• Forensic Science

    What is Forensic Linguistics? According to expert Dr. Carole E. Chaski forensic linguistics applies the theories, constructs and analytical methods of linguistics to questions which arise in civil, criminal and security investigations and adjudication. Dr. Chaski notes that an informed understanding of forensic-linguistics requires familiarity with the broader application of linguistics as a social science. This is because virtually every linguistic nuance has been examined within a legal context

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  • Twitter Forensics

    Twitter Forensics CSC 585: Topics in Computer Forensics Final Paper Department of Computer Science University of Rhode Island Abstract Social network service (SNS) recently has been popular and lots of information is shared through this service, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and etc. Since SNSs have grown, people started being interested in criminal evidences in the services. Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting

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  • Forensic

    16 Metallographic Etching of Aluminium and Its Alloys for Restoration of Obliterated Marks in Forensic Science Practice and Investigations R. Kuppuswamy Forensic Science Programme, School of Health Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia 1. Introduction 1.1 The problem A problem of common occurrence in forensic science is the restoration of obliterated serial numbers on the chassis and engine of stolen motor vehicles, firearms, jewellery, valuable tools, and machinery (Nickols, 1956; Wolfer

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  • Forensic Accounting

    Forensic Accounting in Practice Brittany Baskin Dr. John Theodore Contemporary Business November 18, 2012 When you think of the term forensics, what comes to mind? For younger readers CSI probably rings a bell, while the elder crowd would probably think of Quincy. Both TV shows glorified the acts of forensics in a medical sense. But a lesser-known form of forensics has been growing in use around the world. In light of recent accounting scandals throughout the world,

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  • Forensic Accountants

    Forensic Elite: Detective of Numbers Tara Albright Strayer University BUS 504 Contemporary Business February 24, 2013 Dr. Jason M. Barrett Forensic Elite: Detective of Numbers No one in the world likes a snitch. In the early 2000’s the urban campaign “Stop Snitching or Die” changed the face of whistle blowing in the United States (Masten, 2009). Neighborhood violence during the “Stop Snitching or Die” campaign increased as law abiding citizen cowered inside their homes as gun shots

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  • Types of Forensics

    FORENSICS Forensics, by and large, is the application of science to the legal process. It is an emerging research domain in India. There are many different types of forensic sciences baring their vital presence possibly in every field of human endeavor. Of these, let us now discuss about the computational, cyber and the DNA forensics. COMPUTATIONAL FORENSICS: The development of computational methods or mathematical and software techniques to solve forensic issues is called computational forensics

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  • Forensic Accountant

    05/19/2013 05/19/2013 forensic accountant CONTEMPORARY BUSINESS forensic accountant CONTEMPORARY BUSINESS 125/19/20135/19/20135/19/2013 fraud busters In

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  • Forensics

    files of a source drive, to save space on the target drive. Hashing helps check the integrity of the data. Various tools can integrate metadata into the image file But there exits an inability to share an image between different vendors’ computer forensics analysis tools. Like ILook imaging tool IXimager produces IDIF, IRBF, and IEIF but can be read only by ILook. Proprietary format tools produce a segmented file of 650 MB. Maximum file size per segment can be 2 GB. 2. Disk-to-disk copy: UNIX/Linux

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  • Forensic Anthropology

    Forensic Anthropology lecture On Friday the 23rd I attended the forensic anthropology lecture and they discussed a lot of interesting information. They discussed how the “Bones” and “NCIS” shows used methods that were not approved yet or way to expensive. The research forensic anthropologists do is mostly done in a lab and not outside in crime scenes. There are 10 questions that they follow, and each question has its own unique way of finding the answer. Forensic anthropologists don’t say what

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  • Forensic Accounting

    In a country like Bangladesh where the unethical aspects of creative accounting are rampant, the practice of forensic accounting (i.e., investigative accounting done by forensic accounting consultants to solve problems in courts) needs to be introduced and recognized. Forensic accounting’s “Financial Statement Alert” scrutinizes public companies’ questionable accounting practices, advises investors to examine carefully shareholder letters and management’s discussion and analysis of financials

