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  • Letter from a Birmingham Jail

    Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham jail” is a mix of emotional passion and logical precision that seeks to achieve meaningful cause. The letter was a response to white clergy who were critical of his intention in Birmingham naming him an “outsider”. King’s response to critics through a letter explains his arguments vividly and effectively. King wrote the letter in a way that he agreed with his critics, nonetheless still using their words against them in logic harmony. King’s letter illustrates

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  • Up from Slavery

    Up From Slavery Throughout my life I have heard that a person’s success or failure in life is based on how they were raised. When one looks at American slavery, it seems as if the life of a slave would never turn out to be great due to the horrors of being held captive by the system of slavery. But in spite of how terrible a person’s upbringing may have been, I believe that anyone can be successful in life by faith, hard work, and perseverance. Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington is a great

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  • Up from Slavery

    Taylor Fleming Up From Slavery Mrs. Pitt HIST 1302 02/07/11 Washington, Booker T. (1901). Up from slavery. New York: Doubleday Page & Company. $0.00 ISBN-13: 9780486287386 The topic of slavery during the Pre-Civil War Era is commonly discussed in US History classes, though the subject of African Americans hardships and struggles goes unnoticed as they try to adapted to life as a freed person

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  • From Arrest

    From Arrest To Adjudication American International University CRSJ101 10/21/2012 Katisha Howard Abstract There are different types of search warrants. In this presentation I will talk about the different types of search warrants. Also I will discuss the process of the search warrant how it is sought and issued. I also will talk about what is probable cause. As well as the standards that is met by probable cause. A search warrant is a court order that allows a law enforcement agency to search

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  • Responsibility Paper from Somewhere?

    abstain from purposefully hurting others. One should never hurt another individual with the intent to cause damage.Besides a physical responsibility, individuals also have legal responsibilities. One often thinks of federal, state and local laws when considering this responsibility. Citizens of every country have a legal responsibility to follow their country's laws and abstain from any activity that their governments have deemed as illegal. Legal responsibilities help protect citizens from engaging

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  • Red from Green - Essay

    Red from Green It’s not easy growing up. Finding out who you are and discovering the hard truths about life. Inevitably we will all have to someday be able to stand on our own two feet, while in the process discovering things about ourselves such as our sexuality and where we want to head in life. In the short story “Red from Green” by Maile Meloy, It is at this crossroad that our protagonist, Sam, finds herself. She is forced to see herself and her father in a new light following a float trip where

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  • From Idea to Opportunities in Entrepreneurship

    idea and the ideas that most often lead to successful business first must be something the entrepreneur is truly passionate about. Idea multiplication and its exemplification of IDEO is one of the most useful processes that helps entrepreneur moving from the seed of an idea to something that is robust, exciting and powerful. There are four basic steps in this process: (1) gather stimuli, (2) multiply stimuli, (3) create customer concept and (4) optimize practicality2. Second, the idea is a strong opportunity

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  • Red from Green

    Red from green - analysis Life is a journey. A journey filled with love, grief, tears, joy and sorrow. A journey of different stages in your personal development. First, you are an innocent and joyful child, then you turn into an insecure and self-doubting teenager, and then you will hopefully turn into a responsible and independent adult. Life can be though at any times, but especially the teenage years can be challenging. You may begin to question whether you need parent attention or not, you

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  • Production of Electricity from Waste


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  • The Crusades from an Islamic Perspective

    Clermont in 1095 AD, and all but ended with the Muslim liberation of Acre in 1291. The initial western offensive was sudden and effective. By 1099, Jerusalem was in Christian hands, and remained so until 1187, when it was liberated by Slah al-Din. From then on, European power in the region was very limited, although Frederick II of Sicily briefly conquered Jerusalem again in 1228. The fall of Acre in 1291 marked the end of the European presence in the region. All in all, it was the western Christian

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  • The Man from St. Petersburgh

    The Man from St. Petersburg In the book The Man from St. Petersburg the author Ken Follet, describes the struggles and adversity a Russian anarchist is forced to deal with in order to stop the outbreak of the First World War. In the early chapters of the book the conservative Earl of Walden is visited by Winston Churchill and is convinced to negotiate an alliance with Russia. In doing so, a young Russian admiral named Prince Aleksey Andreyevich Orlov is sent to London with plans of negotiating

