Following Types

  • Types of Cultures

    Thirst is felt by every individual. But secondary motives such as success etc. depends on what society expects one to do and also external motivation which is again related to society. So in different cultures motives are also different and thus the type of arousal caused by particular motives is also different in different cultures. Culture also will have some norms regarding how one should behave for a particular emotion. Individualistic cultures does not pose May norms regarding how on should express

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  • Following Directions

    this exam, you should not use more than the allotted time of 5 minutes. Write the answer at the back of your paper. Good Luck!! 1. Write today's date--month-day-year in the top right hand corner of your test paper. 2. Write the answer to the following multiplication problem directly underneath the date on your test paper--6 X 5 = ? 3. Write the name of the month that begins with the letter "D" in the top left hand corner of your test paper. 4. Add 15 to the answer you got in part #2, and

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  • Types of Businesses

    daughters, Ally and Lisa, ages 13 and 15. Betty’s neighbor Erma, a non-Christian, has also expressed an interest in participating in the business as a way to earn some extra income. As a consultant, I will address the pluses and minuses of the following business forms so that Betty might adopt a business structure that is the best fit for her success. “A Sole Proprietorship, is a business owned by one person with no formal legal structure. The advantage is simple. Just start your business; there's

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  • Types of Debt

    There are many types of debt that a company can use to advance their operations and expand their business. Companies use bonds to raise money for a long-term, large scale capital project. Accounting for a bond issuance is based on the length of time before the bond matures, the interest rate on the bond and whether it is sold at a premium or a discount. There are many types of bonds: secured and unsecured, term, serial and callable bonds as well as convertible, commodity-backed, deep-discount

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  • Types of Power

    There are five types of powers that managers can use to influence their subordinates: coercive power, reward power, legitimate power, expert power and referent power. Different types of powers can be used in different situations. Some leaders prefer to use certain type of power more often than others. At my restaurant, I will lead my team by exerting mainly referent, reward and legitimate powers. I will also use expert and coercive powers in some seldom situations. I believe in leading by example

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  • Type 1 and Type 2 Error

    Type I error (or, error of the first kind) and Type II error (or, error of the second kind) are precise technical terms used in statistics to describe particular flaws in a testing process, where a truenull hypothesis was incorrectly rejected (Type I error) or where one fails to reject a false null hypothesis (Type II error). The terms are also used in a more general way by social scientists and others to refer to flaws in reasoning. This article is specifically devoted to the statistical meanings

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  • Types of Corossion

    1. Discuss the major types of corrosion. Uniform Corrosion: Uniform corrosion is characterized by corrosive attack proceeding evenly over the entire surface area, or a large fraction of the total area. General thinning takes place until failure. On the basis of tonnage wasted, this is the most important form of corrosion. ( This reminds me of some of the contractor spec’s I have seen for just this type of corrosion. Many of the clarification mechanisms I have seen specs

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  • Types of Communication

    PHI 105 Types of Communication Matrix When communicating your critical thinking about a concept, you choose how to present it to your audience. To explore this further, we will look at three ways to communicate: informative, explanatory, and persuasive statements. A quality persuasive essay includes a mixture of informative, explanatory, and persuasive statements because to persuade someone you must: Inform people about the topic Explain your argument, and Convince your audience of your point

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  • Employee Type

    arising from motives, feelings, thoughts and other major areas of psychological function. Personality is expressed through its influences on the body, in conscious mental life, and through the individual's social behavior." (Mayer, 2005) PERSONALITY TYPES Personality typing is a tool of great importance to recruitment managers. It's especially helpful in the areas of growth, self-development and recruitment. Developing understanding of personality typology, personality traits, thinking styles and learning

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  • Personality Types

    Holland's Six Personality Types According to John Holland's theory, most people are one of six personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. The characteristics of each of these are described below: Realistic • Likes to work with animals, tools, or machines; generally avoids social activities like teaching, healing, and informing others; • Has good skills in working with tools, mechanical or electrical drawings, machines, or plants and

