Fund Flow Analysis

  • Retirement Fund & Property Analysis

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction – Part 1 Retirement Analysis – Part 2 Retirement Property Investment Analysis – Part 3 Recommendations - Part 4 Appendix – MLS Brochures Introduction Team B of Investment Asset Managers Inc, has been tasked with a major project of preparing a recommendation of alternative residential retirement properties for a couple. The team intends of offering an option that will fulfill all of the couple’s needs, wants and within their yearly budget. Since the couple

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  • Mutual Fund

    |concept of mutual fund | | | |investor earn from mutual fund | | | |advantages of mutual fund | | | |disadvantages of mutual fund

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  • Mutual Fund Analysis

    For the mutual fund you will need to tell us which fund you researched - there are a number of funds within each fund family - its symbol, its current price, the fees, what is the history, what type of fund, and what you like or don't like about it. There are a number of fund families such as Vanguard, American Funds, Franklin Templeton, Invesco, Legg Mason, and others. Dig deep and be complete. American Funds Capital World Growth/Income Symbol- RWIFX Class R-5 Current price- $36.29 52 week

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  • Mutual Funds

    Business Management Dynamics Vol.2, No.2, Aug 2012, pp.01-09 Indian Investor’s Perception towards Mutual Funds Dr. Nishi Sharma1 Abstract The concept of mutual fund emerged in Netherlands in 18th century and introduced in India by Unit Trust of India in1960s. As the mutual fund industry provides an option of diversified investment structure with varying degree of risk, it was supposed to be the most lucrative market for Indian investors. It was believed that it will surely tap the savings of

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  • Fund Raising

    ABSTRACT Funds are very essential to an organization, it is used to support the projects and other plans of an organization. Although some organizations have enough funds, most of non-profit organizations are still lacking knowledge in managing their group’s funds. Fund raising tries to increase the money of which organizations may use in their projects for day-to-day operations. Maintaining enough funds for the operations of organizations is a challenge for the group as a whole. Most of organizations

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  • Cash Flow

    CONCEPTS a. The statement of cash flows details the actual cash generated through a specific time period, usually for fiscal year ending 20XX, for example. The cash flow statement, specifically, identifies the actual cash flowing in and out of the company and reveals how a company spends its money. Conversely, the income statement is based on the accrual method of accounting and will contain revenue, for example, that has not been received or expenses that have not yet been paid. b. The

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  • Solution to Polaroid Cash Flow Statement Analysis

    Solution to Polaroid Cash Flow Statement Analysis: |Observations | |Cash from operations is positive in 98 and 99 and becomes Negative in ’00 – a clear sign of weakness for a mature | |business – not unusual for a young startup. | |Loss in 98 to a small profit and a larger profit in 00.

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  • Fund Management

    OCP REPORT A COMPARATRIVE STUDY ON UTILIZATION OF FUNDS BETWEEN A CONVENTIONAL BANK AND AN ISLAMIC BANK: A STUDY BASED ON TRUST BANK LIMITED AND ISLAMI BANK BANGLADESH LIMITED (TBL & IBBL) (This OCP report has been prepared for the partial fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Finance & Banking) Supervised by: Mr. Serajul Islam Assistant Professor Department of Business Administration International Islamic University Chittagong Prepared

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  • Islamic Equity Unit Trust Funds’ Performance in Cimb Wealth Advisors Berhad (Risk and Return Analysis)

    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 OVERVIEW This paper intent to analyze the performance of Islamic equity unit trust funds’ in CIMB Wealth Advisors Berhad by comparing with the FTSE Bursa Malaysia Composite Index (KLCI) as benchmark. This chapter will discuss the background of the study, historical development of unit trust industry in Malaysia, understanding unit trust, problem statement, research objectives and the significance of the study. 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY A plenty of investments

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  • Fund Flow Analysis

    Accounting and Finance for Managers LESSON 7 FUND FLOW STATEMENT ANALYSIS CONTENTS 7.0 7.1 Aims and Objectives Introduction Meaning & Objectives of Fund Flow Statement Analysis Methods of Preparing Fund Flow Statement 7.3.1 Schedule of Changes in Working Capital 7.3.2 Net Profit Method 7.3.3 Sales

