Field Trip

  • 3 Day Field Trip

    College of Engineering School of Technology Field Trip Reaction Paper Plantinos, France Richard S. B.S Computer Engineering October 10, 2012 3 Day Field Trip Last September 25-27, 2012, we held a 3-day field trip in Baguio, La Union and Ilocos. On the first day we left Batangas at 12am so we can arrive early in Baguio. It’s a 7-hr sleepy trip but we arrived safely. We checked-in at rajah soliman hotel and ate our breakfast there. We went to our designated rooms to put our heavy bags

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  • Independent Field Trip

    SCI 204: Week 7: Lab 1: Independent Field Trip Name: Al Llereza Independent Field Trip The place that I chose to go for the Independent field trip was the John G. Shedd Aquarium but this was not my first choice. Instead, I was planning to go to the Linkin Park Zoo because it was free admission but the weather conditions were not favorable as it was raining. Nevertheless, I paid for a general admission ticket that cost a whole $5 because I am a Chicago resident. This only gave me access

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  • Mount Shasta Virtual Field Trip

    Geography 101, Section#3596/ Spring 2012 3 May 2012 Mount Shasta Volcano/ Virtual Field Trip Assignment Mount Shasta Volcano Virtual Field Trip For my field trip I really wanted the opportunity to travel somewhere I usually wouldn’t have the time or opportunity to travel to, so I decided to take a virtual field trip to Mount Shasta. This is also a place my mom tells me about from time to time because she took me here when I was very little, and after enough descriptions

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  • Multicultural Field Trip

    Tionna Shivers EDU-230 November 18, 2012 Michelle Jervell Multicultural Field Trip The APEX Museum The APEX Museum is known as “African American Panoramic Experience Museum” (APEX, 2012). The museum contains timelines about the African American culture. There is a time line describing the accomplishments of Africans. Some accomplishments include: mastering basic arithmetic, cultivating crops, carving the first colossal sculpture, and creating glass windows. The museum also shows pictures

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  • Field Trip

    The site I went to was and it states the Project Management Institute (PMI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving and advancing the state-of-the-art in project management. PMI’s aim is to promote professionalism in the practice of project management through a comprehensive support system. The Northeast Florida Chapter was chartered in August, 1995 and is located at the greater city of Jacksonville, Florida, one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and the home

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  • Trip to Malaysia

    A Trip to Malaysia Travelling is a sense of adventure that excites people, and also is a big chance for us to learn about other cultures and the way people live their lives. While many tourists travel to France, England or some famous countries in Europe, fewer travel to a small country in Asia. As someone who loves to explore and enjoy new things, 3 years ago in the summer, my boyfriend and I decided to backpack to Malaysia. It was a fantastic trip and an amazing experience for us that you should

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  • Field Trip

    Outdoor Education remains my favorite field trip of all time due to all of the memorable activities we experienced. For instance, I was able to touch and hold a wide variety of animals that I had never seen until I visited their science center. One animal was a blue tongue skink that reminded me of leather because it was dry and smooth. The chinchilla was also smooth, yet its fur was also the softest that I had ever felt. This goes to show that one can find similarities in unusual places

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  • Trips Agreement

    Trips Industrial designs geographical indications INTEGRATED circuits Undisclosed information ADV.MANISHA PANDYA ROLL NO.17 * BUSINESS LAW GROUP* LLM SEM II SUBMITTED TO PROF.TIWARI CONTENTS Chapter I * INTRODUCTION * GATT*WTO* TRIPS* * ------------------------------------------------- Implementation in developing countries Chapter II * What are intellectual property rights? * Geographical indication * Early agreements –History * Agreement on Trade-Related

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  • Road Trips

    Thomas1 Travis J. Thomas Ms. Janet Call English 112 October 6, 2013 Out of all possible road trips – the best one is by car. The moment when you finish packing, put everything inside the, sit inside it, buckle up look at your family sitting next to you, smile and…go! And then begins the most wonderful part of the road trip. It is not the place you are heading to – it is what you see from the opened window of the car. The best part is when you leave you home before the dawn. The DAWN! I really

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  • Field Trip/Hip-Hop & Dance