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  • Forensic Auditing

    FORENSIC AUDITING As stated by Gordon Brown, the former Prime Mister of the United Kingdom, “what the use of fingerprints was to the 19th century and DNA analysis was to the 20th century, forensic accounting will be to the 21st century”. When people first see the word “forensic”, they naturally categorize it into a science-related field. According to Webster’s Dictionary, the term “forensic” is defined as “belonging to, used in, or suitable to courts of judicature or to public discussions and debate”

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  • Forensic

    Subspecialties of forensic psychologySubspecialties of forensic psychologySubspecialties of forensic psychology Forensic psychology is defined as the application of psychological knowledge to the legal system (Bartol & Bartol, 2012: 6). The concept of forensic psychology can be misunderstood, because the definition does not explain much. The easiest way to explain forensic psychology is to break it down into its subspecialties and describe where psychological knowledge can be applied. There are

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  • Forensic Pathology

    Forensic Pathology Have you ever just wanted to come home from a long days at work and kick off your shoes and grab some food and pig out in front of the television? You began to flick through all the channels and can’t find what you are looking for so you come to CSI Miami and this had caught your attention and now you’re toned in and intrigued of what they are doing. You find yourself yelling at the T.V. saying “how they do that?” “What is that?” “Why are they doing that?” and “how did they

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  • Forensic

    Forensic Psychology Abstract: U.S. Supreme Court Rules in Kumho Tire Co. v. Carmichael Case (No. 97—1709. Argued December 7, 1998–Decided March 23, 1999) On March 23, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Kumho Tire Co. v. Carmichael, No. 97-1709, that all types of expert evidence are subject to the relevance and reliability ‘gatekeeping’ function that the Supreme Court had articulated with respect to scientific evidence in Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 509 U.S. 579 (1993)

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  • Forensic Accounting

    AN OVERVIEW OF FORENSIC ACCOUNTING IN MALAYSIA Mohd Sarif Ibrahim and Mazni Abdullah Department of Financial Accounting & Auditing Faculty of Business and Accountancy, University of Malaya 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ABSTRACT Forensic accounting may not be a new field in accounting. However it becomes so important recently and has been an interest to various stakeholders, from the government, investors, and practitioners to regulatory bodies. Corporate

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  • Forensic Evidence

    Forensic Science is the application of science to the law. In recent years the use of forensic science has become increasingly necessary to help with criminal and civil investigations. Although forensic evidence is admissible in court one must keep in mind how that evidence made its way to the court system. I will take you through the process. For there to be admissible evidence for a court case there must be physical evidence which would have been collected at a crime scene therefore there

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  • Forensic

    examiners use similar phrases. Most people enjoy watching CSI, Criminal minds, and Law and Order. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am totally interested in crime scenes and how people die. A forensic pathologist is a great profession that requires hard work, dedication, and flexibility. A Forensic Pathologist is a person who examines the bodies of people who died suddenly, unexpectedly, or violently. They are in charge of determining a person death. A medical examiner perform autopsy and

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  • Forensic Accouhting

    Forensic Accounting in Practice Twana Bethea BUS 508 May 21, 2013 Dr. Phyllis Praise Abstract Forensic Accounting is the application of the skills and training of a chartered accountant to disputes and investigations. Fraud is usually hidden in the accounting systems of organizations and that’s where forensic accountants play a critical role. Forensic accountants are contacted by companies when they need to figure out where a fraud was committed in their company. The accountants interview

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  • Digital Forensic


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  • Forensic Pathology

    A forensic pathologist (which is known to most people as a medical examiner), is heavily involved in the criminal justice system and medical system. The medical examiner's main job is to conduct an autopsy on the victim of any unnatural form of death. Their primary task in potential criminal cases is to find the cause of death and confirm if it was homicidal, suicidal, or an accident. The cause of death is what police investigators use as their lead to track down potential suspects. Some work in

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  • Forensic Account

    Culture-Specific Forensic Accounting Conceptual Framework: A skills Set Theoretical Analysis Abstract : Forensic accounting, given its peculiar investigative stance, requires a specific skills set on the part of the forensic accountant, that integrates accounting, auditing and investigative skills. The Jordanian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (JACC) struggle to investigate Maward’s, a Jordanian state-own company, suspected corruption has raised serious concerns regarding the weak state of forensic accounting

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  • Forensic Accounting.

