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  • Restaurant Plan for Purchasing a New Franchise

    Restaurant Plan for purchasing a new franchise September 2012 Index Executive Summary • Objectives • Mission • Keys to Success Company Summary • Business History • Business Ownership • Business Location and Operation Services & Products Marketing Analysis Summary • Target Market Segment Strategy • Market Segmentation • Service Business Analysis • Competition & Buying Patterns SWOT and Critical Success Factors • Strengths • Weaknesses • Opportunities • Threats Strategy and Implementation Summary

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  • Subway Franchise

    Subway Franchise Course Instructor’s Name 11 August 2012 Subway Franchise The franchise concept has several advantages for both the franchisor and the franchisee. For the franchisor, offering a franchise arrangement means an easy access to capital formation brought about by the investments of franchisees (Om Sai Ram Center for Financial Management Research, 2006). Furthermore, it provides incremental income for the franchisor through royalty payments. Another advantage

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  • Franchise Project

    Franchise Project In this paper I will go in depth about franchising opportunities from several franchisors, talking about service or products the companies they offer/sell, the different fees that are required, what kind of support system the franchisors offer, their competition, and where they are located in the Upstate if they are at all. The companies that I’m going to elaborate on are Cinnabon, Dominos, Maaco, and Anytime Fitness. Franchise Description and Background Cinnabon Inc. is a

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  • How to Start a Franchise

    A franchise business is a business in which the owners, or franchisers, sell the rights to their business logo and model to third parties, called franchisees. Franchises are an extremely common way of doing business. In fact, it's difficult to drive more than a few blocks in most cities without seeing a franchise business. Examples of well-known franchise business models include McDonalds, holiday inn, FedEx, and burger king. In the United States, there are franchise business opportunities available

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  • Snap+Fitness+Franchise+Analysis

    Snap Fitness Franchise Analysis Sebastian Limon, Raja Medipalli, Trevor Moore, Bob Patton, Chad Shipman University of Phoenix ACC/561 Sanja Saracevic January 29, 2012 Snap Fitness Franchise Analysis Snap Fitness is a franchisor of personal fitness devices and associated training modalities as well as 24 hour access for members. The Minneapolis, Minnesota based franchisor claims to equip the worldwide network of franchisees all the necessary equipment in a safe and secure environment for

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  • Socialfranchiseentreprise - Franchise as a Development Tool

    cross sector experience in Investment Banking, Hospitality and Energy in LATAM, US & EMEA and has led Technical Assistance programs for Public Sector Reform, Public Enterprise Reform and Poverty Reduction programs in LATAM. As an Agribusiness Social Franchise Entrepreneur, founded a Start-up for the introduction of IT in small agriculture facilities to enable traceability of produce, resulting in a higher added value for small flower farms in developing countries. Currently researching the applications

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  • Kfc Franchise Business

    Harland Sanders. He discovered his penchant for cooking when he was only 9 years old. Through the years he grew up to become a personage the world knows as Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC. He reached celebrity status in 1952, when he decided to franchise his famous Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe blends of 11 herbs and spices to the rest of America. By the early 70's, that special recipe reached Malaysia. Today, KFC Malaysia continues to serve finger lickin' good, succulent pieces of chicken

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  • Why Choose a Franchise?

    chose a Franchise Katherine Powell ACC 561 05/30/2013 Dale Stoeber Why chose a Franchise? Choosing to own a franchise is a big decision especially one in the fitness industry. I would say it would help if that were your interest? We are going to take a look at a few franchises businesses and discuss to pros and con of them. In today's fast paced world, it's difficult for people to commit to an exercise program due to busy, unpredictable schedules. When you own a Snap Fitness franchise, we

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  • Franchise

    franchise 1) n. a right granted by the government to a person or corporation, such as a taxi permit, bus route, an airline's use of a public airport, business license, or corporate existence. 2) n. the right to vote in a public election. 3) v. to grant (for a periodic fee or share of profits) the right to operate a business or sell goods or services under a brand or chain name. Well-known franchise operations include McDonald's, Holiday Inns, Ace Hardware, Rexall Drug Stores, and Amway Distributors

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  • Subway Franchise

    value through fresh, delicious, made-to-order sandwiches, and an exceptional experience.” Subway’s franchise vision is to be the number one Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) franchise in the world, while delivering fresh, delicious sandwiches and an exceptional experience. Subway has three core values: family, teamwork, and opportunity. Family is important to the Subway community. “We build our business relationships by serving each other, our customers and our communities, much as we do within our own

