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  • The Gap

    that encouraged certain individuals to push forth and build something not only for them, but something that the whole world could use and be inspired by. Gap Inc. is definitely a retail business that has a past story that has inspired costumers and anyone wanting to take a step into the world of retail business. Don and Doris Fisher created the Gap in order to cater to their needs, but in the process helped thousands of customers find what they needed when it came to certain merchandise. The year

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  • Gap Incorporated

    TO: CEO of Gap Inc. FROM: Andre’ Snead I have conducted a company analysis on Gap Inc. and my findings resulted in the following recommendations to improve their sales for the next three years: * Gap Inc. need to produce a better advertisement campaign that relates more to their customers. * Fashion and brand-conscious consumers who shopped at retailers such as Gap tended to be emotionally driven in their purchasing behavior and were influenced by marketing efforts that showcased

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  • Tqm Gap Model Analysis

    SERVQUAL and Model of Service Quality Gaps: A Framework for Determining and Prioritizing Critical Factors in Delivering Quality Services Dr. Arash Shahin Department of Management, University of Isfahan, Iran. Abstract Service firms like other organizations are realizing the significance of customer-centered philosophies and are turning to quality management approaches to help managing their businesses. This paper has started with the concept of service quality and has demonstrated the model of service

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  • Gap Inc

    Intro GAP is an American clothing and accessories retailer founded in 1969. It is currently the largest specialty apparel retailer in the United States, and the second largest in the world. The company is differentiated into five different brands. Its banner store, GAP, appeals to a wide demographic, selling clothes and accessories for men, women, and children. Banana Republic was purchased in 1983 and is now branded as an upscale retailer. Old Navy is Gap’s attempt to corner the cost

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  • Gap Analysis

    The Gap Analysis Model |[pic] |The “Gap Analysis Model” is a simple yet powerful visual tool to help clarify objectives, current realities, and action steps. The model has application to a wide | | |variety of personal and organizational situations, and can easily be used with students as well. As you examine the model, be sure to follow the section numbers and | | |start on the right side with the “ideal situation.”

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  • Gap Cooperation

    | Assignment2: GAP INC 1. 5-forces analysis reveal about the strength of competition in the US family clothing stores industry:- US apparel industry is segmented based on gender, age, size and price considerations. Most of the clothing industries focus on women’s segment, because their clothing has a major market value of 50 % and the remaining 50% is shared by men’s wear (37%) and children’s wear

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  • Gap Analysis

    Gap Analysis: Global Communications Albert Einstein said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” This concept is one that must be taken into consideration by Global Communications when deciding on how to best overhaul/steam line the company to be able to produce a quality product. The end goal is to become a competitive powerhouse within the global marketplace. This will negate the certain demise of GC due to a lack

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  • Gap Analysis

    Report: Gap analysis RSB sustainability standard [Company A] Report date: [Day] [Month] [Year] Report authors: Ander Paz and Peter Vissers (Partners for Innovation BV) (corresponding author: Report reviewer: [Person P] Report status: Confidential, final version Report produced for: [Company A] [LOGO Company A] PREFACE >> This preface provides background on the report template for the gap analysis against the RSB sustainability standard

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  • A Gap of Sky

    Analysis and interpretation of “A gap of sky” by Anna Hope “A Gap of Sky” is a short story by Anna Hope. The story is about the young girl Ellie who lives in London and attend UCL. She lives a wild life with parties and drugs and therefore she cannot concentrate on her studies. She has not got anyone to hold on to and no parents to guide her. The city distracts her with all its options and temptations. There is always new and exciting things around the corner but you must focus on the important

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  • Gap Model

    Logisti”| | CITY COLLEGE | Application of the GAP model of Service Quality | EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Aim of the study is evaluation of consumer satisfaction in Greek finance market in terms of quality of services in case of accounting and finance consulting agency “Thess-Logisti”. The main information about the company and gaps faced in front of the company were identified from the interview with the CEO of agency Mr. Chatziarapis. Also, the identification of gaps are identified from the private observation

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  • Gap Year

    Are Gap Year Programs Beneficial? There is mounting support for the so- called “Gap Year / Bridge Year Programs”. Articles from USA Today reveals the programs are supported by Ivy League Colleges. Among the list is Princeton University, which is the leading supporter, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other prestigious universities which also follow suit. In my opinion, this so-called gap-year is not something that 17 and 18 year old should not participate in. They should

