• Olive Senior

    Economic Research, University of the West Indies, Jamaica, publications editor, 1972-77; Social and Economic Studies, editor, 1972-77; freelance writer and researcher, part-time teacher in communications, publishing consultant, and speech writer, Jamaica, 1977-82; Institute of Jamaica Publications, managing editor, 1982-89; Jamaica Journal, editor, 1982-89; freelance teacher, writer, lecturer, 1989-; University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados, visiting lecturer/writer-in-residence, 1990; Caribbean

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  • A Closer Look at Climate Change Skepticism

    this article was significant in the field of Environmental Science in that global warming and how it is changing the climate is one of the most widely disputed topics in environmental science. This article written by Charles W. Schmidt who is a freelance writer who specializes in science, medicine, and technology. This article explains many of the reasons for so many people to have skepticism about the issue of global warming and its effects on the environment which are also discussed on page 39

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  • State of Play - Part 5 Plot

    a lot! He is now fired at Heralds because Cameron finds out about his secret affair with Anne. Though is fired he still works for Herald, because he is a one of a kind journalist. It seems like he do not only like Anne, he loves her. Dan (Young freelance journalist) He is smart, and knows exactly how to nose up the good information. His co-workers at Herald like him more and more, because he is very talented and intelligent. He keeps finding good ways to get more information out of Foy. Della

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  • In Search of Talent

    like and make up 15% of new hires, and an additional 6% are attributed to niche sites (15). A niche website is a website that targets a specific audience. Websites like,, and target freelance workers, independent contractors, and others who prefer to work on a project basis., a 10-year old online recruitment provider claims to be “the premier global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and employers who need

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  • Web Portal for Freelance Photographers

    WEB PORTAL FOR FREELANCE PHOTOGRAPHERS: Connecting Freelance Photographers and Prospective Clients A Thesis Paper Presented to the Department of Information Technology Mapúa Institute of Technology School of Information Technology Buendia, Makati Philippines In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology By: Ahmed Abdulrahim, Firas A. Peña, John Michael C. June 2012 APPROVAL

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  • The Paper

    Wikipedia. Nairaland earns its revenue through its ad inventory. But the Internet has changed everything. Today, you can decide to become a freelance writer and, if you’re fortunate, get an assignment that very same day. Obviously, the better your skills and training are, the better your projects and freelance writing rates will be. Today’s freelance writers can choose from a variety of markets. You can write for magazines, either online or in print. You can blog by setting up your own site,

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  • Resume

    inspiration) * Penulis : Manda Szewczyk Blog Creative Opera ini merupakan sebuah online blogs. Berbeda dengan blog-blog ongline lainnya yang dapat dikategorikan sebagai berikut : All-in-One, Inspiration, Tutorials, Web Development/Code, Freelance, Logos & Typography, Advice & Discussion, Freebies & Giveaways, Blogging, and Micro-Blogs/Links. Lebih banyak blog online yang berfokus pada hal-hal tersebut. Creative Opera berbeda, justru perancang web ini, merancang untuk memberikan

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  • Master

    : SMP Santo Aloysius 2, Bandung, Indonesia WORKING EXPERIENCE (Position, Organization, State, Country, Month/Year) 2011 : H26 Design, Bandung, Indonesia – Internship Student 2010 : Omega, Bandung, Indonesia – Freelance (Photography) 2010 : Orchid Café, Sumedang, Indonesia – Freelance (Photography and Layout Book Menu) ADDITIONAL DETAILS Language Proficiency (Spoken) : English, Indonesia (Written) : English, Indonesia Skills: Design : Layout Design, Logo Design, Packaging,

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  • Comparing Multimedia and Design Career Fields

    designers tend to be employed in computer systems design firms and tend to work full time, though some firms have a part-time option (“Information Security Analysts, Web Developers, and Computer Network Architects”, 2012). There is also option to work freelance, which tends to be a full time only situation, but more freedom to schedule around a person’s life. Web designers are tasked with a multitude of responsibilities, as they are held accountable for a web site’s performance, graphics, content, capacity

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  • Freelance

    KAREN VALESELLA 172 bis rue du Faubourg St-Antoine, 75012 Paris PROFESSIONAL PROFILE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have been managing Internet projects for over 10 years in luxury market and media industry. With broad experience in all aspects of digital related expertises : online Branding, e-commerce, digital marketing, eCRM, online advertising EXPERIENCE ---

