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    PepsiCo Business Analysis: Part 1 Mufuliat Adeseun Management 521 November 5, 2012 Dr. Olivia Herriford PepsiCo Business Analysis: Part 1 When making any investment decision, it is important for a potential investor to gain insight into the company. An evaluation of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will help the investor determine if the venture is worth going into (Nickels, McHugh & McHugh, 2010). It also provides details about the internal

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    Odila Mora SWOT Analysis Principles of Management 303 Professor James Sisto Wal-Mart SWOT Analysis A SWOT analysis looks at the strengths and weaknesses of a company and the opportunities and threats. When used in business it can help a company carve a sustainable niche in the market. A SWOT analysis can be a powerful tool that can assist a company in uncovering opportunities. If a company can see their weaknesses they can then manage and eliminate threats that would have caught them

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    Running head: Sears Holding Business Analysis Sears Holdings Business Analysis Steven G Cole MGT/521 Leo Shelton Sears Holdings is an icon in the retail business since its founding in 1925. It survived the depression and many economic cycles since its founding. With the purchase of Kmart out of bankruptcy in 2005 and the unexpected recession of 2008 Sears has struggled financially. Their strategy of selling niche items of higher quality and brand names has not fared well in this valued

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    SWOT Analysis: Asphalt, Trucking and Pavement Dustin Ivers DeVry University BUSN115: Introduction to Business and Technology Professor Gary Foster June 12, 2012 I have completed a SWOT Analysis on a company named Asphalt, Trucking and Paving, more commonly known as ATP. Bill Watts was kind enough to allow me to interview him about ATP; Mr. Watts is ATP’s Controller. As Controller Mr. Watts oversees all the companies operations from the bid to the finished project. ATP’s mission statement

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    ------------------------------------------------- SWOT ANALYSIS ------------------------------------------------- THE DOLLAR STORE-BEND OREGON Abstract This is a SWOT Analysis of The Dollar Store out of Bend Oregon. ------------------------------------------------- SWOT Analysis Strengths * The greatest piece of their sales pie is working class families, so there is a need and not a cap on incomes. * Their demographic has been growing at about 10% * Future sales forecasts

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    Mashell Chapeyama University of the People Swot analysis for Chipinge Banana Company Swot analysis is an environmental scanning tool. It is widely used in the world of business in analyzing some factors that have a great bearing on the company’s drive to achieve its mission. With swot companies are able to identify both negative and positive factors that have a bearing on the viability of the organization. Using swot, a company can find its own weaknesses and strengths as well as the opportunities

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    commercial success of the enterprise of women producers. * Reviving traditional skills of rural artisans. SWOT Analysis of Aarong SWOT analysis is a powerful technique for understanding organizations Strength & Weakness and looking for the Opportunities & Threats it may face. Used in a business context it helps organization carve a sustainable niche in a market. This analysis is mainly based on an imaginary situation. Where there is a company in operation it has to work in two kinds

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    BIRD’S EYE VIEW SWOT Analysis of Ryanair SWOT TEAM Air Scoop launches a new range of articles called ‘SWOT Team’. Each month, we will publish a SWOT analysis of an European low-cost carrier. In this issue, we start with a global SWOT of the market. The no-frills carriers have created new markets, and opened up air travel. A greater proportion of their passengers are people who previously were using other modes of transport for travel, while a certain proportion are from traditional carriers

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    Fisher & Paykel 1934 Company founded in Auckland by Woolf Fisher and Maurice Paykel to import Crosley refrigerators, Maytag washing machines and Pilot mantle radios. 1938 Sales agreement signed with Kelvinator Corporation, Detroit. 1939 Manufacture of refrigerators and wringer washing machines. 1953 Installation of first washing machine conveyer line. 1955 First stage of Mt Wellington plant starts production of refrigeration and laundry products. 1956 Manufacture of rotary clothes

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    SWOT Analysis Findings Nike is the world’s leader in equipment, sportswear, and of course athletic sneakers. As golf was introduced into Nike endorsements were used. “The company continued this strategy in 1995 by signing budding superstar Tiger Woods…”(Brna). The sport of golf may be one of the newest additions to Nike, but they thrive to compete against companies such as Adidas and Under Armour. Like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour completed a SWOT analysis on their organization and competition

