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    Task 2 Financial and Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses of the Utah Symphony The financial strengths of the Utah Symphony will now be addressed. One financial strength of the Symphony is the amount of endowments it receives. There are two groups, I and II, which receive endowments. The Utah symphony is in group II and that group gets an average of $8.8 Million per year (Delong & Ager, 2005, p. 4). Another major strength would be the amount of revenue brought in by performances. The 2000-2001

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  • Leadership Task 1

    A.1. Evaluate my leadership style My main leadership style is delegator. The advantages to the employees are they work on their own, no one stands over them and they set their own work schedules. The employees use their creative talents to enhance the finished product. The employees feel that they are in charge and have a stake in the finished project. Other advantages for the employees to work this way are they have the freedom to set their own hours. They can arrive late, leave early or take

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  • Fnt1 Task1

    FNT1 Task1 Western Governors University FNT1 Task1 | Financial condition of Company G memo | | | Introduction: | Below is business memorandum to the CEO of Company G. Below is a chart that full meets the expectations of the task that was give. Each ratio is explained and the formulas used are listed along with the ratio finding. 1. That information is used to understand what our current trend and if it indicates a strength, weakness, no concern. Final Justification of identification

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  • Lit 1 Task 1

    LIT 1 Task 1 PART A Sole Proprietorship Sole Proprietorship is a business owned by one person, as distinguished from a partnership or Corporation. Sole proprietorship is a company, which is not registered with the state as a limited liability company or corporation. Some advantages of a sole proprietorship are that they have flexibility in operations. The sole proprietorship business is undertaken on a small scale. If any change is required in the operations, it is easy and quick to bring the

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  • Lit 1 Task 1 Part a

    TASK 1 (PART A) LIT 1 SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP: The owner and the business are considered one. The owner takes all the risk and receives all the profits. It is easy and inexpensive to start up a sole proprietorship however a sole owner has trouble raising capital which could limit growth. • LIABILITY –If the business fails the owner is financially responsible and my lose everything. • INCOME TAXES – The proprietor and the business are taxed together. • LONGEVITY/CONTINUITY – The business dies

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  • Rjgt Task 1 Directions

    Introduction: For this task, you will use the “Shuzworld” case study (see Web Links section below). As the operations consultant for Shuzworld, you have been asked to provide recommendations after you analyze the problems given in the task prompts, applying the appropriate decision analysis tool to help you with your recommendations. Task: Prepare a memo by doing the following: A. Recommend how to improve the current workflow in the plant. 1. Justify your recommendation

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  • Task 1

    disadvantages of building, leasing or renting a new facility for the orthopedic line at Trinity Community Hospital. Hospital construction, like most other construction, continues to struggle to recover from the years of economic hardship. Advantages 1. Building- 5,000 sq. feet PT center- $120 per sq. foot- $600,000 The facility would be new and the hospital would have complete control over the design of the expansion. This would give us access the also make modification without approval from any

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  • Fnt1 Task 1 - Memo

    payable, wages, etc. The higher the ratio, the more likely a company is able to pay its short-term debts. This ratio can be found by dividing current assets by current liabilities. Year 12 shows Company G has a current ratio of 1.76, which is down .1 from year 11. This ranks above the first industry data quartile of 1.4, but below the second and third quartiles of 2.1 and 3.1, respectively. Because this ratio has not only declined in the last year, but is also much closer to the lowest quartile

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  • Task 1

    ID: Date: Mentor Name: Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Research Findings 4 Finding Number 1 4 Finding Number 2 5 Finding Number 3 5 Recommendations 5 Conclusion 6 References 7 Executive Summary Task instruction: Prepare a business report based on your research findings that includes: 3. Executive summary (suggested length of 1 page) that overviews the purpose of this report. The executive summary should be the last section you write after the remainder

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  • Let1 Task 1

    | LET1 Task 1 (317.1.1-06) Behavioral Influences | | First Name Last Name Student ID# 00000000 My Mentor: First Name Last Name Program and Start Date: Bus.Mgmt.- IT 01/01/01 | | 12/30/2011 | Apply the concepts of the expectancy theory of motivation as an approach to improving performance in a given workplace situation. | In today’s workforce there are many reasons why individuals get up every day and go to work. For most it is because they have bills to pay and thus their