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  • Types of Research

    barriers, authors and researches in the managerial literature argued about the steps of decision making process, some of them have defined eight steps, others, pointed out six steps, and five steps. Regardless the number of steps, they are the following: i. Defining the problem: The first thing one has to do is to state the underlying problem that has to be solved. He also has to state the goal that he desires after he has made the decision. ii. Develop alternatives: After defining the main problem

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  • Type

    21st century has seen the rise of mobile applications through the technology of smart phones .The mobile apps market is very elastic and continues to expand each and every day. The mobile market has a wide variety of applications that no matter what type of interests you may have, there is something for you. Outlined further in this report will outline the demand for these apps, trend analysis, current market status, success stories and lastly the end users. It was in June of 2008 when Apple Inc

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  • Types of Companies

    obligations to vendors, then the company must contact vendors and work out a satisfactory payment arrangement. Environment * Depending on the business type, this may mean low factory emissions, electronic billing, biodegradable packaging or use of alternative energy sources, such as wind. ` Types of companies The following are the various types of registered company. Apart from these, a business may be set up as a sole trader (self-employed person), as a partnership or as a Limited Liability

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  • Family Types

    Family experience There are many different type of families that one can be associated to. In the era we live in, we have defined family type to be the following: adoptive, bi-racial or multi racial, blended, broken home, co-custody, conditionally separated, extended, foster, gay or lesbian, immigrant, migrant, nuclear, single parent and transnational family. An individual being raised in such structure can either gain advantage from the situation or be put into disadvantage. The family structure

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  • Types of Friends

    learn, apart from desserts for “cheat day,” are all compliant with the Slow-Carb Diet®, which has become a global phenomenon (page 74). Fat loss of 20 pounds in the first month is not uncommon. If you follow this book, you won’t have to think of following a diet, since it’s built in. If you ever decide to follow another diet, you’ll be twice as e ective, because you’ll understand how to manipulate and maximize food. #2 EATING (AND LIFE) WILL BECOME HIGH-DEFINITION. In China, a common greeting

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  • Types of Entrepreneurs

    people wasting their time with work and trying to score marks in exams when they could do so much more. The magazine is a place where teenagers can be themselves. I want to make it a platform for teenagers to know that there is nothing better than following their own passion. You’re not going to find the real entrepreneurs in universities or online courses. Either you will find them as drop-outs or you will find them in the places least expected. Come to India. Go to the streets. They are street-smart

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  • Types of Business

    Businesses In the following booklet you find information to help you gain an understanding into businesses and how certain businesses differ. This will help to ensure that your own business is correctly labeled and that you can gain insight into basic overview of what business type you may want to follow. Types of Business The two main sectors are Public and Private sectors. Public Sector Within the Public sector are companies which are owned by the government, either by local or national

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  • Types of Expeds

    effort within a military expedition. The royal Marines and Navy planned and achieved a 2600Km ski and kiting trek to the South Pole and also a return journey; this took place in November of 2006. The services planned this expedition to break the following records, to be the first public service to reach the South Pole since Captain Robert Scott 1912. Also to be the first British military expedition that includes a return journey to the South Pole and to be the first Marines to achieve their goals

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  • Types of Terrorism

    profiling and street crime (the exception being Hacker's typology of terrorists by traits, included below).  This is evident from the following examples commonly found in textbooks and/or in the strangely confused way the media reports what is going on in times of terrorist-related crisis or war (Hess & Kalb 2003).  In the following typologies, notice in the headings how the types are classified in different ways. |Terrorism Classified by Place

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  • Types of Essays

    Types of Essays Narrative A narrative essay is a story told by a narrator. Generally, a narrative discusses the personal experience of the author (the first person point of view), but it can also be written about things that happen to others (third person point of view). A narrative typically involves characters, a setting, specific and vivid details, and a series of events that can include current incidents, flashbacks, or dialogue. Cause and Effect A cause and effect essay explores why events

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  • Type I and Type Ii Errors

    the consequence of making a Type I error are more serious than those associated with a Type II error” (Cozby, 2009, 259). There are a couple of statistical power issues that may arise, 1) a Type I error or 2) a Type II error. A Type I error occurs when the null hypothesis, although true, gets rejected by the researcher whereas a Type II error occurs when the null hypothesis is accepted, but is false. It is better for researchers to obtain a Type II error because a Type I error would mislead those

