From Swords To Ploughshares

  • From Arrest

    From Arrest To Adjudication American International University CRSJ101 10/21/2012 Katisha Howard Abstract There are different types of search warrants. In this presentation I will talk about the different types of search warrants. Also I will discuss the process of the search warrant how it is sought and issued. I also will talk about what is probable cause. As well as the standards that is met by probable cause. A search warrant is a court order that allows a law enforcement agency to search

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  • Song of Swords

    Who holds Coinspinner knows good odds Whichever move he make But the Sword of Chance, to please the gods Slips from him like a snake. The Sword of Jus tice balances the pans Of right and wrong, and foul and fair. Eye for an eye, Doomgiver scans The fate of all folk everywhere. Dragonslicer, Dragonslicer, how d'you slay? Reaching for the heart in behind the scales. Dragonslicer, Dragonslicer, where do you stay? In the belly of the giant that m y blade impales. Farslayer howls across the world For

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  • Red from Green - Essay

    Red from Green It’s not easy growing up. Finding out who you are and discovering the hard truths about life. Inevitably we will all have to someday be able to stand on our own two feet, while in the process discovering things about ourselves such as our sexuality and where we want to head in life. In the short story “Red from Green” by Maile Meloy, It is at this crossroad that our protagonist, Sam, finds herself. She is forced to see herself and her father in a new light following a float trip where

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  • Red from Green

    Red from green - analysis Life is a journey. A journey filled with love, grief, tears, joy and sorrow. A journey of different stages in your personal development. First, you are an innocent and joyful child, then you turn into an insecure and self-doubting teenager, and then you will hopefully turn into a responsible and independent adult. Life can be though at any times, but especially the teenage years can be challenging. You may begin to question whether you need parent attention or not, you

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  • Up from Slavery

    A TEACHER’S GUIDE TO THE SIGNET CLASSIC EDITION OF BOOKER T. WASHINGTON’S UP FROM SLAVERY By VIRGINIA L. SHEPHARD, Ph.D., Florida State University S E R I E S E D I T O R S : W. GEIGER ELLIS, ED.D., ARTHEA J. S. REED, PH.D., UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA, EMERITUS and UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, RETIRED A Teacher’s Guide to the Signet Classic Edition of Booker T. Washington’s Up from Slavery 2 INTRODUCTION Booker T. Washington’s commanding presence and oratory deeply moved

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  • Ict: a Double Edged Sword

    ICT: A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD ICT is a doubled age sword, no doubt its true but only if its powerfulness and robustness is used in a wrong way The freedoms and rights entrenched in the constitution are also double edged, having both a good side and a bad side. Take for example the freedom of expression. As we know it, it’s a fundamental human right in a democracy for one to express his or her thoughts, be it about the government or an occurrence. The individual can express negative or positive attitude

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  • Mythology in Literature: the Sword of Shanarra

    passed down through oral tradition, with an expectation from the listeners to be wowed and awed at the telling. This essay we will look at Terry Brooks’ The Sword of Shannara. Brooks’ work is done in the literary art form, but how does his work relate to our world view of myth? What is used in his work as mythic symbolism? Is it modern myth or old myth presented in a new light? These questions will be addressed in this essay. In the Sword of Shannara, Brooks takes the reader into world that

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  • Lesson from Asian Crisis

    driven this crisis. After laying out an asymmetric information view of the Asian financial crisis, this paper goes on to use this framework to explore lessons from this crisis. 1. An Asymmetric Information View of the Asian Crisis The financial system plays a critical role in the economy because, when it operates properly, it channels funds from those who have saved surplus funds to those who need these funds to engage in productive investment opportunities. The major barrier to the financial system

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  • The Crusades from an Islamic Perspective

    Clermont in 1095 AD, and all but ended with the Muslim liberation of Acre in 1291. The initial western offensive was sudden and effective. By 1099, Jerusalem was in Christian hands, and remained so until 1187, when it was liberated by Slah al-Din. From then on, European power in the region was very limited, although Frederick II of Sicily briefly conquered Jerusalem again in 1228. The fall of Acre in 1291 marked the end of the European presence in the region. All in all, it was the western Christian