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  • Mutual Fund

    empirical research on mutual funds has not given any significant contribution for the mutual fund investor. Unfortunately many mutual fund investor have probably never heard about these research results or their implications. They have heard some rules of thumb guidelines from their brokers or peers about how to select a particular fund. The purpose of this present study is to identify the selection criteria, investors seem to use in selecting a mutual fund institution that suits the

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  • Mt 482 Cash Flow Analysis

    1. Analysis of the statement of cash flows suggests that this strategy was implemented during year 8. Specifically, during that year the cash flows of Land’s End to build up its inventory to implement its new policy are very high---$104.545 million cash outflow to acquire additional inventory. 2. Depreciation expense represents the allocation of the cost of fixed assets over the useful life of the asset. Amortization expense represents the allocation of the cost of intangible assets over the

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  • Funds

    Interest rate. The second part of this assignment is describing economic activities such as Purchasing of groceries, Massive layoffs of employees, and Decrease in taxes, affects our government, households, and businesses. We also need to describe the flow of resources from one entity to another for each activity. Let’s begin first by describing each term in our own words. Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, shows how well a country’s economic health is, and gauges its standard of living. This is all

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  • Mutual Fund

    A RESEARCH PAPER On Opportunities in indian market of mutual funds investment PIONEER (Since 1996) Submitted to

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  • Ch 2 Financial Statement and Cash Flow Analysis

    Statement and Cash Flow Analysis MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which of the following items can be found on an income statement? a. Accounts receivable b. Long-term debt c. Sales d. Inventory ANS: C DIF: E REF: 2.1 Financial Statements 2. If you only knew a company’s total assets and total debt, which item could you easily calculate? a. Sales b. Depreciation c. Total equity d. Inventory ANS: C DIF: E REF: 2.1 Financial Statements 3. How do we calculate a company’s operating cash flow? a. EBIT - taxes +

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  • Comparative Analysis of the Performance of Mutual Funds in Ghana


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  • Mutual Fund Analysis

    Division 18 4.3 Funds Division 19 4.4 Accounts and Finance Division 20 4.5 Computer Division 22 4.6 Loan Appraisal Division 22 4.7 Implementation & Recovery 24 4.8 Legal Affairs Division 24 4.9 Audits and Method Department 25 4.10 Secretary’s Division 25 4.11 Branch and Subsidiary Control Division 26 4.12 Activities of Subsidiary Company’s 26 Chapter 5 Introduction of ICB Mutual Funds 29-36 5.1 Introduction 29 5.2 What Is Mutual Fund 29 5.3 Types

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  • Flow Injection Analysis

    Aim This practice has as objective learn the flow injection analysis technique (FIA) and determine the filterable reactive phosphorus (FRP) in Yarra River’s water samples in order to assess the trophic status of the Yarra River’s sites. Methods A phosphate calibration curve was made from a stock solution provided. The samples and the QC solution was measured using the FIA technique and the FRP was obtained using the peak height from the samples. The QC solution was diluted 2:5. Sample

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  • Cash Flow

    Exam Roll No:- 05C5OO23 CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Nachiketa Sahu of +3rd year commerce bearing exam Roll No:-05C5OO23 for the session of 2007-08 has submitted this project entitled “profitability ratio analysis” .This report has not be submitted earlier any where for any purpose. It is forwarded to the controller of examination F.M (auto) college, Balasore after evaluation. Dr. N.K

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  • Hedge Funds

    Do Hedge Funds Have Enough Capital? A Value-at-Risk Approach * Anurag Gupta† Bing Liang‡ April 2004 ____________________________________ *We thank Stephen Brown, Sanjiv Das, Will Goetzmann, David Hseih, Kasturi Rangan, Peter Ritchken, Bill Sharpe, Ajai Singh, Jack Treynor, and two anonymous referees for comments and suggestions on earlier drafts, and the seminar participants at Case Western Reserve University, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Virginia Tech., the 2003 European Finance

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  • Mutual Funds

    MUTUAL FUND A Mutual fund is a pool of money, collected from investors and is invested according to certain investment objectives. A Mutual fund is created when investors put their money together. It is therefore a pool of the investor’s funds. The most important characteristic of the Mutual fund is that the contributories and the beneficiaries are the same class of people, namely the investors. The term mutual means that the investors contribute to the pool, and also benefit from the pool. There

