Generation Gap

  • The Gap

    that encouraged certain individuals to push forth and build something not only for them, but something that the whole world could use and be inspired by. Gap Inc. is definitely a retail business that has a past story that has inspired costumers and anyone wanting to take a step into the world of retail business. Don and Doris Fisher created the Gap in order to cater to their needs, but in the process helped thousands of customers find what they needed when it came to certain merchandise. The year

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  • 3 Generation

    3G would be required. Mobile technology's conception started from the analogs. Analog networks, or first generation wireless technology has been introduced in the mid 1980s in America, a technology that was incredibly region-specific in character. As the demand for mobile communications grew, the digital 2G emerged in the 1990s flanking the undercapacity of the 1G systems. Second generation mobile systems operate on the following fundamentals: TDMA, (IS-54 and IS-136), GSM and CDMA IS-95 or cdmaOne

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  • Generation Y

    Generation Y Local and International Media and Entertainment Choices Prepared for: Ms Nicole Lasky 10th June 2010 Mr Russ Henderson General Manager Sony Ltd Level 20, 2 Margaret Street Sydney NSW 2000 Dear Russ, Please find the enclosed research report regarding media choices of Australian and International living in Australia. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 02-9975-4983. Sincerely yours, YT Marketing research

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  • Generations in the Workplace

    Who or what is to blame for the work ethic of the new generation? From a glance and without much thought, I would have told you two months ago, that they, the younger generation was to blame. I would have said that the use of technology enables them to work without much thought. The pace of their generation, I assumed, has forgotten about some basic moral principles. As reported by Sheehy in Case 4.6, “there is a whole generation of workers with a frightening new work ethic: contempt for customers

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  • Generation Me

    Angelo Yatco 1301-S07 November 18, 2012 Generation Me In Generation Me, a comprehensive look into the current generation’s attitude towards the self, the differences from previous generations, and the overall effects of current social forces on the individual, Jean Twenge makes many observations on controversial topics. Though making many wild claims, we can only agree with the staggering amount of research and evidence she presents. Twenge begins her book with a chapter titled “You Don’t

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  • A Gap of Sky

    Analysis and interpretation of “A gap of sky” by Anna Hope “A Gap of Sky” is a short story by Anna Hope. The story is about the young girl Ellie who lives in London and attend UCL. She lives a wild life with parties and drugs and therefore she cannot concentrate on her studies. She has not got anyone to hold on to and no parents to guide her. The city distracts her with all its options and temptations. There is always new and exciting things around the corner but you must focus on the important

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  • Gap Year

    Are Gap Year Programs Beneficial? There is mounting support for the so- called “Gap Year / Bridge Year Programs”. Articles from USA Today reveals the programs are supported by Ivy League Colleges. Among the list is Princeton University, which is the leading supporter, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other prestigious universities which also follow suit. In my opinion, this so-called gap-year is not something that 17 and 18 year old should not participate in. They should

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  • Generation Snap

    Generation snap From the case “Generation snap”, several surveys are conveyed to illustrate the idea that although there are some differences between the different generations, the discrepancies are not the ones people used to know about and they are tiny ones. According to the popular media and people’s permanent reorganization about Generation Y, people who born in late 1970s to late 1990s are often thought to be knowledgeable at specific areas, engaged in social trend more easily, thirsty for

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  • The Gap

    • 1. GAPMarketing Communication Objectives & Budget Allocation -2003AmyAshleyKristenPennyRegina • 3. Company Background The first Gap store was opened in 1969In 2001, there 2,298Gap stores in the U.S, and 634 stores outside the U.S.Online store opened at 1998 • 4. Industry OverviewApparel retailing storeSpecialty storeMass merchant / Promotional department storesTraditional department storesNational chains • 5. Competitive ForcesJ. CrewAbercrombie & FitchAeropostaleAmerican Eagle OutfittersJ

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  • The Achievement Gap

    The Achievement Gap How would you feel knowing your children won’t be able to have a good education because you are a minority or just because you don’t have enough money? The achievement gap is a difference in academics between different races and even in different social statuses. The major differences in the Achievement Gap are in the different grade levels, test scores and dropout rates between different ethnic groups The Achievement Gap affects a lot of people because they drop out before

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  • The Generation Gap Is Which Can Be Bridged

    Peer-check: Lã Thị Hồng Hải Class: 11E19 Version: 2 DISCURSIVE ESSAY Topic: Discuss “The generation gap is which can be bridged” A. OUTLINE 1. Introduction + General statement: The generation gap is the everlasting social phenomenon... + Topic sentence: Many people say that it can be bridged; however, it’s still a question mark. 2. Body * For: + Para 2: Some people argue that

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  • Gaps in Understanding

    Gaps in Understanding EN234 – Computers in Law Enforcement July 6, 2013 Ivy Bridge College/Tiffin University Abstract The goal of this article is provide an explanation of cybercrime offenses, and how they are committed, in order to provide the reader a better understanding of digital crime, such has hacking, identity theft, internet fraud and terrorism and what are the responsibilities of the internet provider in protecting the consumer against these attacks. A look out how children are

