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  • Sin City: a Film Noir

    THE PLAGUE Essay Proposal Film noir is a cinematic term used to describe heavily stylized Hollywood crime dramas emphasizing on cynical attitudes, sexual motivations and recurring dark themes. However, film noir is not considered a genre and it is not defined by conventions of setting and conflict but rather by the subtle aspects and details of tone and mood. The two films being compared are Out of the Past and Sin City. Out of the Past was filmed in 1947 and directed by Jacques Tourneur.

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  • Film

    The scholarly literature has shown that Black men academically underperform all groups throughout the educational pipeline (Hood, 1992; Jackson, 2003; Polite, 1994; Watson & Hodges, 1991).  Jameson (1991) explains that film can be a useful vehicle for unveiling harsh realities about the lived experiences of sundry people.  In Boyz N The Hood (1991), John Singleton offers an alarming account of the survived experiences of Black people, particularly Black men, in a poverty-ravaged

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  • Film Critique

    Final Film Critique: Light it up, 1998 M.parker ENG 225: Introduction to Film Instructor: Jenessa Gerling January 21, 2013 Final Film Critique A critic is one who should educate others what the meaning of a film is so viewers can form their own educated opinion about it. Koontz & Jacobs, 2011 states “the local critic should be part of a community discussion, not as the final word on the matter, but merely a starting point” (Koontz & Jacobs, 2011). This critique will discuss the

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  • Film Noir

    The film "The Usual Suspects" (Bryan Singer, U.S.A., 1995) has a plot that circles around and around before finally hitting the mark. It is hidden under deceit, lies, and misgivings. Because everything is told from the perspective of one person, or in the first person, nothing is clear. Could that person be lying? Or is it that he is just the mere pawn of a darker and more evil force, without even realizing it. Maybe he is just giving the facts. These shades of gray are very successful in manipulating

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  • Film

    Choosing a film to watch can be very personal and emotional. When I choose a film I always go with how I am feeling that day, whether I am sad and want to cry, happy and want to laugh, have a lot of energy and want to see an action film it all depends on how I am feeling at the moment. Other than how I am feeling, there are also a lot of different things that make a film enjoyable for me and very unenjoyable. When I go to see a movie I will take a fair amount of time to decide what movie to see

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  • Film

    this techno-social wave, with movies becoming a larger part of our culture than ever before. Amid the high-tech atmosphere of the twenty-first century, it is interesting to note the recent resurgence of the ancient world as the setting for new films. In 2000, Ridley Scott's Gladiator proved that audiences could be as receptive to the ancient world as they had been in the 1950s and 1960s, when now classic movies like Ben Hur (1959) and Spartacus (1960) commanded so much attention. In 2004, Mel

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  • Films

    A major change that has occurred in the development of film is the linearity of narrative. The history of film spans over one hundred years ago, with classical narrative emerging in Hollywood around the nineteen thirties. The classical narrative period had a strong emphasis on linearity and coherence, where characters where goal centred and consistent in personality and action. In the nineteen sixties a change began to emerge in Hollywood, with Breathless (Jean-Luc Godard, 1960) breaking the editing

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  • Film

    century now, film has risen as a medium of choice to present war information. War films has risen as a genre particularly depicting warfare using themes and concepts such as naval, air or land battles. War films also focus on the themes of prisoners of war, covert operations and military training. War films do not always, however, depict battles. Sometimes, war films may choose to focus on the day to day military or civilian life in wartime without necessarily depicting battles. War film may be fictional

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  • Film

    Film Viewer Opinion Paper Movies are a big part of life. People love movies because they can relate to them. Others like them for mere enjoyment and see them as an escape from reality if only for a few hours. The types of movies out in the world today are numerous. There is everything from horror movies, to romantic comedies, to drama, to documentaries, indie movies, foreign, and so on. Everyone has their taste of movies, and people decide to watch certain movies based on the actors

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  • Film

    The Beauty of Editing It is very important to understand the idea of some elements when it comes to editing a movie. Acknowledging these basic elements could create a better experience for the viewer. On the short scene from the film Raging Bull, the viewer will find themselves under the presence of a technique called shot- reverse shot (p.148). The idea of this technique is to apply the well-known 180-degree rule by the editor. This technique is often used in scenes that deal with conversations