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  • Analysis Mcdonald’s Franchise in Viet Nam

    Individual Assignment Analysis McDonald’s Franchise in Viet Nam Name: Le Quang Hieu ID student: BA60114 Class: BA0662 Lecturer: Nguyen Quoc Cuong Subject: Entrepreneurial Small Business Individual Assignment Table of contents I. McDonald’s background 1. History 2. Mission and Vision 3. Business objective II. SWOT analysis III. Advantage and disadvantage of MacDonald franchise IV. Investment decision V. Summary VI. References FPT University – BA0662 Page 1 Individual Assignment

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  • Owning a Franchise

    Background and Benefits Sonic boasts one of the lowest turnover ratios in quick-service restaurant franchises. Customers can park under a shady canopy and order food through the curbside speakers. A friendly Carhop delivers orders out to the car where patrons can eat it or take it home. The concept cuts down on busy drive through lines and presents a unique eating experience to customers. A standard store layout with 24 to 36 stalls requires approximately ¾ of an acre for build out. Sonic Food is

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  • Franchise

    I made a research and decided to choose a cleaning services franchise. I chose the Maid Simple House Cleaning Franchise. It offers light cleaning services including dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and tidying. Generally, two employees perform cleaning services at each customer's home. I chose this franchise because it is a growing company with 30 years history. It is home-based business. That means tmore freedom, tax advantages. Maid Simple House Cleaning is helping aspiring enterpreneurs since 1979

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  • Franchising and Franchise Relationship

    Franchising and Franchise relationship Introduction Various researchers that have developed models for examining businesses over years assume that companies should pass through four stages during their life cycle: start-up, growth, maturity and decline. The most critical of all are the start-up and growth stages. In the first stage the business makes its primary steps in attempt to create a market presence, the primary base of customers. The start-up stage is generally characterized

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  • Franchise Development

    FRANCHISE DEVELOPMENT – DOING IT RIGHT For those of us experienced in franchising, we are often amazed when companies considering the establishment of a new franchise system (even large, well-established international companies) begin the process at the end - the development of the legal agreements. Presented with a lengthy questionnaire by their legal counsel, they are asked to provide information necessary to prepare franchise agreements and disclosure documents. The problem, though, is that the

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  • Franchise Business Plan

    issues in franchising supplier arrangements Franchisors often require franchisees to purchase goods or services from particular suppliers. This guide helps franchisors and franchisees understand the ACCC’s role in reviewing these arrangements. Franchise supplier arrangements and the Act Franchising supplier arrangements that limit the suppliers from whom franchisees may purchase the goods and services required to operate their businesses may raise competition issues under the Competition and Consumer

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  • Franchise Paper

    in the restaurant business but were doing exceptionally well by providing the college students with what they want. The company had its ups and downs financially during the first couple of years; but as its financial standings improved more restaurants were opened in six different locations. By 1991 the three partners had decided to franchise the business so they reached out to a law firm called Francorp do help them do this. During this time the fee for starting a franchise with Buffalo Wild Wings

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  • Cultural Factors of U.S. Sports Franchises

    What cultural factors must U.S. sports franchises overcome to increase popularity abroad? Sports are very   important part of the culture of the United States. When planning to expend a U.S franchise overseas, you must think of the factors of local cultures. To successfully serve   new customers, you must understand the cultural differences of their countries. Culture can include social structures, religion, manners and customs, values and attitudes, language, and personal communication” (Nickels

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  • Barriers for Franchise Business in Kazakhstan

    Introduction to International Business Course project: Barriers for franchise business in Kazakhstan Prepared by Shynar Galiyeva 2013 Introduction Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world, sharing its borders with Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. Astana is the capital and Almaty is the largest city and considered to be a financial center of the country. The population of Kazakhstan is about, 16 million, which is low considering the large size of the

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  • Finalized Business Plan: Opening a Mexican Food Franchise

    Finalized Business Plan for Alberto's Mexican Food Generic Strategy Alberto’s Mexican Food is the largest and most successful authentic Mexican Food franchise chain of restaurants on the West Coast. Found in 1975, and today has more than 90 national locations spanning through California and Utah. There is currently no authentic Mexican Food restaurants in my hometown of New Jersey with a business model like Alberto’s Mexican Food offers. For residents of New Jersey their only two options for