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  • Consumer Analysis and Profile

    quickly embracing online technologies and applications such as mobile gaming and e-commerce. The market should be segmented in such a way that the marketers know exactly which strategy applies and appeals to the students and the businesspeople and freelance workers. By such segmentation, the marketer will know which features to concentrate on when targeting a particular segment – students, business people and online gamers. [pic] Source:

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  • Wgu Ebusiness Task 3

    monthly costs for everything included in parts 1 and 2 of this proposal are detailed below.   Estimated Initial Costs Component Vendor Cost Explanatory Notes Logo Design Freelancer $250 Freelance graphic designer to create new logo for Mountain Heritage Inn. Professional Photos Freelancer $500 Freelance professional photographer will take photos of rooms and property and provide digital assets. Web design and development Firstview Online – small, local online marketing agency $8,500 Website

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  • B.Marshall

    * Opstellen ICT dienstverlening overblijvende organisatie (DNO, DAP) * Vorm geven en starten werk- en ontwikkelgesprekken afdeling ICT (W&O) | Bedrijf | : | Allsysteems | Periode | : | oktober 2013 – december 2013 | Functie | : | Freelance technisch projectmanager | Opdracht | : | Project Manager van een project met vijf deelprojecten met als resultaat een vereenvoudigd netwerk (migratie van enkele honderden servers naar nieuw netwerk -infrastructuur) en diverse verbeteringen aan

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  • Doctor

    developing integrated marketing plans, managing large scale e-mail campaigns (+2 mil people), conducting market research and analytics and scoping/estimating client projects. Key clients include VeriFone, Wendy’s and Carter’s. Freelance Contractor Throughout college provided freelance marketing and digital strategy services for several national corporations; pSC, Georgia pacific and Greymart. Created a website, SEO campaign and lead gen strategy for one client who is now number one on Google searches for

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  • Profession

    One of the main challenges for freelance translators is to find suitable clients, and once they have found them, one of their main concerns is how to retain them. As a freelancer you may well find that working for translation agencies rather than for private clients offers both peace of mind and a more reliable flow of orders.  As a professional freelancer you are doubtlessly well aware of the many benefits of freelance work. Most of these will be associated with themes such as independence, freedom

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  • Freelance

    It was late at night the sky was blue as the atlantic ocean ,full with stars and a full moon. I just had come back from eating a chocolate ice cream cone with blue sprinkles some was coming down my neck onto my shirt as I ran to my mother who was seting and front of my building . I was about 8 year old wearing a navy blue jumper with some sandles. As flew to mother I jump up the stair almost knock all the bags that some lady had to ask my mother and father who was siting and the chairs that

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  • Arthur Wilson

    VPM NAVIGATOR - ENOVIA LCA EXPERIENCE: All jobs listed below are Mechanical Design Consultant Contract positions Currently holding freelance Contract position for 1st Choice Government Solutions. Freelance Aerospace Design, Freelance Product Design, Freelance Mechanical Design, Freelance 3D Surface Design, Freelance 3D Solid Modeler and Freelance CAD Designer. Location: I work remotely-globally from Suburban Cleveland, Area, South-Eastern Ohio. Design Software: 3/2009-Present 1st

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  • Marketing

    Freelance Photographer June 2007 - Current • Choosing a subject to photograph • Set up of equipment, lighting and the studio • Editing negatives or slides • Editing digital photos • Scanning slides or negatives • Developing photos • Reading photography journals to keep up with innovative techniques and equipment. • to use them; • seeking out appropriate photographic subjects and opportunities; • carrying out research and preparation for a shoot; • working in different locations

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  • Strategic Leadership

    would manage it. The changes would impact a staff 10 workers, five in-house employees and five freelance writers. This is a somewhat delicate matter, as management would be taking control of a situation and changing it. It probably sounds preposterous, but there never has been any guidelines on how content comes in to the editorial department at this publishing company. The in-house and freelance writers just do what they want and submit it for publication. With more than 40 categories to fill

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  • Freelance Business Consultant

    COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS OF THE RETAIL SECTOR IN THE UK DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY: COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS OF THE RETAIL SECTOR IN THE UK Report submitted to The Department of Trade and Industry (Tender CGS/1239) Professors Steve Burt and Leigh Sparks Institute for Retail Studies University of Stirling Stirling FK9 4LA Scotland, UK Phone: 44 (0)1786 467386 Fax: 44 (0)1786 465290 E-Mail: ; Revised for Seminar - January 2003 DEPARTMENT OF

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  • What Is Essayscam.Org?