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  • Gap Model

    he GAP modelThe figure below shows the "GAP" model of service quality from Parasuraman et al. (Zithaml & Bitner 1996). This model offers an integrated view of the consumer-company relationship. It is based on substantial research amongst a number of service providers. In common with the Grönroos model it shows the perception gap (Gap 5) and outlines contributory factors. In this case expected service is a function of word of mouth communication, personal need and past experience, and perceived

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  • Gap Inc

    Gap Inc. in 2010: Is the turnaround strategy working? Gap Inc. is a leading international specialty retailer offering clothing, accessories and personal care products for men, women, children and babies. Gap owned and operated more than 3,100 Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy stores world wide in 2010. With stores located in the U.S, UK, Canada, France, Japan and Germany, Gap Inc. employees nearly 165,000 employees world wide. Since 2002 Gap Inc. has been a number of issues including the declining

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  • The Gap

    • 1. GAPMarketing Communication Objectives & Budget Allocation -2003AmyAshleyKristenPennyRegina • 3. Company Background The first Gap store was opened in 1969In 2001, there 2,298Gap stores in the U.S, and 634 stores outside the U.S.Online store opened at 1998 • 4. Industry OverviewApparel retailing storeSpecialty storeMass merchant / Promotional department storesTraditional department storesNational chains • 5. Competitive ForcesJ. CrewAbercrombie & FitchAeropostaleAmerican Eagle OutfittersJ

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  • The Achievement Gap

    The Achievement Gap How would you feel knowing your children won’t be able to have a good education because you are a minority or just because you don’t have enough money? The achievement gap is a difference in academics between different races and even in different social statuses. The major differences in the Achievement Gap are in the different grade levels, test scores and dropout rates between different ethnic groups The Achievement Gap affects a lot of people because they drop out before

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  • Gap Model

    of Gap Model in the Researches of Hotel Services Quality Ivana Blešić* Anđelija Ivkov-Džigurski* Aleksandra Dragin* Ljubica Ivanović* Milana Pantelić* Received: ???? 2010 | Accepted: ???? 2010 Abstract This work presents the research results of the hotel services quality by applying Gap model and SERVQUAL questionnaire. The research was conducted in five health spa centers in the West Morava river valley region during August and September 2008. The reach is aimed at testing of Gap model, i.e

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  • Gaps in Understanding

    Gaps in Understanding EN234 – Computers in Law Enforcement July 6, 2013 Ivy Bridge College/Tiffin University Abstract The goal of this article is provide an explanation of cybercrime offenses, and how they are committed, in order to provide the reader a better understanding of digital crime, such has hacking, identity theft, internet fraud and terrorism and what are the responsibilities of the internet provider in protecting the consumer against these attacks. A look out how children are

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  • Gap Analysis

    Running head: GAP ANALYSIS: GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS Gap Analysis: Global Communications Brandi Cook University of Phoenix Gap Analysis: Global Communications In this paper I will discuss issues and opportunities that Global Communications are faced. There is an examination of stakeholder perspectives and ethical dilemmas. A brief statement of vision is presented in the paper. A gap analysis was performed and discussed. Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification Global Communications

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  • Gaps Model

    Service quality gap analysis in Indian banks: an empirical study. Abstract: Introduction of Liberalisation Privatisation and Globalisation (LPG) in Indian economy has affected almost all the sectors and industries of the economy. Indian banking industry is no exception to that. The net result of such policy initiatives has been increased competition at the marketplace. The fight for customers has got intensified. Literatures establish a direct link between service quality and marketing performance

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  • Bridging the Gap

    policy Weiliang Xia In 1969, Don Fisher opened the first Gap store in direct response to frustrations he was feeling as an inconvenienced customer. Its unprecedented growth is a direct result of meeting a niche in the clothing market, at a time when The Gap was well positioned to meet the new demands of this "business-casual" trend, introducing other chains to expand its customer base, and aggressive expansion in the global marketplace. Today, Gap, inc. is recognized as one of the world's largest specialty