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  • Learn from Mistake

    Learn From Your Mistakes Mistakes are unavoidable in life and leaders certainly make their share of them.  Any time you look to break new ground or technologies or whatever it is you are leading, you open up many new avenues for mistakes and they are inevitable with change. You can’t have one without the other and so learning to use mistakes well is an important leadership trait.  The first point about mistakes is that a great leader learns from their own mistakes.  They know when they make it and

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  • From Theory to Film

    From Theory of Film In his article, From Theory of Film, German journalist, engineer, and sociologist, Siegfried Kracauer, argues that instantaneous photography was the “decisive factor in establishing film content,” and explores the films of the Lumiêre brothers and George Mêliês, for the way they utilized photography in creating their films (147). Similar to photography, the responsibility of a film camera is to reproduce the essence of real life. A film camera reproduces this essence through

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  • Pmbok Test

    один из четырех вариантов ответов. Результат записать в таблицу приведенную ниже. Файл прикрепить к анкете. 01. Какой из перечисленных процессов управления персоналом должен завершиться как можно быстрее после начала проекта (согласно стандарту PMBOK)? a) Управление командой b) Развитие команды c) Управление участниками проекта d) Набор команды проекта 02. В процессе планирования проекта в матричной организации руководитель проекта определил, что ему требуются дополнительные

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  • Pmbok Doc

    PMBOK has 9 knowledge areas and 5 basic process groups typical of almost all projects. These knowledge areas are Project Integration Management, Project Scope Management, Project Time Management, Project Cost Management, Project Quality Management, Project Human Resource Management, Project Communications Management, Project Risk Management, and Project Procurement Management. The 5 basic process groups are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing. This knowledge area

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  • From Westklane


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  • Lecuture from Embassador

    future Today, I got a speech from very kind and witty ambassador of India, Vishnu Prakash. He asked whether we know story of Kim-Suro to explain how we deeply connected to each other. Following the story of Samguk Yusa, Indian princess Suriratna came to Korea in 48 AD, married King Kim-Suro and became queen Huh Hwang-ok. So that 5 million Koreans trace their ancestry to the royal couple. This story represents that there is deep historical links between Korea and India from long time ago. In the another

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  • Pmbok

    WS 13/14 - Zeitplan FB Wirtschaft Vorlesungszeitraum: 16.09.2013 - 07.02.2014 (38. - 6. KW) = 19 Wochen; wöchentliche Lehrveranstaltungen: 14 Wochen Sep 13 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. So Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So Mo 1. für 2. 36. KW 2. PZ 3. aus 4. SS13 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 37. KW 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 38. KW 16. Einführungs-/ 17. Projekt-/ 18. Blockwoche

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  • From W.S.

    The analysis of the story: From W.S. by L.P. Hartley Leslie Poles Hartley (1895—1972), the son of a solicitor, was educated at Harrow and Balliol College, Oxford and for more than twenty years from 1932 was a fiction reviewer for such periodicals as the Spectator, Sketch, Observer and Time and Tide. He published his first book, a collection of short stories entitled "Night Fears" in 1924. His novel "Eustace and Hilda" (1947) was recognized immediately as a major contribution to English fiction;

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  • Escape from Camp 14

    to South Korea and eventually to the U.S. He is the only prisoner born and raised in one of North Korea's prison camps who is known to have escaped. Reporter Blaine Harden has written an account of Shin's journey called Escape from Camp 14: One Man's Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West. Not surprisingly, Shin's PTSD and learned way of life make it very difficult for him to open up and share the brutal details of his life. Not just because he had bad things done to him, but because

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  • Red from Green

    RED FROM GREEN The Short story Red from Green by Maile Meloy is about a fifteen year old girl named Sam Turner, who is on a four-day float trip with her father, her uncle and the uncle’s client, Layton, from his new law firm. At this trip Sam develops and discovers new things in the process of becoming an adult and to overcome the stage from being just a child. The short story takes place in Montana, where the Turner family lives. The plot takes place at a river and the surrounding areas, where

