Filipino Research Of College Students Problem

  • International Student Problems

    grown considerably through mobility of students. The figure is continuously rising and the number of international students has more than double in past decade. According to Universities UK, between 2008-09 and 2009-10 there was an 11.7% increase in the international students. According to HESA, in 2000-001 there were 126,720 non EU students at UK institution and by 2009-10 the figure had raised to 280,760, an increase about 121 %.( Students coming to Britain experience sparkling

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  • Stress and the College Student

    of life. We know that stress – over a prolonged period of time – can have increase certain health risks, to say nothing of the wear and tear that happens to relationships and general wellbeing. This simple guide uses materials adapted from several college campuses with active stress reduction programs. It explores the origins of stress and provides some basic ways to assess the level of stress you may be feeling and then suggests some easy-to-incorporate ways to decrease the level of stress. WHAT

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  • College Student

    ------------------------------------------------- Research: Affirmative Action. Do you feel that affirmative action has a place in today's society? Do you support or oppose its role in today's politics and our lives? Why? Affirmative action is a term most Americans are familiar with, but a term that is not always well understood. To clarify, as defined in Politics in America by Thomas Dye, affirmative action is any government or private program designed to help offset the effects of “past unequal

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  • College Students and Drug Abuse

    College Students and Drug Abuse The irresponsible use of drugs and alcohol by college students has always been an issue for university campuses, but the problem has become more and more frequent and has grown in familiarity with every passing generation. In past years, the problem has not only multiplied in frequency, but has also grown in danger. Now students are abusing not only recreational drugs like Marijuana and Cocaine, but also prescription drugs like Ritalin and others like it such

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  • Depression in College Students

    pression Affects College Students How Depression Affects College Students Nikki M. Broadnax Elementary Education Major Abstract The age group of depressed college students is 18 – 32 many students find the adjustment from high school to college difficult. Even the student that seems most at ease with their new lifestyle will often confess to moments of missing their familiar high school friends, family and other comforts of home. A study by UCLA reports that more than 25-30

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  • Problems Encountered by Irregular College Students

    perspectives. It was observed that there are band members who had incomplete or failing grades. It all depends on how they personally addressed problems as a student and as a band members who got failing grades and incomplete grades faced a consequence of termination as a band scholar. Statemant of the Problem This study aims to determine the problems encountered by the PSU Marching Band Members that affect their academic performance. Specifically this sought to answer the following questions:

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  • The View of College Students on Love

    The View of College Students on Love Abstract Love has been the noticeable problem of college students in modern times. The sense of loneliness and freedom of living in different places lead the college students to fall in love in an earlier age. These years, with the invasion of western sexual liberalism, our sense of morality has been faced with big challenges. At the same time, free access to the Internet causes misunderstanding and wrong realization on love, which lead them to get lost

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  • College Students and Drug Abuse

    abuse situation in Africa Effects of drug abuse in Africa Control mechanisms Future trends Details Author: T. ASUNI , A. O PELA Pages: 55 to 64 Creation Date: 1986/01/01 Drug abuse in Africa T. ASUNI Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria A. O PELA Clinical Pharmacy Unit, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Benin, Benin, Nigeria ABSTRACT Apart from cannabis abuse in northern and southern Africa and khat chewing in north-eastern Africa

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  • Attitude of College Students

    A Survey of Student Attitudes, Experiences and Expectations on selected vocational courses at the University of Northumbria April 2005 Anna Round Student Retention Project, University of Northumbria PART ONE: BACKGROUND Section One: Introduction 1:1 Background 1 1:2 Literature survey 2 1:3 Primary research 4 1:3:1 Student questionnaire 4 1:3:2 Staff questionnaire 6 1:3:3 Interviews 6 Section Two: Literature

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  • The Use of Ritalin by College Students