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  • Film

    What made this a “good” story? The beginning of the film when the narrator was describing the background of Iran, the people, the Shah and the current leader. This was very informative because it educated me on certain events and how the people of Iran felt about the Shah. What the Shah put everyone who was a citizen of Iran through and how America gave him asylum but he was dying of cancer so they really didn’t feel the need to give him back. The people of Iran wanted him to come back so he

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  • The Film

    and parked his Town Car. Kilbury again pointed to the room, again checked his watch and again told Lomax how much he appreciated his services. Lomax thought of the money. A thousand bucks for two hours’ work. Not bad. He unpacked a camera, loaded the film and gauged the light. Kilbury watched nervously, his eyes darting from the camera to the room across the parking lot. He looked hurt. He talked of his wife and their wonderful years together, and why, oh why was she doing this?    Lomax listened and

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  • Film

    7) “Write a critical study of a recent Spanish or Latin American film or play that you have seen, and that has made a social or political impact in the country in which you are living. You should bring into your study criticism and reviews, both from the press and, where possible, from academic sources, and…discuss the ways in which the film has been received and analysed, making comparisons with other films where appropriate.” Almodóvar ’s 2001, La piel que habito, received mixed

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  • Film

    She-Devil Introduction to Film She-Devil “I’ve worked so hard for! You’re bad mother, a lousy wife, a terrible cook! In fact, have you looked in a *mirror* recently?! I don’t even know you’re a woman. You know what you are? You’re a She-Devil!” I’m sure there many women how have seen She-Devil starring Rosanne Barr as Ruth Patchett, Ed Begley Jr. as Bob Pactchett and Meryl Streep as Mary Fisher said, “That couldn’t have been me.” The screenplay for the 1989 movie was written by Susan Seidelman

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  • Film

    Scream 2 Elements of Design Scream 2 Elements of Design I chose the movie clip from the film Scream 2. In this clip there is a movie preview of the movie Stab which is based on the book written by the reporter Gail Weathers from Scream 1. The setting is dark and rowdy with people running around joking. Some movie goers are dressed in the slasher attire complete with the mask and carrying plastic knives. They all seem to be horsing around, running, throwing popcorn, and emulating the

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  • Film

    Director Nick Cassavett has created yet another tearjerker with his drama, My Sisters keeper. This movie is based on the novel, “My sisters keeper” by Jodi Picoult. The film stars, Cameron Diaz (Sara) and Jason Patric (Brian), they are the parents of Kate who is suffering from leukemia. She was diagnosed with cancer when she was four years old and since then her mom has devoted her life to saving Kate. The parents receive a recommendation from a doctor to have another child, solely on the purpose

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  • The American Dark Cinema: Classic Film Noir.

    mystery movies to me, but there was something compelling about them. I was intrigued. I find that as I watch these movies again I’m able to view them with a more critical eye looking for what made them so special. Prior to World War II American films were about singing, dancing and happy endings. The occupation in Europe changed all that. Many European directors, artists and actors escaped to America and brought their artistic visions and hellish nightmares with them. The movies they made provided

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  • Film

    genre Children’s work and then the sub-genre Animation. With it being an animated film it was based around voice overs for the different characters involved. The character list as follows: It was stated that “Information in the MPAA/PCA Collection at the AMPAS Library indicates that producer Walt Disney had registered the title Cinderella with the MPPA by 1930, and a modern "making of" documentary about the film, which accompanied its 1995 video release, notes that Disney, who had previously made

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  • Film

    A Time for Film Noir Scarlet Street Marina Workman University of Maryland University College Film Noir is the French term “black film” used to describe an era of movies filmed in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Films that are considered to fall under the film noir category touched on themes that were not yet acceptable in society. These types of films were centered on crime, drama, deceit, and sex. The films were the first of their kind to cross the line pass conservative films. Many people debate

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  • Final Film Critique on the Move the Help

    Final Film Critique– “The Help” Contextual Information Title:  The Help Writers:  Tate Taylor (screenplay), Kathryn Stockett (novel) Director: Tate Taylor Cinematographer: Stephen Goldblatt, Director of photography Major Actors: Emma Stone – Skeeter Phelan, Viola Davis – Abileen Clark, Bryce Dallas Howard - Hilly Holbrook, Octavia Spencer – Minny Jackson Release Date:  August 10, 2011 Type of film: American Drama Based on a True Story Genre: Drama Black women raising white children

