Fractional Distillation Process

  • Innovation Process

    The Innovation Process Learning Team A OI/361 July 2, 2012 The Innovation Process Nokia’s cellular phone battery problem requires a creative innovative approach to problem-solving. Innovation is a process organizations engage to gain a competitive advantage. The following discussion focuses on the innovative process. Discussion begins by indentifying each of the four steps of the innovation process. Steps include generating new ideas, researching new ideas, development of a product or service

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  • Azeotropic Distillation

    Azeotropic Distillation of water and ethanol by Harold van Schevensteen The process of simple distillation is a method of separating mixtures based on their differences in volatility in a boiling liquid mixture. We find out, however, that using this process, a mixture of water and ethanol cannot be separated fully. The latter can only be purified to approximately 96%. To get to this point, we go through a process whereby through distillation, we reduce the proportion of water in the mixture

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  • The Writing Process

    The Writing Process Whether you know it or not, there’s a process to writing – which many writers follow naturally. If you’re just getting started as a writer, though, or if you always find it a struggle to produce an essay, short story or blog, following the writing process will help. I’m going to explain what each stage of the writing process involves, and I’ll offer some tips for each section that will help out if you’re still feeling stuck! 1. Prewriting Have you ever sat staring at a blank

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  • Fractional Distillation Process

    HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT TITLE: FRACTIONAL DISTILLATION PROCESS CONTENTS 1. Title………………………………………………………………………….1 2. Summary…………………………………………………………………….3 3. Introduction of Case Study…………….…………………………………….4 4. Risk Scenario Development…….…………………………………………...5 5. Justification of Fault Tree Analysis…………………………………………6 6. Procedures of Fault Tree Analysis…………………………………………..7 7. Fault Tree Analysis…………………………………………………………8 8. Possible Risk Associated with Hazards…

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  • Process

    The entire system or process of doing work should be studied before undertaking a thorough investigation of a specific operation in the process. Such an over-all study will ordinarily include an analysis of each step in the manufacturing process or system. Process Analysis Tools ♦Operation process chart ♦Flow process chart ♦Flow diagram OPERATION PROCESS CHART The operation process chart shows the chronological sequence of all operations, inspections, time allowances, and materials used

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  • Determination of Alcohol in Cossack Vodka by Means of Simple Distillation Abstract

    DETERMINATION OF ALCOHOL IN COSSACK VODKA BY MEANS OF SIMPLE DISTILLATION ABSTRACT: Cossack Vodka is distilled liquor composed primarily of water and ethyl alcohol or ethanol (CH3CH2OH) without a definite aroma or taste. Alcohol is a primary content of vodka, and distillation – a process involving condensation and evaporation wherein solvents of different boiling points are separated from each other – is a method that may be used to determine the certain presence of Alcohol content in Cossack

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  • Distillation

    Steam Distillation is the process of distilling a mixture wherein one of the immiscible phases is a steam. It is a mild method for separating and purifying volatile liquid or solid organic compounds that are immiscible or insoluble in water. This technique is not applicable to substances that react with water, decompose on prolonged contact with steam or hot water, or have a vapor pressure of less than about 5 torr at 100°C. One way to perform steam distillation is through the live steam method

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  • Process

    How to Configure Windows Startup Computers are not meant for everyone, and the programs associated with them just seem to overcomplicate the whole process. Configuring Windows programming can be a mind boggling task that requires time and some basic computer knowledge. To successfully configure Windows, I am going to walk you through the process so that you can experience the most out of your computer.

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  • Billing Process

    2013 Professor York Billing Process What is the process that is utilized when producing a final bill? In which ways are pricing and charging different in health care from other industries? What are the ways that private and government insurers and payers impact the actual reimbursement process in health care? The process for producing a final bill in health care starts with the medical record and coding which are communicated to the payer to start the payment process. In 1996 the Health Insurance

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  • Process

    Process Essay Flan(Mexican dessert) Foods are important in every culture. Flan is a traditional Mexican dessert and there are many versions. This flan recipe is prized for it’s simplicity. If you’ve never made flan before, now is the time try this recipe. I’m going to talk how to make three different kinds of flans. Flans are really important for my culture and almost all Mexicans families eat flan for dessert. I’m going to explain how to make the caramel flan, the Authentic Mexican Flan, and the