    Submission of Research paper as a part of curricular activity. Forensic Accounting: A new dynamic approach to investigate fraud. SUBMITTED BY: Aniket Desai (12BBL016) Alakananda Duggirala (12BBL016) Rut Shah (12BBL051) SUBMITTED TO: Dr. Pranav Saraswat For the academic session July to December 2014 1 PREFACE This research project is carried out as a part of curricular activity for the course of Financial Audit, in semester V for the programme LLB (Hons.). We have tried our

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  • Forensic

    broad scope of laboratory tests that use specific antigen and serum antibody reactions The concept of specific antigen-antibody reactions has been applied to immunology techniques for the reaction of drugs of abuse in blood and urine. Forensics of Blood The determination of blood is best made by means of a preliminary color test. A-B-O vs. DNA Seminal stains- sexual contact Blood spatter analyst at crime sense Transfer of blood Arterial spurting----splash of blood---dribble

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  • Forensic Accountants

    Introduction Forensic accounting has been around for many years. With the spotlight on accounting due to high profile scandals such as the Enron debacle, the market for forensic accountants has increased. The increase in white collar crimes due to the economic downturn also has forensic accounting in high demand. These accountants assist in investigating financial, auditing and business related issues and require specialized training. Forensic accountants are retained by lawyers, police forces

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  • Computer Forensics

    Computer Forensics The world of crime has expanded right along with the explosion of the internet. The modern cyber criminal has veritable global playground in which to steal money and information from unsuspecting victims. Computer forensics is a quickly emerging science against the increasingly difficult battle to bring criminals to justice who perpetrates crimes on others. The computer forensics field is a relatively new investigative tool but enjoys continual advances in procedures, standards

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  • Forensic

    Forensic Pathology In the many months I’ve researched Forensic Pathology, I’ve found so many roads that I have to take in order to get there. I have been pursuing this dream since my freshmen year. I found so many interesting, shocking, and yet some upsetting things. I realized that not everything is positive when it comes to choosing your career. When actually seeing, physically what Forensic Pathology really is, you’ll be shocked about it. Since reading about it and actually doing the job, it’s

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  • Forensics

    was to analyze three anti-forensic techniques for potential methods of mitigating their impact on a forensic investigation. Existing research in digital forensics and anti-forensics was used to determine how altered metadata, encryption, and deletion impact the three most prominent operating systems. The common file systems for these operating systems were analyzed to determine if file system analysis could be used to mitigate the impact of the associated anti-forensic technique. The countermeasures

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  • Chemistry on Forensic

    high. However, forensic science has been there to help solve every crime committed Forensic science is the scientific method of gathering and examining information about the past. The word forensic comes from the Latin forēnsis, meaning "of or before the forum. The word forensic basically means the key to solve a crime.This is the technology used to help forensic teams to analyze and solve crimes.- This is especially important in law enforcement where forensics is done in relation

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  • Digital Forensic

    the USB device from officer Linda Mood of the USSS Cyber forensics Team in an antistatic bag with tamper resistant tape. Her initials were written over the tape. I removed the USB flash drive from the bag. It was a 2GB black and green retractable Sony flash drive with the serial number of D33021. Using the mount command I confirmed that the USB had not mounted. Command: mount Using the date command I showed when I began the forensic work on the USB device. Sun Feb 1 13:21:34 EST 2015 Command:

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  • Forensic Project

    March 6, 2015 March 6, 2015 Final Project Cybercrime Forensics Final Project Cybercrime Forensics Part 1: Review Packet Capture For this investigation, we have decided to use NetWitness Investigator to examine the packets captured from the computers in question. NetWitness Investigator is a software used to examine packets and list login information, transferred data, and IP addresses used, among others. For the purpose of this investigation, we are primarily concerned