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  • Types of Essays

    Types of Essays Narrative Narration is telling a story from a certain viewpoint, and there is usually a reason for the telling. All narrative essays will have characters, setting, climax, and most importantly, a plot. The plot is the focus of the story and is usually revealed chronologically, but there are sometimes flash forwards and flash backs. In writing a narrative essay, remember to: Include sensory and emotional details, so the reader will experience the story, not just read about

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  • Types of Societies

    Sociologists have classified the different types of societies into six categories, each of which possess their own unique characteristics: 1. Hunting and gathering societies 2. Pastoral societies 3. Horticultural societies 4. Agricultural societies 5. Industrial societies 6. Post-industrial societies Hunting And Gathering Societies Hunting and gathering societies are the earliest form of society. The members survive primarily by hunting, trapping, fishing, and gathering

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  • Types of Franchising

    Types of Franchising There are three basic types of franchise; 1. Trade name franchise Trade name franchise involves a brand name such as True Value Hardware or Western Auto. Here, the franchisee purchases the right to become identified with the franchisers trade name without distributing particular products exclusively under the manufacturers name. 2. Product distribution franchise A Product distribution franchise licenses the franchisee to sell specific products under the manufacturers

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  • Types of Advertising

    Types of advertising Print this page In this guide: 1. Advertising 2. Create your unique selling proposition 3. Types of advertising 4. Planning your advertising 5. Tips for effective advertising 6. Monitoring the success of your advertising 7. Advertising regulations Print entire guide A successful advertising campaign will spread the word about your products and services, attract customers and generate sales. Whether you are trying to encourage new customers to buy an existing

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  • Following My Own Happiness or Following My Parents

    understands me but then just right after my 18th birthday, he texted me and said that he needed space and he just go away explaining nothing. In that way I ended up hating him. This experience was the most regretful in my 18 years of existence, for not following my parents. I am not the only one who was hurt but also my parents who wants nothing but the best for me. I disappointed them; and even if I disobey them they are still the one whom I can lean on. Well, after that incident, I just realized that

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  • Types of Forgetting

    CHARITHA VASUDEVAN 140702015 I MA According to Paul Connerton, a sociologist and a scholar at the University of Cambridge, there are seven types of forgetting. He argues that 'forgetting' is not necessarily a failing, but it is a combination of actions that lead to one term - forgetting. The seven types of forgetting, in his view, are: 1. Repressive erasure 2. Prescriptive Forgetting 3. Forgetting that is constitutive in the formation of a new identity 4. Structural

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  • The Following Questions

    choice if the speed of translation is of primary concern. 5. A smac0 simulator is a software module which simulates the working of computer. Tutorial : 2 2. Editors Q1. Answer in short. 1. Define editor with its types 2. Which are the different types of editors? Explain in brief 3. Which are the fundamental functions of editor. 4. Explain the structure of editor. Q2. Write note on – 1. Line editor 2. Stream editor 3. Screen editor 4. Word processor

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  • Types of Essays

    Types of Essays Narrative Narration is telling a story from a certain viewpoint, and there is usually a reason for the telling. All narrative essays will have characters, setting, climax, and most importantly, a plot. The plot is the focus of the story and is usually revealed chronologically, but there are sometimes flash forwards and flash backs.  In writing a narrative essay, remember to: * Include sensory and emotional details, so the reader will experience the story, not just read about

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  • Types of Loss

    Types and Sources of Loss Throughout life, individuals form countless attachments and in turn experience losses. Loss is experienced in numerous situations; from the loss of a loved one to the loss of a meaningful possession. There are different types of loss: Loss of possessions or objects, loss of a known environment, loss of a significant other, loss of an aspect of self, and loss of life (Potter, 2013, pg. 709). Necessary loss is a loss that everyone experiences and is the result of simply