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  • Qrt Task 1

    WESTERN GOVERNORS UNIVERSITY E-BUSINESS JBT Task 1 CJ’S AUTO BODY Internet Business Expansion Strategy Angie M. Roman WESTERN GOVERNORS UNIVERSITY E-BUSINESS JBT Task 1 This report outlines the business expansion strategy for CJ’s Auto Body in Lewisburg, Ohio. The company was founded in 2004 at its present location in Lewisburg. The company currently has a very limited online presence with no products available for purchase and only one page; there are no active links or details

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  • Jet2 Task 1

    and act with social responsibility.Introduction: In this task you will use the “Competition Bikes Inc. Storyline” case study to prepare a summary report based on your evaluation of the company’s operations. Task:   Note: Be sure to submit a copy of your Excel workbook when submitting your JET2 Task 1 work.  The evaluator will need a copy of your data to ensure correct evaluation. A.  Prepare a summary report in which you do the following: 1.  Evaluate the company’s operational strengths and weaknesses

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  • It Mgmt Wgu Fnt1 Task 1

    assets are depreciated using the straight-line method over the estimated useful life of the assets.  The market value for the company common stock at the end of Year 11 was $3.50/share and at the end of Year 12 it was $5.75/share. For this task, you will use financial statements and pertinent industry data to interpret Company G’s financial condition. The required ratios have been calculated for Year 11 and are shown on the attached “Statement Analysis Template.” Ratios gathered from financial

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  • Egt1 Task 1 Task Guide

    EGT1 – TASK GUIDE INTRODUCTION: As you work on each of the Tasks please make use of the various resources posted and updated within the Business Undergraduate Economics Learning Community Task 1 Recorded Webinar TASK 1: MARGINAL ANALYSIS This Task centers on the competency of marginal analysis with two structured objectives. First is the requirement to describe the relationship between marginal revenue (MR) and marginal cost (MC) at the point of profit maximization. Second is the requirement

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  • Task 1

    A. Profit maximization is the act of seeking 1. Total revenue = income generated by business Total cost = fixed costs + marginal costs Accounting profit from this standpoint is total revenue – the total cost = profit. Profit maximization from this standpoint is quite simply increasing your profit to as high a level as possible. 2. Marginal cost is the extra cost incurred per additional unit of product Marginal revenue is the extra revenue generated per additional unit of product A

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  • Egt 1 Task 1

    EGT 1 Task 1 A. 1. The profit maximization approach used when total revenue and total cost are compared is the largest positive gap or profit gained between total revenue less total cost. In the table provided the largest profit or profit maximization would be $540. When you produce 8 items profit is at its highest point. To calculate total revenue you take the price times the quantity and to calculate total cost you take the sum of variable and fixed costs. 2. The profit maximization approach used

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  • Fnt1 Task 1

    Memorandum To: CEO of Company G From: Jane Doe Date: [ 6/23/2014 ] Re: Financial Analysis This memorandum contains an analysis of Company G’s financial statements from the years 2011 and 2012. I will discuss the ratios and trends for the company and how it compares to industry averages. Current Ratio: 1.80 (decreased from 1.86 in 2011) The current ratio for Company G is a weakness, the quartile industry data shows that the company is on the low side with 1.80 and the lowest at 1.40, there

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  • Task 1

    JDT2 Task 2 | The Business of Ethics | | | | JDT2 Task 2 The Business of Ethics * Metal whistle contains small traces of lead. * Primary market: Elementary schools. * Large shipment to be shipped to South America by week’s end. * Cost to reproduce and repackage toy collection, $100,000. The Business of Ethics * Metal whistle contains small traces of lead. * Primary market: Elementary schools. * Large shipment to be shipped to South America

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  • Shuzworld, Task 1, Jgt2

    Decision Analysis, Task 1 Ken Celmer Western Governor’s University Decision Analysis, Task 1 MEMORANDUM TO: Cynthia Crowninshield, VP Alistair Wu, Plant Operating Director FROM: Ken Celmer DATE: 06/09/2014 RE: Production Analysis IMPROVEMENTS TO WORKFLOW: Per your request I have analyzed the current workflow of Shuzworld Rugged Wear Work Boots and have several recommendations. Currently, the plant is using a separate workstation for all eight tasks in the boot assembly process