    PSY347: Neuroethics Prof. Kozuch- FA11 The Use of Ritalin by College Students Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, more commonly referred to as ADHD or ADD, is a chronic behavioral disorder with problem areas which include hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity (Rodriguez, 2010). In order to treat such a disorder, cognitive stimulants are used to counteract the symptoms and calm the patient in order to for them to focus. However, these medications have a paradoxical effect on

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  • Stress on College Student-Athletes

    Stress amongst College Athletes & Non-Athletes Jeff Bennett University of Mount Union Abstract Athletic participation and academic stress has been a challenging topic and one that has made many question about. With all the extracurricular activities that students have, they don’t realize that their stress could be affecting them more than they may know. This study examines the stress level results amongst 10 college student athletes and 10 non-athletes. The results present a rare finding

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  • Research Problem

    THESIS STATEMENT Learning Strategies: The Most Effective Way for Freshmen Psychology Students of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Study The word “learning” is defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “the activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something”. The ability to learn is possessed by every human and animal. Learning is not done all at once but builds and shapes by what we already

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  • Stress Level of College Students

    daily life nowadays. According to Grohol, you cannot escape stress because it is normal in everybody’s life. Everybody may feel stress when they are facing bad situation. Generally, in social science research, the word stress has been used since Selye, a well-known medical expert pioneered the research for psychological stress in 1950’s. According to Cox & Brockley (1984), stress is a perception phenomenon which exists from a comparison between the command given and ability of a person to execute he

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  • College Students Stress Factor

    How Do Students Cope with Stress: Stress Factors, Source of Stress, and Effects of Stress Introduction The issues pertaining to a student's stress status is extremely important due to the devastating consequences it may have. Students who experience a high level of stress may experience drug or alcohol abuse, perform poorly in school, or suffer from depression. It is important to address the issues of depression as it is a mental illness that can be both financially costly and

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  • Financial for College Students

    Financial Aid for College Students Desi Curry Everest Online University ENC1101-111 Financial Aid for College Students Many people say that they cannot attend college because they can’t pay for it. I can agree that college can be expensive, but there are plenty of ways to make college affordable. The average cost of a private, four-year College is well over $20,000 per academic year. (, 1999-2011) Divide this figure in half and you have the average tuition for a public university;

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  • Significance of Lifestyle to College Students in the Philippines

    TAGBAR Literature Problems Encountered by Irregular College Students Background of the Study Academic performance really means three things: this means the ability to study and remember facts, it also means being able to think in relation to facts and thirdly, it further means being able to communicate one’s knowledge verbally or practically ( A marching band is a company of instrumental musicians performing outdoors for the purpose of entertainment and sometimes in competition

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  • Research Student

    course, been a period of unrelieved political, cultural, and psychological turmoil and shifting. That the media of communication have become inseparable from our lives is a matter that has been written about in countless worried articles, books, and research papers (Daniel, 1981; Donovan & Scherer, 1992). The sixth information revolution, the Information Highway, is now being constructed out of the convergence of computer, broadcasting, satellite, and visual technologies. Communication is shaking off

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  • Why Filipinos/ Students Have a Hard Time Speaking English?”

    INTRODUCTION 1. Background of the Research Why Filipinos Have a Hard Time Speaking English? In the Philippines, the English Language has been selling like an old flavor of ice-cream and has been served repeatedly to millions of students in all the schools for the past decades. Most of us actually have tried this 'ice cream' but not everyone had liked it. These schools though, exerted a conscious effort on how to smoothly deliver this subject matter to every student. Like ice-cream makers,

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  • Problem of Students


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  • Effect of Facebook on Academic Performance of College Students

    OUR LADY OF LOURDES COLLEGE FOUNDATION Daet, Camarines Norte COLLEGE OF EDUCATION EFFECTS OF FACEBOOK ON THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF COLLEGE STUDENTS In partial fulfilment of the requirements in Social Studies 4117 Research in Social Studies Cydrick B. Andaya (BSEd-IV) Researcher Ms. Celia Gatacilo Research Adviser CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Study Facebook, otherwise known as FB, is the largest online social networking site in the world with 1.15