    EssayScam is an educational arm of a commercial essay writing and research service. EssayScam exists to help students, other essay-writing companies, and academic freelance writers by discussing their experiences with writing sites, freelance writers, and students (their clients) to improve their services. What others say about this site: Essay Cat - Holy monkey faces, is the most amazing website in existence. - makes me want to laugh until I cry, or cry until I

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  • Resume

    in Nashville. Exceeded monthly sales goals Developed strategy and executed/managed media plans for local Nashville clients. Planned and implemented company promotions and marketing activities at venues, concerts, and clubs. Randstad, Memphis, TN Freelance Marketing Coordinator (2009-2010) Performed marketing and administrative duties for assignments ranging from food/beverage, healthcare, entertainment and tourism. Clear Channel Television, Memphis, TN. Account Executive (2007-2009) Provided integral

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  • Docs

    May also refine existing logos and other branding material. Includes configuration of web analytics. Estimate is based on looking at pricing for initial site building from several competing designers. Hourly rates average $100 (Bigcommerce, 2014). freelance via $2,500.00 SEO consultant to create initial list of key phrases, which will then be SEO consultant recommendation used within the website content. Will also consult on creation of search ads and online ads. This consultant will be retained on

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  • Benchmarking

    has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Essay Writing Service Essay Marking Service Example Essays Who wrote this essay Become a Freelance Writer Place an Order Fernandez et al. (2001) also states that ‘benchmarking was a process that facilitates learning and understanding of the organization and its operations. It enabled organizations to identify the key processes that need improvement

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  • Designer Letter

    graphic branding and identity’ last December 2014. I am a young professional graphic designer/branding specialist that has been working for both print and digital industries for years plus another year of PR background. I have been working as a freelance designer for nearly five years now and have offered services to different big brands like Longinus, DuPont, Pig Magazine, Elle Magazine, and Vogue Magazine. You may have come across to my popular design website which I use

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  • Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Working Students

    these are mainly Monday-Friday office hours, but also unsocial hours including evenings and weekends. Location: opportunities exist mainly in towns or cities throughout the country. Opportunities for self-employment: commonly possible as many work freelance. Typical employers Large companies; hotels; higher education institutions; local authorities; charities; specialist conference companies; self-employment. Career development Entry to, and progression within the business, is competitive. Promotion

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  • Fffff

    a fluff story. Once you have obtained the skills you need to be a competent journalist, the next step is to find some jobs. Breaking into freelance writing is a tough thing to do, but if you are willing to work hard, you can do it and even become a successful freelancer. A good place to start is with this course, which can teach you how to become a freelance writer. Once you have all these skills, you will be able to be a part of the mass media’s advantages and make an impact on those around you

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  • Tesco

    Tesco have however changed their plan and have come up with the solution to increase non-food items available for sale. Freelance Essay Writing Vacancies Looking to become a writer? Due to high demand for our services we're always looking for new writers. If you're interested in becoming a freelance writer then why not read more about our freelance writer jobs. Freelance Writing Jobs  Demographic changes such as less and less people prepare meal at home and an increase in the population of

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  • Bank Marketing

    decided to examine whether the differences are significant or not. For this purpose independent sample t-test was applied. Freelance Essay Writing Vacancies Looking to become a writer? Due to high demand for our services we're always looking for new writers. If you're interested in becoming a freelance writer then why not read more about our freelance writer jobs. Freelance Writing Jobs Table 3: T-test showing the effect of banking services on customer satisfaction Variables Mean Standard

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  • Aadhar

    level strategy will be discussed as BreadTalk Group Limited used these two strategies to improve the company's performance. Freelance Essay Writing Vacancies Looking to become a writer? Due to high demand for our services we're always looking for new writers. If you're interested in becoming a freelance writer then why not read more about our freelance writer jobs. Freelance Writing Jobs  Business Level Strategy Business level strategy can work as separating out and formulating a open in browser

