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  • Bus220 Project One

    Anthony Kim 106628665 Bus 210 Project One 1) Journalize the adjusting entry Depreciation Expense 22,000 Accumulated Depreciation - Equipment 10,000 Accumulated Depreciation - Buildings 12,000 Interest Expense 9,000 Interest Payable 9,000 2) Income Statement Elker Fashions Incorporated Income Statement For the year ended Dec 31, 2008 Revenue Sales 859,700 Expense Interest Payable 9,000 Depreciation – Equipment 10,000

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  • Final Project

    after-tax basis since they are part of the shareholders dividends. Additionally, the additional cash flows are of important, because, after analyzing the project while viewing the company as a whole, the additional cash flows are seen as minimal benefits and will show the elevated value to the company if the decision is made to implement the project. B. Since depreciation is not considered a cash flow item, it does affect the balance of the differential cash flows during the course of the project's

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  • Final Project

    Axia College Material Appendix A Final Project Overview and Timeline Final Project Overview Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of information about the fictional company that you created in Week Four. Use text, charts, tables, visuals, etc., to detail the different areas of business found within your company. Include information on the following topics: • Business organization • Potential legal or ethical issues • Business culture • Types

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  • Final Project

    000 EBIT $22,505,250 Taxes 7,876,838 Net income (OCF) $14,628,413 Present Value of first harvest PV = $14,628,413/(1 + .0608)20 PV= $4,496,956 40 year interest rate 40-year project interest rate = [(1 + .0608)40] – 1 40-year project interest rate = 958.17% 40 year interest rate for Conservation fund 40-year conservation interest rate = [(1 + .0659)40] – 1 40-year conservation interest rate = 1,183.87% Present Value of thinning PV= $9,000,000/9

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  • Final Project

    part for receiver circuitry…………………………………….…....15 Appendix B…………………………………………………………………………….…16 Figure 8. Transmitter schematic……………………………………………….…..16 Figure 9. Receiver schematic………………………………………………….…...17 Appendix C………………………………………………………………………….……18 Final board layout Appendix D…………………………………………………………………………..…...19 Code for ATMEGA48 in transmitter circuit Appendix E………………………………………………………………………...……...29 Code for ATTINY45 in receiver circuit Important Data Sheets…………………………………………………………………….30 1 1

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  • Final Project

    Williams Isauro Valdez Steve Miltenberger Group dynamics Class project This project will show group cohesiveness and it will show group communication. You will have to rely on your group to come up with the answer and you will have to trust you group and group members. GROUP FEUD 1. Everyone will get into their permanent groups for the game. 2. One person will be elected to answer for their group; this person has the final say for the group when answering the questions. 3. Groups

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  • Final Project

    Currency Conversion Final Project By Edward A Watson IT/210 Requirements ------------------------------------------------- Problem: Currency Conversion Description: The Currency Conversion application is a menu-driven program that allows users to select one of five international currency types, input the amount of a foreign currency, and then converts the foreign currency to dollars. The program displays the equivalent dollar amount and returns the user to the menu until he or she enters

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  • Consulting Project Part One

    Consulting Project Plan – Part One The discovery phase is a call to action. The purpose of a consultant during this phase is to guide the client through the process and keep them engaged. The action that needs to take place during this phase is one that will improve the organizations function. Although there is research that will occur to collect data, the research is not the main goal. The research is only meant to gain a better understanding of the business problem. Present Problem Morale

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  • Final Projects

    Having been stationed in several locations with the Army, I have faced many natural and technological threats, but ones I face in my daily life and job today are hurricanes and terrorist threats. When I am home, I am stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina where hurricanes threaten the coast and inland areas each year. While I am deployed here to Afghanistan, I face terrorist threats every day. Hurricanes can become very strong when the conditions are right, especially in the warm Atlantic

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  • Final Project

    Database Management Project MIS 6326 Dr. Radha Mookerjee                                                                                                                                          GROUP  8 Sheng Liang Xing Jin Chung­Jen Chen Min Yen Ya­Chen Chen Table of Contents 1.Company Background 2.Problem Statement 3.Database Scope and Table Design 4.Entity Relationship Diagram 5.Database Schema 6.Data Input Screens Forms 7.Contributions 1. Company Background Rancho Palisades is a