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  • Fractional Distillation

    Iris Lopez Experiment 6: Fractional Distillation. Separation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Abstract: A mixture of cyclohexane and toluene were separate from one another by fractional distillation in order to measure the composition of each fraction and prepare the sample for gas chromatography. Introduction: Distillation has been used since antiquity to separate the components of mixtures. This method has been used to manufacture different organic chemicals but the most recent application

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  • Entrepreneurial Process

    2 The Entrepreneurial Process "Who can be on entrepreneur you ask? Anyone who wants to experience the deep, dark canyons of uncertainly and ambiguity, and who wonts to walk the breathtaking highlands of success. But caution, do not plan to walk the Iotter until you hove experienced the former" An entrepreneur Results Expected Upon completion of this chapter you will have: l. Developed a definition of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process that spans lifestyle to high potential ventures

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  • Portfolio Process

    Portfolio Process In order for the adoption of a portfolio management process (which would be new to this unit) to be successful, the following steps must be followed under the guidance of the portfolio management, and in collaboration with the individual project managers and PMO: • Transition from the existing pure-functional organizational structure to a matrix-style structure by which key functional executives, comprising a newly formed portfolio process committee, would be directly

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  • Fractional Distillation

    Organic Chemistry I Research Paper on Pseudoephedrine By: Natalie Roberts Jennifer Dargis Nakeesha Longeley Pseudoephedrine is a phenylethylamine which is utilized as a pharmaceutical product. It has the official IUPAC name of (1S,2S)-2-methylamino-1-phenylpropan-1-ol, and the CAS number of 90-82-4. Psuedoephedrine contains three functional groups: amine, hydroxyl, and ethyl in its ring; it also has one stereogenic carbon. The enantiomer of pseudoephedrine is ephedrine, and this substance

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  • The Strategic Process

    Rapier III June 24, 2013 MGT/498 Strategic Management Tugtekin Gokaydin The Strategic Process The strategic process is a very important concept in the business world and it helps show companies what is working and what may not be working. There are four parts in this process and each part plays a pivotal rule: Environmental scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and evaluation. This process is very similar to a cooking recipe because each part helps the other and without one

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  • Simple and Factional Distillation

    INTRODUCTION Distillation is a technique widely used in organic chemistry for separating compounds based on differences in their boiling points. The experiment is divided into two parts: simple distillation, an easy set-up where a solution or a mixture of substances with different volatility is separated through exposure heat; and fractional distillation, which under goes a series of evaporation and condensation process to purify more complex mixtures. Raoult and Dalton Law are the two principles

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  • Distillation

    Simple and Fractional Distillation I. Introduction Distillation is one of the oldest and still most common methods for both the purification and the identification of organic liquids. It is a physical process used to separate chemicals from a mixture by the difference in how easily they vaporize. As the mixture is heated, the temperature rises until it reaches the temperature of the lowest boiling substance in the mixture, while the other components of the mixture remain in their original

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  • Simple and Fractional Distillation

    Simple and Fractional Distillation Authors: Abion, T.J.J., Aganda, J.C., Alpay, R.F., Berboso, M.J.R., Casuga, J.M.D. (Group01-2A-BC) Abstract Distillation is the process of converting a liquid to a vapor, condensing the vapor, and then, collecting the distillate in another container. More about distillation will be discussed in the introduction. This experiment was carried out to differentiate simple from fractional distillation, to separate the components of an alcoholic drink, and to

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  • Distillation

    atmospheric pressure or some other applied pressure. A boiling point is commonly measured when the liquid heated. The boiling temperature is measured as distillation vapor covers the bulb of a thermometer suspended above the boiling liquid. Typically, the most accurate boiling point measurement is the relatively constant temperature achieved during a distillation. The melting point of a compound is the temperature at which the solid phase is in equilibrium with the liquid phase. A solid compound changes to

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  • Distillation

    atmospheric pressure or some other applied pressure. A boiling point is commonly measured when the liquid heated. The boiling temperature is measured as distillation vapor covers the bulb of a thermometer suspended above the boiling liquid. Typically, the most accurate boiling point measurement is the relatively constant temperature achieved during a distillation. The melting point of a compound is the temperature at which the solid phase is in equilibrium with the liquid phase. A solid compound changes to

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  • Brandy Distillation Microbiology

