Formal Comparison Euripides Medea Senecas Medea

  • Humanities

    Erectheion (with Porch of the Maidens), Propylaia Literature & Drama: epic poetry, Epic of Gilgamesh, Homer, Iliad, Odyssey; Hesiod, Theogony; Theater of Dionysus, tragedy, comedy, Oresteia of Aeschylus, Antigone & Oedipus the King by Sophocles, Medea by Euripides, Lysistrata by Aristophanes, characteristics of tragedy, hubris, hamartia, catharsis Thought: Pre-Socratic Philosophers, Thales, water, Xenophanes, Democritus, atoms; Socrates, Plato & theory of forms, Allegory of the Cave, Republic, Aristotle

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  • Comparison

    Comparison on Public Health and Community Health. Shelly Shew NUR/408 October 29, 2012 Kim Oatman Comparison on Public Health and Community Health Nursing. This paper will reflect the history of public health and significant events related to these agencies. The difference between public and community health will be acknowledged. Also information included on county, state, and national public health resources. There has been measurable growth and expansion over the years in regard to public

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  • Formal Communication

    Formal Communication If I was preparing a formal report for my accounting peers, my manager, and the owner of a business, I would essentially feel the need to write three different reports. Each individual or group of people will have different informational needs and different knowledge levels of the subject matter. This forces me to place how formal the report would be into three different levels which include low, medium, and high. Knowing how to read your audience and choose the right formality

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  • Compare and Contrast the Character Traits of Jason and Medea in the Argonautica

    is developed by the distinctive character traits displayed. In the poem Jason and Medea turn out to be the main characters whose roles are very crucial to the development of the plot. This write-up would therefore try to bring out the distinctive similarities and differences in character traits of Jason and Medea both in deeds and words of Apollonius Voyage of Argo. Typical of all mythical heroes, both Jason and Medea are of royal blood. Jason is a prince whose father, Aeson is the rightful king of

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  • Myth Behind Medea

    the Colchian king fall in love with Jason. Medea was the daughter of King Æetes. But Medea was a powerful magician and she could save the Argonauts if they ever were in trouble. While this was going on, the Argonauts made their way to the city to ask the king for the Golden Fleece. Hera wrapped the Argonauts in a mist so they wouldn't be seen until they arrived at the palace. King Æetes welcomed them to Colchis and was hospitable to them. Princess Medea also made her way into the palace to see what

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  • Euripedes Medea

    Bassel Hashem Text and Ideas Euripides’ Medea Professor Renzi While it was conventional to have three actors in a play, Euripides’ Medea could actually be done with two speaking actors (the children do not count). For consistency the three players will simply be numbered one, two, and three. Medea would be played by all three different actors, the reason being that the most complex and speckled character is the title character of Medea. For the first scene when the Nurse and

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  • Formal and Informal

    FORMAL AND INFORMAL LETTERS | | |   | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | FORMAL                                   | | INFORMAL                                 | |                                                  | | | | | Name |          | Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms DupuisDear Mary | | Hi/Hello MaryMary,....(or no name at all) | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Previous contact | | Thank you for your e-mail of...Further to your last e-mail,...I apologise

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  • Medea

    Insane woman kills 6 people in a rampage! A woman named Medea had 2 sons. She was recently married to a man named Jason who she had done a lot to be with. She killed her own brother and father to be with Jason. It all went down hill when Jason decided one day he was going to leave Medea for the princess. As you well know this upset Medea greatly and she was furious to hear this news. She knew she had to do something about; she had reason to be upset because she had killed 2 of her family members

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  • Formal Report

    Formal Report Final Draft Jonah Colombo Devry University Author Note This paper is being submitted December 11, 2011 for Instructor Carl Jean’s Technical Writing course at Devry University by Jonah Colombo. December 11, 2011 Tracey Millwood Acquisitions Manager H.D. Heavy Industries 1300 Boss Road Seattle WA 98188 Dear Tracey: Please find enclosed the analysis of buying versus leasing computer and information technology. This is in response to your request that further

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  • The Protagonist Qualities of Medea and Jason

    The Comparison of Qualities of the Protagonist in Odyssey by Homer and Medea by Euripedes The comparison of Medea by Euripedes and Odyssey by Homer show many similarities as well as differences. Let’s begin with the character of Medea. After reading Medea by Euripedes the character of Medea shows that she was a barbarian by nature, and she was considered a foreigner. Medea states that “I am the mother of your