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    SWOT analysis of Apple This is an Apple Inc. SWOT analysis for 2013. For more information on how to do SWOT analysis please refer to our article. Company background Name | Apple Inc. | Industries served | Computer hardware, Computer software, Consumer electronics, Digital distribution | Geographic areas served | Worldwide | Headquarters | U.S. | Current CEO | Tim Cook | Revenue | $ 156.508 billion (2012) | Profit | $ 41.733 billion (2012) | Employees | 72,800 (2012) | Main Competitors

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    for selection of the primary segment. | /15 | | Product, Price, Place and Promotion | * May be missing one of the 4 Ps. * Descriptions are missing or are missing many important points. * Limited to no examples provided. | * Each of the 4 Ps is described for the company. * Limited explanation. * May be missing examples. | * Each of the 4 Ps is described for the company with sufficient explanation but may be missing some critical information. * Some examples are provided

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    PURPOSE OF A SWOT ANALYSIS 1 The Purpose of a SWOT Analysis Charles Anderson Joyner III Grantham University PURPOSE OF A SWOT ANALYSIS 2 Abstract Every business to include the largest ones that control their areas of industry--has a limited supply of manpower, production capacity and capital. Evaluating

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  • Are the Environmental Challenges and Ethical Dilemmas Fisher & Paykel Currently Face Outsourcing Manufacturing to a Developing Country Overall Beneficial to Australia?

    Research Essay 3000 words Globalisation presents significant opportunities and challenges for business around the world. Are the environmental challenges and ethical dilemmas Fisher & Paykel currently face outsourcing manufacturing to a developing country beneficial to Australia? Globalisation can be described as the intertwining processes of the world. It is not only an economic process, which involves rising communication and integration of all countries’ economies through the growth in international

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  • Toll Holdings Limited

    Toll Holdings Limited is Australia’s largest transport company and has operations in road, air, rail, and sea in 55 countries. The purpose of this response is to establish a logical and coherent argument for why a current shareholder should remain as a shareholder in Toll Holdings Limited. The scope of the analysis will be limited to the financial statements of the Company for the years ended June 30, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009 and the 2013 Annual Report. Unless explicitly stated, it is assumed

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    TO: Prof.XY FROM: XY DATE: March 23, 2014 SUBJECT: SWOT Analysis Business Brief The following assignment requires Custom Coffee & Chocolates Company analyzes of the internal and external environment, identifying its strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats and develop strategies for the matches. Coffee drinking is one of the most world spread and consume habits of all time. Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day, equivalent to 146 billion cups of coffee per year, making

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    by using SWOT - AHP Dijana Oreski1 1 Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb, Pavlinska 2, Varazdin, Croatia Abstract –This paper employs combination of SWOT analysis and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) in strategic planning for tourism of small mid-european city Varazdin, which is located in the north west of Croatia. SWOT analysis identifies internal and external factors which are prioritized by expert in tourism domain by means of AHP. The prioritized SWOT factors

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  • Swot Analysis of Reliance Communcations Limited

    to clear all the resources for the second party engaged in the call.   Feature Invocation The “FEATREQ” (Feature Request) operation is used to request feature subscription on behalf of a registered MS. When performing digit analysis of the dialed digits received from the MS, the MSC shall detect that the dialed digits are a feature control access. After Validating tehA-party permissions, the Serving MSC shall send the feature code string (i.e. a string of digits including a

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    Scarcity is the fundamental challenge confronting all individuals and nations. We all face limitations... so we all have to make choices. We can't always get what we want. How we deal with these limitations—that is, how we prioritize and allocate our limited income, time, and resources—are the basic economic challenge that has confronted individuals and nations throughout history. But not every nation has addressed this challenge in the same way. Societies have developed different broad economic approaches

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    SWOT Analysis xxxxx xxxxxxx Columbia Southern University SWOT Analysis Strategy formulation or strategic planning is concerned with developing a corporation’s mission, objectives, strategies, and policies (Wheelen & Hunger, 2010, p. 176). “It begins with situational analysis: the process of finding a strategic fit between external opportunities and internal strengths while working around external threats and internal weaknesses” (Wheelen & Hunger, 2010, p. 176). A SWOT analysis focuses