    Brandy Brandy is an alcoholic beverage produced by the distillation of wine with an alcohol content of between 35 – 60% by volume. It is mostly served as an after-dinner drink, but also popular in bars and nightclubs in many countries. It can also be produced by fruits other than grapes but is sold under different names, such as eaux-de-vie in France and schnapps in Germany. There are varying requirements held by countries in order to classify a drink as a brandy, but the most recognisable

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  • Creative Process

    The creative process includes four different steps to function correctly. These steps are as follows, Searching for Challenges, Expressing the Problem or Issue, Investigating the Problem or Issue, and Producing Ideas. Each stage has a certain function in the creative process flow. The first stage of the creative process is Searching for Challenges. It is common with creative thinking is where we as people are meeting challenges in and imaginative, original and effective way. We quite offend feel

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  • The Referral Process

    Refera The Pre-Referral Process: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) /Response to Intervention (RTI) Anika M. Taylor Special Education Foundations and Framework February 20, 2013 Schools and entire districts have embarked on multiple strategies to address challenging areas for students with disabilities and those at risk for behavioral and academic failures.  Over the years, educators and policymakers have recognized the need to create, implement, and

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  • Process

    Creative Process Michael May PHL/458 June 5, 2013 John Smith Creative Process The creative process is one that people use every day, (Passive voice – suggest “People use the creative process every day, “) whether they realize it or not. The creative process includes four stages: searching for challenges, expressing the problem or issue, investigating the problem or issue, and then producing ideas (Ruggiero, V. R. (2009). (Repeated error – do not include author initials or first names

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  • Process Scale Up

    Stage code : ABCD There are two reactions involved in the process. The first reaction is reaction between dhercdacetic and bromo amine. The reaction takes place at room temperature. To monitor the unreacted dhercdacetic and the product conversion there are few challenges because of which in process checks are not in place. After completion of the reaction, the bromoamine solution is distilled out and chased with water distillation to get the dhercdbromo in water. Here the active content of the

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  • Introduction of Formal Report for Distillation

    Introduction (Experiment 1) Distillation is a process involving the conversion of a liquid into a vapor that is later on condense back to liquid form for collection of distillate. It is used to separate the components of a liquid from non volatile solids or those liquid having different boiling points which will be seen on this experiment. (Abdullah, M.G. et. al (2013, December 15) distillation. This method is used to purify a liquid

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  • Simple Distillation

    Simple Distillation: A Test on the Amount of Ethanol Present in Vodka By: Morales, Michah A. Ogsimer, Juk Rances F. Pacia, Carissa Jenelle Y. Panganiban, Aean Genesis R. Rabang, Maika I. 2B-Medical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Santo Tomas ABSTRACT Distillation is a technique in separating two liquid components. There are two types of distillation used in this experiment known as the simple and fractional distillation. The objective of this experiment was to be able to determine

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  • Process Design

    Design a Flowchart for a Process Sherry Martin OPS 571 University of Phoenix November 19, 2010 Design a Flowchart for a Process Everyday, people perform daily processes as part of their regular routines and many of them may consume a great amount of time. In this paper, a specific process has been identified and a flowchart has been designed to show the various factors that affect the design process as well as the specific metric that identifies the measurement process. By designing a flowchart

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  • The Assembly Process

    Assembly Process in Manufacturing Abstract The assembly process is both unique and versatile, and presents an interesting way to look at all manufacturing processes as a whole instead of individual pieces. By examining the different methods and materials that make up today’s products it will be shown how the assembly process is the most versatile and mandatory process in manufacturing. Examining the different methods and materials reveals the uniqueness of the assembly process and how

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  • Nonlinear Modelling Application in Distillation Column

    Chemical Product and Process Modeling Volume 2, Issue 3 2007 Article 12 Nonlinear Modelling Application in Distillation Column Zalizawati Abdullah, Universiti Sains Malaysia Norashid Aziz, Universiti Sains Malaysia Zainal Ahmad, Universiti Sains Malaysia Recommended Citation: Abdullah, Zalizawati; Aziz, Norashid; and Ahmad, Zainal (2007) "Nonlinear Modelling Application in Distillation Column," Chemical Product and Process Modeling: Vol. 2 : Iss. 3, Article 12. Available at: http://www.bepress

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  • Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation Unit