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  • Top 10 International and National Business Franchises in 2014

    BUSINESS FRANCHISING Top International Franchises Top National Franchises Submitted by: GERARD ANDREI B. DEINLA BSBA MARKETING MANAGEMENT Submitted to: DR. EDITH S. BUNUAN PROFESSOR IN BUSINESS FRANCHISING Top 10 International Franchises of 2014 The results of Entrepreneur's 35th annual Franchise 500 confirm that franchising continues to rebound, with these top 10 franchises leading the way. Here we highlight their success strategies and plans for the upcoming year.  1 Anytime

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  • Franchise Business Problems

    opportunities, so additional academic and professional contributions are necessary for guiding business practices. Due to this reasons, the franchise systems were created as a mode of expanding businesses. Most of business minded people were selecting the franchising business as their way to expand their profits as well as their wealth. The concrete reason why they were selecting this kind of business is due to systematic management and cash flow which is provided by the franchisors. However

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  • Franchise Agreement

    When endeavouring on a new business adventure, franchise agreements certainly have some appealing aspects to them, however there are many disadvantages to also consider before signing your business away. I was able to analyze an actual franchise agreement between Mackenzie’s Big Boy Inc. and Elisa Brothers Restaurants, Inc. to explore some of these negative terms and will consider this contract a standard template in franchise agreements. A predominate disadvantage is obviously the monthly percentage

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  • Leveraging Vas with Franchise Business Model

    Leveraging VAS with Franchise Business Model Sonu Jain ,Vivek Rao Alcatel-Lucent – Plot 406, Udyog Vihar Phase-3, Gurgaon, India , Introduction Telecommunications service providers expect business model transformation to be the primary source of value over the next coming years. It is a forgone conclusion that value collaboration with external partners will be critical as they structure these new business models. In this changing

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  • Avoiding a Bad Franchise

    Dollinger (2008), a franchise is defined as “a marketing system by which the owner of a service, trademarked product, or business format grants rights to an individual for the local distribution and/or sale of the service or product. A franchise is a way for new entrepreneurs to start a business that already has name recognition. According to an Entrepreneur magazine article in 2014, the minimum investment required can range from $3000 to over $1 million, depending upon the franchise. While some of

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  • Sports Franchise

    factors when expanding the sports franchise across the borders. The U.S. sports franchises must provide good quality products and services in order to gain popularity in international market. Anyhow, this paper will focus on the importance of cultural factors in U.S. sports franchises and their products in international market, and government role in protecting sports industries. Cultural Factors There are some cultural factors that the U.S. sports franchises must overcome to increase popularity

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  • Top 10 Franchises

    BAJAMUNDI, Edgar L. November 19, 2014 BBM0608 Dr. Edita S. Bunuan ____________________________________________________________________________ Assignment No. 1 1. TOP 10 INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISES FOR 2014 |Rank |Franchise Name |Startup Costs | |1 |Anytime Fitness |$78.69K − 371.17K | |2 |Hampton Hotels

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  • Franchise Business

    Unlike employees, franchisees make an initial payment in return for becoming a part of your business and then they continue to pay you a percentage of their revenue, throughout the duration of their Franchise Agreement. This means that the costs of setting up the franchise, training staff and launching the business are all covered by the franchisee rather than by the parent organisation. Similarly, once the business is up and running, it is the franchisee who will be rewarding you with a monthly income

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  • Franchises

    Mauricio Barajas Jaimes ID: 000208124 March 8, 2015 INVESTIGATION ON FRANCHISES PRODUCT FRANCHISE: HUSSE Characteristics: local pet food Delivery Company with the same benefits as a global company. Headquartered in Stockholm, Husse is the European leader in the home delivery of dog, cat and horse products under the Husse brand.  How does the brand work? * You work from home and decide for yourself

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  • Franchise Paper

    Franchise Paper I chose Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches. I like their restaurants ideology and it appeals to a wide range of people all the way from old to young people. And also because they have an average net profit of $200000 and a average annual gross sales of $1,431,665 The total cost of starting this franchise is from $305,500 to $487,500 plus a royalty of 6% and an advertising fee of 4.5. The Capital or liquid cash required is 80,000 dollars. It also requires a net worth of 300,000 dollars