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  • Student Dropout Problems in College

    Various causes contribute to the student dropout problem in colleges. One of the top reasons for leaving college is that it is hard to have to support oneself and go to school at the same time. Balancing work and school is a bigger barrier than finding money for tuition for many. In fact, more than a third of the dropouts said that even if they got a grant that covered their books and tuition, it would be hard to go back to school, given their work and family commitments (Lewin, 2009). For many

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  • Fraternity Problem Among College Students in Tagum City

    FRATERNITY PROBLEM AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS IN TAGUM CITY Research Paper Presented to Prof. Esterlita Pacal English 201, 7:30 Caser, Novy Jane H. Tambis,Jennel Calledo, Jappet John S. September1,2014 Acknowledgement Every project big or small is successful largely due to the effort of wonderful people who have always given their valuable advice or lent a helping hand. We sincerely appreciate the inspiration; support and guidance of all those people who have been instrumental in

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  • College Student

    the relationship is fundamental to success. Working in exchange for money or excelling for a reward are basic examples of social exchange theory. There are more intrinsic motivators such as respect, status, knowledge and friendship. Based on prior research social approval and respect are the most important outcomes for each of the individuals involved in the transaction. Procedural justice refers to the fairness of the process by which a decision is made at the organizational level. Procedures are

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  • The Impact of Facebook Addiction on Academic Performanceof Filipino Students

    The Impact of Facebook Addiction on Academic Performance of Filipino Students Mart Anthony D. dela Peña Comm2 – C2 Mrs. Noemi Agner March 15, 2012 The Impact of Facebook Addiction on Academic Performance of Filipino Students Thesis Statement: Although Facebook has offered various benefits to the Philippine society, its addiction has become a major problem on the academic performance of Filipino students. Outline: I. The History of Facebook II. Facebook as a Social

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  • Problems College Students Face

    November 2012 Four Major Problems Facing College Students Today and Possible Resolutions Going off to college is probably one of the best times in a teenager’s life. Right out high school teenagers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of college “move-in” day or the first day of school. They may look at it as a great opportunity to gain further knowledge about a particular study or better yet a way to finally escape the rules and regulations of their parents. College is supposed to be an educational

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  • Study Habits of Filipino Students

    Sophomore Students Chapter 1 PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE RATIONALE Today, our life is so much easier because of so much knowledge explosion and printed materials around, that the ability to read has become an important asset. Effective study habits enable students to accomplish more in a comparative shorter time to finish the school requirements and at the same time enjoy life. Wide variations have been universally noted in the methods of studying typically practiced by the students. The time

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  • College Students and Depression

    about college depression d) Share findings about college depression e) Specifically, i) What is depression (SLIGHT PAUSE) ii) what causes depression (SLIGHT PAUSE) iii) how to identify symptoms of depression (SLIGHT PAUSE) iv) and finally where to seek help for depression 2) Body f) National Institute of Mental Health, “Depression is a common but serious mental illness typically marked by sad or anxious feelings. Most college students

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  • College Students

    The Effects of Employment on Academic Performance of Australian Accounting Students Dr Anura De Zoysa School of Accounting and Finance University of Wollongong Wollongong, NSW 2500 Australia Tel: 61 2 42215382 Fax: 61 2 42214297 E-mail: And Dr Kathy Rudkin School of Accounting and Finance University of Wollongong Wollongong, NSW 2500 Australia Tel: 61 2 42213148 Fax: 61 2 42214297 E-mail: The Effects

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  • Students College

    different people like people that is not from the United States. At school you do classwork and do all type of assignment your teacher told you to do. I believe that every students should want to be educator because you need education in this world. School shouldn't be a place where students fights. I think that every students should like going to school.