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    To: Dr. Kuman College of Business and Science From: student MBA 711-02 Subject: SWOT analysis for Custom Coffee & Chocolate According to the overview of Custom Coffee & Chocolate business, it is a small café run by Bonnie Brewer and Stacy Kim. It is located near a university, so their main customers are students, faculty, staff and local residents. Kim and Brewer work together without any employees initially, and they run their business successfully. They sell their products in the café

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    - Dan Murphy’s , Celebrations and a number of independent cellars and hotels mainly throughout the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. - N.S.W. , QLD, A.C.T. , and Tasmania - International Singapore and Canada. Resources Analysis - Management skills, Tony Ramunno owner , operating since 1990, 1996 expanded business into Restaurant & Function centre. Later on sold, and was allowed to focus on growing winery business. - Production capacity

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    COMPANY PROFILE Woolworths Limited REFERENCE CODE: 2FF5536D-6BA6-4CE5-81DF-4EABB0A5A391 PUBLICATION DATE: 8 Jul 2014 COPYRIGHT MARKETLINE. THIS CONTENT IS A LICENSED PRODUCT AND IS NOT TO BE PHOTOCOPIED OR DISTRIBUTED. Woolworths Limited TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS Company Overview..............................................................................................3 Key Facts......................................................................

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    electronics appliances. Swot analysis Swot analysis is a study that undertaken to know the potential of an organization from the internal that is strengths and weakness and from the outer such as opportunities and threats. 1)Apple Inc. Strengths i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. Marketing and advertising capabilities. Powerful product quality Loyal user Creative interface of products. Billion revenues and profit made every year Highly demand of orders Weakness i. ii. iii. iv. v. Expensive Limited product with

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    SWOT analysis ➢ SWOT Anaylis: Product | | | Threats | | |Opportunities | | | | |- The bedding market is a saturated one | |

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    ,. Assignment Title- Introduction and Situational Analysis Zara Swot Analysis Introduction: Zara was set in Spain, by Amancia Ortega and presently is the second major clothing company in the world. Today, it is probably the world’s best growing garments merchant with over 3,100 stores around the world in over 70 countries. The first Zara featured low priced imitations of famous trends which proved very successful and gave beginning to the Zara of today. Ortega started the business forty-four

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    SWOT Analysis of Haier American First time invested in America with the opening of a factory in South Carolina in 1999, Haier America is a consumer electronics and home appliances company, mainly focuses on white-goods business. Strengths  Haier has the top market share in the world. It had surpassed rival Whirlpool as the world's top refrigerator producer in terms of sales, according to Euromonitor. Globally high market share is beneficial for Haier to broaden its market in America.  Its

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    Running head: SWOT ANALYSIS ON AT&T'S WEBSITE SWOT ANALYSIS ON AT&T'S WEBSITE Graciela Pineda-Blasco Strayer University - Doral Campus Abstract Although many marketing professionals nowadays think that SWOT analysis is outdated and too broad to be effective for a proper online marketing / website analysis this tool still provides the most basic key items required for a good business and marketing plan. The SWOT analysis includes the elements required in the strategic planning process that

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    Strategic and Operational plans: UnitedHealth Group SWOT analysis Earl Cline MGT/521 April 6 2011 Bob Wilson Strategic and Operational plans: UnitedHealth Group SWOT analysis The SWOT analysis and strategic planning are chief partners. Before strategic planning takes place; the SWOT analysis must thoroughly be understood. To be successful company, an organization will need to concentrate on its internal strengths and avoid or improve its standing with its weaknesses. Success, however

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    rankings in the years 2011 to 2013 Fisher and Paykel Appliances stands first ( This prestigious company started designing products since from 1934 and made a remarkable growth in to a global company operating in 50 countries and its manufacturing in New Zealand and China and challenged conventional appliance design to deliver products to human needs ( (fisher and paycel appliances ltd NZ) Fisher and paycel concentrating more fundamental