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  • Est1 Task 1

    Task 1 Part A Social Responsibility has become increasingly important in recent years. Many companies strive to do as much for their customers and the community they serve as possible. Although profits are important, socially responsible companies take more into account than just the bottom dollar. Company Q showed a great lack of social responsibility in several different ways, leading consumers as well as stakeholders to assume that the company’s attitude toward social responsibility is that

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  • Wgu Ebusiness Task 1

    Running head: E-Business (QRT2) Task 1 1 E-Business (QRT2) Task 1 Proposal for Online Business Expansion E-BUSINESS (QRT2) TASK 1 2 E-Business (QRT2) Task 1 Proposal for Online Business Expansion A1. Viability of Product Gaia’s Organic Dog Treats is a small but rapidly growing business located in Atlanta, Georgia, which derives the majority of its income from the production and direct-to-consumer sale of organic, grain-free, gluten-free dog treats. Its two best-selling products are 100% organic

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  • Qlt 1 Task 1

    Mike Henkle QLT1 Task 5 Western Governors University A. Create a story problem using one of the above real-world scenarios as a basis, including realistic numeric values, by doing the following: 1. Describe the real-world problem. I was looking into phone plans and stumbled upon T-Mobile, and I decided that I needed a cell-phone and took a look at the plans. T-mobile had one plan that was 50 dollars a month and is unlimited talk, text and web, T-Mobile

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  • Edp 1 Task 1

    Running Head: Children's Literature Task 1 1 Children;s Literature Task 1 Arthur Carroll Western Governor's University Children's Literature Task 1 2 Children's Literature Task 1 It is well known that the world is filled to the brim with a rich history in athletics, education, science, politics, and the arts. What is not common knowledge is the history and richness of children's literature and how it eventually

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  • Task 1 a

    Risk Management: Task 1A Dave Christian Western Governors University Author Note Research conducted by Dave Christian, College of Business, Western Governors University. Dave Christian is now founder at Helpology. This paper is referenced as an American Psychological Association (APA) research paper template available for free, worldwide use at Helpology (helpology.org) categorized under: Helpology Lifelist/Respect/Writing/FREE Helpology APA. Correspondence concerning this paper

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  • Lit1 Task 1

    Types and Characteristics of Business LIT Task 310.1.2-01-06 Alicia R. Wilson Western Governors University Texas Abstract In Chapter 11 of the Legal and Ethical Environment of Business, examples of business structures were described. It is clear that there are pros and cons to starting any business; however it is very apparent that it is still the American dream to start a company. The reading assignment included descriptions on Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Limited Partnership

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  • Jgt Task 1

    production be organized into five (5) workstations that produce the Rugged Wear work boot product. Station Task Time (minutes) Time left (minutes) Ready tasks Assgnd stat work time A 1 A 10 0 B,C 10 2 B 6 4 C C 3 1 D 9 3 D 8 2 E,F 8 4 F 4 6 E E 3 3 G G 3 0 H 10 5 H 9 1 9 Total 4 Maximum 10 Summary Statistics Maximum cycle time 10 minutes Time needed (sum of task times) 46 minutes/unit Min (theoretical) # of stations 5 Actual # of stations 5

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  • Est 1 Task 1

    you may be a thief? The Business Dictionary defines Corporate Social Responsibility as “A company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates. Companies express this citizenship (1) through their waste and pollution reduction processes, (2) by contributing educational and social programs and (3) by earning adequate returns on the employed resources.” From this definition it would appear that Company Q is not acting in a socially

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  • Rtt 1 Task 1

    RTT 1 Task 1 Marci Berry Western Governors University RTT 1 Task 1 Many factors come into play when determining what contributes to quality care of patients in a healthcare setting. The use of nursing sensitive indicators assists healthcare workers in providing the highest quality of care possible to their patients. When these indicators are used, and followed by those providing care, higher standards are met, allowing for patients to receive a much higher quality of care while being involved

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  • Task 1

    1962 and is one of the largest in the nation. Their stroke center recently won an award this year from the American Heart Association for implementing the association's specific quality improvement measures (Parkland, 2014). Others include a level 1 trauma center, orthopedic center, women and infants center and much more. This shows that Parkland cares about the quality of care that their patient receive. Parkland is not just hospital based. They continually trying to find ways to provide