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  • Pro Forma Analysis Cash Flow Forecasting

    Pro forma analysis cash flow forecasting Apartment Investment Case Study Scenario An investor is considering buying an apartment building with 140 units offered for sale at $16,500,000. The subject apartment building has the following unit mix: Additionally, the following assumptions are also being made by the investor in order to construct a 5-year cash flow pro forma: Vacancy and Credit Loss In the current market, vacancy and credit losses are running at 9%. Due to the improving market conditions

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  • Cash Flow

    STATUTORY REPORTS 44 Notice 53 Directors’ Report 69 Management Discussion & Analysis 104 Corporate Governance 125 Secretarial Audit Report Chairman’s Message To ensure long-term competitiveness of Tata Motors, the company also took several steps under the Horizonext strategy. FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Standalone Financial Statements 126 Independent Auditors’ Report 130 Balance Sheet 131 Statement of Profit and Loss 132 Cash Flow Statement 134 Notes to Accounts Consolidated Financial Statements 170 Independent

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  • Cash Flow Analysis

    1 Cash Flow Analysis Signal Cable Company When Jay Smith took the job of Assistant to the President, two years ago, things were going rather well at the Signal Cable Company. The company was on an expansionary path and had branched into the fiber optics business. The prospects looked good and the economy was strong. The threat of competition was not too severe. Due to the expectation of increased demand for fiber optic communications, the company had established two additional manufacturing

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  • Hedge Funds

    Hedge Funds Instructor: Dr. F. Beer By: Vishal Pahuja | Angel Cardoz | Contents Introduction by Vishal Pahuja 3 History by Vishal Pahuja 4 Types of Hedge Funds by Vishal Pahuja 4 Key Characteristics of a Hedge Funds by Vishal Pahuja 5 Size and Market Statistics by Angel Cardoz 5 What is the Cost? by Angel Cardoz 6 Cost to manage 6 Cost to Economy 7 Risks and Returns by Vishal Pahuja 7 Hedge Fund Structure by Vishal Pahuja 8 A Success Story by Vishal Pahuja 9 Peer

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  • Financial Statements and Cash Flow Analysis

    Chapter 2 Mini Case: “Financial Statement and Cash Flow Analysis” Jennifer L. Hatch Professor Edward Strafaci Advanced Financial Management January 28, 2015 Chapter 2 Mini Case: “Financial Statement and Cash Flow Analysis” Introduction According to the mini case, Jaeden Industries has provided their account balances as of December 31, 2010. In order to determine the company’s free cash flow, liquidity, debt and profitability ratios, and market ratios, the following are required: dividend

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  • Mutual Fund

    Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds in Pakistan S. M. AAMIR SHAH and SYED TAHIR HIJAZI* INTRODUCTION In Pakistan Mutual Funds were introduced in 1962, when the public offering of National Investment (Unit) Trust (NIT) was introduced which is an open-end mutual fund. In 1966 another fund that is Investment Corporation of Pakistan (ICP) was establishment. ICP subsequently offered a series of closed-end mutual funds. Up to early 1990s, twenty six (26) closed-end ICP mutual funds had been floated by Investment

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  • Cash Flow

    period. This paper will focus more on how cash flow is helpful to external users. The statement of cash flow complements the income statement and the balance sheet. When credit decisions are made, many factors must be assessed. According to FASB (SFAS-95, paragraph 5) the information on actual cash flows is useful to help creditors, investors, and other external parties asses (1) the ability of an enterprise to generate positive future net cash flows, meet its obligations, and pay dividends; (2) the

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  • Mutual Fund

    mutual fund is nothing more than a collection of stocks and/or bonds. You can think of a mutual fund as a company that brings together a group of people and invests their money in stocks, bonds, and other securities. Each investor owns shares, which represent a portion of the holdings of the fund. You can make money from a mutual fund in three ways: 1) Income is earned from dividends on stocks and interest on bonds. A fund pays out nearly all of the income it receives over the year to fund owners