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  • Medea

    MEDEA Part 1 Analysis The first purpose of this section is to offer background information for the action about to unfold. It's important to note that at the time the play was first produced, most people in the audience would have known the story of Medea and Jason when they came into the theatre. The myth was part of Greece's cultural and societal heritage. The interest in coming to the theatre, for the Greeks, was to see how the playwright illuminated larger questions of human existence by

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  • Seneca Falls Declartion of Sentiments

    September 2, 2010 Reading Response #1 Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments 1. Title: The title relates to the section, because it resembles the three part structure of the Declaration of Independence. The section was written in Seneca Falls at a women’s rights convention. The title also declares that the piece will be a set of sentiments, thoughts prompted by feelings. 2. Author’s Life: The women, Mott, Wright, McClintrock, and Stanton, who wrote the Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiment were

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  • The Acts of Medea

    The Acts of Medea: A Theme of Revenge Medea is devoted to her husband Jason and sacrificed her own life for his love. Jason has so much greed for royalty that he deserts Medea and their two children and marries the Princess Glauce. Medea’s love for Jason now turns into hatred as her thirst for revenge rules her over emotions. She despises Jason and plots to kill not only his new wife, but his own seeds – their children. The degree of sanity behind Medea’s emotions contributes to her act of

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  • A Comparison

    A Comparison of Values In today’s society, having a moral obligation to others is essential when interacting with individuals or growing a successful organization as Kudler Fine Foods. Valuing and respecting individuals creates an environment in which everyone can live and work together in a more harmonious environment. Upon completing the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self assessment, reflecting on the results and my own personal values, I believe that Kudler Fine Foods and I

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  • Formal Anaylsis

    Nicole Glotfelty Visual Imarary Feburary 6, 2013 Formal Anaylsis The frist painting is called A Walk Through New York with a Headache and Loteria Cards. It is an oil, acrylic and montage canvas painting painted by Julio Galans in 1984. This was Juilo Galans first painting. The painting is of a gaint figure that looks like a Manhattan hotel bellhop towering over the city's skyscrapers carrying a Sacred Heart, the whole painting is bored by subways and and other city images. The second painting

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  • Comparison

    surrounded by the blend of white orchid milk and warm vanilla essence. Incidentally, ‘pashmina’ is said to be the finest cashmere wool. It would be difficult to say that this is a strong comparison. Cashmere wool, vanilla and orchid milk are a tough sell when compared to body wash. On the other hand, the comparison does provoke a strong desire to actually be wrapped in pashmina while inhaling the warm essence of vanilla and orchid milk, white orchid milk nonetheless. The smooth supple feel of the body

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  • The Formal

    THE FORMAL – BY SUE MURRAY CHARACTERS Frank Tatiana Lisa Paul SCENE ONE – DON’T TELL ANYONE LISA CENTERED ON STAGE, LIGHTS DIMMED, AND SPOTLIGHT ON LISA. LISA The formal. Apparently the hardest part of our high school lives, a night we are all suppose to remember. Well this formal has definitely scarred me for life. All the money spent, the illegal drinking, the boys and most of all Tatiana’s brother, Frank. Although of course you have not yet heard of him or his stupid bad ass accomplishments

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  • Seneca Falls

    The Seneca Falls Convention Throughout history women were not treated the same rights as men. Women were thought of as property, wives and mothers. People believed that women were inferior to men. Women could not own property and most of their education consisted of learning how to run a home. Men thought that they were more intelligent than women therefore, they didn’t think a woman could hold political office or vote. Men also thought women should not be involved in legal issues and they were

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  • Dante's Inferno: Jason

    collectively as the Argonauts, and by charming the king's daughter Medea, a witch/sorceress. (It should also be noted that before he met Medea he had slept with a woman of The Isle of Lemnos, and left her with child When he left Colchis, Jason was obligated to take Medea with him because she had betrayed her father. On their sea passage, Medea killed her younger brother in protection of Jason and tossed his limbs upon the sea. Medea won the throne of Iolcus for Jason by tricking Pelias' own daughters