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  • Escape from Reality

    Special Topics: Films of Terry Gilliam May 6, 2103 Escape from Reality The modern world is plagued by the departure from an idealistic and imaginative state of mind into a realm of superficial social anxieties. Director Terry Gilliam, an American-born British director and member of the comedy group Monty Python, displays the theme of the rejection of pragmatism in favor of imagination in many of his movies. The theme of escaping from mundane reality into an alternative, inspired universe is most

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  • Differences Between Wine from Burgundy and That from Bordeaux

    Differences between Wine from Burgundy and that from Bordeaux These two types of wine come from France. Red wines are very popular in European countries. In the article “History of Red Wine”, Coffey discuss the history of Red Wine. In the early decades, European explorers travel around the World with their own wine because they really love red wine. Since then, the history of red wine infiltrates the history of many European countries. Today, red wines are worth in its healthiness and popularity

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  • An Introduction to Pmbok Guide 5th Edition

    An Introduction to PMBOK Guide 5th Edition: Knowledge Areas, Processes and Process Groups One of the most discussed tables in the Project Management Institute’s (PMI), A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) Fifth Edition is the “Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas Mapping” matrix, found in Table 3-1 on page 61. This table maps the 47 processes of project management to their corresponding Knowledge Area, as well as to their corresponding Process Group

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  • Learning from Poor Leadership

    Learning from Poor Leadership Course Number (ORG300) – Applying Leadership Principles Colorado State University – Global Campus February 28, 2014 Learning from Poor Leadership There are many organizations and companies throughout the world that are controlled by bad or incompetent leaders. Some reasons for bad leadership are inadequate hiring practices such as hiring relatives, lack of knowledge around leadership skills, or inherit flaws of the leaders such as power trips or egotism. Whatever

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  • Letter from an Understudy Analysis

    The text 'Letter from the Understudy', written by Kathryn Simmonds, is, by the assignment paper, classified as a 'short story'. The characteristics for this branch of writing is that the story will often center around a single event, and that it has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Furthermore, short stories are often, due to their limited word count, written with great precision. If we look at the text, it does indeed meet all of these criteria. The short story is written in a 1st person

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  • From Christian to Hooligan

    “From Christian to football hooligan ” Andrew Hobbs gave his life to Jesus Christ at 9 years old; he became a believer. Throughout his childhood, he stared believing in something else than Christ, he became a member of the hooliganism firm, Chelsea Headhunters. It was Andrew Hobbs dad, whom introduced him to the Londonian football club, Chelsea FC. Andrew Hobbs was 12, when he with his father and brother, went to see his first Chelsea match. Chelsea was playing against Tottenham, which at

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  • From Pmbok

    communication, project leadership, risk management and project troubleshooting. View professional project webinars from some of the leading presenters on project management covering topics such as: risk management, troubled project recovery, portfolio management, business requirements, earned value management, performance-based service contracting. Learn about the qualifications and development available from the PMI, Project Management Institute, the world’s largest non-profit professional association in project

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  • Earning Money from Amway

    Earning money from Amway Amway allows the sales executive to make money based on merchandising an array of high quality of products , the company practices direct selling practices. Merchandising includes selling and using the product and also includes sponsoring others into the business. The Amway Independent Business owner compensation plan rewards several levels of achievements which includes his own selling efforts and efforts of those who are registered under him. Immediate Income

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  • From Kazakhstan

    Unnikrishnan 2012). Chapman (2008 quoted in Victor 2010, 143) stated that in England 29% of older adults are obese; in addition, 43% of Aussie were overweight, and 24 were obese. This essay will examine three reasons of increasing obesity that result from lifestyle changes which are calorie consumption, ceasing of smoking habit, and physical inactivity. A majority of the World population lives with healthy lifestyle, but people gradually change it and that impact on increasing of obesity.