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  • Photographers

    military/civil conflicts. Photographers should have strong physical stamina in order to carry heavy equipment for long distances at any given time. They are first assistants and after time gaining experience in their specific field they can become freelance photographers. They are required to travel a lot all over the world. Photographers can receive paid time off and can work with top models and celebrities. Photographers have to work well with their hands in order to take a good picture. They must

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  • External Factors in Organaization

    months and quarters. 5.1. organizational Values: Most organisations are mostly driven by strategies. We are also driven by values. Freelance Essay Writing Vacancies Looking to become a writer? Due to high demand for our services we're always looking for new writers. If you're interested in becoming a freelance writer then why not read more about our freelance writer jobs. Corporate Social Responsibility Respect for the Individual Excellence Innovation Value for Stakeholders 5.2 vission

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  • Hospital Nurse Staffing and Quality Ser Vice

    understaffed nurses. Staffing agencies could be consulted by hospitals and other health organizations to provide qualified freelance nurses. Independent nurses follow the nurse practice act in whichever facility they are working in provided they are working as nurses. Their salary is high but considering the service, it is more beneficial to hire freelance nurses. One advantage of hiring freelance nurses is that the hospital management can call them to work whenever there is need for them and they can also work

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  • Repairing Jobs

    managers, particularly without a structured, objective interview process and can result in inaccurate impressions. Freelance Essay Writing Vacancies Looking to become a writer? Due to high demand for our services we're always looking for new writers. If you're interested in becoming a freelance writer then why not read more about our freelance writer jobs. Freelance Writing Jobs Employees hired based on inaccurate perceptions developed during the interview process can result in employees

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  • Science

    make these externalities less severe if applicable, and analyze the different stakeholders would be involved and their involvement with the externalities. To begin, the three externalities that will be reviewed will be education, pollution, and freelance musicians. When people seek a higher education, it benefits everyone which would be a positive externality. When people are educated, they are able to make more informed decisions and also tend to vote more. Also, through college grants and loans

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  • Change Management

    organisation is too impatient, and it expect too many results too soon, their plans for change are more likely to fail". Freelance Essay Writing Vacancies Looking to become a writer? Due to high demand for our services we're always looking for new writers. If you're interested in becoming a freelance writer then why not read more about our freelance writer jobs. Freelance Writing Jobs He adds by creating a sense of urgency, recruiting powerful change leaders, building a powerful vision and

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  • Napoleon

    Strategist “You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war”.1 Napoleon Bonaparte “A leader is a dealer in hope”.2 Napoleon Bonaparte A freelance advertising copywriter, John Kuraoka, mentioned if according to poet John Dryden “War is the trade of king,” then modern era trade could the ‘warfare’ of businesspeople as they too maneuver for increased revenues on the battlefield of commerce.3

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  • Health and Social Care

    to the artists work despite the surreal gears substituting certain parts of his chosen animal/insect. Gvozdariki works on weathered and yellowed paper with fading letters, sentences and words appearing and disappearing on the page. ‘He became a freelance painter and sculptor. His paintings are mostly in Decorative style, but he loves to experiment in Steam punk style too.’ The use of bright colours paired with the detailed drawings of the cogs and gears initially attracted me to Gvozdariki’s work

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  • Strategic

    be facing in the near future will be the health issues related to their products, population growth etc. Technological Forces: Earn money as a Freelance Writer! We’re looking for qualified experts As we are always expanding we are looking to grow our team of freelance writers. To find out more about writing with us then please check our freelance writing jobs page. This is very important for the company as it shows that whether the company is using the state-of-the-art technology or not

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  • Aa Afaff

    identity thefts can impact this marketing environment by compromising information security, as previously mentioned. Earn money as a Freelance Writer! We’re looking for qualified experts As we are always expanding we are looking to grow our team of freelance writers. To find out more about writing with us then please check our freelance writing jobs page. Freelance Writing Jobs In an increasingly knowledge-driven economy, market information systems also assume vital significance in facilitating

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  • Organisational Behaviours

    participation and involvement of staff and customers to bring fundamental results in favour of business. Steering Earn money as a Freelance Writer! We’re looking for qualified experts As we are always expanding we are looking to grow our team of freelance writers. To find out more about writing with us then please check our freelance writing jobs page. Freelance Writing Jobs  This is different management approach which is based on instrumental project management to fulfil the delivery needs