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  • Funds

    figures about the region’s growing success in the hedge fund industry and its potential for further growth STeVe FlYNN is the chief executive of the global business companies within the cim group. He has experience in offshore, financial services and corporate administration in the uK, bermuda, india, luxembourg and south africa. steve has worked with a number of financial services companies, the most recent being commercial union, maitland Fund services, Fidelity investments, credit suisse life and

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  • International Fund Flow

    Chapter 2 International Flow of Funds Questions and Applications Effects of Tariffs Answer: If the United States imposes large tariffs on the French wine, then the U.S. wine producers would benefit from the U.S. tariffs, while the French wine producers would be adversely affected. The French government would likely to retaliate by imposing tariffs on the U.S. beverage and wine, which would adversely affect on the values of the U.S. beverage firms and U.S. wine producers, while the French beverage

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  • Investment Funds and Security Analysis

    Investment Fund and Security Analysis Assignment Question 1 There are several examples of the various types of mutual funds. In fact the list is listless but the most common ones include; Aggressive growth funds, Growth funds, Growth and Income Funds, Value Funds, International Equity Funds, US Government Income Funds, Municipal Bond Funds, Corporate Bond Funds, High Yield Bond Funds, Treasury Bills, Money Market Funds among many more. Load Mutual Funds are funds that have a sales charge or commission

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  • Edgestone Capital Equity Fund – Early Phase Analysis

    EdgeStone Capital Equity Fund – Early Phase Analysis The timing for creating a $180 million private equity fund is very opportunistic. With the strong Canadian economy positioned for continued growth, a federal budget surplus, and a low Canadian dollar, there will be numerous Canadian companies looking to PE firms for financing. This economic outlook coupled with $180 million of initial capital, EdgeStone will be able to be extremely selective in terms of potential targets, further increasing

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  • Cash Flow Analysis – Signal Cable Company

    TOPIC : CASH FLOW ANALYSIS – SIGNAL CABLE COMPANY Introduction The Signal Cable Company is a cable manufacturer for analog and digital interconnects, speaker, video and home theater cables. It is located in Tarrytown, New York. The company is well known for “highest standard in quality and customer service” and their “superior design” and “No-Hype approach resulted in one of the best price/performance ratio in the industry”. After Signal Cable had enjoyed quite a run up in profits over the

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  • Pursuit of Happiness vs Hustle & Flow Film Analysis of the American Dream

    Have you ever felt at any moment in your life that you cannot handle things anymore? Feeling powerless and you want to give up everything you have done so far? In the films The Pursuit of Happyness and Hustle & Flow it is noticeable a very important ideology that a lot of people have at some point in their lives, this is The American Dream. It is also significant to talk about the Mise en scene, the costumes and the angle of the camera in both films. In the film The Pursuit of Happyness shows how

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  • Everything Flows Analysis

    In Everything Flows, Vasily Grossman illustrates the struggles of Ivan Grigoryvich, who has recently come back from the Gulags into a new Soviet society. Along Ivan’s journey of finding his place in the world, Grossman introduces several memorable characters such as Anna Sergeyevna, Ivan’s landlady and companion. Anna Sergeyevna is a widow who works as a cook in a canteen; she is kind and compassionate, and understands Ivan’s sufferings and sorrow. In the past, she had been a chairman of a collective

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  • Flow

    way organizations due this is by creating accounting reports or more commonly called financial statements. There are four basic financial statements. They are income statements, retained earnings statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flow. Organizations consistently use these four statements to analyze the numbers that are collected from the accounting activities. This and allow interested parties to analyze and make sound decision about how the organization is being run and if there

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  • Cash Flows

    [pic] CASH FLOW STATEMENT & FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS Submitted by: Syed Adnan Ali Gillani Roll Number: M3F14MCOM0003 1st semester Submitted to: Pro. Raja Sadaqat ACKNOWLEDGMENT In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds; Most Gracious, Most Merciful; Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek. The way of those on

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  • Fin 370 Week 4 Cash Flow Analysis

    Cash Flow Analysis Instructions: Analyze the case study, "Frank Smith Plumbing." Analyze the "Frank Smith Plumbing's Financial Statement" spreadsheet. Compare the cost of the truck to the cash flow records Compile your calculations in a Microsoft® Excel® document Develop a 1,050-word analysis and include the following: • Explain why limited leverage is good for business. Show the profitability of the project so that Stephanie can convince her father to purchase the truck by borrowing money

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  • Banking Management - Difference Between Cash Budget and Cash Flow (a) Cash Flow Deals with Cash and Non-Cash Funds. (B) Cash Budget Deals with Cash Transactions Only.

    does not allow minor to receive payment Q.2) payment in `due course` means? a) on the due date b) in accordance with apparent signature and specimen c) in accordance with apparent tenor d) due to sufficient funds Q.3) One of the following statements in not true in the right of set-off? a) set-off means partial or total merging of a claim of one person against another in a counter claim of the latter against the former.