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  • Film

    Running Head: Genre and Genre Films 1 Romantic Comedy- Knocked Up Brandi Wheat ENG 225 Introduction to Film Prof. Sarah Snook July 31, 2014 Running Head: Genre and Genre Films 2 Romantic Comedy- Knocked Up The study of genre in this way examines the structural elements that combine in telling of a story and finds patterned in collection of stories. -(

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  • Film

    Film Analysis Paper James Smith MU14ELC05B Hum/150 STACY DAVIES The film Fruitvale Station is the story of twenty-two year old Oscar Grant III. The films plot is Oscar just wants to be a better person then he was the previous year. He lived in and out of jail. His mother hated to see him in jail because she felt like he was wasting his life and his daughter’s life. Her last visit to the jail him and his mother argued and had their disagreements. That same day a man in jail also picked a fight

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  • Film

    The fantasy or animation genre, is a film that contains science-fiction and at times comedy. The fantasy film is pure escapism where its characters live in in an imaginary place. This is what makes them very popular among young children and at times it is its story and plot that makes them popular among adults. There are many types of fantasy movies not only cartoon types, there are also historical dramas, documentaries and even movies that represent issues like economic depression such is the

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  • Film

    INTRODUCTION The film Rain Man was released in 1988 and won the Best Picture academy award that same year. I chose the film because it represented a wonderful mix of story, filmmaking, acting and comedic timing. It is my assertion that acting was the most powerful element of this film and crucial for the emotional arc required from the lead actor Tom Cruise. STORYTELLING The story of Rain Man is presented in a way that keeps the viewer in the dark as the story develops; delivering surprises

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  • Films

    reviews and roaring box office success, says he chooses a film on the basis of the script and not box office prospects. "PK", which came out Friday, has managed to gross Rs.95.21 crore in three days. When asked if it is true that he chooses films on the basis of box office prospects, Aamir said: "It's a very unfortunate trend because the moment creative people start thinking about numbers, then the shadow of the numbers influences the kind of film they choose and pick." If the team of Aamir, director

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  • Film History

    1. What do you think were some of the major changes that came to the film industry in the 1950s and 1960s? What forced these changes? During the 1950’s and 60’s there were so many changes that occurred which transformed the film industry forever. After World War II, soldiers came home and began to have families. People began moving to the suburbs, away from urban centers. The baby boomers began to be born and a whole new generation was formed. Studio control of when and where movies were

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  • Film

    Janet Wasko (eds.). The Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry. Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, 2008. • Havens, Timothy and Lotz, Amanda D. Understanding Media Industries. Oxford University Press, 2011. • Littlefield, Warren and T.R. Pearson – Top of the Rock: Inside The Rise and Fall of Must See TV; Anchor, February 2013 10. Useful Research Tools: The library maintains a great research guide for Film & Television students: Other online resources: www.thewrap

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  • Film

    and Race: Is the wrong man a white man ?”, Jonathan Cavallero analysis the use of race in Hitchcock’s films. Cavallero writes “Implicit in many of these films is the idea that perceptions, including those based in race, can be deceiving. Nonetheless, Hitchcock almost always upholds the dominant culture’s widely held beliefs of racial difference even as he questions them.” (Cavallero, 10). In the film The Man Who Knew Too Much, a woman is very suspicious of the dark skinned people around her, but the

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  • Was Blade Runner a Neo-Noir

    ENGFLM0200 12/3/13 Blade Runner: Proves Neo-Noir is Not a Genre Comparable films fall into the same genre if they include comparable traits. The qualities of the film have to be recognizable, distinct, clustered and transferable. A genre is when the films that are a part of it have these sortable qualities. When films have similar recognizable qualities it means that they have identifiably parallel traits with other films of the same genre. If a film has distinct qualities it means that it cannot

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  • Film Noir

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  • Film

    length. Your responses should include examples from the reading assignments. 1. How did the advent of home video technologies change the American film industry? In what ways did the studios—who in 1976 regarded home video as a competitor—exploit these technologies to their advantage? The way home video technologies changed the American film industry was by the invention of the home videocassette recorder in 1976, and Matsushita introduced its Video Home System (VHS) soon after. Sales took