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  • Rt1 Task 1

    Nursing-sensitive indicators represent nursing’s contributions to patient care. Nursing-sensitive indicators represent nursing’s contributions to patient care. RTT1 Task 1 RTT1 Task 1 Nursing-sensitive indicators reflect the structure, process and outcomes of nursing care (American Nurses Association, Inc., 2014). Patient outcomes that are determined to be nursing sensitive are those that improve if there is a greater quantity or quality of nursing care (American Nurses Association, Inc

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  • Rtt 1 Task 1

    Running Head: Nurse Sensitive Indicators WESTERN GOVERNORS UNIVERSITY RTT 1 TASK 1 ANNE ANDERSON Running Head: Nurse Sensitive Indicators: 1 Nursing reflect the process, structure and outcomes of nursing care. Process indicators measure the aspects of nursing care such as assessment, intervention and nurse satisfaction. The structure of nursing care is determined by the quantity

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  • Rtt1 Task 1

    RTT1 Task 1 Eric M. Lunsford Western Governors University Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership January 11, 2015 RTT1 Task 1 A. Nursing Sensitive Indicator Since Florence Nightingale’s work over one hundred years ago, researchers have tried to define nursing’s role on patient health outcomes. Nursing Sensitive Indicators (NSI) have been developed through the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) to address this need. The NDNQI provides nursing specific indicators

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  • Mkt Task 1

    requested in the task instructions, it is usually helpful to write a paragraph that introduces Company G and the product or product line that you are writing this marketing plan about. Mission Statement “We enable consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing high-quality, innovative electronic solutions.” The Product The task instruction is: Explain how the product you have selected supports Company G’s mission statement provided in the task introduction. This

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  • Task 1

    Identify Motherboard Components and Form Factors (Hands-on) Question #1 1. Locate Information on the LGA 1156. * The LGA 1156 is an Intel desktop CPU socket. The processors it is used with are the following. * PCI-Express 2.0 ×16 for communication with a graphics card. * DMI for communication with the Platform Controller Hub (PCH). * FDI for communication with the PCH. * Two memory channels for communication and backup communication. Question #2 2. Locate Information

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  • Decision Analysis Task 1

    JGT2 Decision Analysis Task 1 A.) Recommendation on how to improve current workflow. It is my recommendation that Shuzworld change their facilities layout to create a better workflow. You can accomplish this by breaking the current structure and reorganizing the workstations to accomplish tasks in a more time efficient manner and maximizing an employees’ time spent on the product. Utilizing the Case Study we can surmise that each eight hour shift must produce forty-eight work boots. 8 hours

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  • Accreditation Audit Task 1

    Running Header: Task I 1 Task I Abigail M. Garcia Western Governor’s University: Accreditation Audit Running Header: Task I 2 Executive Summary Nightingale Community Hospital is committed to providing quality care and aims to be the first choice hospital for patients in the community. Four core values represent the passion Nightingale has for excellence: Safety, Community, Teamwork and Accountability. The goals of the hospital are to uphold an atmosphere of healing, promote the benefits

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  • Etg 1 Task 1

    revenue of $0, when it doesn't produce any output. The revenue it sees from producing its first widget is $150, bringing marginal revenue to $150 ($150 in total revenue/1 unit of product). If the revenue from the second widget is $290, the marginal revenue gained by producing the second widget is $10 (change in total revenue: $290-$150/1 = $140 from $150 = $10 for each additional unit). Now I will explain the calculation used to determine marginal cost. Marginal cost is (MC) = ΔTC /ΔQ or Where Δ=

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  • Wgu Lit 1 Task 1

    Task 1 Situation A The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 has many provisions but 3 major ones are that all employees of an organization of 50 or more employees working more than 20 hours per week be given a minimum 12 weeks of time off for domestic responsibilities each year. Those responsibilities include; the birth of a new child, the care of an immediate family member with a serious medical condition or the adoption of a foster child (US Department of Labor). Under the Act the employer must

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  • Rlyt Task 1

    Lyt2 Task 1 A1 & A2. Simple Gateways, Inc. has flourished the past several years expanding to twelve offices throughout the western United States. Expanding to 12 different sites now brings new challenges to the stakeholders (Management) like: • Having multiple versions of documents that have been passed between 12 sites of office staff now has made each office very inefficient in running their daily operations. When this business was small it had one central location that used one version