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  • Red from Green

    Red from Green Growing up is a hard thing especially in the teenagers period, you don’t know how you shall act in the start, and when you become older you think too much about the way you act. The thing growing up is an important part of the short story “Red from Green”. The narrator in this story is a third person narrator, and the narrators focus is on the protagonist in the short story Sam. The narrator’s role is to observe. Since it’s an observing narrator it’s hard to get the whole picture

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  • From the Heart

    From the Heart: Healthcare Transformation from India to the Cayman Islands From the Heart: Healthcare Transformation from India to the Cayman Islands My immediate thoughts as I began to watch the movie, From the Heart: Healthcare Transformation from India to the Cayman Islands (Horstmeier, 2014), took me back to the time I spent in the hospital for my first born. My daughter was born with a birth defect and lived at University of North Carolina hospital until she passed away at five months

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  • Stalingrad from 123helpme

    battle over the course of World War II. Not necessarily remembered for its course of fighting, the battle is more known for its outcome. Not only did the battle turn out to be a major turning point in the war, it may have saved most of Eastern Europe from incomparable destruction. The battle included two of the biggest political and military icons of their time, Stalin and Hitler. World War II was seen around the globe as a war to end all wars. Combat like this had never been experienced before

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  • Pmbok

    Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition Licensed To: Jorge Diego Fuentes Sanchez PMI MemberID: 2399412 This copy is a PMI Member benefit, not for distribution, sale, or reproduction. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data A guide to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK® guide). -- Fifth edition. pages cm Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 978-1-935589-67-9 (pbk. : alk. paper) 1. Project management. I. Project Management Institute. II. Title: PMBOK guide

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  • Pmbok

    and the value we deliver. The Audit Office does not accept responsibility for loss or damage suffered by any person acting on or refraining from action as a result of any of this material. Professional people with purpose Contents Contents 1 Executive summary 2 Conclusion 3 Recommendations 4 Response from Roads and Maritime Services 5 1. Background 7 Project at a glance 7 The NSW Government’s Major Projects Assurance Framework

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  • Accountability from the Perspective of Governence

    Journal of Politics and Law Vol. 2, No. 3 Accountability from the Perspective of Malaysian Governance Ahmad Faiz Yaakob Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies Universiti Teknologi MARA Terengganu, 23000 Dungun, Terengganu Tel: 60-12-222-7659 E-mail: Nadhrah A. Kadir Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies Universiti Teknologi MARA Terengganu, 23000 Dungun, Terengganu Tel: 60-12-250-4302 E-mail: Kamaruzaman

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  • From the Net

    Bad & Good Effects of Computer Games on Students By Holly Smith eHow Contributor Child playing computer image by Ilya Postnikov from Students these days are spending more of their free time playing computer games. There are positive and negative effects associated with playing video games. Set a regular routine for your child so he knows when it is time to do homework and when to play games. Health Problems Some students get carried away with playing their computer games for excessive

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  • It from India

    IT from India’ to 'IT for India' Bottom of Form India has come a long way as a supplier of IT services to the world. Analysts say that India has revolutionized the services sector the same way as Japan changed the manufacturing sector. But, Indian IT sector has mainly catered to a global market, and very little was done for the local market in India in the past. India presents a very large untapped market in terms of technology adoption and usage. The scope of technology development for India as

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  • Mr. Usman from Nigeria

    or two parameters like per capita income or Human Development Index (HDI), the scope of NAPEP is too broad and this in part has resulted to its failure, politicization of public programmes should be discouraged so that the real poor could benefit from these programmes; government and relevant stakeholders should ensure proper funding, monitoring and shun all manner of corruption. All these will go a long way to further enhance the crusade against poverty in Nigeria especially in Ebonyi State.

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  • Away from Home, Far from the Same

    Away is a romantic drama with western influences. The 1993 film, directed by Ron Howard, is the story of two people immigrating to the United States in the hopes of having different lives. The main characters, Joseph Donnelly and Shannon Christie come from two very different worlds. Joseph lives on a farm and is barely making enough money to pay the rent, where Shannon lives on acres of land with horses to ride and butlers to boss around. As it turns out, Shannon’s father is the landlord of the land

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  • From the Balcony

    From the Balcony to the Dance Floor James “Dennis” Warman Leadership in the 21st Century LED 603 May 29, 2015 Instructor: Dr. Ellen Kaye I really desire to put into practice what I have learned from Leadership in the 21st Century college course. I have a deep desire for my organization to become a true learning organization. The irony to my desire is that my organization is involved in education of children kindergarten through twelfth grade. I have set up learning environments in my