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  • Noir Case Study

 Silence Speaks Louder than Words: How to Communicate about CSR Engagement Effectively 
 A Case Study of Noir 
 Authors: Lea Tae-Mee Søndergaard Nielsen (282853) Gro Anna Haldrup Skovbjerg (282834) Supervisor: Michael Hübertz Characters: 98.895 Date: May 5th 2010 BA in Marketing and Management Communication Aarhus School of Business 
 Executive Summary This thesis seeks

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  • Final Film Critique La Confidential

    Final Film Critique – LA Confidential Adam Ehinger Ashford University: ENG225 Instructor Michael O'Donnell 1/31/2015 Sometimes a movie makes a lasting impression on you as an individual, sometimes you'll come back to this movie time and time again. LA Confidential (1997) is a combination of a star studded cast and a scintillating detective story set in the 50's. The movie combines all aspects of movie making, from acting, directing, writing, mise en scene and all

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  • A Brief History of Film Music

    Charlie Chaplin composed his own music for City Lights (1931), Modern Times (1936) and Limelight (1952). That was the exception, and few film-makers would imitate him. He wasn't clear at all whose job was to score the soundtracks. German cabaret pianist Friedrich Hollaender scored Josef von Sternberg's Der Blaue Engel/ The Blue Angel (1930), which included Marlene Dietrich's signature tune Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe Eingestellt/ Falling In Love Again. Von Sternberg kept changing musicians:

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  • Film

    commercially viable enterprise? What kinds of Lumière movies were the most popular? How did the Lumières' activities influence the development of world cinema? 3. What were Edwin S. Porter's significant contributions to the development of early narrative film? In what sense did Porter build upon the innovations of contemporaneous filmmakers, and for what purposes? 4. What is the difference between vertical integration and horizontal integration? 5. What were the factors behind the nickelodeon boom

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  • Film Noir

    During the Great Depression and shortly prior to the outbreak of World War II, many of the films produced were “propaganda” type films. Each one designed to cheer the American people’s dismal outlook during the 30s and 40s. However, with World War II and post-war attitudes, these films did little to help the cynicism of the American people. They were more interested in films that were genuine, depicting the harsh view of society from the perspective of everyday people. Nino Frank explains what

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  • Films

    INTERNATIONAL FILM CONFERENCE 2015 GLOBAL VIEW: Engendering Film Industry Connections 06.27.15 SMX CONVENTION CENTER - MANILA, PHILIPPINES T HE INTERNATIONAL FILM CONFERENCE (IFC) provides an opportunity for a group of international and Philippine film industry leaders to share their expertise with film enthusiasts and industry specialists. From the discussion on the newest film technologies to the value and efficiency of co-production, from the rise of national cinema to the significance

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  • Film

    Film Appreciation Final Exam The film “what dreams may come”(Vincent Ward 1998) can be described as an emotional and dramatic film. This film should be preserved for a variety of reasons. The film is aesthetically significant for its unique special effects and storyline. The reason this is so is because many of the elements produced and the Mise-en-scene of each effect and character is quite stunning. The first aesthetic element shown is the story’s unique storyline, as many twists

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  • Discuss Unrealiability in Shutter Island Film Studies Essay

    Films more often than enough can demonstrate signs of unreliability and the majority of the time it is the narrator who is the cause of the film's dubiousness. The dictionary definition of an unreliable narrator asserts that they demonstrate qualities and tendencies that denote an absence of reliability or perception of the narrative. "Whether due to age, mental disability or personal involvement, an unreliable narrator provides the reader with either incomplete or inaccurate information as

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  • Film

    Women On Screen In China Film, as a unique art form, has come to China nearly centuries. In 1920s, female images just can be seen as the tools in silent movies, which own not only very vague character, but also lack of adequate connotation of the times, not to mention women’s awareness of self-consciousness. However, after the establishment of People's Republic of China, government vigorously promotes that the "men and women are alike". Also with the influence of western feminist movement, the

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  • Film

    support and vote for an organizations or industry best interests ethical issues arise from lobbying earmarks: specific spending directives that are slipped into bills astroturf lobbying: phony grassroots pulic affairs campaigns created by PR films create phone banks and computerized mailing lists to drum up support and create the impression tat millions of people are on their side Public Relations adapts to the internet age - companies create media kits that demonstrate PR efforts - can

