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    Case #17 The Investment Detective Synopsis and Objectives This case presents the cash flows of eight unidentified investments, all of equal initial investment size. The task is to rank the projects. The first objective of the case is to examine critically the principal capital-budgeting criteria. A second objective is to consider the problem that arises when net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR) disagree as to the ranking of two mutually exclusive projects. Finally, the

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    institutions that provide short term overdrafts, invoice financing for debtors, term loans for expansion plans, leasing finance for equipment purchases or mortgages for property purchases. Financial Institutions use financial statements to decide whether to grant a company with fresh working capital or extend debt securities (such as a long-term bank loan or debentures) to finance expansion and other significant expenditures. * Suppliers - they use financial statements to assess the creditworthiness

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  • Case 6, Financial Detective, 1996

    Case 6, Financial Detective, 1996 NEWSPAPERS : 1) Centralized (Worlwide) - NEW YORK TIMES Fierce competition price depends on the market More efficient ° Higher inventory turn L ° Beta closed to 1.00 (worldwide) L 2) Decentralized (Midwest) - LEE ENTREPRISE Monoplolist price like you want ° Higher gross margin K ° Higher other assets (goodwill) K STEEL : 1) Big - INLAND ° Lower receivable turn O ° higher D/E (older, stable) O 2) Small - NUCOR

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  • The Investment Detective

    The Investment Detective 1. Can you rank the projects simply by inspecting the cash flows? The company is able to perform initial ranking based on the cash flows overview, although it will not be sufficient to determine the true profitability. In this case the ranking of the projects is the following – 3, 5, 8, 4, 1, 7, 6 and 2. This ranking is supported by the excess of cash flows (CF). 2. What criteria might you use to rank the projects? Which quantitative ranking methods are better

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  • The Investment Detective

    Case Study: The Investment Detective When reviewing the eight investment opportunities, I do believe that it is possible to rank the projects based on their cash flows. I also believe that ranking them just based on their cash flow would not be an accurate ranking. When you only consider the cash flow of an investment you only get a glimpse of the excess cash flow the company can profit from over the initial investment. Just looking at the cash flow does not take into consideration the account

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    designed to prevent a loss, error, or omission. Examples of preventive controls are: • separation of duties • proper authorizations • adequate documentation • physical security over cash and other assets Detective control activities (Monitoring) Detective controls attempt to detect undesirable acts that have occurred. They provide evidence after-the-fact that a loss or error has occurred, but do not prevent them from occurring. • Regular supervisory review of account activity

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  • Investment Detective

    For the exclusive use of S. YAN UV0072 Version 2.2 THE INVESTMENT DETECTIVE The essence of capital budgeting and resource allocation is a search for good investments in which to place the firm’s capital. The process can be simple when viewed in purely mechanical terms, but a number of subtle issues can obscure the best investment choices. The capital-budgeting analyst, therefore, is necessarily a detective who must winnow bad evidence from good. Much of the challenge is in knowing what quantitative

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  • Amateur Detective Essay

    Purposes of Titles All stories have titles, right? Sometimes, those titles are just that, titles. At other times, the titles are there to give the reader hints about the story they are going to read. Titles tell how the story should be told. In detective fiction, it can give clues about the inevitable murder. Using examples from the stories: “The Purloined Letter” by Edgar Allan Poe, “The Tape-Measure Murder”, and “The House on Goblin Wood” by John Dickson Carr, multiple connections between the story

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  • Investment Detective Case

    Financial Management (BUSI 640) Professor Faulkender Investment Detective Case Questions The purpose of this case is to practice estimating the value created from taking on different projects and how those values change given differences in rates of return and project duration. We will look at different ways of evaluating capital budgeting decisions and see why Net Present Value (NPV) generates better decisions than other methods. Ignore the questions provided in the case

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    finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance finance

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  • The Investment Detective

    Peninah Machaga The Investment Detective Financial Administration FINC 5713-180 DR Roy Patin Fall 2013 10/22/2013. The Investment detective. The case is basically discussing the importance of Capital Budgeting and resource allocation. Capital budgeting is the whole process of analyzing projects and deciding which ones to accept and thus include in the capital budget. It is important for a company to evaluate proposed projects accurately because there are delicate issues that can obscure the best