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  • Pmi Y Pmbok

    Universidad Mariano Gálvez de Guatemala Sede Retalhuleu Universidad Mariano Gálvez de Guatemala Sede Retalhuleu Investigación Sobre PMI y PMBOK Juan Antonio Rivera Mérida 2790-12-5756 11 de febrero de 2016 PMI (Project Management Institute) Es la asociación profesional sin fines de lucro más importante y de mayor crecimiento a nivel mundial que tiene como misión convertir a la gerencia y administración de proyectos como la actividad indispensable y necesaria para obtener resultados

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  • Pmbok

    Guía del PMBOK® es reconocida como el estándar global para la dirección de proyectos y es uno de los mejores y más versátiles recursos disponibles para el profesional de esta disciplina. La Guía del PMBOK® contiene las prácticas fundamentales que todos los directores de los proyecto necesitan para alcanzar los más altos niveles de excelencia en sus proyectos. Actualmente, se encuentran en uso más de 2 millones de copias de la Guía del PMBOK®. A partir de la publicación de la Guía del PMBOK® – Cuarta

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  • Pmbok Slide

    keywords, such as "String", “string”, "Int", “int”, etc, are different. 3. There is no effect on runtime performance between: a. Import java.util.Scanner; b. Import java.util.*; The facts are: • There is no runtime cost from using an import statement • The compilation process can take a little more time with an import statement • The compilation process can take even more time with a wildcard import statement • For improved readability, wildcard

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  • Case Studies from the Phillippines

    Human well-being and poverty reductio (MA, 2003). 17 Figure 13. Steps in the Corporate Ecosystem Services Review (CESR, 18 Figure 14. Ecosystem Trends and Drivers Framework (CESR, 2008). 18 Figure 15.Types of Risks and Opportunities Arising from Trends in Ecosystem Services (CESR, 2008). 19 Figure 16. Steps for CEV (CEV, 2011) 20 Figure 17. The GRI G4 Framework (GRI, 2013). 21 Figure 18. The Six Capitals Framework (IIRC). 22 Figure 19. The Value Creation Process, "Octopus Model"

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  • The Hero from the Enemy

    The Hero from The Enemy By: Sahib Grewal The Hero from The Enemy Are heros only heros if they have superpowers? Aren’t police officers, firefighters, and soldiers heroes too? Maxie from the Waitrose is a representation of that for the Waitrose group. She is a person who you would follow into battle without questioning it. Some of the traits which Maxie possess are kind, strong, and smart. First, Maxie is considered to be a kind and wise girl in the Waitrose group whom everyone

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  • Seeking Independence from Britain

    colony, prohibition of imports from countries with unfavorable trade balance, goods exported to colony had to pass through home country ports first, establishment of trade treaties, and the regulation of colonial trades so that the colony’s raw materials were exported to the imperial power in exchange for the import of that power’s manufactured goods (2008 Charles Arnold-Baker). At the end of the French and Indian wars in 1763 and in order to fund the British debt from that war, Great Britain began

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  • La from

    forms of nations, states, and nation states with both domestic and international agendas. Works Cited What is a Nation State (N.D.) Retrieved from Foreign Policy (N.D.) Retrieved from The History of the European Union (N.D.) Retrieved from SST1 Task 2 A. When paralysis occurs at a young age, does the person affected overcome

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  • Pmbok

    Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) By Duncan Haughey, PMP The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is a collection of processes and knowledge areas generally accepted as best practice within the project management discipline. As an internationally recognised standard (IEEE Std 1490-2003) it provides the fundamentals of project management, irrespective of the type of project be it construction, software, engineering, automotive etc. PMBOK recognises 5 basic process groups and

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  • Motivation to Refrain from Drugs

    Motivation for Refraining from Drugs Cindy Torres Psy/355 Monday, June 4, 2012 Julie Fenyk Motivation for Refraining from Drugs There are several things that influence brain structures and functions associated with the motivation to refrain from the use of drugs. Important factors are intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, heredity and the environment. Motivation can be challenging. In order for a person to change their behavior, an individual’s internal point of view and external forces must

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