    3/9/15 Distributive Control System (DCS) A distributed control system, is a control system for a process or plant, wherein control elements are distributed throughout the system. Distributed Control System is a specially designed control system used to control complex, large and geographically distributed applications in industrial processes. In this, controllers are distributed throughout the entire plant area. These distributed controllers are connected to both field devices and operating

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  • Process Design

    Current Process In the manufacture of its Twinkie product, Hostess currently has in place a fairly simple quality control measure (QCM): before wrapping, a sample Twinkie from each batch is pulled. The product is weighed, the volume of filling is visually inspected, and an actual taste test is performed. If the product tested passes these QCMs, the batch is then sent on to be wrapped and packaged. The problem with the current QCMs is that they occur at the very end of the manufacturing process; therefore

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  • Process Mangemenr

    PROCESS MANAGEMENT Companies begin the process of organizing operations by setting competitive priorities. That is they must determine which of the following eight priorities are to be emphasized as competitive advantages: 1. Low-cost operations 2. High performance design 3. Consistent quality 4. Fast delivery time 5. On-time delivery 6. Development speed 7. Product customization 8. Volume flexibility Although all eight are obviously desirable

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  • The Process

    The Process The American Citizenship process, also known as the naturalization process, it is an acquisition of citizen status through specialized legal processes. The process is an extremely complicated topic consisting of many rigid rules and regulations a certain individual most follow. Every year in the United States there are millions of people from foreign countries submitting immigration applications to the USA Immigration Services (a private organization devoted to help foreigners, US Visa

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  • Legal Process

    Legal Process Paper Kristen Cohen MGT/434 – Employment Law » Due June 22, 2015 Brian La Hargoue Legal Process Paper As John is an employee in the private sector, if he wanted to file a discrimination complaint against his employer, there would be specific procedures that he would need to take to complete this process of filing a complaint, the civil litigation process and the steps that would need to be taken to file this complaint. In this situation, John would have to begin the

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  • Thinking Process

    Faculty Choice Assignment (Thinking Process) MGT350 September 5, 2011 Courtney Wilson Thinking Process There are three different types of critical thinking we will concentrate on logical, creative, and emotional. These different thinking processes will present different analize showing how the thought process brings about certain decisions. Explaining why thinking is important while expressing different techniques used when the mind uses different thinking patterns. When comparing

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  • Fractional Distillation

    Abstract Fractional distillation was used to separate an ethanol mixture and determine the percent of ethanol. A fractional distillation apparatus with copper turnings in the fractionating column was used to separate the ethanol mixture. The mixture was heated to a boil (78.1*C) and began to drip distillate into the receiving flask. A sample of the distillate was taken and a pipet was used to measure out 1 mL of the substance. The weight of the 1 mL was determined to be 0.82grams. The density

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  • Distillation Column

    CONTROL OF DISTILLATION COLUMN USING ASPEN DYNAMICS Abhishankar Kumar*, Basudeb Munshi** *M.Tech. Student, ** Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, NIT Rourkela- 769 008 (Orissa) ABSTRACT This paper deals with the control of binary distillation column of propane and iso-butane mixture. The column has 32 trays including reboiler and condenser. The simulation work has been carried out by Aspen Dynamics software a licensed product

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  • Fractional Distillation of Ether

    Experiment 1: Fractional Distillation of Ether from 1,2-Dimethoxyethane & Gas Chromatography Performed September 13th & 15th, 2011 By Jennifer Seitz Organic Chemistry 344 Section 803 Fall 2011 Objective: The purpose of this experiment was to fractionally distill an Ethyl ether/1, 2-Dimethoxyethane mixture, collect and plot various fractions of temperature vs. volume of different distillate, and make comparisons between the different packing materials tested. Physical Properties/Structures:

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  • Distillation

    EXPERIMENT 3 GROUP B AIM: To find the overall efficiency of plate column operating under total reflux, for a binary system (iso-propanol & n- propanol). APPARATUS: * Distillation Column with reboiler * Automatic digital refractometer * Two fluids with different volatilities. PROCEDURE: * Distillation column was filled with the two fluids. * Then we switched on the heater and set the temperature to 126.6 ̊C * And then we allow the system to reach the equilibrium.