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  • Detective, Criminal Investigator

    Detective, Criminal Investigator Introduction Detectives investigate crimes. They also search for and apprehend criminals. Unlike a uniformed officer, detectives follow up on crimes that have already been committed, rather than patrol the streets in order to prevent a crime. Depending on the agency, criminal investigators may work Monday to Friday, unlike uniformed officers who often work rotating shifts. However, because crime happens at all hours, detectives are subject to be called out to respond

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  • Financial Detective

    To: Dr. Map From: Phe Date: February 16, 2013 RE: Case 18 (The Investment Detective) Projects can be measured by inspecting cash flows alone but there are additional metrics than can be used to make the best recommendations. A brief description of each metric is provided below. * NPV: Net present value is the difference between the present value of the cash inflows and the cash outflows. If the NPV is positive a project should be accepted and if it is negative the project should be rejected

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    Personal FinanceIt is important to plan the finance for any regular expenditure suchas the basic needs of any person like food, clothes, accommodation,bills etc.To be able to for fill all your personal needs you must have some kindof personal income, which will cover these expenses.The sources of personal income might be:Salary or wages =============== A regular earned income from employment, for these earnings the employee and the employer both have to pay a deduction to the government such as income

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    The Financial Detective Friday, April 17, 2009 Health products On the basis of trade receivables , inventories, fixed assets, payables , income and the ratio of inventory turns , it seems that Company A is more important than company B. Company A received so little a budget for research and development more important. Company B would be another commercial basis by a diverse mass production sold in supermarkets . First on trade receivables , we see that Company A owns a third more than

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  • The Investment Detective

    The investment detective 1. We can not rank the projects by only simple inspection of the cash flows because of the time value of money and cost of capital of companies. We use capital budgeting tools to measure financial performance of projects. The major available tools are IRR, MIRR and NPV. By using these tools we can conclude whether sum of the cash flows of a project exceeds expected return rate or cost of capital of a company or not. Also there are qualitative factors that should be

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  • The Devolution of Detectives in the Mystery Genre.

    The Devolution of Detectives in the Mystery Genre. As I thought about which part of the class and material I found the most important. I came to the conclusion that the key player in every mystery story is the detective. As stated by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, “the world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes”. When reviewing all the material covered in class English 239, this statement is obviously true. In this essay I will be discussing the devolution of the

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  • True Detective

    Evaluation Essay: True Detective             True Detective is an extraordinary TV series, written by Nic Pizzolatto, about two Louisiana State Police detectives investigating a series of ritualistic murders. Pizzolatto has created a series beyond brilliant. The amazing structure, impeccable writing, marvelous acting, and frame story have made True Detective an immediate classic. At the end of each episode you will be on the edge of your seat craving another hour. True Detective is based on two investigators

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  • True Detective

    “True Detective” – The meaning behind this controversial Tv series (Season One) By: Kaveh Shahidi PART 1 Ok guys, here it goes. Ever since I watched True Detective it’s been distracting my mind, confusing me with all sorts of symbols and mysteries, just waiting to be solved. Mysterious men, Satanic rituals, Murders with no strings attached.. all of these have been a part of the season, but what caught my attention was the dark force behind the whole shit. What is this force? What is the deeper

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  • Invest Detective

    MGT 4430 Fall 10 Investment Detective 08 Fall Investment Detective MGT 4430 With the realization that capital resources are limited, a prioritization of proposed projects must be established. Although most of these projects may satisfy the requirements to accept a project, due to capital budget constraints a company must choose which project they might best benefit from after analyzing the data associated with each project. After looking at Exhibits 1-6 with analysis of each project’s

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    existed when the authors of this book were learning finance some twenty years ago. At that time, most professors customarily (and safely, to some extent) ignored international aspects of finance. This mode of operation has become untenable since then. 2. How is international financial management different from domestic financial management? Answer: There are three major dimensions that set apart international finance from domestic finance. They are: 1. foreign exchange and political