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  • Learn from Mistake

    Learn From Your Mistakes Mistakes are unavoidable in life and leaders certainly make their share of them.  Any time you look to break new ground or technologies or whatever it is you are leading, you open up many new avenues for mistakes and they are inevitable with change. You can’t have one without the other and so learning to use mistakes well is an important leadership trait.  The first point about mistakes is that a great leader learns from their own mistakes.  They know when they make it and

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  • From Swords to Ploughshares

    From Swords to Ploughshares From Swords to Ploughshares: The Family Conflicts, Transition, and Connection Brenda Hawkins Strayer University Dr. Dwight Heaster Business Administration Abstract This paper describes how successful Meritex Enterprises, Inc. has been at recognizing and satisfying stakeholder interests; the mechanisms available in managing relationships with stakeholders to influence the strategic direction and performance of the company; why the board of directors for Space Center

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  • From Westklane


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  • A Double-Edged Sword - Caffeine

    Introduction: Nowadays, caffeine is well known as the most popular and widely consumed drug. We can find it from foods and drinks, even many medications contain this substance, it is pervasive in our daily lives. Caffeine is one kind of rapidly absorbed organic compound. It is classified as stimulant witch can increase alertness and energy levels for a short period of time (website). Caffeine can be used as pharmacologic substance as well, for example, it is ‘commonly used in the treatment of

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  • Double Edged Sword

    strength, stamina, and heightened alertness. Stress can be beneficial to our lives because it can help motivate us to do daily tasks more efficiently. For example, if a student has an overwhelming amount of homework to do then the stress that develops from this can motivate that student to complete his/her homework more productively. In fact, it can also help boost our memory and can fortify our immune system. Stress is also a vital warning system, producing the flight or fight response. A small amount

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  • Butterfly Swords

    The butterfly sword (Traditional Chinese: húdié shuāng dāo) also known as dit bang dao (life-taking sword) or yee jee dao (character two sword), is originally from the South of China, though it has seen use in the North. The blade length is approximately that of the forearm, for easy concealment within the sleeves or inside boots, and for greater maneuverability to spin and rotate in close-quarters fighting. The butterfly sword is usually wielded in pairs. As well, they are usually held side by side

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  • From W.S.

    The analysis of the story: From W.S. by L.P. Hartley Leslie Poles Hartley (1895—1972), the son of a solicitor, was educated at Harrow and Balliol College, Oxford and for more than twenty years from 1932 was a fiction reviewer for such periodicals as the Spectator, Sketch, Observer and Time and Tide. He published his first book, a collection of short stories entitled "Night Fears" in 1924. His novel "Eustace and Hilda" (1947) was recognized immediately as a major contribution to English fiction;

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  • Escape from Reality

    Special Topics: Films of Terry Gilliam May 6, 2103 Escape from Reality The modern world is plagued by the departure from an idealistic and imaginative state of mind into a realm of superficial social anxieties. Director Terry Gilliam, an American-born British director and member of the comedy group Monty Python, displays the theme of the rejection of pragmatism in favor of imagination in many of his movies. The theme of escaping from mundane reality into an alternative, inspired universe is most

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  • Analysis of the Short Story "The Sign of the Broken Sword" by G.K. Chesterton

    Analysis of G. K. Chesterton’s short story «The Sign of the Broken Sword» «The Sign of the Broken Sword» is a short story by G. K. Chesterton featuring his famous characters Father Brown and former criminal Flambeau. In the centre of a story is a mysterious death of General Sir Arthur St. Clare, who was hanged on a tree with his broken sword hung round his neck. It is a detective story and throughout it Father Brown reveals to us the mystery of General St. Clare. The story starts with

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  • Surveillance: a Double Edged Sword

    Surveillance: A Double Edged Sword As citizens of a free nation our constitution has granted us certain basic rights. The expectation from preservers of law and order is that they will help us to exercise and enjoy these powers. Security from threats is another expectation that we demand from the keepers of law. Obviously, in order to provide us security from outside threat the law keepers need to exercise some special powers and the basics of that is “Surveillance”. Surveillance in ordinary language

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  • “Double-Edged Sword”, Emotional Labour

    THE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTERMANCHESTER bUSINESS sCHOOL | “Double-Edged Sword”, Emotional Labour | :The examination of the extent to which emotional labour is harmful for workers | | | BMAN31430: Human Resource ManagementCourse Coordinator: Dr. Isabel Tavora799264112TH NOV 2013 | This paper aims to explore fundamental concept of emotional labour, based on the empirical case studies in order to attempt to answer the question, “Is emotional labour really harmful for workers?”, and