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  • Fast Food Franchise

    Colorado Technical University International Business Communications Professor: Jason Sheedy IP4 By: Bonnie Sternberg September 5, 2015 Your fast-food franchise has been cleared for business in all 4 countries (United Arab Emirates, Israel, Mexico, and China). You now have to start construction on your restaurants. The financing is coming from the United Arab Emirates, the materials are coming from Mexico and China, the engineering and technology are coming from Israel

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  • Franchises

    Franchises & Business Plans What is a franchise? Using examples from the real world, explain three advantages to the franchiser and to the franchisee. A franchise is where a business with a well-known brand name (the franchisor) lets a person (the franchisee) or a group of people set up their own business using that brand. This is in exchange for an initial fee and continuing royalty payments (a certain percentage of turnover or profit) for as long as the franchise lasts. A franchise is not

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  • Analyzing Essay on Franchise

    Analyzing Essay on Franchise- Assignment for Week 10 Ida Johnson GMT 615 SYS/Lecture/DST1 Intra & Entrepreneurship and Business Management Professor: Seth Chodosh July 17, 2015 1 Introduction In the year 1935, a man name David Shakarian, changed his dream into reality by operating a health food store in Pittsburgh, PA. Based on

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  • Franchise

    Franchise My franchise which I chose was Mc Donald’s they sell food to people, they are based in many parts of the country. Franchise is when you use buy the name and products of a large and effective company. The size of this business is large because it has over 250 employees. It is also international according to scale because it is based in many countries like Pakistan, England, France, America and many more. A franchisee is a business or person who has the right to trade as a franchise no one

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  • Franchise Theory

    1 A REVIEW OF FRANCHISE THEORY INTRODUCTION In service based industries one of the fastest growing forms of market structure is that of franchise agreements. Certain aspects of franchise contracts tend to be idiosyncratic in nature thereby attracting a great deal of interest by academics and business analysts in recent years. Various explanations have been proposed for the widespread use of franchise contracts in certain industries. While a great deal of the franchise contract has been

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  • Aarong : Franchise Requirements to Be Considered

    Franchising Agreements: The franchisee is licensed to use both the trademark and the operating system according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the franchise agreement. Both the franchisor and franchisee must fulfill their obligations under the contract. Before granting franchisee the right to use the name,logo and run the business, franchisee and also the franchisor must reach some requirements. It is same for Aarong. Aarong also has to consider the fact seriously. Before it starts signing

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  • Franchise

    amount of tasks for the management of the franchise. The franchisee is not capable of building his own success and customer base for his business. The franchisee is not proficient in run his independent business, therefore involves the franchise to maintain control over his business. The franchisee needs specific information on product development and market analysis of the product, the authority is delegated to the franchisor. Hiring a company owned business is not the same as managing franchisees

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  • Franchises

    CHAPTER 1: FRANCHISE INDUSTRY KPMG in India carried out a survey of Franchisors and Franchisees to solicit their perspectives on outlook for growth and how overall dynamics between Franchisor and Franchisee community is shaping up. The results of the survey have been broadly categorized under the following heads * Growth drivers for Franchising in India * Franchise Operating Models * Franchisee Satisfaction * Franchisee Support & Relationship Management

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  • Franchise Report

    FRANCHISE REPORT Ana Mª Baena Carlos Villa TABLE OF CONTENTS * Introduction to the business * Marketing mix * Review of the business in the last years * SWOT Analysis * Recommendations * Bibliography INTRODUCTION TO THE BUSINESS El Mercado Provenzal, Provencal Market in English. Is a restaurant/bar franchise chain low-cost of Spanish origin born in august 2012. It currently has more than 70 local franchised, spread throughout Spain. Its expansion plan aims to

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  • Franchise

    Proposal for Retailing Unstructured Bazaar Assignment Group Members Muhammad Aleem Uddin Muhammad Bilal Uddin Business Category Indoor games- Entertainment BRAND ELEMENTS: 1. Brand name: “FFA” Fun For All 2. Tag line: “ A joy filled experience “ 3. LOGO: 4. URL: 5. Banner: Core Business Idea: On the basis of our discussions with the course instructor, we have decided to go with the idea of providing a service of indoor

