 7

    million and an inventory turnover ratio of 2. The company is now adopting a new inventory system. If the new system is able to reduce the firm’s inventory level and increase the firm’s inventory turnover ratio to 5 while maintaining the same level of sales, how much cash will be freed up? Old inventory-2 10,000,000/2= 5,000,000 New inventory-5 10,000,000/5=2,000,000 Old inventory-new inventory=freed cash 5,000,000-2,000,000= $3,000,000 (16-2) Receivables Investment Medwig Corporation

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  • Fi515: Week-1 Homework

    ========================================================== FIN515: Week-1 Assignment ========================================================== MINI-CASE (p. 45): Consulting Michelle DellaTorre To explain the U.S. Financial System to Ms. DellaTorre, I would provide her with the following answers to the questions given to me by my boss: 1. Why is corporate finance important to all managers? Corporate finance is a basic component of how a business is run. All managers should keep this

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