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  • Student at College

    Black students are suspended and expelled at three times the rate of white students. Black students are more than four times as likely as white students - and Latino students are twice as likely - to attend schools where one out of every five teachers does not meet all state teaching requirements. One of the striking statistics to emerge from the data, based on information collected during the 2011-12 academic year, was that even as early as preschool, black students face harsher discipline than

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  • Vices on College Students

    Common Vices on Students “Common Vices among 3rd year BM(Business Management) students and how it affects their academic performance.” Ateneo de Davao University Ralph Garcia Arnroz Fuentes Eriberto Misa Dietrich Olivares Pearl Angeli Sabate Subimitted To: Mr. I. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY College students are commonly in desire to have fun. With this, one of the most usual thing college students do to have fun is through engaging in vices usually with peers. Drinking liquor

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  • College Students

    College offers students many fields of study, after they become college student, they can choose what they want to learn. But colleges requires students to select classes not inside of their major fields but also outside. As a college student, I want to be a nurse in future. I remember when I went for my advising, the adviser told me I had to do my pre requisite pass my TEASE test before I can enter the nursing program. I asked her the reason why I had to take courses that do not pertain to the course

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  • Problems Encountered by Oa Students

    Difficulties Encountered by the Student - Researchers and the Effects on their Research Output Anna C. Bocar Faculty of College of Arts and Sciences La Salle University – Ozamiz ABSTRACT This study was conducted to investigate the most difficult item student-researchers of Political Science 8 in La Salle University encountered when they conducted their research study during the first semester of the school year 2008-2009. The descriptive survey method was utilized

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  • Common Problems Encountered by Students in School

    School Students in Philippines In: English and Literature Common Difficulties Encountered by High School Students in Philippines Common Difficulties Encountered by High School Students And their Coping Mechanism MR. RONNIE G. CAINGLET A research paper submitted to the New Era University research center Hanz Lumba Christine Keith Tercias Radnan Oneza Herminia Salamat Donna Valenzuela Shaira Martinez Marko Capili March 2013 IV-LEVI I. Background of the Study Students all over

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  • Issues Affecting College Students of Being Irregular

    Architecture Students CHAPTER 1 : Problem and Its Background The Study seeks to: Identify the reasons of being Irregular. Identify the effects of being Irregular to the academic concentration of students. Provide recommendation on the result of the study. The study is to conducted to raise awareness of the irregular student's life concentrating on their academic performances. The sucess of this study will also benefits the college faculty and administration. Irregular students are people

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  • “Effect on the Performance of the College Students with Ofw Parents”

    “Effect on the performance of the College students with OFW parents” CHAPTER I The Problem and Its Background Introduction Throughout the past five decades the distribution of economic polices has been implemented. Yet their remained relatively high degree of poverty which has an impact on social status of a Filipino family, many Filipino families faces a constant dilemma in coping up with the increase of living expenses. With the rapid population growth rate is one of reason of having high

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  • Major Problems College Students Face

    Challenges College Students Face College is an educational institution where many students with particular aims, duties, and privileges go to continue their education. Half or maybe even more than half the students go into college ready to begin their future. While the other half go in ready to learn, but end up in the other direction. Not many high schools are preparing their students for college, so not knowing what to expect can cause problems for these students. The most common major problems a college

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  • Shifting of College Students

    As most of us know, most people go to college with the hope of giving themselves the foundation that they need to be successful in life or the skill they need to find a good job. Seeking higher education is a ticket to being financially secured during uncertain economic times. Entering college can be exciting for some, terrifying for others or maybe just another level that should be overcome here in the Philippines, almost all college students were in their teenage years, which can be considered

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  • Study Patterns of College Students

    and learning styles and what effect a match between the two has on student learning outcomes and evaluation of instructors. The review focuses on a number of different instruments used to identify teaching and learning styles. The chapter begins with a definition of learning styles, teaching styles, and matching, followed by the findings of researchers using various instruments to measure learning and teaching styles. The research outcomes germane to learning styles, teaching styles, and a match