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  • Medea

    Melissa Martinez Medea: Candidate for the Death Penalty The events that were set into motion in 431 B.C.E are drawing to a close. A crime of ghastly, unthinkable proportions was committed by Medea, a woman who has shown absolutely no remorse for her actions. On that fateful day, this atrocious woman plotted retribution against the husband who had wronged her simply by marrying another. She is quoted as saying “I pray that I may see him, him and his bride and all their palace shattered for

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  • Jocasta V Medea

    Jocasta and Medea Both Jocasta and Medea offer different views of the roles that women played in Greek society. While women definitely played a role which was subservient to the one played by men, it is obvious that these women were seen by the ancient Greeks as capable of being strong, intelligent, resourceful, loyal, and heroic. In most cases, a woman’s role is restricted to bearing young, raising children, and housework. Both Medea and Jocasta represent something powerful to their society. In

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  • Medea in the Mirror

    Jose Triana wrote the story Medea in the Mirror in the early 60’s (during the Cuban revolution). The play shares some very similar themes with the Roman myth of Medea written by Euripides. Medea in the Mirror furthermore represents Latin American plays based on Greek novels, because they all contain a sequence of similar elements such as, the outline of both plot, the task of the characters and the intrusion of songs. It can therefore be concluded that Jose Triana wrote Medea in the Mirror to shed light

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  • Informal and Formal Assessments

    Formal and Informal Assessments Diane Suzuki Western Governor’s University June 22, 2014 There are several ways to assess students in the c lassroom, these include Formal and Informal assessments. Every teacher needs methods to unders tand whether the students are grasping the concepts they are being taught. To determine this the teacher uses several types of assessments. In some cases, formal assessments are most beneficial in determining understanding and in

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  • Comparison

    Licensure Application Comparison Nurses and Professional counselors both belong to the health care fields; however, they requirements totally opposite from one another. Both application require a fee and request that the individual graduated from an approved school. First as a nurse, you will have to apply for a six month temporary permit and take a board approved refresher course. Second, you will complete the Texas Nursing Jurisprudence Exam along with a Nursing Jurisprudence Prep Couse.

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  • Medea

    Medea Many different literary works have a well-developed plot from the beginning to the end. Some of these works have a character that readers view throughout the work as a terrible human being, and some people have to suffer because of that one person. Euripides, the author of the Medea, sets the tone of Jason to be a cheating husband in the play. Medea, Jason’s wife, has to live with him while he goes out sleeping with another woman and planning a wedding with her. Readers, throughout the play

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  • On Asthma by Seneca

    On Asthma by Seneca Translated by Robin Campbell Ill health—which had granted me quite a long spell of leave—has attacked me without warning again. “What kind of ill health?” you will be asking. And well you may, for there isn’t a single kind I haven’t experienced. There’s one particular ailment, though, for which I’ve always been singled out, so to speak. I see no reason why I should call it by its Greek name, difficulty in breathing being a particularly good way of describing it. Its onslaught

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  • Manipulator Medea

    All in all, a person may have a time when their significant other is lousy. In Euripides’ story Medea her husband Jason is no different. Medea did everything she could to make sure that Jason was safe and got what he wanted in life. She betrayed her own family for Jason, killing her brother and taking the Golden Fleece. Now Jason has betrayed her by leaving her and their two sons for princess Glauce and king Creon of Corinth. As anyone would, be she is upset and decides to make a plan to hurt Jason

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  • Contrast Formal and Non Formal Education

    attempt to contrast non-formal education in terms of purpose, timing, content delivery system and control with formal education relate your discussion to the Zambia system at primary and secondary level. Thereafter the conclusion will be drawn but it is of vital importance to identify the key concepts in the questions. According to UNESCO (1991) education is ‘an organized and sustained communication process designed to bring about learning. Mernier (2007) quotes that non-formal learning, happens in

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  • Medea

    Mous Ms. Connolly AP Language 5 January 2009 Medea & “Poetics” Euripides’ Medea, a tale of love, sorrow, and revenge, is, by Aristotle’s standards, a tragedy. The play clearly includes each of the three unities and all of the six elements of theatre, as Aristotle discussed in “Poetics.” However, even though Medea can be accurately categorized as a Greek tragedy, the story lacks a tragic hero. Neither of the two main characters, Medea or Jason, possess all the traits that exist in a tragic