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  • Final Project

    management is thinking about either reviving the product or introducing a new one in the same line. The management has asked you for ideas and suggestions regarding the future of X. How will go about doing that? Will you revive X? Will innovate and introduce a new product in the same line? This is your chance to prove yourself at your first assignment in the company. Draw up a marketing plan for X. There are three phases for this project: I. Generate a research proposal Select any product similar to X,

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  • Final Project

    E-mail UOPX Campus 122 Saint Christopher Drive Ashland, Kentucky 41101 (606-836-0202) Ashland Bellefonte Cancer Center (ABCC) Michelle Brown contact person Practicum Site Name Practicum Address, City, State, Zip No practicum projects can be approved if they are based in Maryland, Tennessee, or Washington State, USA. No RN MSN mentors can be approved if they live and/or work in Maryland, Tennessee, or Washington State, USA. Stephanie Johnson EdD©, MSN,RN Morehead

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  • Final Project Part One and Two

    idle, likely when normal business hours are over. Another program that will be used is called Malwarebytes and is a program that is free software that allows scanning for malware on the system while using minimal resources. This program like the one before will run a full system scan after normal business hours and will be scanning the system for potential threats throughout the day.

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  • Final Project

    started the clinic in Pueblo in the 1980’s and slowly opened satellite clinics in Colorado Springs, Canon City, La Junta and Alamosa. Currently has one other physician, and a physician assistant working with him, with a support staff of roughly 30 employees. The support staff includes two receptionists, two insurance clerks, one transcriptionist, one marketing paid intern and approximately 20 nurses. The market segment that this clinic caters to is lower-middle class, and middle class patients

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  • Final Project

    and groups. In addition to learning these skills and obtaining my degree, I can enhance my knowledge and skills as well as my company. Equally important is that there are many jobs that can be obtained with a baccalaureate degree in psychology. One career path to take is that of a Victim Advocate. The main duty of a victim advocate is to provide victims of spousal abuse with information regarding safe and confidential ways to seek assistance as well as their rights as Navy spouses, military and

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  • Final Project

    systems are developed” (Rainer & Turban, 2008, p.302). Coordinated team member work is required for productive systems development. End users, systems analysts, technical specialists and programmers all have to work in concert with one another to make a development project successful. There are three main advantages to systems development. These are error detection, accountability, and control. The systems development model also has disadvantages. SDLC is not flexible due to its inherent structure

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  • Final Project

    Final Project ETH/125 March 30, 2014 Final Project Learning what diversity means is the first step to learning how it has helped the United States to be better. Diversity is defined as the state of having different races, ethnics, cultures working together in a group or organization. ("Diversity," 2014) Different cultures and races working together make the United States stronger and better as one. Understanding that everyone is the same, even if they each have different colored

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  • Project Part One

    Project part one NicKitzmiller NT2580 when designing a security outline you will first need to define scope of the project its self. In other word what working parts are involved and what will they require. From this point you will move threw the steps as follows :Initiate define design build test roll out operate disposal. You will need to to find out what you need to give what access to and update there profiles in your active directory. Setting up you AD will be a long process mainly because

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  • Final Project

    FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY XBTP4106 PROJECT: Case Study on the Occupational Safety and Health at SMK Senibong Construction Site, Lundu, Kuching, Sarawak Pau Chiong Hing Pusat Pelajaran Sarawak SUPERVISOR’S NAME: Tuan Haji Mahmood bin Long STUDENT’S PERSONAL DETAILS NAME : Pau Chiong Hing MATRIX. NO : 570416135561001 ADDRESS : 116 , Taman Siang, 95000 Sri Aman, Sarawak. PHONE : 019-8986891(H/P) 083-322961(R) EMAIL : OCCUPATION