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  • Differences Between Wine from Burgundy and That from Bordeaux

    Differences between Wine from Burgundy and that from Bordeaux These two types of wine come from France. Red wines are very popular in European countries. In the article “History of Red Wine”, Coffey discuss the history of Red Wine. In the early decades, European explorers travel around the World with their own wine because they really love red wine. Since then, the history of red wine infiltrates the history of many European countries. Today, red wines are worth in its healthiness and popularity

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  • The Double Edge Sword Known as Student

    April 9, 2014 Assignment 3 The Double Edge Sword Known As Student Loans Higher education should not be a privilege but a right; it should not be exclusively for the privileged. Not so many years ago the idea of seeking a college degree was optional. There were many jobs available in the United States that one could produce enough earnings to support a family. They were referred to as middle class jobs, however, due to some poor decisions made by our government those jobs are no longer available

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  • Red Road from Stalingrad

    Red Road From Stalingrad Analysis The Soviet Army was made up of many different types of nationalities and ethnicities, fighting side by side against a common enemy. Mansur Abdulin had the experience of fighting with many different men from a variety of different backgrounds. He often talks about Armenians, like Gregory Ambartsumiants who was a scout Mansur fought with through Stalingrad (pg. 124). Armenia is located south of the Russian border in the south Caucasus region. It is landlocked by

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  • The Cross and the Sword

    The Cross and the Sword in Spain’s New World: Bartolomé De Las Casas and Hernán Cortés 1). How would you compare Las Casa’s and Cortés’s attitude about Native Americans, their cultures, and their conversion to Christianity? What assumptions shaped their conclusions? Which sources are the most revealing of those attitudes and assumptions? Hernán Cortès felt that the Natives intelligence was far greater than those of the islands and that they provided sufficient intelligence to conduct themselves

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  • From Pmbok

    communication, project leadership, risk management and project troubleshooting. View professional project webinars from some of the leading presenters on project management covering topics such as: risk management, troubled project recovery, portfolio management, business requirements, earned value management, performance-based service contracting. Learn about the qualifications and development available from the PMI, Project Management Institute, the world’s largest non-profit professional association in project

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  • Marriage: a Double Edged Sword

    A Double-Edged Sword Family dynamics encompass relationships found among household members—one of the most important being that between spouses. Marriage specifically, is believed to be a union based on love, representing a powerful bond that seals two people together. Within many fairy tales, marriage is often emphasized as the ideal happy ending; making it almost inevitable for people to incorporate into their perception of the future. It is these stories that blind people from the truth—that

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  • From Kazakhstan

    Unnikrishnan 2012). Chapman (2008 quoted in Victor 2010, 143) stated that in England 29% of older adults are obese; in addition, 43% of Aussie were overweight, and 24 were obese. This essay will examine three reasons of increasing obesity that result from lifestyle changes which are calorie consumption, ceasing of smoking habit, and physical inactivity. A majority of the World population lives with healthy lifestyle, but people gradually change it and that impact on increasing of obesity.

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  • Pen or Sword

    Ashley Albarracin Professor Wess 5th, March 2013 The Pen or the Sword? “The Pen is mightier than the Sword.” is an expression that is often heard today. It expresses that you can solve problems better and more effectively through communication with words than by violence. Words get a lot more done in a professional aspect. And Laertes, Ophelia’s brother, happens to agree judging by what he tells her. Through explication it comes to light that Laertes knows just how powerful words can truly

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  • Analysis of Letter from of Birmingham Jail

    A Little Jail-Bird Told Me The pen is mightier than the sword. This saying emphasizes that words are stronger than violent actions. Martin Luther King Jr. believed strongly in this saying. Being a leader of the civil rights movement, King believed in peaceful protests over violent protests. He was a kind hearted man peacefully fighting for equal rights of black and white people. At one point, his focus was Birmingham. Birmingham was thoroughly segregated and treated blacks worse than most areas

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  • Debunking Gun Control from a Christian Perspective

    what is most commonly referred to as “gun control,” which is refusing citizens the right to keep certain or all firearms and keeping them solely in the hands of government. There are many different points of view on the issue of gun rights, coming from all political and religious views. It is near impossible to find the truth on the issue while wading through an ocean of loud, boisterous opinions on the extent of gun rights and whether people need guns at all. This paper critically assesses the Republican