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  • Medea in the Mirror

    Leonard English 144 6 – 3 – 2011 Medea in the Mirror The story Medea in the Mirror was written by Jose Triana in the early 60s during the period of the Cuban revolution. The play clearly explores some thoughts similarly to the Roman edition of Medea myth written by Euripides. Medea in the Mirror furthermore represents Latin American plays base on Greek novels, because they all contain a sequence

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  • Medea

    can view Medea’s character in the opening of the play (to page 25) The opening of the play sees Medea viewed in several different ways. Medea is portrayed as being victimised as she has been betrayed by Jason as he chose to marry Creon’s daughter to elevate his social status. Medea can also be seen as dangerous because in the past she killed her brother and deceived her father. In the play Medea is shown as victimised because of her treatment by Jason. When the nurse states "Wails aloud for her

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  • Formal Proposal

    RANGE OF MOBILITY…………………………………………….…………………………………………………3 EASE OF EXPANSION………………………………………………………………………………………………4 CONCLUSION 5 RECOMMENDATIONS 5 REFERENCES 6 APPENDIX A: AUDIENCE ANALYSIS 7 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS FIGURES 1. Comparison Between Wired and Wireless LAN TABLES 1. Equipment Cost PHOTOS 1. Inventory Scanner Priced at $328.13 2. Router Priced at $83.50 3. Server Priced at $1399.99 ABSTRACT The current method of keeping inventory

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  • Comparison

    Comparison between California and Texas There are many things to consider and compare when deciding to move to another location. One has to consider the climate, cultures, economics, crime rate, and agriculture. Some states are so different, they don’t seem like they’re in the same country. Many people move to California or Texas for the vast opportunities. The climates in California range from cool wintry weather in the north, to sunny and hot weather in the south. Texas weather changes from hot

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  • Formal Report

    Formal Report/Proposal Outline Template Your name: Directions: Refer to your textbook (Chapter 2, page 48 and Chapter 10, page 311) and the Week 4 Lecture to complete this outline. Write in complete sentences, not single words or short phrases. Be as detailed as possible, adding in-text citations for all references noted on your References page from Week 3, which should also be included here. The more information you place in this final outline, the less work you will have to do for the report

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  • Formal Communications

    Team B Formal Communications University of Phoenix Team B Formal Communications To: Accountants From: Team B Subject: Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) 112 and 115 Notification Changes have been made regarding the rules that must be followed by auditors. The purpose of this memo is to provide an outline of the changes and explanation on how the changes will impact our valued clients. As accountants, understanding the Statement of Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 112 and the superseding SAS

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  • Seneca Critical Analysis on the Tranquility of Mind

    Seneca wrote On the Tranquility of Mind this is a famous prose where he said “There has never been any great genius without a spice of madness” (Cunningham 128). The same book, he had the idea of grasping the little good you have instead of complaining about all the bad this way of thinking is very good for today’s people. This way of thinking can really not only motivate the thinker but inspire others at the same time. Seneca idea of holding on to the good and not the bad in your life can really

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  • Medea

    Euripides’ Medea A. The author, Euripides a. Considered the liveliest, funniest, and most provocative of the three great Athenian tragedians whose works survive. b. Controversial for his time because of the use of colloquial language and depictions of unheroic heroes, promiscuous women and cruel, violent gods. c. Specialized in unexpected plot twists and new approaches to his mythological material. d. Use traditional myths but shifted the attention away from the

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  • Medea

    Jo Eun Kim (jek266) Medea: Tragic or Evil? Greek mythology is depicted in a variety of forms, from writings to works to art such as paintings and sculptures. With these different venues of expression, myth is also expressed in various ways, raising the question: how does the depiction of myth differ in texts and images? Sometimes the depiction in images matches that of textual writings, whereas in other instances the pictorial representation presents the same myth in a different light. For

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  • Women and Femininity in Medea

    Women and Femininity in Medea Women’s rights movements have made incredible progress in recent times. Although there are many countries around the world where women are facing political and social unjustness, the social class of women in ancient Greece of 5th century BCE was solely grounded by patriarchal ideologies. The Greek playwright Euripides creates a persistent character Medea, in his classic tragedy Medea. Today, scholars study this relentless protagonist who has become an eternal and