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  • Minding the Gap

    about the good things in their generation. This makes a gap between us. It is an intangible and invisible gap that creates two groups of earth dwellers inhabiting in completely divorced timelines, simultaneously. This is the gap exists between the youth and the adults. That gap is the so called GENERATION GAP. Generations' differences Many would think if generation gap is just the difference in the number of years and in the way of thinking between two generations or something more. But we could

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  • A Gap of Sky

    young generation today have an enormous pressure on their shoulders. They have to be unique individuals; today’s society and media honour unique individuals! They have to get a good education otherwise they will not be able to make it in our society. The young generation today have the highest expectations for themselves ever, because the media, the society and the politicians only focus on the wonder kids and the unique individuals. These expectations can be hard for the young generation to cope

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  • Bridging the Gap

    policy Weiliang Xia In 1969, Don Fisher opened the first Gap store in direct response to frustrations he was feeling as an inconvenienced customer. Its unprecedented growth is a direct result of meeting a niche in the clothing market, at a time when The Gap was well positioned to meet the new demands of this "business-casual" trend, introducing other chains to expand its customer base, and aggressive expansion in the global marketplace. Today, Gap, inc. is recognized as one of the world's largest specialty

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  • Greatest Generation

    Tom Brokaw believes that the World War Two generation, is the greatest genertion. In his book, he tells stories of magnificant bravery and determination this generation had, and the times of incredble hardships that this generation had to endure. This genertation was full of men and women willing to go above and beyond in order to serve their country in any way, shape or form they could, and their civil doings didnt stop their. They were people with great character willing to do anything needed to

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  • The Gap

      Case 11 Gap, Inc. Jeri Schuster Dickinson State University History Gap Inc. is a retailer located at America at San Francisco that deals with clothing and accessories. It was founded in year 1969. It is one of the world largest giant's dealers in the apparel retailers. It has more than 3000 stores and branches in the United States, Canada, Britain France, Ireland and Japan. In 2009, it registered fiscal revenue of 14.2 billion dollars. This shows how it operates at great budget and

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  • Generation Gap

    Southern Cross University ePublications@SCU Southern Cross Business School 2003 The generation gap and cultural influence: a Taiwan empirical investigation Huichun Yu Peter Miller Southern Cross University Publication details Post-print of: Yu, HC & Miller, P 2003, 'The generation gap and cultural influence: a Taiwan empirical investigation', Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, vol.10, no. 3, pp. 23-41. Published version available from:

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  • Parenting Generation

    Parenting Generation Practices Jessica Rivera Faculty: Trent Koide Argosy University May 28, 2014 Abstract Day by day our generation seems to change as years go by. Back then parents were very strict with their children. There are so many changes that have occurred and will continue to do so. For instance children had respect for their parents. Parents or guardians would takecare of children. These days Parents or guardians are doing their own thing for instance some spend time working

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  • A Gap of Sky

    A Gap of Sky -by Anna Hope It is in the youth you construct your final identity. This can be very hard to handle for some youngsters. It's important to find a balance between the society's and family's expectations and your own hunger for freedom and dislodgement. This short story by Anna Hope is about Ellie, a nineteen-year-old girl who lives in London by herself. She is addicted to drugs, especially coke, but at the same time she is studying at the university. Her life is sort of dual which

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  • Generation

    The Stolen Generations The term “Stolen Generations” is used for the Children of Australian aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, most of the children were under 5 years old, who were taken from their parents by the Australian government and Church. They were separated from their parents and lived in dormitories or with foster parents. It is referred to “stolen generations” because it happened for many decades and several generations were affected. It is believed that these forcibly removals happened

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  • A Gap of Sky

    A Gap of sky The short story “A Gap of sky”, by Anna Hope, is about how youth often is characterized by life, desire and a feeling of freedom and invincibility. The setting is in today’s London and the author starts in medias res “It is dark, but the wrong dark. Something is wrong with the dark” (l.1). Because of this the author establishes, by his use of words such as not just dark but the wrong dark, a rather gloomy mood. The story is about how being young and, although freedom is within

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  • The Gap of Generations

    Logan Rose Davis English- 1302- 11618 July/5/2012 The Gap of Generations Morals and goals change throughout generations as they grow up and go through different events. Lorraine Hansberry wrote A Raisin in the Sun and in the play a man name Walter and his Mama fight throughout the story of how they should think about what is most important to the two people. Mama grew up in the early 1900s and how she was treated and what she had back then helped mold her in to the things she finds most important

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  • Generation Agp

    critical care for 12 years. Nin, I didn’t know her age, a Philippino-American, who was on her way to retirement in 4 years. From this information we could say that two of them were from the previous generation, and one shared the same the X generation which I belonged to. From this, let see how different generations have interacted with each other. I had to mention my workplace was a teaching hospital, and before we started working and be on our own, they prepared us for about 6 months: 2 months we spent