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  • Int Task 1

    INT Task 3, 4-25-2015 Popcorn Experiment Lakshmi Prakash Project Design Plan Popcorn is a popular treat for individuals. It is made up of dried corn kernels that have the ability to pop when activated by heat, yielding a soft, but crunchy snack. Popcorn can be made over the stove or in a microwavable bag. When the corn kernel is brought to a heat temperature of a boiling point, steam is formed from the water inside the kernel, this causes an intense pressure inside the kernel. Because

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  • Jgt Task 1

    its Shangahai Production Warehouse. Due to a Steel Toe feature the Rugged Wear Work Boots take longer to assemble than other shoe’s produced at the warehouse. The assembly line in place is made up of 8 workstations. The workstation task time varies with the maximum task taking 10 minutes to complete. Below is a schedule of the current time and sequence of the assembly line in place at ShuzWorld. In an effort to help improve workflow, an analysis was completed using the information above and the

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  • Wgu Fnt1 Task 1

    This essay has been removed. Please try searching our other hundreds of thousands of documents.

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  • Gke 1 Task 1

    GKE Task one GKE Task One Michelle Alley Western Governors University Part A: A significant physical geological factor that contributed to the rise of the great early human society of Egypt over 7000 years ago was the importance of the Nile River. None of the achievements of the remarkable ancient Egyptian civilizations would have been possible without the Nile. (ushistory, n.d.) It's population was contained, yet protected by a narrow 1,000 mile long stretch of highly fertile

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  • Task 1

    free shipping on orders over $50 (Alaska and Hawaii excluded). One of the things that are often overlooked when discussing Place, is how that place will be ran. Walmart and Sam’s Club employs over 2.1 Million people throughout their company and 1% of the total workforce in the US (Business Insider, 2014) Price Here is the number one topic that people immediately think about when they go shopping…what is it going to cost me? When a business sells a product they have to think, “What is the

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  • Est 1 Task 1

    negative at the core. Company Q appears to be following more of a shareholder model, in which it is placing most of its emphasis on the shareholder and increasing profits without much consideration for its other stakeholders. For example, in situation 1, Company Q closed two stores in a major metropolitan area suffering from high crime rates due to a consistent loss of money. While this decision was beneficial to the shareholders, it will also put all of those stores employees out of work and eliminates

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  • Task 1

    the web links section or as an attachment to this task.  •   Population Economic Status Assessment•   Neighborhood/Community Safety Inventory•   Cultural Assessment Tool•   Disaster Assessment and Planning Guide•   Windshield Survey•   Population Health Scavenger Hunt Note: The name of each of the six tools should be identified in the needs assessment summary, along with a brief summary of how each of the six tools was used in the needs assessment. 1.  Interpret the collected data using concepts of

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  • Est 1 Task 1

    EST-1 Task 1 Many people believe that businesses are obligated to have an ethical duty to be socially responsible, in order to work towards increasing its positive effects on society while decreasing its negative effects. Many organizations or companies seek opportunities to be socially responsible while also making a profit for its shareholders. Company Q, a local grocery store chain recently closed two stores in high crime rate areas of the city because they constantly lost money. After years

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  • Wgu Rtt 1 Task 1

    RTT 1 Task 1 Mr. J, 72-year-old, retired rabbi Mild dementia, Fx right hip s/p fall Receiving pain medication, drowsy Restrained in bed, even when slightly sleepy. Restraints reapplied with family present. Dtr notices red, depressed area over lower spine (CNA blew it off, “it will go away”) Diet: Regular, Kosher, chopped meat Given pork chop (nurse notified supervisor, supervisor notified kitchen supervisor, kitchen supervisor notified kitchen staff) Kitchen staff apologized to dtr. Dtr

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  • Task 1

    1. Bill Bailey could use Maslow’s theory of motivation in order to show support of the merger by appealing to people’s most pressing needs within the Utah Opera Organization. (Krietner, 2010) People ultimately react in a way that serves their own needs and aspirations. Bill Bailey would need to tap into those needs in order to make sure the merger goes as smoothly as possible. The first need that would have to be satisfied would be the physiological which would include hunger and sleep. In this

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  • Task 1

    Utah Opera & Symphony Merger JFT2 Organizational Management ~ Task 1 Western Governors University January 22, 2012 THEORY OF MOTIVATION In order to support the merger, Bill Bailey needs to address his subordinates with the merger in a supportive way. The Utah Opera Organization and the Utah Symphony are both dealing with surmountable obstacles in regards to the survival of the arts. It would be beneficial in the long run, for the future of the arts to stand as one mighty organization

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