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  • Comp Forensic

    Fakulti Sains Komputer dan Teknologi Maklumat SSK4508 (Computer Forensics) Semester 2 2014/2015 March 18, 2015 Assignment 2 (Group) Objectives: 1. Recognize the role e-evidence plays in physical, or violent, and computer crimes. 2. Identify the types of challenges to the admissibility of e-evidence. 3. Identify the legal and ethical issues affecting evidence search and seizure. Instruction: 1. Each group will assign to one topic. 2. Date submission is before or on April

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  • Mathematics and Forensics

    Mathematics and Forensics 8 March, 2015 Math History - 109 In a world filled with technology, accountability, and a desire for higher quality of living; the world owes it all to math. As children grow up and are taught mathematics in countries all over the world; they are all being taught the same language. Math is the universal language of the world and math has changed the world from the time of the Egyptians to the present day era of technology. Mathematicians like Nicolaus Copernicus gave

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  • Forensic Psychology

    Forensic Psychology- Criminal Profiling Forensic psychology is a field in the study of psychology that combines the study of systematic study of behaviors and the law. Being a forensic psychologist entails having psychological insight and knowing the functioning and understanding the legal and criminal justice system. Some of these jobs include victim services, addiction services, jury research, family services, and eyewitness identification (Crossman 1). This job entails a great level of personality

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  • Forensics

    CONTENTS Introduction 1 Purpose 1 Methodology 1 Organization_______________________________________________________________ 2 Body 2 Computer Forensics 2 Internet Security 2 Conclusion_________________________________________________________________ 4 Sources 5 Introduction In this report I will be writing on two jobs: computer forensics and information Security. I am writing on these two due to the fact that these are two job considerations for my degree. I will be discussing

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  • Forensic Autopsy

    Forensic Autopsy Name Institution Course Date Deaths resulting from blunt force trauma are the most common cases in forensic autopsy. However, it is imperative to note that some factors contribute to the actual death of the victim, leading to a contradiction of whether the cause of death was sharp force or blunt trauma related. For instance, a patient hospitalised after having had a car accident and died three weeks after hospitalization, having caught pneumonia

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  • Forensic Psychology

    Forensic Psychology Name Institution Date Forensic Psychology refers to the formal intersection between the scientific section of psychology and the criminal justice systems. It involves having a thorough understanding of the criminal systems applied in various jurisdictions by constantly evaluating them at a global perspective (Bartol &Bartol, 2012). The scientific aspect of it takes this information and analyses this information and interrelates

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  • Forensic Accounting

    Forensic Accounting Forensic Accounting has a broad range of opportunity, and there are many different purposes for forensic accountants. Forensic Accountants are highly in demand during periods of financial crisis, and soaring bankruptcy rates (Chiang, 2013). The recession has generated a high demand for this type of accounting. Today we have decided to write about the two different types of forensic accounting, who they are employed by, and finally, how forensic accounting is emerging, and had

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  • Forensic Science

    WEEK 1- INTRODUCTION TO FORENSIC SCIENCE Quote "Every contact leaves a trace." - Edmond Locard (1877 - 1966) Learning Objective(s) At the end of this topic, you should be able to: 1. Define 'Forensic Science'; 2. Explain the limits of Forensic Science; 3. Identify the types of forensic work; 4. Describe Locard's Exchange Principle; 5. Differentiate Reconstruction & Re-enactment. Synopsis To illustrate the scope and diversity of Forensic Science, place it in its legal context

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  • Forensics History

    Forensics History Theresia L. Coates Criminal Justice 1010 Forensics History What does Forensics mean? How old is forensic science? When it was first applied to the law? How has the Forensic science changed the arrest and prosecution success of criminals? The term "forensic" comes from the Latin and means, simply, having to do with the law. How has Forensics evolved from the beginning until today? Let us delve into the history of forensics and its blossoming partnership with the law. Surprisingly

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  • Forensics

    CCSI 410 Forensic Lab Report 1) Investigator’s Name: _Henry Broncano____ 2) Date of Investigation:__11-21-15 3) Lab Number and Title: _Week 4 Ilab____ 4) Summary of Findings When looking into week four of the ILabs I conducted the necessary steps requested. Do to the finding in the search of the floppy disk and its key search in the result of bob and manuel I believe there is enough to investigate. The findings show a solid lead to this case and deserve more of an evaluation