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  • A Gap of Sky

    A Gap of sky This essay, written by Anna Hope, is about a girl, who wakes up after a long night of partying with drugs and alcohol. The girl in the story is named Ellie. She is in a big hurry because she has to hand in an assignment at nine a clock. She doesn't have any printer ink left, so she starts trying to find some stores that are still open. After a long time of searching to find a store that is sells printer ink, she finally find a store which is not closed. She buys the ink and walks

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  • The Gap

      Case 11 Gap, Inc. Jeri Schuster Dickinson State University History Gap Inc. is a retailer located at America at San Francisco that deals with clothing and accessories. It was founded in year 1969. It is one of the world largest giant's dealers in the apparel retailers. It has more than 3000 stores and branches in the United States, Canada, Britain France, Ireland and Japan. In 2009, it registered fiscal revenue of 14.2 billion dollars. This shows how it operates at great budget and

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  • Generation Gap

    Southern Cross University ePublications@SCU Southern Cross Business School 2003 The generation gap and cultural influence: a Taiwan empirical investigation Huichun Yu Peter Miller Southern Cross University Publication details Post-print of: Yu, HC & Miller, P 2003, 'The generation gap and cultural influence: a Taiwan empirical investigation', Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, vol.10, no. 3, pp. 23-41. Published version available from:

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  • A Gap of Sky

    A Gap of Sky Fuck! Fuck is a word which is used a lot among young people. Especially when talking about your life. Fuck it! School can wait, let’s party tonight! But it isn’t always that easy not to care. Life isn’t a walkover. It can be pretty tough sometimes because what is right and what is wrong? – This is the question! Sometimes you end up confused and lost, as an outcome of too many bad decisions and too little guidance and support. But what is a bad decision and how do you figure it out

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  • A Gap of Sky

    English essay – “A Gap of Sky” Amalie Thomsen Introduction: The title of the short story is “A Gap of Sky” and is written by Anna Hope in 2008. Anna Hope is an English actress and writer. She is from Manchester and was educated at Wadham College, Oxford. The short story is fiction, but could still take place in real life. The main theme is identity formation. Analysis: The story is written with a 3rd persons view: “Ellie reaches a hand out […] She takes the glass, stumbles forward…” The

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  • Customer Gap

    Customer Gap The Customer Gap, as a kind of distance between customers and manufactures, describes a measure of the degree of separation. The higher the Customer Gap, the higher the risk of generating customer dissatisfaction, losing loyalty, decreasing net promoters and eventually compromising all the company long term growth. So that the bigger the wedge, the bigger the disconnection, the bigger the Customer Gap will be (Gafo, 2010). In another word, the customer gap is difference between

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  • A Gap of Sky

    A Gap of Sky -by Anna Hope It is in the youth you construct your final identity. This can be very hard to handle for some youngsters. It's important to find a balance between the society's and family's expectations and your own hunger for freedom and dislodgement. This short story by Anna Hope is about Ellie, a nineteen-year-old girl who lives in London by herself. She is addicted to drugs, especially coke, but at the same time she is studying at the university. Her life is sort of dual which

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  • D Servqual and Model of Service Quality Gap

    d SERVQUAL and Model of Service Quality Gaps: A Framework for Determining and Prioritizing Critical Factors in Delivering Quality Services Dr. Arash Shahin Department of Management, University of Isfahan, Iran E-Mail: Abstract Service firms like other organizations are realizing the significance of customer-centered philosophies and are turning to quality management approaches to help managing their businesses. This paper has started with the concept of service quality

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  • A Gap of Sky

    A Gap of sky The short story “A Gap of sky”, by Anna Hope, is about how youth often is characterized by life, desire and a feeling of freedom and invincibility. The setting is in today’s London and the author starts in medias res “It is dark, but the wrong dark. Something is wrong with the dark” (l.1). Because of this the author establishes, by his use of words such as not just dark but the wrong dark, a rather gloomy mood. The story is about how being young and, although freedom is within

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  • Achievement Gap

    The achievement gap is a very crucial issue for students all or the world today. Wagner (n.d.) focuses on two forms of the achievement gap, the first being the gap between the quality of schooling that most middle- class kids get in America and quality of schooling available for most poor and minority children.  The second gap being the global achievement gap, the gap between our teaching and public schools in the United States versus all students from countries all over the world as a part of our