    Arsenio Spears 08-10-12 Mrs. Johnson Comp I Field Trip/Hip Hop & Dance Learning a dance routine is more fun than I thought it would be. I thought we were going to see a play in the theatre. Come to find out we were going to be taught a choreographed hip hop routine. This was a new experience for me. I was afraid of trying at first but then I realized it wasn’t that serious, so I calmed down and just danced. It was only me and Mississippi (a fellow classmate) and two other females that

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  • Fermentation Field Trip

    Abraham Cervantes Biology 107 Mr. Koningsor November 17, 2013 Field Trip: Fermentation On my public tour at the Ballast Point I had a great tour guide that told me many interesting facts about different ways of fermentation. I was only told of the ways of fermentation but not on how they worked or for what. One of the productions of fermentations that I learned about was known as ethanol fermentation which produces lactic acid for alcoholic beverages. Ethanol fermentation is the transfer

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  • Buxton Trip

    and Academic Skills Support (PASS) module of MBA course in Staffordshire University helped me to gain the experience of applying the acquired theoretical knowledge for the accomplishment of the assigned outdoor activities in the Buxton Residential trip. Although, the module was meant for learning from those outdoor activities to develop one’s managerial skills, I have seen it as a continuous learning process that started from my under-graduate course, where I had the opportunity to come across some

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  • Field of Dreams: Citi Field

    Field Of Dreams: Citi Field A road trip to a Mets game is always filled with anticipation of fun. The one and a half hour drive seems to take an eternity. Citi Field can be seen halfway over the Whitestone Bridge. Resembling Ebbets Field, its stunning architecture takes my breath away. In the parking lot, you realize just how enormous the stadium is. It looks so much larger than it is portrayed on television. Right outside the stadium, the song Meet the Mets is usually playing through the

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  • Field Trip

    The exterior of the church I attended did not add to my overall religious feelings. My first impression of this building was the thought of whether or not I was in the right place. The building was plain there is no cross or windows on the outside. It had one small sign on the side of the building that stated it was a church. The architecture did not lend itself to worship. Another observation that I made was it was very different than what I am accustomed to. First off when you walk in the door

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  • Field Trip Report on Religions

    Field Trip Report on The Calvary Chapel, a Christian Church Prepared for: Professor Shaw Prepared by: Julian Aguirre DeVry University Comparative Religions Field Trip Report February 15, 2013 Memorandum To: Professor Shaw (DeVry University) From: Julian Aguirre Date: February 15, 2014 RE: Field Trip Report on Calvary Chapel, Ranch Cucamonga CA! ______________________________________________________________________________ Introduction The objective of this report is to contrast and

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  • Field Trip

    Field Trip REGLI/448 DeVry University Daniel Henke December 8, 2013 For my field trip I chose to visit a Catholic Church St Peter located in Waldorf, MD. I took my two children with me and while driving to the church I explained to them that this was a field trip for my assignment. The look on their faces was priceless. Of course my five year old did not understand what I was talking about but she just knew that this experience was going to be different. I was excited that you

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  • A Trip to Malaysia

    A Trip to Malaysia Travelling is a sense of adventure that excites people, and also is a big chance for us to learn about other cultures and the way people live their lives. While many tourists travel to France, England or some famous countries in Europe, fewer travel to a small country in Asia. As someone who loves to explore and enjoy new things, 3 years ago in the summer, my boyfriend and I decided to backpack to Malaysia. It was a fantastic trip and an amazing experience for us that you should

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  • Religon Field Trip

    Field Trip Report As part of this course in comparative religions, each student is asked to attend a religious service different from their own. Students are free to visit any church, synagogue, mosque, or temple in their locality. Please answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible in your own words. Since this is an informal report, it does not require documentation unless you use direct quotation within the paper. This paper should be 2–3 pages in length. Feel free to add any thoughts

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  • Trips

    What is TRIPs? How does it address the business of Intellectual Property at the global arena? TRIPS is the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade(GATT) Uruguay Round Agreement on Trade Related Intellectual Property. The WTO’s TRIPS Agreement is an attempt to narrow the gaps in the way these rights are protected around the world, and to bring them under common international rules. It deals with the protection & enforcement of Trade-Related intellectual property rights. It establishes minimum levels

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  • Religion Field Trip

    Identify and describe three paths to God (yogas) in Hinduism. The three paths (marga) to God are practiced by Hindus to unite with God and achieve Moksha. These spiritual paths include meditation and work based on one’s caste in society. These methods provide a path to allow spiritual journey and union with the Devine. The varieties of yogas address the different needs of different people. Jnana Yoga is the path of knowledge yoga which followers study the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita and