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  • Types of Audits

    Types of Audits KWyrick Advanced Accounting 2/23/15 Audits are an important necessity to insure the foundation and integrity of any company in today’s business world. Audits provide credibility and assurance for the company’s management and financials. This is useful information for stakeholders when deciding whether or not to invest in the company. The audit also provides reasonable assurance that the financials are free from material errors. Therefore the information provided is guaranteed

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  • Types of Essays

    Types of Essays Narrative Narration is telling a story from a certain viewpoint, and there is usually a reason for the telling. All narrative essays will have characters, setting, climax, and most importantly, a plot. The plot is the focus of the story and is usually revealed chronologically, but there are sometimes flash forwards and flash backs.  In writing a narrative essay, remember to: * Include sensory and emotional details, so the reader will experience the story, not just read about

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  • Types of Validity:

    Types of Validity: External Validity: External validity should be thought up in a way of generalization. It is generalized in a form of population, setting, treatment variables, or measurement. External validity can usually be split into two separate types, which are population and ecological validity and they both help provide understanding to the experimental design and the strength of it (McBurney & White, 2009). Population Validity: The type of validity that helps put the population as a

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  • Types of Labs

    Different types of laboratories The work that is being carried out in a laboratory will influence the type of equipment that is used there. Most laboratories will have several large pieces of equipment, numerous smaller pieces and several computers linked in. The storage required will vary with specialist facilities for radioactive, flammable and toxic materials. Chemistry laboratories Chemistry laboratories tend to break down into the following generic spaces: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry

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  • Types of Abuse

    minimize this abuse. The tasks that you complete will involve you doing many different things, such as giving a presentation, writing an essay, and preparing and presenting posters. The learning outcomes of the unit are for you to: 1 Know types and indicators of abuse 2 Understand factors which may lead to abusive situations 3 Know legislation and regulations which govern the safeguarding of adults 4 Know working strategies and procedures to reduce the risk of abuse of adults

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  • Types of Transformers

    Table of Contents 1 Introduction 3 1.1 Working Principle 3 1.1.1 Mutual Inductance 3 1.1.2 Ideal Transformer 3 1.1.3 Real Transformer 3 1.2 Main Types 3 1.2.1 Step-up Transformer 3 1.2.2 Step-down Transformer 3 1.3 Transformer Ratios 3 1.3.1 Turn Ratio 3 1.3.2 Voltage Ratio 3 1.3.3 Power Ratio 3 1.4 Uses and Applications 3 2 History of Transformer 3 2.1 A.C or D.C 3 2.2 Need of Transformer 3 2.3 Invention of Transformer 3 2.4 First Commercial Use 3 2.5 Transformer

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  • Types of Dementia

    memory or other thinking skills severe enough to reduce a person's ability to perform everyday activities. Alzheimer's disease accounts for 60 to 80 percent of cases. Vascular dementia, which occurs after a stroke, is the second most common dementia type. But there are many other conditions that can cause symptoms of dementia, including some that are reversible, such as thyroid problems and vitamin deficiencies. Dementia is often incorrectly referred to as "senility" or "senile dementia," which reflects

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  • Copy & Paste Your Paper Use This Method If You'D Like to Upload a Document from Your Computer. We Support the Following File Types: Doc, D

    which state or states can the suit be brought? 3. Assume that Javier incurred $100,000 in damages. a) Analyze whether the suit can be brought in federal court b) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of federal versus state court for this type of suit. Guided Response: Analyze and respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Do you agree with their conclusions? Did the facts you considered important in determining jurisdiction differ from your classmates? Explain why or why not

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  • Types of Expeditions

    been reached by other explorers. The four most common types of expedition are an individual expedition, which theexplorer travels to their destination by themselves, by doing this the explorer can geta great sense of achievement from succeeding in the task that they have setthemselves, however they will get very lonely as they will have nobodyaccompanying them on their expedition.Another type of expedition is a group or team expedition, this type of expedition isvery beneficial for a team as they have

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  • Types of Databases

    Types of Databases Aaron Hanlon PT2520T Database concepts 6/20/2015 There are 3 main types of databases, they are flat file, hierarchical, and relational. A database by definition is a collection of data and information it does not necessarily have to be electrical, for example a contact book could be considered a database. A flat file database is the simplest form of electronic databases. It has a structured way in which it stores