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  • Franchise

    terdiri dari mahasiswa, ibu ibu rumah tangga, Event Organizer, apartement residence, wisma – wisma,dan hotel. Kilos menyiapkan paket- paket investasi fanchise/ waralaba yang berbeda- beda agar sesuai dengan kemampuan modal dari investor yang tertarik. Franchise/ waralaba yang ditawarkan berupa workshop yang berkapasitas memadai. Dana yang diinvestasikan akan memberikan mesin industri yang berkemampuan lebih dan mampu menghasilkan standar kualitas yang terjamin an memuaskan. Tipe/ paket investasi waralaba

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  • Collective Bargaining and Accounting Impact on Nfl Franchises

    Haertzen TO: Dr. Stanley SUBJECT: Collective Bargaining and its Accounting Impact on NFL Franchises Introduction The purpose of this memo is to describe to the reader the basic structure of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement and its impact on the accounting decisions of a traditional franchise in the National Football League. Just like most other businesses, an NFL franchise is a business whose goal is to generate as much profit as possible while precisely adhering to specific rules

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  • Lady Gaga as a Media Franchise

    Rachel Smith J 209 August 2nd, 2011 Final Paper Lady Gaga: A Growing Media Franchise There are many up and coming singers in the U.S. today striving to set themselves apart from others in order to be recognized in the music industry. Five years ago, this was the case for Stefani Germonotta, a young singer trying to separate herself from all the other singers searching for recognition. Stefani, now known to the world as Lady Gaga, was able to not only gain recognition in the music industry

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  • Franchise vs. Making Your Own Business

    HOMEWORK 16 SEPTEMBER 2011 BUY FRANCHISE OR OPEN MY OWN BUSINESS Oleh: Karina Mantik Sukarta 0131111067 INTRODUCTORY BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT S1BISNIS PRASETIYA MULYA BUSINESS SCHOOL 2011 Waralaba atau franchise adalah hak-hak untuk menjual suatu produk atau jasa maupun layanan. Sedangkan menurut versi pemerintah Indonesia, yang dimaksud dengan waralaba adalah perikatan dimana salah satu pihak diberikan hak memanfaatkan dan

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  • Franchise Management

    Franchise Management “Franchising is utilized by a wide variety of companies in numerous industries to sell goods and services through retail outlets” (Birkeland, 16). Franchising is the ability to sell goods to the consumers of the world. Franchising branches off into many categories such as retail and food. Becoming a franchiser is quickly becoming one of the quickest and most effective ways in today’s society to make money (17). Becoming a franchiser means that you become the head of the

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  • Franchise Business

    Buy a franchise Introduction [pic] Taking on a franchise is an option worth considering for anyone who wants to run a business but doesn't have a specific business idea or prefers the security provided by an established concept. The right franchise can give you a head start. Instead of setting up a business from scratch, you use a proven business idea. Typically, you trade under the brand name of the business offering you the franchise, and they give you help and support. Successful franchises

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  • Franchise

    International Conference on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibilities International Conference on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibilities 09 has been organized by KLS’s Institute of Management Education and Research Belgaum India on 3rd 4th and 5th December 2009. The Conference has focused on the main theme of “Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibilities”. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility have become critical business issues in the scenario of

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  • Are Franchises That Use “Best Practices” in Social Media More Successful Compared to Those Franchises That Do Not Use Such Practices in Social Media?

    Are Franchises that use “Best Practices” in social media more successful compared to those franchises that do not use such practices in social media?   Are Franchises that use “Best Practices” in social media more successful compared to those franchises that do not use such practices in social media? Introduction: I am a newbie to this thing called Social Media. I do not have a facebook page, don’t go on YouTube, and I have never tweeted. I was forced to utilize texting on my phone in

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  • Franchise Act

    Franchising Law in Malaysia A comprehensive analysis of the Franchise Act Introduction 1. The business of franchising has transformed the face of most business practices in Malaysia and has become a revolutionary way for Malaysian companies to develop, increase their production capability and expand their distribution chain both vertically and horizontally. Franchising fosters business opportunities for Malaysian franchisees, particularly small start-up companies (the “Franchisee”) under

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  • Franchises

    through the financial obligations of the restaurant and our loyalty to the community. The four factors that we consider are first, the quality of our products, second, the health and well-being of our customers and our staff, third, the impact that our business practices and choices will have on the environment and fourth, the high quality of attitude, fairness, understanding and generosity between management, staff, customers and vendors. Objectives To reach sales amounts that will allow for the company

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