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  • Final Project

    is thinking about either reviving the product or introducing a new one in the same line. The management has asked you for ideas and suggestions regarding the future of X. How will go about doing that? Will you revive X? Will innovate and introduce a new product in the same line? This is your chance to prove yourself at your first assignment in the company. Draw up a marketing plan for X. There are three phases for this project: I. Generate a research proposal Select any product similar to X

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  • Final Project

    reasonable price for the market. We will use bargaining power to determine the setting of prices. This process should allow for us to reach the highest profit margins at the expense of the market and not the business. Since in a competitive market, no one buyer can set the prices. Instead they are set by supply and demand the demand for coffee has increased over time due to an increase of people working longer harder hour and returning to work to cope with the current economy. As we gain competitive

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  • Project Plan Proposal Part One

    Project Plan Proposal Part One PM/586 Project Quality Management January 20, 2014 James Aiken Project Plan Proposal Part One Introduction The selection process that this Georgia- based Head Start Program holds the focal point of this project proposal. As of the moment, selecting the beneficiaries of this project or program is based on a lottery system. In a circumstance where your child is selected, they are then permitted and encouraged to attend the head start program at no extra

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  • Is 3445 Project Part One

    applications to support the proposed implementation. First off e-commerce is one of the best things for business whether you have your whole business through the web or partly. If you have a physical store, you are limited by the area that you can sell your product or offer service. An ecommerce website opens your business to the world. In addition to these two drivers, online retail is also driven by traffic from search engines. One of the most important positives of ecommerce is the lowered cost. A part

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  • Final Project

    adults as a whole, and strives to deliver the utmost excellence in treatments.” The mission statement supports the ethical system because we strive to know and do the right thing for our patients depending on the situation because what is right for one situation can be different with another situation. Glorified Healing Behavioral Health Clinic does not judge the ethics of individuals because each individual believes in different things and comes from different cultures. We follow the code of ethics

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  • Final Project

    Final Project- Week 9 Even though has its share of problems, the United States is a diverse country because it has a multitude of people in all backgrounds and it is a melting pot with lots to offer all races and ethnicities. There are so many different ethnicities and cultures that live in the United States, that there should be no reason for people to get bored with each other. Learning the ways of others is something that everyone should be open to. The United States has Whites, Blacks,

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  • Final Project

    ------------------------------------------------- Cumulating Project For RDG 543 April 18, 2015 Dan hartman Cuthbertson High School April 18, 2015 Dan hartman Cuthbertson High School Door Door PART ONE: PHYSICAL CLASSROOM SETTING 12 | Student workstations Student workstations 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | Objectives and Procedures in English and Spanish Objectives and Procedures in English and Spanish 11 | | Student Discussion And Reading Area Student Discussion

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  • Final Project

    College of Business Administration Corporate Finance Final Project Table of Contents 1.0 Savola Group Overview 3 2. Almarai History 3 2.0 Comparative Analysis 4 3.0 Financial Ratio Calculations 5 4.0 Financial Ratio Analysis 6 4.1 Profitability Ratios 6 4.2 Efficiency Measures /Activity Ratios 7 4.3 Financial Leverage Ratios 8 4.4 Liquidity Ratios 9 Conclusion 10 1.0 Savola Group Overview The Savola Group Company is one of the leading organizations in its field not only

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  • Final Project

    FINAL PROJECT: Chapter 1: Page: 23 Case Study: National Air Express 1. Is the productivity measure of shipments per day per truck still useful? Are there alternatives that might be effective? The productivity can be measured by the number of stops covered by each driver. I think measuring shipments per day per truck is still useful. It helps to keep on track with the amount of services that can be offer on every day basis and with the area covered by each driver. By doing that, the company can

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  • Christian Ethics Project One

    Christian Ethics Project 1 Me, Myself and Why? 1. What is the difference between self-interest and selfishness? Why is this distinction important when considering the competitive market economy as appropriate for a society? a. Self-interest is a concern for one’s own well-being. b. Selfish is concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself with no regards to others. c. Self-interest is necessary for individuals to become prosperous and gain the necessities required