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  • Financial Accountancy - What Do You Understand by Fund Flow Statements How Are They Prepared What Are

    |1,60,00,000 | |paid. |50,00,000 |Debenture Redemption fund Investments | | | | |Cash and Bank balance other current | | |General Reserve debenture redemption fund |75,00,000 |assets | | |

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  • Mutual Funds

    What is Candlestick Trading? Back in the day when Godzilla was still a cute little lizard, the Japanese created their own old school version of technical analysis to trade rice. A westerner by the name of Steve Nison “discovered” this secret technique on how to read charts from a fellow Japanese broker and Japanese candlesticks lived happily ever after. Steve researched, studied, lived, breathed, ate candlesticks, began writing about it and slowly grew in popularity in 90s. To make a long story

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  • Exposure to International Flow of Funds

    1. How could a higher level of inflation in Thailand affect Blades (assume U.S inflation remains constant)? Although the Blades have already a decreasing demand for “Speedos” and the rate of inflation is high relative to U.S inflation rate. It will affect the current account of Thailand which would be expected to decrease and due to this scenario the exports of demand for other countries will also decline. 2. How would Blades be affected relative to competition both from firms in Thailand

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  • Finance and Funds

    Acknowledgement I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped me for the successful completion of our first assignment for the module of finance and funds for travel and tourism. Firstly I would like to thank our parents, who were always there for me, standing by my side and giving me tremendous support and encouragement which really boosted me in making this report a success. I also would like to great thanks to our Module lecturer, name for guiding me throughout this

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  • Mutual Funds

    Paper topic: Mutual Funds vs ETFs: historical data, argumentative analysis and position. Introduction Mutual Fund is a term, meaning joint venture. As the human minds evolve more civilized, it also has undergone many evolutionary postures. Formerly it was practiced as close ended mutual fund in which combined investment had limits. Simply in those funds a restricted number of investors were allowed to play. As a result they used to have limited profit. While following the same pattern

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  • Hedge Fund

    ..............  1   INTRODUCING  HEDGE  FUNDS  ............................................................................................................................................  2   ORIGINS  OF  HEDGE  FUNDS  ..................................................................................................................................................  3   STRUCTURES  OF  HEDGE  FUNDS  ...............................................

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  • New Funds

    information in the post I copied below was the listing of funds shown by the TX comptrollers office [thousands of separate funds] California State Government Inc. has the same if not substantially larger fund balances than TX. I strongly suggest that you share the same with your people and let them know to look for the same types of funds and listing in CA as shown in Texas to see "the reality" of standing fund balances in CA. The reality check per current circumstances

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  • Fund Flow Statement Analysis

    |Specimen Report Form of Fund Flow Statement | | |Sources of Fund: | | |Fund from operation | | |Issue of share Capital

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  • Solution Case 3-1 Cash Flow Analysis – Orthodontic Centers of America

    PURWANINGRUM CASE 3-1 Cash Flow Analysis – Orthodontic Centers of America 1. Actual cash collection for year 1998 to 2000:   | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | Total Receivables | 3.535.000 | 87.563.000 | 66.477.000 | net change | (84.028.000) | 21.086.000 | 66.477.000 |   |   |   |   | Patient prepayments | - | - | 4.326.000 | net change | -

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  • Mutual Fund

    Background of the study: Mutual fund industry in India attaining maturity Even though the capital market attracts people there are several problems associated with it. While investing directly in to capital market one to be careful to judge the valuation of the stock and understand the complexities involved in the stock price fluctuations. So, a person with moderate knowledge of capital market generally prefers to invest in mutual funds. In recent times mutual fund industry in India is growing

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