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  • Formal Report

    divisions—each division indicating 0.01 mm, which is the precision of the instrument. Since our eye can still estimate another decimal place between marks on the rotating scale (or 0.001mm, which is 0.000001 m), this device is called a micrometer. Another comparison is that the Vernier Caliper has the capacity of 155 mm and has an accuracy of 0.05 mm while the Micrometer Caliper has the capacity of 26 mm and its accuracy is 0.01 mm. 2. If three concurrent forces are in equilibrium, what is the relation

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  • Comparison

    Comparison among the monopoly and oligopoly Competition in the market. A monopoly market contains a single firm that produces goods with no close substitute, with significant barriers to entry of other firms. An A monopoly and an oligopoly are economic market structures where there is imperfect oligopoly market has a small number of relatively large firms that produce similar but slightly different products. Again, there are significant barriers to entry for other enterprises. In a monopoly,

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  • Formal

    Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Formal Report Table of Contents Introduction 3 Instruction 4 Ingredients 6 Process Report 7 Conclusion 9 Introduction This demonstration is to inform the nutrition staff, and patients in Hillary Hoffman’s Nursing Home Care how to prepare a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a very simple snack; this is known to be one of the United States most eaten past time

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  • Formal Proposal

    E227 Global Solutions Going Green Formal Proposal DeVry University Professor Audra Spicer Professional Writing Shane’e Green April 21, 2016 * Introduction As we look at every day and the temperatures are extremely high I notice that the natural beauty is slowly disappearing right in front of our eyes. We have to realize

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  • Effects of Technology on Formal Writing

    useful, it has over the years become the way of communication for many, especially throughout high school and college years. The problem with having that technology at hand is that, proper formal writing suffers dramatically from having hand held cell phones at people's expense. So what is formal writing? “Formal writing refers to the kind of academic, graded writing that you would do in a college course” (McCarthy). Things like spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure are included.

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  • Comparison

    Comparison Matrix Paper Nyenye Matthews Grand Canyon University: RES-811 June 8, 2016 Comparison Matrix Paper At first thought, the journey of completing a doctoral program can be scary, nerve wrecking and/or cause you to have anxiety especially when faced with having to decide on a topic for your dissertation before you even start class. All of these feelings eventually subside once the newly doctoral learner starts their first course. The purpose of this paper is to compare three empirical

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  • Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino

    Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino “The result of vision, dedication and a willingness to invest” In the words of our new mayor, Bryon Brown, “The City of Buffalo is on its way back”, with a new aspiration and a profitable future (Fink, 2008). Currently we have about 4.5 billion dollars worth of projects scheduled or under construction in the City but there remains one project that is considered the largest project for the City of Buffalo. That project being the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino, which

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  • Formal Outline

    Formal Outline Example NOTE: This is a persuasion speech that is approximately 15 minutes long. It is a speech on a question of fact. It is presented to you as an example of what a formal outline should look like. Your formal outlines will be appropriate to the assignment, including type of speech and length. Topic: Cultural Behaviors General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that cultural values are enacted through nonverbal behavior Central Idea: That the macroenvironment

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  • Social and Formal Groups Comparison

    Social and Formal Groups Comparison Debra Mallery SOC/120 - Sociology May 24, 2012 Kimberley Stephens Social and Formal Groups Comparison There are some obvious difference between a lady‘s church group and the local Ruritan. The first requirement in belong to a lady church group is you go to that church and you are a woman. The requirement to joining the local Ruritan is fist to live in the local area of the group. The next in joining the Ruritan is you have to fill out an application and

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  • Formal Analysis

    Magno, Pacifico Andreo S. TFA 150, Ma’am Lisa 2008-82788 FORMAL ANALYSIS The artwork was made by combining various types of lines mainly: expressive, implied, hatching and crosshatching. This was done probably with pencil on paper with a conveyed roughness on the strokes with a rather pleasing softness to it. Expressive lines were used to create the outline of the artwork and to illustrate the overall shape. Implied lines were made to create the twirls on the piece mainly found

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  • Heritage Report Seneca Indian

    Heritage report Seneca Indian The Seneca Indians were one of the six nations that formed the Iroquois nation. They encompassed a region that covered western New York to the western edge of Lake Erie. The Seneca where a very modern people in ways like politics and social interaction but also very steeped in tradition with their religious beliefs. Seneca tribal leaders like Red Jacket were some of the first to accept the white man and they even fought alongside the British during the Revolutionary

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