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  • Leadership Change Behaviour and Culture

    operators (like divisional heads and other departmental leaders) to actually effect the elimination of these differences. Earn money as a Freelance Writer! We’re looking for qualified experts As we are always expanding we are looking to grow our team of freelance writers. To find out more about writing with us then please check our freelance writing jobs page. FREELANCE WRITING JOBS  During the change implementation process, the leader should play a key role, firstly, in the identification of the changes

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  • Speech: Human Rights Violations in India

    named Jagendra Singh, who had currently posted controversial political topics on social media, had his home raided by policemen. Uttar Pradesh wrote an article on a freelance writer in India states, this raid led to the Singh experiencing severe burn injuries from which he later died. By expressing his freedom of opinion, a freelance writer and journalist was killed by police who unlawfully came into his home and tried to arrest him for publishing political controversy on social media. Violating

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  • Minh Truong

    Corel, Photoshop; có kiến thức về in lưới. - Khả năng sáng tạo cao, đáp ứng đúng hạn yêu cầu của khách hàng. Mức lương và thời gian làm việc: - Trả lương theo thỏa thuận, có chính sách thưởng theo tháng, quý. - Thời gian làm việc: 8h/ ngày, làm việc freelance, gửi và nhận yêu cầu qua email. 2, NHÂN VIÊN CHẾ BẢN, TÁCH CAN: 03 người. Mô tả công việc: - Tính kích thước mẫu thiết kế để in lên áo. - Chỉnh sửa mẫu thiết kế cho hoàn chỉnh và tách can để đem in lưới. - Chịu trách nhiệm về màu sắc và kích

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  • The Challenges of Economics

    this chapter. I could have spend this time doing something else like watching a movie or doing some freelance work. It seems that my next-best option to reading this chapter is watching a movie or working freelance, therefore the opportunity cost of reading this chapter is the time spent plus the pleasure I relinquish by not watching a movie. Or it could the money I forgo by not working freelance. Q2: If taxes on rich were raised to provide more housing for the poor, how would the willingness

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  • Online Earning

    photos captured by you, then you can sell them online. Some sites pays you if you upload those on that site. • Earn from your videos - There is also opportunity of earning by uploading your videos. • Earn Money Work from freelance jobs - Actually i am talking about freelance and outsourcing jobs with what you can earn your livelihood. • Earn Money with Paid To Click PTC-With paid to click PTC concept, you earn money for browsing websites there are other concepts like paid to surf, paid to view

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  • A Realist Look

    The End of St. Petersburg: A Realist Look Two years ago, I made my first film. It was called “Freelance” and I wanted to make a more realistic-looking film. I don’t like quick cutting or jump cuts. So, I wanted to have longer takes, pans, and medium shots. I would only use close-ups only when it was necessary. I always felt that having too much cutting in a film, jump cuts, and too many close-ups took away from the viewer. I felt that it wouldn’t leave any room for development and give the audience

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  • Personal Statement

    develop, and implement website development, graphic design, digital technologies and writing knowledge with respect to freelance work. I presently use this training to formulate and employ technology to the freelance writing business. The prosperous account as a self-employed freelance person highlights, the organizational and supervisory capabilities and talents I possess in freelance writing and clients relations. Clients come in a diversity of forms and sizes, many are easy to work with, while

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  • Gbc Cima

    the required facilities. Therefore, VYP outsources much of the actual programme-making to other people, some of them are freelance individuals and some are small specialised companies. As soon as a programme, or series of programmes, is commissioned, VYP will recruit the array of freelance and outsourced skills which are required to make those programmes. These freelance people and facilities will be hired only for the specific time required to make the programme and then their short-term contracts

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  • Kkkkk

    Commentator/Presenter | Spouse | Anita | Children | Chinmay and Satchit | Harsha Bhogle (born 19 July 1961) is an Indian cricket commentator and journalist. He was born in a Marathi speaking family in Hyderabad. Bhogle has recently become a freelance TV presenter. Contents [hide]  * 1 Early life * 2 Career * 3 Personality * 4 Books * 5 Personal life * 6 References * 7 External links | [edit] Early life Harsha Bhogle is the son of A. D. Bhogle, a professor of French, and Shalini

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