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  • From the Heart

    From the Heart: Healthcare Transformation from India to the Cayman Islands From the Heart: Healthcare Transformation from India to the Cayman Islands My immediate thoughts as I began to watch the movie, From the Heart: Healthcare Transformation from India to the Cayman Islands (Horstmeier, 2014), took me back to the time I spent in the hospital for my first born. My daughter was born with a birth defect and lived at University of North Carolina hospital until she passed away at five months

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  • Organisatiomal Structure as a 2 Edge Sword

    Impact of strong culture on organizations. Strong organization culture is a two edge sword. Strong culture is said to exist where employers responds to stimulus of their loyalty to organizational values. Every organization, big or small has a unique identity called culture. Firstly, companies with strong cultures are operating in stable and safe environments. Strong cultures helps organizations to function well or operate like “well-oiled machines” Furthermore having a strong culture, companies

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  • From Swords to Ploughshares

    From Swords to Ploughshares: The Family Conflicts, Transition, and Connection Brenda Hawkins Strayer University Dr. Dwight Heaster Business Administration Abstract This paper describes how successful Meritex Enterprises, Inc. has been at recognizing and satisfying stakeholder interests; the mechanisms available in managing relationships with stakeholders to influence the strategic direction and performance of the company; why the board of directors for Space Center Enterprises was or was

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  • R2P: Doomed from the Start?

    R2P: Doomed from the Start? According to law that dates back to 1648, nations have the right to govern within their borders in whatever manner determined fitting. Some states, although granted this right that is inherent to the foundation of the international system, fail to protect their citizens from harm. Too often in recent history have governments neglected to protect their people during conflicts or crises, and with a world with increasing visibility and communication, states have responded

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  • From the Net

    Bad & Good Effects of Computer Games on Students By Holly Smith eHow Contributor Child playing computer image by Ilya Postnikov from Students these days are spending more of their free time playing computer games. There are positive and negative effects associated with playing video games. Set a regular routine for your child so he knows when it is time to do homework and when to play games. Health Problems Some students get carried away with playing their computer games for excessive

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  • It from India

    IT from India’ to 'IT for India' Bottom of Form India has come a long way as a supplier of IT services to the world. Analysts say that India has revolutionized the services sector the same way as Japan changed the manufacturing sector. But, Indian IT sector has mainly catered to a global market, and very little was done for the local market in India in the past. India presents a very large untapped market in terms of technology adoption and usage. The scope of technology development for India as

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  • Away from Home, Far from the Same

    Away is a romantic drama with western influences. The 1993 film, directed by Ron Howard, is the story of two people immigrating to the United States in the hopes of having different lives. The main characters, Joseph Donnelly and Shannon Christie come from two very different worlds. Joseph lives on a farm and is barely making enough money to pay the rent, where Shannon lives on acres of land with horses to ride and butlers to boss around. As it turns out, Shannon’s father is the landlord of the land

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  • Warrior (Sword Master) Builds Guide

    Warrior (Sword Master) Builds Guide There are four builds for Sword Master and a few rogue builds. I will show you a few builds that you can tweak to your liking and explain why I chose certain skills for each one. These builds are for level 40, however, I will give you a little information about future job classes and their skills as sort of a heads up. Sword Master: Sword Master is a short to long range fighter with lots of AoE (area of effect) and crowd control with fast paced damage per second

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  • The Sign of the Broken Sword

    being a mellenial has made it difficult to comprehend the events of a war. Such historical events have always occurred from a distance. However, Junger’s description of events during world war 1 takes the mind to a dark place. Despite Junger’s detailed descriptions, it was challenging to understand his emotional engagement. I expected him to display a large range of emotions from hopelessness to sadness. I felt deep empathy for the terrifying

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  • From the Balcony

    From the Balcony to the Dance Floor James “Dennis” Warman Leadership in the 21st Century LED 603 May 29, 2015 Instructor: Dr. Ellen Kaye I really desire to put into practice what I have learned from Leadership in the 21st Century college course. I have a deep desire for my organization to become a true learning organization. The irony to my desire is that my organization is involved in education of children kindergarten through twelfth grade. I have set up learning environments in my

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  • Analysis of the Extract from "Romeo and Juliet"