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  • Victoria Water Treatment Facility Field Trip

    JC Weber Professor Wagner Geology 1305 April 9th, 2012 Victoria Water Treatment Plant Field Trip 1) What geologic formations make up the stratigraphy of the Victoria Water Treatment Plant? Consider topography, soils, and geography. (25 points) The VWTP is situated next to the Guadalupe River in Victoria, Texas. The VWTP’s location to the coast has a huge impact on the soil composition and layout of the land. This area has been subject to glacial erosion, floods, and water

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  • Virtual Field Trip

    Virtual Field Trip Project |Grade Level: 6th | |Topic: Pearl Harbor | |Standards:

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  • Moutain Trip to Beach Trip

    of the sack the trip ideas that were pulled trip to the Wallowa Mountains, trip to the Oregon coast, and then Yakima, Wa was pulled from the bag. Once I saw what my mum and my son pulled, my paper got tossed over my shoulder. The challenge now were to pick from the two options trip to the Wallowa Mountains or the trip to the Oregon coast. We ponder on what the Oregon coast and the Wallowa Mountains offered in actives, accommodations, and weather in late March. We were down to trip to the Wallowa

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  • A Trip to Remember

    Ivy Tech Student June 28, 2011 ENG 025: Intro to College Writing II First Draft Descriptive Essay A Trip to Remember I will never forget the summer of 2006. It was a breezy, warm day in June. My family and I stumbled upon a small campground located in Dorr, Michigan. The blackish brown decorative sign with yellow-gold writing read Hungry Horse Campground. I thought to myself “what, a strange name for a campground.” As we drove down the long winding midnight asphalt road, I could not imagine

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  • Echo Field Trip

    ECHO FIELD TRIP On this wonderful tour, I learned a large amount of sustainable agricultural approaches. Crop rotation was one of them. It’s where the farmer grows different crops in the same field, in succession. Apparently, there are repercussions to planting the same crop over and over. This avoids those challenges. One challenge in particular is reducing the pest issue that most farmers face. These pests usually explode in population due to the continual availability of their food source.

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  • Field Trip

    On 16th of Oct, Journey Into Madness Class took us to the Caritas Wellness Link in Tsuen Wan to visit patients who have suffered from mental illnesses and patients who are suffering from mental illness. Stephen, a Social Work Supervisor of the unit, first showed us the training program routes and also provided us chances to listen to the sharing from service users. We also watched an impressive video about a recovery story of a mid-age man. Additionally, a sharing from Winnie, a lovely lady who

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  • Field of Tears

    Field of Tears - genaflevering Are the horrible memories from the Irish Civil War still lingering in the grass on the field? What does the tears of the grandfather symbolize? “Field of Tears” is a short story written by Declan J. Connaughton in which he tells the story about an old man and his granddaughter called Rita. She frequently comes to visit him at the nursing home where he has to stay against her will, simply because he is too old and weak. She knows this and it’s also one of the reasons

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  • Feild Trip

    Something that really fascinated me on our field trip was that we got to witness history of Victoria and British Columbia. It was really fascinating that we got to see firsthand on what happened back in those times. I enjoyed looking over the island where the Chinese were held, you could feel the sensation through the air and it was very emotional. I also really enjoyed going on that tour inside the castle, it was really interesting on how the rooms were laid out and what people even wore. It was

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  • Trip Report

    TRIP TO DERANGALA TEA FACTORY TRIP TO DERANGALA TEA FACTORY GROUP MEMBERS Roshan Madushantha - 3889 Dilshan Sandaruwan - 3871 Thivanka Vithanage 3730 Aisha Al- sheraim - 3729 Acknowledgement This report is based on the trip to Derangala tea estate which is situated in Akuressa. This report is made for Mr. Indrajith Aponsu who is our Microeconomics lecturer. In this report I and my group members have gone in death of the process that we learnt at the tea factory. The process

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  • Field Trip//the Things They Carried