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    code: R/601/1789 Edexcel Assessment Brief Front Sheet Assessor Name: | Internal Verifier Name: Anne Williams | Date Issued: /2014 | Hand in Date: 27/04/2014 by midnight | Qualification:BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business | Unit Title: Finance in the Hospitality Industry | INTRODUCTION A business is a commercial enterprise which exists with a view to making a may be a sole trader business, partnership or a company.( Financial accounting acca f3, study manual for exam in 2013)

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    site after custom clearance. Accounts Assistant Suhail Al Mazroui Trading Company L.L.c., Mussafah Abu Dhabi March 2010 till February 12, 2011 Responsible for processing purchase and sales ledger invoices, complete reconciliations, and general finance related within the department. In busy periods also assisting with answering the phone & general admin duties. Duties:  Record ledger accounts including accruals and prepayments.  Prepare Statement of account, fully reconciled and supported with

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    Consultancy Services Includes: * Job Placements National and International Level * Real Estate and Space Management * Investment Consultant * Commercial Security Services – Licenses by Central Govt. * Video Resume Development * Detective Agency for Employee Verification- Licenses by Central Govt. Our Strengths * Our strong value-based, ethical business functioning. * Focus on Project Recruitment, Very Critical Mandates, Specialized Requirements and Executive Search with

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    Bruner: Case Studies in Finance: Managing for Corporate Value Creation, 4/e IV. Capital Budgeting and Resource Allocation 17. The Investment Detective © The McGraw−Hill Companies, 2003 CASE 17 The Investment Detective The essence of capital budgeting and resource allocation is a search for good investments in which to place the firm’s capital. The process can be simple when viewed in purely mechanical terms, but a number of subtle issues can obscure the best investment choices.

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    WRITTEN REPORT IN FINANCE 2 Punzalan, Joyce Ann M Prof. Ian Tianero BSBA-Management SPECIAL CREDIT FROM SUPPLIERS There are some manufacturing companies that obtain assistance from their customers in the form of payments in advance for goods ordered. There are some cases that suppliers grant long terms of payments on goods that they delivered to their customers. There are privilege specially to the customers who will purchase more goods on them, it is also a competition to those manufacturing

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    Student Name | Jewell Jenkins | Course and Section Number | Program of Study | FIN 1103 | Business Administration | Finance FIN 1103 Week 6 Individual Work Monthly Payments and Finance Charges, and the Rule of 78 Assignment Instructions | To complete this assignment: 1. Answer all of the questions below in the space provided. 2. Reflect on the information presented in this week’s lesson and provide an insightful response to each question writing no more than two paragraphs

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    Structures Fin/571 – Corporate Finance Oscar Lewis August 16, 2014 Business Startup When making important business decisions, the concepts of corporate finance tend to be the best model to use. These concepts offer proven methods, which improve the financial success. Discussed below are basic corporate financial concepts, which can be applied and yield positive results. Principles of Corporate Finance When dealing with business investments

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  • Investment Detective

    The Investment Detective 1. Can you rank the project simply by inspecting the cash flow? 1) Project Ranking based on simple inspection of cash flows: | | | | Rank | Project No | Net Cash Flow($) | 1 | 3 | 8000 | 2 | 5 | 2200 | 3 | 8 | 2150 | 4 | 4 | 1561 | 5 | 1 | 1310 | 6 | 7 | 560 | 7 | 6 | 200 | 8 | 2 | 165 | As per net cash flow priority has been indicated above. But cash flow does not consider time value of money. So it is not good measure for rank different

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    INTRODUCTION TO CORPORATE FINANCE AGENDA • Definition • Types of corporate firm • The importance of cash flows • Agency problem WHAT IS CORPORATE FINANCE? WHAT IS CORPORATE FINANCE? How the company raise funds? (financing decision  capital structure) Sources of fund: 1. Debt 2. Equity What long-lived assets to invest? Assets: 1. Current assets 2. Non-current assets/fixed assets How the company manage shortterm operating cash flows? BALANCE SHEET MODEL OF THE FIRM Total