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  • Final Project

    Financial Analysis Team Project Overview: Your team works for a major mutual fund management company. Your boss is the lead fund manager for a technology investment fund specializing in an area set forth below.  Your task is to develop a professional, 10- to 15-minute (maximum) presentation dealing with investment in the technology area of your fund. Because the fund company is paying you "top dollar" to guide investment decisions, your boss expects your presentation to be "top quality." At a

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  • Final One

    Valuair are part of the Jetstar Group’s value based network which aims to provide all day every day low fares to South East Asia’s most popular leisure destinations. Jetstar Asia’s inaugural flight took off to Hong Kong on the 13th of December 2004, one of the first three launch destinations from Singapore. Jetstar Asia is a majority Singapore owned and based company. The company is managed by Newstar Holdings Pty Ltd, majority owned by Singapore company Westbrook Investments Pte Ltd (51 per cent)

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  • Final Project

    Discussion Questions for Gillette Case (Final Project) Adv. Topics in Int. Biz 1. What were the possible synergies and forces propelling the merger between P&G and Gillette – as well as the history of other takeover attempts for Gillette? 2. In light of Gillette’s large increase in value during James Kilt’s tenure, was his compensation reasonable? Was his pay package in the best interest of shareholders? 3. Evaluate the P&G offer. Make a list of the positive and negative

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  • Final Project

    Branndi’s hips and thighs out a little too much and she gets very angry at me. There is nothing I can do about it though, but she can and she did. Branndi went on a diet by exercising and eating healthy. Scott was very jealous because he was the bum now. One of my duties is to produce eggs and secrete estrogen and progesterone. The estrogen I secrete is there for the development of her sexual features such as breast growth, the gathering of body fat around the thighs and hips, and the growth spurt during

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  • Final Project

    |Project Title | | | |A Two-year strategic Plan on Sustaining Leadership and Competitive Advantage for Cathay Pacific | |Background

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  • Ol-125 Final Project Milestone One

    SNHU OL-215 Final Project Milestone One Southwest Airlines The company I choose to discuss is Southwest Airlines. Their mission statement reads “The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit”. Additionally “We are committed to provide our Employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are encouraged

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  • Final Project

    only to the biological. Conclusion In my own opinion, both sides are wrong in thinking their side is the only explanation for the uniqueness of human behavior. There is no way to separate and give weight to one force over the other. The forces include genetic factors that interact with one another, environmental factors that interact such as social experiences and overall culture, as well as how both hereditary and environmental influences intermingle. In the end, both come together to create and

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  • Final Project Part I Milestone One: Supply, Demand, and Market Equilibrium

    Final Project Part I Milestone One: Supply, Demand, and Market Equilibrium Click Link Below To Buy: Apple is the Company and the product is IPhone 6 3-2 Final Project Part I Milestone One: Supply, Demand, and Market Equilibrium This milestone, which covers Section II of Final Project Part I, should be a paper structured as follows: 1. Describe the price elasticity of supply or demand for

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  • Final Project

    April 26, 2015 BUS-260-WA-Final Project Describe your company: La Boutique chic I am the owner of a chain of boutiques that specializes in catering to the taste of sophisticated, higher income women. My boutiques carry expensive jewelry, purses, shoes and clothing that appeals to the taste of _____________. Some of the boutiques even include spa services. My company has become successful and profitable enough to open 15 stores in the last ten years, and currently employ over 100 employees in

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  • Section One Capital Project

    Section 1 Capitol Project Deborah Kirk University of Phoenix HCS 517 Debra Vaughn April 25, 2016 Many healthcare organizations set goals and objections and write mission statements that reflect the way they want the public to see how healthcare is provided. This is done to guide how their healthcare providers practice daily. In order to meet these goals and objects it is necessary to have in place processes and procedures to ensure the results will be what is expected which is a positive

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  • Final Project

    Project Final Proposal Document Project Proposal This is the project proposal from Team EMC to Best Buy Bonsai for Website Project. Requirements from Best Buy Bonsai: The project proposal is based upon the requirements provided by Best Buy Bonsai as follows: Create an online website that provides online ordering and payment option, Online inventory list with photos and price Contact information and store locations listed Proposal from Team EMC Team EMC proposes to provide a website to