      Field  Trip   Closure  is  a  necessity  when  it  comes  to  coping  with  tragedy  because  unless  certain   measures  are  taken,  the  sorrow  and  pain  never  fade.  In  O’Brien’s  case,  visiting  the  field  provided   him  with  closure  because  he  had  something  he  could  place  blame  on,  which  in  this  case  was  a   specific  location.  This  blaming  is  seen  as  O’Brien  states,  “Over  the  years,  that  coldness  had   never  entirely  disappeared.  There  were  times

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  • Prison Trip

    gaining knowledge in our field of work. We would like to thank Mrs. Shonell Enoe for accompanying us on the day of the visit to the Prison. To the Officers of the prison, we say thank you for your time, patience, guidance and protection throughout our visit. Also to the inmates for being so co-operative and sharing their many stories of trials, tribulations and encouragement and also your friendly welcome. A warm thank you to our accompanied bus driver’s on the trip for driving safe and making

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  • Trip - Your trip details Page 1 of 1 Close window Your trip details Flight Leave Fri, May 29 Depart 1:45 PM San Diego, CA , United States San Diego Airport (SAN) | Terminal 2 Stop 1 8:59 PM Atlanta, GA , United States Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL) | Terminal S Total time: 6hr 46min Delta Air Lines 2267 Economy Boeing 757 | On-time: 90% 1,888 mi | 4hr 14min Meal: Food for purchase Change of planes. Time between flights: 0hr 41min Depart 9:40

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  • Religion Field Trip Paper

    Field Trip 1. I have driven by the mosque many times. It is only a couple minutes from my house. There have been times where I had to drop off my friends at the mosque or pick them up. I always thought the outside was beautiful. The mosque is white, blue and yellow with a yellow dome over it. I come from a church where there are crosses all around the entrance, on top of the church on the doors, so it is obvious that it is a church. When you pass by the mosque you wouldn’t really know what it is

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  • Field Trip Report

    Riverside Gurdwara Sikh Temple on 3/01/2015 & 3/08/2015 I had the privilege to visit the Sikh Temple twice on my occasion because of miscommunication, but I think it was worth it. I’m sad that I did not get to talk to anyone because I was afraid that I would disturb his or her worship time. As I arrived I saw the cultural attires for the women and the head coverings for the men and women. Before they entered the church, they removed their shoes and washed their hands before entering

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  • Field Trip

    dungeon. The dungeon is the bottom floor that happens to be underground. After the tour was over, they let us walk around the campus a little bit. The first thing I did was go get food. After that I just explored the campus. Overall, it was a great trip, and I had a lot of fun.

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  • Mat 540 Assignment 2 Internet Field Trip

    MAT 540 ASSIGNMENT 2 INTERNET FIELD TRIP To purchase this visit following link: Contact us at: HELP@COURSEHOMEWORK.COM MAT 540 ASSIGNMENT 2 INTERNET FIELD TRIP 1. Research: Research at least six (6) information sources on forecasting methods; take notes and record and interpret significant facts, meaningful graphics, accurate sounds and evaluated alternative points of view. 2. Preparation: Produce as storyboard with

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  • Field Trip Tp France

    Field Trip Report My field trip report is on a Broadway musical that my husband took me to see just last week in New York City. Based on the popular 1994 film of the same name, Priscilla Queen of the Desert follows two drag queens and a transsexual who buy a run-down old bus (they call it Priscilla) and set out on a road trip across the Australian Outback when one of them, Tick, is invited by his ex-wife to perform his drag show at her far-away resort. I like this musical because it presents my

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  • Cultural Field Trip

    Cultural Field Trip Karen Wethington Sociology-111-40F Kreider Cultural Field Trip- Damask Cafe For my cultural field trip I chose a different cultural dining experience. My son had gone on a missions trip last year to Chicago. While he was there, he was introduced to the Indonesian culture through worship and fellowship with an Indonesian family. He was invited to their home and had dinner with them,they also had Indonesian food at the church as well. When he came home all he could

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  • Field Trip

    Field Trip Report Hackensack University Medical Center, part of the Hackensack University Health Network was founded in 1888. It is the best hospital in New Jersey and the third Best Hospital in Metro Area. In the national hospital ranking, Hackensack University Medical Center is one of the Top 50 hospitals in the United States. It is also one of the National’s Largest Cancer Centers, a National-Renowned Children’s Hospital and an Environmentally-Friendly Hospital Designed Just for Women. On April

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  • Content Evaluation of Field Trips

    Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region IV-A (CALABARZON) Division of Tanauan City BERNARDO LIRIO MEMORIAL NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Darasa, Tanauan City, Batangas Instructions: Check the appropriate column. Use the scale provided opposite each statement to indicate your response: SD- Strongly Disagree D- Disagree A- Agree SA- Strongly Agree | Statement | SD | D | A | SA | 1 | My parents have a great influence in my track choice. | | | | | 2 | Teachers

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  • Trip

    informed that Hainan was hit from typhoon 2 days before our departure. As the city repaired damaged, there were still powerful following storms threatening this region. Out of a choice, we canceled our trip. However, it was not often the case that my family and I could get time together to have a holiday trip. In order to fully enjoy our vacation as we planned, we changed our destination to WUYI city. Due to the sudden change, we failed to buy train tickets and had to drive there on our own. It turned

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  • The Educational Value of Field Trips

    The school field trip has a long history in American public education. For decades, students have piled into yellow buses to visit a variety of cultural institutions, including art, natural history, and science museums, as well as theaters, zoos, and historical sites. Schools gladly endured the expense and disruption of providing field trips because they saw these experiences as central to their educational mission: schools exist not only to provide economically useful skills in numeracy and literacy

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  • Ebsk Field Trip

    |Tutorial Group: | |Register No: | | |Name: | | |Admission Number: | | Customer Service Customer service is an integral part of any business establishment. It is about providing “Service”

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  • Slip or Trip?

    Brandon Lamarre 6/17/2016 English Composition and Rhetoric Slip or trip? Arthur Volupides, the husband of Queenie Volupides, was murdered by his wife, Queenie, that night or early the next morning. The reasons for this claim are many, as all of the evidence is pointing towards a very guilty Ms. Volupides. For this reason, I don’t believe that the wife is telling the truth. As the testimony goes, Mr. Arthur Volupides and his wife, Queenie Volupides, had gotten into an argument that night

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  • Internet Field Trip

    Internet Field Trip Forecasting Methods Environmental Scanning Environmental scanning refers to the process of scanning the media to identify emerging issues to enable organizations or individuals to anticipate and respond to changes in the external environment. Scanning is meant to provide strategic intelligence to the strategic planning process by identifying changing trends and potential developments, monitoring them, forecasting their future pattern and assessing their impacts. The

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  • Internet Field Trip

    What is Forecasting? Forecasting is the process of making statements about events whose actual outcomes have not yet been observed. Forecasting can be seen as a planning tool for managers to attempt to cope with the uncertainty of the future. Managers are constantly trying to predict the future, making decisions in the present that will ensure the continued success of their firms. Managers use forecasts for budgeting purposes. A forecast aids in determining volume of production, inventory needs

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  • Rsabg Field Trip Paper

    Nicholas Rojes Geo 351 Professor Garver March 3, 2010 Field Trip California is a state of enormous diversity. From the coast to the mountains and the forests to the deserts, California is full of a wide array of plant life. California is the third largest state in the United States and thus has a major variation in climate resulting in the many plants found. Not only are there many plants found here, but many of those plants cannot be found anywhere else. There are also many nonnative plants

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  • Field

    have specific career plans? How does graduate or professional school pertain to them? : How much more education are you interested in? : What's the most important thing the admissions committee should know about you? : Think of a professor in your field that you've had already and that you like and respect. If this person were reading your application essay, what would most impress him or her? :: Do . . . : Answer all the questions asked. If you are applying to more than one program, you may find

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  • Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge - Field Trip Summary

    Field Trip Summary Report Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge  Submitted by: C. Turner EAS 201, Spring 2012 INTRODUCTION New York City is home to a diverse grouping of species - a varied assembly of organisms, each with its own form, function, and range of desirable living conditions. The CUNY SPS course “The Nature of New York” invites learners to investigate urban ecosystems, and evaluate the relationship between humans, the environment, and the ability of all living systems to do well on the planet

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  • Trip

    Report of our Trip The most enjoyable and awaited day in the whole school academic year is the day of the trip. A trip is a well organized program in which our bosom friends, relatives and teachers go on a long journey for enjoyment and fun. It is one of the most memorable day in the whole year. As every school plans for a trip our school, that is, ‘Alphonsa School’ also planned a trip this year to South India. IT included the places, Bangalore, Mysore and Ooty. It was a five day trip! Five days

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