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    To:Dr Raju From:Sharifa Al'Busaidi Subject: SOWT Analysis of Wish You Wood Toy Store Date:10/11/2015 Introduction Wish you Toy store is a store that sells hand-crafted kids toys. It is located is a special location, yet has limited customers. To enhance potential growth, it launched an online store with a partnership with the beginning, the purchase rate was high. However, it started going down because of the competitive prices of Amazon itself. This business brief discusses

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    SWOT of Popular Holdings Berhard STRENGHTS The strength for Popular holdings Berhad are the core values of the company. The core values of the company are People, Objectivity, Product, Unity, Leadership, Action, and Reward & Recognition. According to the first core value of Popular , people are their customers, they are their greatest asset. Second core value states that Popular approach their work positively through pro-active participation and open communication. The third core value says

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  • Swot Analysis of Nike Company Limited

    SWOT Analysis Nike, Inc. Would you like a lesson on SWOT analysis? Strengths. * Nike is a very competitive organization. Phil Knight (Founder and CEO) is often quoted as saying that ‘Business is war without bullets.’ Nike has a healthy dislike of is competitors. At the Atlanta Olympics, Reebok went to the expense of sponsoring the games. Nike did not. However Nike sponsored the top athletes and gained valuable coverage. Threats. * Nike is exposed to the international nature of trade. It buys

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  • Swot Analysis of Hca Holdings, Inc

    MGT 101 – Principles of Management SWOT Analysis HCA Holdings Inc. November 18, 2015 SWOT Analysis of HCA Holdings, Inc. S – Strengths: HCA Holdings, Inc. has more than a few key strengths being the leading healthcare service provider in the US. Having a strong working routine and wide-ranging service group makes these their major strengths. HCA’s strong work routine brought in revenue totaling over $30 million in fiscal year 2010. By fiscal year 2015, revenue had increased due

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    1) Explain the planning process and state importance of SWOT analysis? b) What are the limitations of Planning? How planning can be effective? This TQM article provides an insight of a typical Strategic Planning Process that was used in several organizations and proven to be very practical in implementation. the key processes of this typical Strategic Planning Process are lined up into 7 steps. Detail of each steps are illustrated below:- Step 1 - Review or develop Vision & Mission

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  • Swot Analysis

    1) Explain the planning process and state importance of SWOT analysis? b) What are the limitations of Planning? How planning can be effective? This TQM article provides an insight of a typical Strategic Planning Process that was used in several organizations and proven to be very practical in implementation. the key processes of this typical Strategic Planning Process are lined up into 7 steps. Detail of each steps are illustrated below:- Step 1 - Review or develop Vision & Mission

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    SWOT analysis of Bangladesh’s Handicraft: Strength of our Handicrafts: The following issues giving Handicraft business the stamina to compete with the artificial machine made products and effort to take place in domestic and international market- 1. It provides large product variety and range as it is full of diversified culture. 2. Industry is facilitated by diversified and supportive retail infrastructure across the country. 3. Industry provides services to different market (Handicrafts

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  • Fisher & Paykel

    Organization Background Fisher & Paykel Ltd. (F&P) Located in Auckland, New Zealand was the largest home appliance manufacturer of major appliances in the country with eight operating divisions. It’s major appliance sales amount to $135,000,000 with total sales of $270,000,000 annually including annual export sales and royalty income of $36,000,000. The Laundry Division of F&P has spent two years developing a new washing machine with a projected annual production level of 75,000 to

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  • Dan Form Holding Company Limited

    Company’s Background History & Business Development Dan Form Holding Company Limited (Dan Form) is established and listed the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 1973 (Stock Code is 0271). It has been under Dan Form International Limited since 1994. It creates business in Hong Kong and China. It also mainly engages in 3 types of business which are property investment and development, estate management and investment holding. Dan Form invests the Red Hill at Tai Tam and Harbour Crystal Centre at Tsim

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  • Swot Analysis

    SWOT ANALYSIS A SWOT analysis strives to determine the current strengths and weaknesses within a firm, as well as the opportunities and threats facing the firm (SWOT = strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). A SWOT analysis is a powerful tool to evaluate the current position of the firm within its broader business environment. It is an evaluation undertaken by senior staff or the owner of the firm. It needs to be as honest an appraisal as possible. Environmental factors internal to the