    The text under analysis belongs to the tragedy genre of drama. I have chosen an abstract from the Shakespearean play “Romeo and Juliet”, especially the conversation between the protagonists. Key words of especially this abstract are “name” and “love”. They are repeated many times. And no wonder, we know, that one of the main themes of this play is unhappy love of the main characters. Concept of love is percepted by the reader in two meanings: something high and beautiful and dark, unlucky at the

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  • Samurai and Sword

    l The History of the Japanese Samurai and Sword Brandon Stepka SOCI306 The history of the Japanese samurai and sword has always been an interesting topic to me. I will not only be discussing the correlations between the two, but also the evolution of each. Along with that, I will be expanding upon how the Japanese sword was created, how it became popular, and lastly, how it is link to Japanese culture. I would now like to start by giving you a background of the Japanese samurai.

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  • Sword of Allah

    Khalid ibn AI-Waleed “The Sword of Allah” (d. 21 A.H.) It is reported that Prophet Muhammad  said, ‘The better ones of you in the Days of Ignoranceare the better ones of you in Islam when they understand (the religion).” These wise words of Prophet Muhammad  were best proved in the case of our hero today, Khalid ibn AI-Waleed. For, it was Khalid ibn AI-Waleed who managed to cause the defeat of the Muslim army atUhud,??before his conversion t o Islam. After his acceptance of the Faith , Khalid ibn

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  • Property Tax Trial: a Sharp Sword or a Delicate Needle?

    Property tax trial: a sharp sword or a delicate needle? On Jan 28th 2011, China finally began to implement its property tax policy in two trial cities, Shanghai and Chongqing. The new tax policy was expected to be carried out through the whole year and to successfully cool the overheated real-estate market. However, the result seems complex and confusing. An Overview of the Property Tax Policy Property tax policy is different in Shanghai and Chongqing, varying in tax rate and charging targets

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  • La from

    forms of nations, states, and nation states with both domestic and international agendas. Works Cited What is a Nation State (N.D.) Retrieved from Foreign Policy (N.D.) Retrieved from The History of the European Union (N.D.) Retrieved from SST1 Task 2 A. When paralysis occurs at a young age, does the person affected overcome

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  • Internet Is a Double Edge Sword

    world. Within a short span of time, it has brought about a new evolution in the mode of networking; expanding from its users population from thousands to billions across the world. With the progression in time, the Internet has become a necessity, playing a major role in various human activities. Despite the Internet being an indispensable tool of human living, it can also be a double edge sword. The purpose of this essay is to examine how the internet brings about benefits which at the same time harm

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  • Incident Regarding Endurance from the Life of Prophet

    Al-Isra’ and Al-Mi`raj (The Night Journey) 1-The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was taken for a journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to Al-Aqsa (the Farthest) Mosque in Jerusalem. Then, Gabriel ascended with him through the seven heavens and Sidrat-Al-Muntaha (the lote-tree of the utmost boundary) where the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) saw some of the greatest signs of his Lord. There, Salah (Prayer) was prescribed on the Prophet (peace and

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  • Motivation to Refrain from Drugs

    Motivation for Refraining from Drugs Cindy Torres Psy/355 Monday, June 4, 2012 Julie Fenyk Motivation for Refraining from Drugs There are several things that influence brain structures and functions associated with the motivation to refrain from the use of drugs. Important factors are intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, heredity and the environment. Motivation can be challenging. In order for a person to change their behavior, an individual’s internal point of view and external forces must

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  • From Don Quixote

    Don Quixote is a middle-aged gentleman from the region of La Mancha in central Spain. Obsessed with the chivalrous ideals touted in books he has read, he decides to take up his lance and sword to defend the helpless and destroy the wicked. After a first failed adventure, he sets out on a second one with a somewhat befuddled laborer named Sancho Panza, whom he has persuaded to accompany him as his faithful squire. In return for Sancho’s services, Don Quixote promises to make Sancho the wealthy governor

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  • Prime Time to Sharpen the Sword

    Prime Time to Sharpen the Sword ACG3083/08116 Summer 2012 In 2011 Toromont Industries continues work with the big CATS in the heavy equipment arena. Toromont’s focus in the past was concentrated on strengthening their business and providing total quality service to it’s’ customers and shareholders. Throughout its Equipment Group segment, Toromont sells, rents, and services CAT brand mobile equipment. Toromont also specializes in industrial engines in one of the world’s larger Caterpillar dealerships

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