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  • Types of Parenting

    Types of Parenting All parents have their own ways of parenting, but when it comes to parenting there are three sub-groups. The three sub-groups for parenting are authoritarian, permissive, and authoritative. Not all parents follow the exact definition of the three types, but are pretty close. Authoritarian parenting is similar to a dictatorship. In this style, parents establish, “do what I say no questions”, rules and regulations for children. If the child does not obey these guidelines they

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  • Type

    less balanced individuals, such mitigation of the unseemly eventually undermines the ENFJ's integrity and frequently their good name. In healthier individuals, deft use of this awareness of the inner needs and desires of others enables this astute type to win friends, influence people, and avoid compromising entanglements. The dynamic nature of their intuition moves ENFJs from one project to another with the assurance that the next one will be perfect, or much more nearly so than the last. ENFJs

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  • Types of Research

    in the real world and to solve a problem. Basic research is research that fills in the knowledge we don't have; it tries to learn things that aren't always directly applicable or useful immediately. 2. Give the purpose of each of the following methods and type of research: a. Historical research • It throws light on present and future trends. • It enables understanding of and solutions to contemporary problems to be sought in the past. • It can illuminate the effects of key interactions

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  • Blood Type

    hospital for severe wounds after a car crash. Although June has Type B blood, she is given Type O blood. During transfusion, the blood of donor and recipient is categorized into following types: A, B, AB and O. This classification is based on the presence or absence of protein agglutinogens or antigens in the blood. In type A and type B blood, antigen A and B is present, respectively. In type AB both antigens A and B is present while, in type O blood, neither of these proteins exist. In the absence

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  • Foundation Types

    Types of Foundation The foundation is the base for the constructed building and as such is required to carry out several functions as follows: 0 The foundation should safely sustain and transmit to the ground the combined dead and imposed loads of the building without resulting in any settlement or other movement of the building or any adjoining works. 1 Foundations should be deep enough or be constructed in such a way as to avoid damage by the swelling, shrinkage or freezing of the

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  • Types of Surveys

    In the following situations, decide whether you would use a personal interview, telephone survey, or self-administered questionnaire. Give your reasons. a) A survey of the residents of a new subdivision on why they happened to select that area in which to live. You also wish to secure some information about what they like and do not like about life in the subdivision. For a survey of residents, I go for a Personal Interview. My reason for this is because the desired sample consists of respondents

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  • Types of Investments

    Types of investments. On the objects of investments made to distinguish between the real (or CAPITAL) and financial investment. The objects of real investment are: 1. Fixed assets; 2. Real estate; 3. Inventories; 4. Intangible assets; 5. Research and development work: 6. Training and skills development. It should be noted that the cost of the last two objects, namely, research and development work, as well as training and skills development relate to investments, if they are carried

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  • Types of Risk

    which are beyond the control of the people working in the market and that's why risk free rate of return in used to just compensate this type of risk in market. Unsystematic Risk: This is the risk other than systematic risk and which is due to the factors which are controllable by the people working in market and market risk premium is used to compensate this type of risk. Diversifiable risk (also known as unsystematic risk) represents the portion of an asset’s risk that is associated with random

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  • Type a and B Personality Types

    Type A and B Personality Types Mariana Puche Los Angeles Southwest College Health 11- Principles of Healthful Living Priscilla Watkins March 4, 2012 While conducting research on stress related heart disease, Cardiologists Friedman and Rosenman acknowledged two basic personality types, Type A personality and Type B personality. Type A personality is described as “being extremely competitive, achievement oriented, hostile, aggressive, and as exhibiting a sense of urgency” (Goethals

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  • Types of Computers

    TYPES OF COMPUTER Let us discuss the different types of computers that we see today. Although they belong to the fifth generation they can be divided into different categories depending upon the size, efficiency, memory and number of users. Broadly they can be divided it to the following categories. 1.Microcomputer: Microcomputer is at the lowest end of the computer range in terms of speed and storage capacity. Its CPU is a microprocessor. The first microcomputers were built of 8-bit microprocessor

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