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  • Swot Analysis

    SWOT ANALYSIS ASHUTOSH GOWARIKER He is to perfect manners born. Cordial and cool, he could have been a don at the Oxford University, lecturing on history or geography, or both. A Mughal emperor has aroused his interest and he has also been among the first to shoot in the Maharashtra hinterlands, for Swades. Slick and street-smart he is not. Ashutosh Gowariker’s oeuvre has demonstrated that he would rather narrate a story in a leisurely, detailed style  than jump cut, swish pan or opt for ellipses

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    Definition: SWOT analysis is not only limited to profit-seeking organizations but also may be used in any decision-making situation when it is desired for an organization. It is use to develop a plan that takes into consideration many different internal and external factors, and maximizes the potential of the strengths and opportunities while minimizing the impact of the weaknesses and threats. This remarkable technique was provided by Albert S Humphrey, one of the founding fathers of what we

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  • Swot Analysis

    Advantages and disadvantages of using SWOT analysis to develop corporate strategy. Discuss using examples related to at least two companies. Introduction SWOT analysis SWOT analysis can also be called as SLOT analysis which is a strategic planning or direction for making decision based on available resources to determine valuate the Strength, Weaknesses/limitations, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a small business (business venture). It mentions the objective of business

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    Assignment: Individual SWOT Analysis BUS/210 April 29, 2012 John Pollard Jr. Assignment: Individual SWOT Analysis Out of the seven business plan topics I have chosen to create a SWOT analysis for a fitness and sports business. All over the United States there are many fitness and sports centers that many people attend on a daily basis. Such as gyms like Curves, Planet Fitness, Gould’s Gym and many more. However all of these gyms have something in common and that is to promote healthier

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  • Fisher

    Fisher & Paykel Appliances Holdings Ltd, it committed to gathering actionable customer data to drive product innovation and improvement. The innovation represented the competitive advantages for this company. It also focused on building a strong appealing global brand and aware that high quality product and service are crucial to both the company’s image and profitability. Company is trying to leverage their competitive advantage to provide the industry with sum systems, enabling technologies application

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  • Swot Analysis

    Bank of America SWOT Analysis In 1906, known at that time as The Bank of Italy, a face and a name was the only requirement to get a loan with Bank of America. A few days after the 1906 earthquake hit San Francisco, its founder Amadeo Peter Giannini, “quickly set up shop on the docks near San Francisco's North Beach. With a wooden plank straddling two barrels for a desk, he began to extend credit "on a face and a signature" to small businesses and individuals in need of money to rebuild their lives

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  • Swot Analysis

    Content Page Executive Summary 1 Introduction 1 Situation Analysis 1-2 SWOT analysis 2-3 Appendix 3 Executive Summary

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    SWOT Analysis MGT/521 Management May 7, 2012 Introduction SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities open to you and the Threats you face. Used in a business context, a SWOT Analysis helps you carve a sustainable niche in your market. Used in a personal context, it helps you develop your career in a way that takes best advantage of your

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  • Fisher and Paykel

    Fisher & Paykel Appliances Holdings Limited FPA Stock Exchange Release ASX/NZX 17 April 2008 Fisher & Paykel Appliances Announces Global Manufacturing Strategy Fisher & Paykel Appliances today unveiled its new global manufacturing strategy. As announced earlier today, the Company has acquired land and buildings and a refrigeration manufacturing plant located in Reynosa, Mexico. The new global manufacturing strategy involves shifting three of the Company’s manufacturing facilities to a combination

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  • Swot Analysis for Westjet Airlines Limited

    with three planes flying to five Canadian cities; Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Edmonton. WestJet’s IPO was in 1999 on the Toronto stock exchange as WJA with Steven Smith as CEO (References for Business website 2010). WestJet Airlines Limited is made up of four subsidiaries; WestJet Aircraft Acquisition Corporation, WestJet Investment Corporation, WestJet Operations Corporation, WestJet Vacations Incorporated(WestJet Annual Information Report 2009 p.9) . The WestJet mission statement

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