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    SUGGESTED PROGRAM PLAN FOR FINANCE MAJORS FIRST YEAR Fall Semester (14 or 15 credits) Spring Semester (15 or 16 credits) ENG106 Writing Intensive First Year Seminar* HCS100 Hum Comm Studies HIS101 World History I* HIS106 World History II* MAT108 Finite Math MAT181 Applied Calculus I ________ General Education elective ISM142 Business Computer Systems* BSN101 Foundations of Bus Admin (2 crs.)* ________ General Education elective or a General Education elective* or ECO113

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  • Finance Detective

    primordial due to their importance to primary and secondary stakeholders partially in their quest to understand and predict the probable future of companies. In the following case 5 “the financial detective” 16 unknown companies in 8 industries are linked with financial data illustrated in exhibit 1. Our finance and accounting knowledge will be a necessary tool as we will use them to match each financial data and ratios to the company to which they belong to. First we will analyze the first industry

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  • Case Write-Up the Investment Detective

    Case Write-Up: The Investment Detective Case Summary The purpose of this case is to become a capital budgeting analyst and evaluate which set of free cash flows for 8 projects will result in the most effective investment for a firm’s capital. The objective given is to rank the four best that the company should accept. The case is broken down into three separate steps including the given information about estimated cash flows (inflows & outflows), determining the appropriate discount rate

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    V O LU M E 1 9 | N U M B E R 2 | S PRING 2007 Journal of APPLIED CORPORATE FINANCE A MO RG A N S TA N L E Y P U B L I C AT I O N In This Issue: Valuation, Capital Budgeting, and Disclosure Enterprise Valuation Roundtable Presented by Ernst & Young 8 Panelists: Richard Ruback, Harvard Business School; Trevor Harris, Morgan Stanley; Aileen Stockburger, Johnson & Johnson; Dino Mauricio, General Electric; Christian Roch, BNP Paribas; Ken Meyers, Siemens Corporation; and Charles Kantor

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    financial manager differ from the traditional financial manager? Does the modern financial manager's role differ for the large diversified firm and the small to medium size firm? The traditional financial manager was generally involved in the regular finance activities, e.g., banking operations, record keeping, management of the cash flow on a regular basis, and informing the funds requirements to the top management, etc. But, the role of financial manager has been enhanced in the today's environment;

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    indirectly dependent on the housing sector. There is an estimated shortage of 20 million housing units in the country with an estimated investment requirement of over Rs 1500 billion. In this context it is important to note that that the organized housing finance industry barely accounts for 30% of the home loans disbursed in the country. The last few years have seen the home loans market growing at a CAGR of over 30 percent. The growth has been mainly fuelled by certain fiscal, social and regulatory drivers:

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  • The Hardboiled Detective

    Crime Fiction: The Hard-boiled Detective In Raymond Chandler’s essay ”The Simple Art of Murder” (1944) he introduces the world to his personal definition of a true hero in a new branch of crime-fiction. The essay circulates around a new type of crime story, having the real world as its steppingstone. Contrary to the typical British so-called Golden Age Detective Fiction, this sort of crime story reflects itself in the real world, a decentred world. A world that undermines basic predicates, such

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    CORPORATE FINANCE COURSE CORPORATE FINANCE 2.1 Working Capital Management Sept. 2014 Ir Frank W. van den Berg mba Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam ALYX Financial Consultancy bv, Aerdenhout FWvdB/2014 1 OUTLINE CORPORATE FINANCE FWvdB/2014 •  Basics & Guiding principles •  Time value of money + Capital Budgeting •  Valuation of CF + Bonds •  Valuation of shares (+ co.’s) •  Financial Analysis (Ratios) •  Financial Planning (EFN) •  à Working Cap. Mgt. (A/R,

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    structure, Profitability, Debt, Equity, Return on Equity. T I. Introduction his study focuses on the association between capital structure & profitability of listed banks in the Banks, Finance & Insurance sector. Capital structure is one of the most puzzling issues in corporate finance literature (Brounen & Eichholtz, 2001). The concept is generally described as the combination of debt & equity that make the total capital of firms. The proportion of debt to equity is a strategic

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  • Finances

    Finances Cassandra Peavey HSM/240 UOP Finances The majority of the funding for the National Coalition for the Homeless comes from the support of the public, foundations, and different organizations (national Many funders are churches and faith based organizations who seek out the mission to end homelessness. The NCH is a nonprofit organization and has been ranked a Four-Star Charity by Charity Navigator in 2009. Due to the NCH being a national foundation, there are many