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  • Final Project

    budgeting decision or current assets in which funds will be invested by the company (Pujari, S 2015). There are factors that affect the investment and capital budgeting decisions such as cash flow of the project, return on investments, risks involved, and investment criteria. For the cash flow of the project the company invests a huge amount of funds in an investment proposal it is expected to sustain a regular amount of cash flow to meet the daily requirements (Pujari, S 2015).  The amount of cash flow

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  • Final Project

    Child Meets Parents’ Expectation To be successful in life one has to have proper education. Parents’ want their children to be successful in life and that’s why they desire good educational performance from their children. The child who is good in studies gets good attention from his/her parents as he/she is meeting parents’ expectation. The child who is more devoted to studies gets more compliments from near and dear ones as well as from parents. Parents like that child who is devoted in

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  • Final Project

    ACC 610 Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric This is the first of three milestone assignments that will lead to completion of your course project. In this assignment, you will complete Critical Element III: GAAP vs. IFRS. Recall that, due to the sequencing of content for the modules, the critical elements are being prepared out of order. For the complete sequence, see the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document. This milestone addresses the following course outcome:  Differentiate between

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  • Final Project

    IT 510 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric Overview The final project for this course is the creation of a System Proposal Document. In any modern enterprise, it is crucial that all of the different stakeholders, users, inputs, and outputs that relate to the business’s IT systems coalesce in a logical and cohesive way for the systems to be effective. As a member of an IT team, your overarching goal is to ensure that the IT systems ultimately do what the business needs them to do. In this course

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  • Pm592 Project One

    of all fuels consumed in the U.S. Distillate fuel oils, used primarily for heating, represented 20 percent; LPGs, 10 percent; jet fuel, 8 percent; and residual fuel oil, used to run refineries, accounted for 3 percent. Sources of Construction of Project Risk Offshore, a jackup rig will take 2-3 years and a semi 3-4 years. There are a host of people needed for the construction of an oil rig. Some of the costs involved are: * Payments for the contractors, welders, engineers, supervisors, mud

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  • Final Project

    Date: [2/23/2012] To: Lead Economist Laura From: [Tony Randall] Subject: Final Project Paper After completing this course in Microeconomics, I have learned quite a few things about this subject. It is my hope that what I have learned can be relayed to others and be beneficial to whoever decides to take this subject. I have learned how our economy works on a small scale and a large scale. There are many different kinds of economies in our world and each have an important role for running

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  • Final Project

    Technical Project Paper: Information Systems Security Information Systems Security Haseeb Ahmed Khan Mark O’Connell CIS 333 Fundamentals of Information Security March 12, 2012 Abstract In today’s IT world every organization has a responsibility to protect the information and sensitive data they have. Protecting data is not only responsibility of security and IT staff but every individual is involved in protecting the information. The risks to information security are not digital only

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  • Final Project

    Financial Project   1. Explain how much additional money you would need to add to your monthly payment to pay off your loan in 20 years instead of 25. The original loan is a 30 year loan in which was giving 5 years ago. This means that there is still 25 years remaining to go. The payment for the twenty-five years remaining is $706.12. The payment for 20 years at the same interest rate will be $788.03 per month, the difference per month would be $81.91 per month. 2. Explain whether

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  • Final Project

    was forced to read and often re-read the chapters. While I did find that the assignments completed along the way were quite challenging at times, they allowed me to obtain some of the fundamentals needed to push forward. For the completion of this final assignment, I utilized the information provided in our textbook and was able to put the numbers together to draft the first requirement, the Statement of Activities. After completing the Statement of Activities, I was able to use the information from

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  • Final Project

    the results produced from the point of view of the EVA (Economic Value Added), which represents a measure of performance based on value creation, referred to as a more complete approach than the previous one. ROE (Return on Equity) measures the return on equity of the company and is considered one of the traditional performance measures, subject to criticism by some authors because of the limitations that they present. The theoretical review is based on the concepts of Business Valuation, Value Creation

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