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  • College Student Ethics

    Cesar Monterroso Jr February 23rd, 2016 FY 101 PL01 Professor George Gonzalez College Student Ethics The college years are marked by social changes and behavioral experimentation which may increase risk of suicidal thoughts. There seems to be a pathway for the development of suicidal thoughts between two established suicide risk factors, loneliness and drug use, As suicide is the third leading cause of death among individuals aged 15 to 24 years. (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

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  • Credit Cards and College Students

    Credit Cards and College Students Many students in college are taking out student loans to pay their expenses; add credit card debt to the mix and it is just a bad situation. Almost every college student has seen the ads for credit cards. Credit cards are a way of life for many people. Americans are already bombarded with ads for the latest and greatest credit cards. Is it really necessary to market them on college campuses as well? Many believe that advertising on campus just leads our youth

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  • Problems Encountered by the Irregular College Students

    Chapter I PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE Introduction Managing classroom behavior may be more challenging today than ever before. Many teachers face larger class sizes, more students who come from stressful, chaotic homes, and increased diversity in students' abilities and cultures (Grossman, 2004). Yet, many of us are determined to manage classroom behavior ourselves. After all, collaborating with others takes time and energy to build rapport and come to a consensus on behavior-change priorities and strategies

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  • College Student Stress

    Effects – College Stress There are many different things that seem to cause stress on college students. College students do not seem to get a break from the workload. Even when they are not physically doing the work it still happens to be on their mind. Many college students have to battle with work, school, and even children at home. It may seem like it isn’t a lot to deal with but it can be very stressful. Increased Responsibility and Independence During college change

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  • Issue for Modern College Students

    MODERN COLLEGE STUDENT Issues for Modern College Students Paul J. Matthie Excelsior College Student 1 ISSUES FOR MODERN COLLEGE STUDENT 2 Abstract There are many problems that the modern college student faces. Some of the issues are issues of costs and financial aid, balancing work/school/family, access to technology. When the professor gave the assignment. I got a writer's block. I took my military background, and I found out three issues I think the modern college would have

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  • Alcohol and College Students

    Alcohol on College Students The use of alcohol among college students has been a recurring theme for years now. It is almost guaranteed that college students will be introduced to alcohol at one point or another during their time at school. Students taking part in drinking at college can be traced to a number of different factors: peer influences, fraternity and sorority involvement, social norms, etc. These influences all affect a student’s motives for drinking in college. When college students drink

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  • College Students

    20 October 1972 Filipino ----------------------- [pic]

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  • Problems College Student Face

    Jobs, Homesickness, Depression, Sickness/Health Conditions, Friends/Roommates, Partying, Relationships & Choosing majors are considered to be the top ten common problems students face during college. (, 2012) A. What are some of the experiences you face? Have you ever found a solution to your problem? How do you overcome these things? B. You meet up with your friends or your partner and you go out and party, drink, do drugs but have you ever consider the consequences

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  • Immigrant College Student Stress

    Immigrant College Student Stress Immigrant College Student Stress Mario Velasquez Teacher: Gorge Castillo Miami Dade College 04/01/2010 Abstract The primary purpose of this exploratory investigation was to determine disadvantages related to stress which are some of the characteristics of immigrant female college students in the Miami Dade County area. Some questions related to the theme were answered through

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  • On Depression and College Students

    the most common of the diagnosed mental disorders, is troubling the college students in an increasing rate. Psychologists define depression as mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration interfere with everyday life for an extended period of time. Although it may sound simple, this ailment should not be underestimated; it must be understood well to avoid grave consequences. Most of the college students fail to notice that they are afflicted by depression, which in turn

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  • Academic Problems Encountered by Students

    ACADEMIC PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED BY ACCOUNTANCY STUDENTS CHAPTER 1 PROBLEM AND REVIEW OF LI TERATURE Introduction The continuous learning of students through the help of books, professors and even internet is a mere fact which shows that knowledge still flourish in our humanity. Thus, different students have different views and ways of understanding such transmitted information and studies. Life as a student is said to be fun yet

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