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  • The Detective Paper 3

    The Underestimated Importance of Luck in Crime Solving Detective fiction is a branch of crime fiction that centers upon the investigation of a crime, usually murder, by a detective. It is the most popular form of hardboiled crime fiction and mystery fiction. In the story, the detective uses reasoning to piece together various clues left behind by the perpetrator to form a coherent story of how the murder took place. It is even written down as rules that “the culprit must be determined by logical

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  • Finance

    to the new group of potential customers . o Increase in market share . 4) 3 sources of long term finance : o owners that invest money in the business . o loans from a bank or family and friends o a mortgage 5 sources of short term finance: o Bank over draft o Trade credit o Leasing o Bank loans o Credit cards 2 sources of medium term finance : o Start up loan o Business finance partnership .

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  • Financial Detective Case Study Analysis

    Financial Detective - group case study Introduction Within this case we will be analysing two companies within same industry while also matching the descriptive portfolio given to the appropriate financial statement figures. Health products Whilst studying the financial statement provided we noticed that there are some figures which stand out straight away in relation between both companies providing health products. One of the figures which gasped our attention was the ‘intangibles’ figure

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  • Finance

    As banking services are in the nature of public good, it is essential that availability of banking and payment services to the entire population without discrimination is the prime objective of the public policy." – Indian Institute of Banking and Finance Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) is National Mission for Financial Inclusion is based on “Sab ka sath sab ka vikas” i.e. inclusive growth to ensure access to financial services, namely, Banking/ Savings & Deposit Accounts, Remittance, Credit

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  • The Financial Detective 2005

    THE FINANCIAL DETECTIVE, 2005 I focused on the companies’ beta, current ratio, inventory turnover ratio, total debt/total assets ratio and net profit margin to identify if the company is in a healthy state within its industry. After thoroughly examining and analysing the financial ratios for the eight pairs of unidentified companies, following are the conclusions regarding companies according to my analysis. | Company A | Company B | Beta | 0.65 | 0.85 | Current Ratio | 1.96 | 1.50

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    financing that the hospital uses to finance its operations. The hospital uses both internal and external sources to fund its operations. One of the internal sources of financing that the hospital utilizes is the revenue that is collected from the services offered to both inpatients and outpatients. The second source of internal finance that the company uses is the sale

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    Finance Course: Corporate Finance MBA−10 California College for Health Sciences MBA Program McGraw-Hill/Irwin abc McGraw−Hill Primis ISBN: 0−390−55204−6 Text: Harvard Business School Entrepreneurship Cases Corporate Finance, Seventh Edition Ross−Westerfield−Jaffe Harvard Business School Finance Cases This book was printed on recycled paper. Finance Copyright ©2005 by The McGraw−Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the United

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    for the financial year ended January 2011 is 24.7% and net profit margin is set at 3.8%. This indicates that the company has stable performance in the industry since current margin levels are close to close to the established average. Yahoo Finance (2011) provides that Wal-Mart has a market capitalization amounting to $ 191.15 billion and an enterprise value of $ 240.15 billion which shows that Wal-Mart is a highly valuable company in the country. Wal-Mart’s market value has been stable for

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  • The Investment Detective

    CASE STUDY The Investment Detective The essence of capital budgeting and resource allocation is a search for good investments in which to place the firm’s capital. The process can be simple when viewed in purely mechanical terms, but a number of subtle issues can obscure the best investment choices. The capital budgeting analyst is necessarily, therefore, a detective who must winnow good evidence from bad. Much of the challenges is knowing what quantitative analysis to generate in the first

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  • Finance

    and marketable securities. The firm finances internally, using its own cash and marketable securities. Will have a greater investment in net working capital, Policy R – uses long term financing for permanent asset requirements only and short term borrowing for seasonal variations. The firm finances the variation externally, borrowing on a short term basis. Policy C – w/a compromising policy, the firm keeps a reserve of liquidity that it uses to initially finance seasonal variations in CA needs. Short

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