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  • Fremch Film

    comedy films Cinema of France | Gaumont palace in Paris, c.1914 | Number ofscreens | 5,653 (2014)[1] | Main distributors | Twentieth Century Fox(14.6%) Warner Bros. (9.8%) UGC (6.9%)[1] | Produced feature films (2014)[1][2] | Total | 258 | Animated | 9 (3.49%) | Documentary | 37 (14.34%) | Number of admissions (2014)[1][2] | Total | 208.9768 million | National films | 91.26 million (44.4%) | Gross box office (2014)[1][2] | Total | €1.33 billion | National films | €563

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  • Film Noir

    Intro to Film 10/25/11 Film Noir Film Noir is a term first used by some French critics to describe a group of American films made during and after World War II. The term Film Noir means black or dark cinema. Film noir is the classic period saying to have occurred between 1941 and 1958, beginning with John Huston’s The Maltese Falcon and ending with Orson Welle’s Touch of Evil. Film Noir is identified by its constant opposition of light and shadow, oblique camera angles, and the ways characters

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  • Noir Anti-Hero

    The Noir Anti-Hero: How Walter Huff Reflects Depression-Era Society The anti-hero of Double Indemnity, Walter Huff, is a reflection of the greed, lust, and corruption of the evils of society during the Great Depression. The anti-hero must navigate his way through the external landscape of depression-era Los Angeles in an attempt to survive the urban wilderness in perhaps some very non-conventional ways. Despite this, the anti-hero is relatable to the reader since he is not seen as a typical hero

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  • Genre Conventions of Film Noire

    Genre Conventions of Film Noire Film Noire is a sub genre of crime fiction, which follows a firm convention that must be strictly obeyed. An example is the movie ‘Double Indemnity’ which shows an effectiveness of the genre conventions. I would compare it to a modern black film such as Brick (2005). One important fact about Film Noire is the use of visuals, which feature a strong shadow that’s often obscures the characters. Film Noire features characters that play important roles called Femme Fatale

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  • Film

    Essay films are arguably the most innovative and popular forms of filmmaking since the 1990s”, Timothy Corrigan claims in his diligent new study, The Essay Film. Corrigan may have an agenda to press, and a thesis to justify, but the recent critical and commercial success of the genre is hard to ignore. A cinematic wave that arguably has its contemporary roots in the late 1980s, when American filmmakers such as Michael Moore and Errol Morris rose to public prominence, reached an apotheosis with Moore’s

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  • Film Noir and Romance: It’s No Fairy Tale Baby

    Film Noir and Romance: It’s No Fairy Tale Baby Film Noir may not seem like a very romantic subject considering how many of the couples in the films are eventually lead into their death or a prison term. There are some romantic aspects to these type of cinema. Even if a couple does have a tragic end, there is always some sort of romance in the middle. It could be lust or love, but it is usually there. While all Film Noir never ends as fairy tale, an audience can look at most of the films and see

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  • Film Noir

    Film Noir A Culture of Seductive Crime Somewhere along a dark alley in the shattered shadowy streets of Hollywood a part of history lies in the tragically neglected culture known as “Film Noir.” An introduction similar to any number of introductions found in any Noir themed novel or film’s initial dawning. Aristocrat or plebeian does not come into account in this culture; those who are iconic to the startup have come from many different backgrounds and even belong to many different cultures

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  • Film History

    Beginning and Evolution of film industry in sub-continent Introduction:- Film is a term that encompasses motion pictures as individual projects, as well as the field in general. The origin of the name comes from the fact that photographic film has historically been the primary medium for recording and displaying motion pictures. Many other terms exist for an individual motion picture, including picture, picture show, and most commonly, movie. Additional terms for the field in

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  • Film

    INTRODUCTION A film or movie is a series of still or moving image. It is produced by recording Photographic images with cameras and now-a-days it is produced by creating images using visual effects or animation techniques. Film is considered to be an important art form ,a popular source of entertainment and a powerful method of education .Film is also considered to be a way of communication . By using dubbing or subtitle that translate the dialogue into the language of the viewer

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