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  • A Gap of Sky

    A Gap of Sky We all know that partying and hanging out with friends is more fun than studying and doing homework. That is a part of youth. It is not always easy to be young. Sometimes you escape the reality by taking drugs or alcohol and end up unsuccessful. Nowadays young people have to think about their own life and school to become successful and not be distracted by their surroundings. Last but not least, not to be afraid to failure in life because anything is possible if you want to do the

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  • Closing the Gap

    No Peace WiThouT Justice Closing the gap The role of non-judicial mechanisms in addressing impunity Closing the gap The role of non-judicial mechanisms in addressing impunity No Peace WiThouT Justice No Peace Without Justice Copyright 2010 © No Peace Without Justice Via di Torre Argentina 76, I-00186, Roma, Italy Permission to reproduce and distribute this document is hereby granted provided that this notice is retained on all copies, that copies are not altered and

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  • Gap Inc

    ANALYSIS 1. Diagnosis The Gap, Inc. Founded: 1969 Headquarters: Two Folsom street, San Francisco, California 94105 Phone: (415) 427-0100 Web Address:        NYSE: GPS Email: Company Profile The Gap, Inc. (Gap or 'the company') is a specialty retailer offering apparel, accessories and personal care products for men, women, children and babies under the Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta

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  • Gap Analysis

    such as help customer modifies the size, only UNIQLO and gap produce this service. 4. Good reputation When we talked about gap, most of Chinese always think that is a fashion brand with good quality. And simple not boring, youthful spirit not young. 5. Used to be sales leader, the company itself is still very strong An old Chinese saying is a lean camel is bigger than a horse. Though ZARA does better than Gap in sales in recent years, Gap used to be the overlord in garment industry. Financial and

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  • A Gap of the Sky

    A gap of the sky In this postmodern society, young people are feeling pressured and obligated to follow a certain life pattern. To go to school, with straight A’s, getting a good job, getting married and have kids. The expectation is higher than ever. In this short story; The gap of the sky written by the author Anna in 2008. The novel is about the main character Ellen who is scared to failure the expectations of her mom and dad have giving her, and it has driven her into alcohol and drugs abuse

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  • A Gap of Skye

    reminding you of reality. It is different from persons to persons how this feeling of freedom are attained; some people like to go out in nature to open their minds, and some do drugs to escape from reality. This is also the case in the short story A Gap of Sky by Anna Hope from 2008 that deals with the issues of drugs, freedom and reflection. Ellie is a nineteen year old teenager who lives in the heart of London. She is a student at an unknown university, and it appears that she lives at a college

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  • The Gap Between Chinese Business Model and the International Advanced Business Model

    1404837 曾延 The Gap between Chinese Business Model and the International Advanced Business Model ----Chinese cannot be the employee of the world China has been regarded as ‘World Factory’ for a long period until now. This appellation was considered as an honor by a vast majority of Chinese people in the past decades. Nevertheless, it was recognized that China cannot be the world factory because the labor cost and the manufacturing costs are increasing. This

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  • A Gap of Sky

    Write an essay (900-1200 words) in which you analyse and interpret Anna Hope's short story "A Gap of Sky". A part of your essay must focus on narrative technique and the importance of the city setting. A Gab of Sky - essay To be young is the greatest thing on earth, especially when you have a lot of friends, do well in school, and remember to relax and enjoy life. In this short story Anna Hope tells us about a young girl, Ellie. She takes pleasure in life by using drugs in her everyday life

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  • Gender Gap

    Related course topic: compensation When I learned the concept of gender difference, I was really interested to it. I read an article named “Pay gap still wide between men and women despite improvements”. This article was attracted to me because it started with an interesting sentence said by Mao Zedong, who is famous in China, ”Women hold up half of the sky”. I think the first time I heard this words was from television and I was very young at that time, but I still remember what was the first reaction

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  • Customer Gap and Provider Gap of Qubee

    Services Marketing Assignment on customer gap and provider gap of QUBEE Submitted by: ORCHID Executive summary: This assignment topic is about choosing a service organization to analyze customer gap, to find the factors that causes customer gap and to give solutions to reduce or eliminate customer gap. We have chosen Qubee wireless broadband internet service provider to analyze its customer gap. Qubee provides both corporate services for offices, organizations etc. and individual customer