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  • Legal and Forensic

    Legal and Forensic Psychology Michael Betters Keiser University Legal and Forensic Psychology Abstract Legal and forensic psychologists are often torn between fulfilling their duties as a legal and forensic workers in the criminal justice system, and adhering to the ethical obligations to their clients as psychologists. This paper explores the dilemma faced by legal and forensic psychologists in carrying out their day-to-day roles as officials in the criminal justice system and in upholding

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  • Forensic Science

    December 7, 2015 Denise Mowder Forensic Science is the implementation of science and technology in the criminal justice system, which enforced by police agencies. To break down the definition of forensic science, forensic means the key to solving crimes. Science indicates the source of technology that used to help the forensic team to investigate the evidence and solve crimes. The history and development have come to long ways. There are many roles of the forensic science expert as well as the multi-capabilities

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  • Forensic Accounting

    Forensic accounting is the specialty practice area of accountancy that describes engagements that result from actual or anticipated disputes or litigation. "Forensic" means "suitable for use in a court of law", and it is to that standard and potential outcome that forensic accountants generally have to work. Forensic accountants, also referred to as forensic auditors or investigative auditors, often have to give expert evidence at the eventual trial. There are several organizations worldwide that

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  • Forensic Accounting

    There are fraudulent accounting procedures taking place in many businesses all across the world, and many companies have been going a number of years covering up the real financial value of their company. Forensic accountants are becoming much needed as accounting frauds, financial scams, and various economic scandals are beginning to increase globally. This type of accountant does more than the typical accountant of a business or corporation, because their objective is to investigate fraudulent

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  • Mobile Forensics

    Abstract Mobile forensics involves recovering and retrieving digital evidence or data from mobile devices under forensically sound conditions utilizing established methods (Ayers, Brothers, & Jansen, 2013). The field of mobile forensics is complicated as the variety in providers, manufacturers, propriety technologies and formats are extensive. These challenges are coupled with the fast release and upgrades to mobile devices making a forensic investigator’s job more arduous in attempting to examine

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  • Forensics

    In the article it was discussing all the different types of forensics there are. People think there is just one type of forensics, but there’s a wide range of all different types. I also picked this article because I think people should realize that forensics is a very hard field to go into. You really have to really have heart to be able to go into this field. Investigator’s really have to go into detail about every little thing. In the investigations you really cannot miss a single detail.

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  • Computer Forensics

    Computer Forensics Through the Years Prof. Pepin Galarga Computer Forensics Sep 11, 2010 Table of Content Introduction …………………………………………………………………………………Page 2 The Early Years……………………………………………………………….......................Page 3 Early Training Programs …………………………………………………………………....Page 4 Typical Aspects of Computer Forensic Investigations ……………………………………..Page 5 Legal Aspects of Computer Forensics …………………………………………..……...…..Page 6 Conclusion ………………………………………………………………………………….Page 7 References………………………………………………………………………………

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  • Forensic Evidence in It

    U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs National Institute of Justice APR. 04 Special REPORT Forensic Examination of Digital Evidence: A Guide for Law Enforcement U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs 810 Seventh Street N.W. Washington, DC 20531 John Ashcroft Attorney General Deborah J. Daniels Assistant Attorney General Sarah V. Hart Director, National Institute of Justice This and other publications and products of the U.S. Department of Justice

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  • Forensics

    DNA is a molecule that contains the body’s genetic information. ”DNA typing is also known as DNA profiling and genetic fingerprinting. Forensic investigators use this method to identify the suspects involved in a criminal case(s). “Although 99.9% of human DNA sequences are the same in every person, enough of the DNA is different to distinguish one individual from another.” ( A Mr. Alec Jefferys first documented the DNA typing procedure in 1984 at the University of Leicester in

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  • Forensic

    Forensic Toxicology     It was during the years of 1998 and 2001 that a very demure and innocent looking woman named Van le Thahn began her killing spree. Thahn was 49 years old  at the time and was from the city of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. Van le Thahn successfully poisoned 13 people with cyanide. Named the Vietnamese Black Widow, Van would intentionally place herself in situations that would allow her to interact with people who were rich and affluent. After gaining access to the circle, Van would

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