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  • Distillation

    ACKNOWLEDGMENT I would express my gratitude to my Faculty Guide Mr. Ankit Paliwal under whose guidance I successfully completed my Semiar-1 project report on the topic ‘Distillation Process’. I would also show my gratitude towards my Programme Leader Dr. Monika Thakur and our HOD Dr Amarinder Singh Bawa for including such a project in my course curriculum which gave me a chance to gain knowledge as much as I can in this field. Thank you Varun Gadodia

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  • The Process

    EXPULSION PROCESS Below is a list of the Level V infractions for which an expulsion can be requested. • • • • • • • • • • Arson Assault with Substantial Bodily Injury Explosives Group Fight which results in serious bodily injury or results in substantial bodily injury Physical Attack on Prince George’s County Public Schools employee Possession, Use, or Distribution of Alcohol, Marijuana, Prescription Drugs, Controlled Dangerous Substances, Imitation Controlled Substances,

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  • Process Description Vcm

    4.2 Process Description 4.2.1 Process Description Figure ?? Block Flow Diagram Shown in Figure ?? is the block flow diagram of the manufacturing process of VCM Industries for production of VCM from ethylene and chlorine through the balanced Ethylene Process. C2H4+Cl2→C2H4Cl2 The first reaction is direct chlorination. Pure chlorine gas and ethylene is feed to the reactor at 65C and yields almost 100% conversion into ethylene dichloride. The reaction is exothermic thus it requires cooling

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  • Process Analysis

    Process Analysis I believe this article will tell me how to write a proper, process analysis essay while also providing examples and other tools needed to start off the essay on the right foot. Process analysis is an operation that is composed of processes designed to add value by transforming inputs into useful outputs. The author compares the term process analysis to cause and effect and narration the author says that all of these three ideas break down into three different categories.

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  • Petroleum Management - Asphalt Is Obtained as the Ultimate Bottom Product of a Vacuum Distillation Column. the Residuum’s May Still Contain Some Oil, but Further Distillation Serves No Use at All

    Management CASE STUDY : 1 All crudes contain moisture and salts to varying degrees. Water is likely to occur in emulsion form when the crudes are naphthenic or sulfurous. No harm may be expected to the distillation column due to the presence of moisture, as there is always steam in distillation. However, crude has to be dehydrated to remove the salts. Water being good solvent for these salts, the removal is very much effective in the form of brine. Long standing of crudes may permit the separation

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  • Bottlenecks in a Process

    Bottlenecks in a Process University of Phoenix Bottlenecks in a Process Making a decision on what to eat for breakfast is a constant battle for me every morning. Eating breakfast is very important to me personally because it affects my mood for the rest of the day. Deciding on what to each morning is a routine, from the time the alarm goes off to taking a shower, I have the same question is in my head: What do I eat for breakfast? Although eating breakfast is routine, I find

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  • Appeals Process

    | APPEALS PROCESS | Describing the appeals process | | Ashlee Flemimg | 2/12/2012 | Abstract An appeal in the criminal law system is a defendant’s way of challenging the court’s decision. In this paper I will discuss what an appeal is, how it factors into the overall procedures and process of the criminal system. How the appeals process may be improved. Steps in the appeals process and an example case of an appeal. And why the example case appeal did or did not succeed. Introduction

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  • Due Process

    Due Process Crystal Groff Strayer University Professor Freeman Abstract We all wonder what the words life, liberty, and property derived from. In this paper I will be explaining what due process is and how it relates to life, liberty, and property. I will also explain where due process came from and what 2 amendments relate to due process. Before we start though I would like you to know that due process is there to protect the defendant under proving guilty. Define due process and its origin

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  • Process Improvement

    Planning, control, and improvement, and is referred to as the Juran Trilogy. It is based loosely on financial processes such as budgeting (planning), expense measurement (control), and cost reduction (improvement). Quality Planning: The structured process for designing products and services that meet new breakthrough, goals and ensure that customer needs are met. The processes are called Design for Six Sigma or Concurrent Engineering. This can be particularly challenging for a planning team, because

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  • Fractional Distillation

    Lab report for Experiment #2: Extraction Your Name: Name of TA: Lab Partner’s Name: Lab Section: Title: Experiment #2: Extraction Purpose: What is the purpose of this lab? In your OWN words! Observations: Weighed out 3.2568 grams of chemical mixture that was yellow in color. Dissolved dry chemicals in 38 ml CH2Cl2 with gentle heating. Poured the yellow solution into sep funnel. Added 10 ml CH2Cl2 to flask to rinse, poured solution into sep funnel. Added 15 ml 3 M HCl, gently mixed

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