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  • Pay Gap

    in the United States earned an average of only 78 percent of what men made in 2013. While this largely gender wage gap is an essential statistical illustration of how women take home less money than men across the country, it is vital to consider the specific elements: A number of different things, including race and ethnicity, interact to affect earnings. After studying the wage gap for women of color, for instance, it becomes clear that on average, women of color experience a much greater wage deficit

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  • A Gap of Sky

    A Gap of Sky “A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope is a short story about a young girl named Ellie who is constantly on drugs. She is a student in London, and from the story we can tell that she is tired of education and lacking freedom so she goes against this by doing drugs. The story describes how someone can lose control of themselves when they are alone in a city, with no one to turn to for support. The story is told by a third person narrator, but the way that the story is written makes it seem like

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  • It Generation Gap

    Article Summary Savage,Marcia. "IT Support: Bridging The Generation Gap" InformationWeek  (December 2015): Link : Pre-Script: Baby Boomers: Born before 1965 Gen X: Born between 1965 and 1980 Millennials :Born between 1980 and 2000 Millennials, digital natives who grew up with computers and Internets have much expectations regarding the technology they use rather than the baby boomers. These tech

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  • Gap Analysis

    belief how to develop a gap analysis. Many students feel that these projects are busy work; however, developed correctly the organization will better understand key points to the needed strategies that will assist an organization in obtaining industry leadership. This particular research paper is based on the Riordan Manufacturing organization created by the University of Phoenix, and establishes a base parameter for what you may look at during the creation of your possess gap analysis. Included is

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  • A Gap of Sky

    Essay - A Gap of Sky Everyone knows the feeling of realizing when we take things for granted. It does not matter whether it is persons, pleasures or love because it hurts a bit inside anyway. You wonder if it is too late to make it up, but it should never be too late. Ellie becomes aware of her problem and at last, she knows that she has done a good thing and the right thing to do as well. Ellie is a wild teenager who wants to live life a little extreme. By the word extreme is meant that she

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  • Gap Analysis:

    intersect investments Running head: GAP ANALYSIS: INTERSECT INVESTMENTS Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments David Green University of Phoenix Gap Analysis: Intersect Investments The troubles of September 11, 2001 have caused turmoil in the investment community, and Intersect Investments is one of those firms looking to improve their company. The industry has been affected by constant change, and for a company to stay profitable they will need to make change’s to cope with the ever-changing

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  • A Gap of Sky

    A Gap of Sky She was only nineteen, only living, and if that was sometimes a little extreme, well, how should life be lived? (L. 98-99) In the Short Story “A Gap of Sky”, by Anna Hope, we meet a nineteen-year old girl whose name is Ellie. She wakes up after a day with party and drugs. She is a regular girl who lives in London and studies at a university. We follow her through her day were she thinks back on last night and the essay she have to write for the next day. If she doesn’t handle in the

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  • A Gap of Sky

    A Gap of Sky In life there's many obstacles to overcome. The difficult transition from childhood to adulthood brings along some of these obstacles and it's often young people who make the wrong choices when choosing how to live their lives. Being young is more or less about providing a background for your personality and that's why the youth is such a vital part of life. But being young is not always as easy as it sounds. Even though freedom is within reach, responsibility and expectations are

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  • Achievement Gap

    One of the major issues I have observed is the “achievement gap”. Most educators define the achievement gap as the difference in performance between low-income and minority students compared to that of their peers. Traditionally African-American students lag behind their white peers. In “The Black-White Achievement Gap, why closing it is the greatest civil rights”, former Education Secretary Rod Paige and his sister, Elaine Witty argue that education is the new civil rights. Instead of fighting

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  • Generation Gap

    Publishing, Inc. 2010 Determinants of Generation Gap among Parents and Children in Multan City, Pakistan Tehmina Sattar Department of Sociology Ghulam Yasin Department of Sociology Muhammad Ishaque Fani Department of Pakistan Studies E-mail: Saima Afzal Department of Sociology, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan (Pakistan) Abstract Generation gap refers to parent child disagreement, contradiction and divergence in certain matters regarding

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