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  • Generation X

    will claim that they aren't an apathetic generation. I used to be one of those young people but my opinion has changed as I researched this topic. As I did my research and debated with a few of my friends I see that my judgement was blocked only because I am apart of this generation and I didn't want to be called apathetic. Research shows that young people are now more apathetic towards politics. It has changed from the 60s to now because this generation has become external, believing that their

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  • Lifestyle Convertion in Generation

    Research Report ` “Lifestyle Conversion of Generation in Bangladesh: Perspective from Different Age Group.” Index 1. Introduction 2.1 Basic Information 2.2 Background Information 2.3 Significance 2.4 Literature Review 2.5 Purpose 2. Research Methodology 3.6 Data Sources 3.7 Secondary Data 3.8 Methods of collecting data 3.9.1 Study Location 3.9.2 Target Population 3.9.3 Sample Size 3.9

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  • Generations

    Generations: Baby Boomers Gen X & Gen Y Baby Boomer Information THE UNITED STATES CENSUS BUREAU CONSIDERS A BABY BOOMER AS A PERSON BORN BETWEEN 1946-1964 (WIKIPEDIA, DEFINITION, 2009) Description of Baby Boomers  “Shockwave”  “By the sheer force of its  “Pig in the Python”  “Baby boomers had a placid childhood in the 1950’s which helped inspire them to start their revolution” numbers, the boomers were a demographic bulge which remodeled society as it passed through it”

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  • A Gap of Sky

    A Gap of Sky We all know that partying and hanging out with friends is more fun than studying and doing homework. That is a part of youth. It is not always easy to be young. Sometimes you escape the reality by taking drugs or alcohol and end up unsuccessful. Nowadays young people have to think about their own life and school to become successful and not be distracted by their surroundings. Last but not least, not to be afraid to failure in life because anything is possible if you want to do the

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  • A Gap of Sky

    A Gap of Sky Living as a teen in the postmodern society, can leave you feeling lost. The years up until you officially are stated as an adult, are years filled with questions and emotions floating through your mind and body. Boys are difficult, parents are a burden, and the big future that lies right ahead of you, makes you question your whole life situation. Society sets certain expectations and it’s very easy to choose not to go in that certain path of life that is stated to be the correct one

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  • Managing Generation Gap

    9.0 Conclusion | 15 | 10.0 References | 16 | 11.0 Appendix 1 – Organizational Chart | | 1.0 Executive Summary The purpose of this paper is to study the differences and similarities of four generations of FELDA workers and the implication of it to the organization’s competitiveness. FELDA has been chosen for the study because it is a unique organization involved widely in business as well as community development in 319 Felda Settlements. With

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  • Closing the Gap

    No Peace WiThouT Justice Closing the gap The role of non-judicial mechanisms in addressing impunity Closing the gap The role of non-judicial mechanisms in addressing impunity No Peace WiThouT Justice No Peace Without Justice Copyright 2010 © No Peace Without Justice Via di Torre Argentina 76, I-00186, Roma, Italy Permission to reproduce and distribute this document is hereby granted provided that this notice is retained on all copies, that copies are not altered and

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  • Generation

    * Social - Changes in social trends can impact on the demand for Zara’s products and the availability and willingness of individuals to work. The company would have to work according to the trend and satisfy customer’s demand due to change in generation choices. * Technology – Technology is becoming advanced and innovative in today’s world. Online shopping, bar coding and computer aided designs are all improvements to do business. Technology can reduce costs and improve quality. These developments

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  • Gap Analysis

    such as help customer modifies the size, only UNIQLO and gap produce this service. 4. Good reputation When we talked about gap, most of Chinese always think that is a fashion brand with good quality. And simple not boring, youthful spirit not young. 5. Used to be sales leader, the company itself is still very strong An old Chinese saying is a lean camel is bigger than a horse. Though ZARA does better than Gap in sales in recent years, Gap used to be the overlord in garment industry. Financial and

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  • Mgmt Generations in the Workplace

    intercontinental university | Generations in an Ever-Changing Workplace | MGMT 340-1502A-03 | | Shannon Ramirez | 5/1/2015 | Gaining the respect and therefore generating the productivity and performance of a multi-generational team or employee will be discussed in this article. | Generations in an Ever-Changing Workplace What are the benefits of having a multi-generational workforce? The pace at which the workforce is changing is phenomenal. Many of the older generations are choosing to stay

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  • Cultural Issues with Different Generations

    Cultural Issues with Different Generations Student’s Name Institution Cultural Issues with Different Generations Culture only refers to the shared experiences, fears, hopes, humour and values among individuals or the society (Sennett, 2006). Enormous cultural differences always exist between generations as people always share values and experience that they came across during their time; through the various generational stages they have surpassed (Lancaster & Stillman, 2002)

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  • Cultural Issues with Different Generations

    Cultural Issues with Different Generations Student’s Name Institution Cultural Issues with Different Generations In the education sector, there is an increasing need to incorporate multicultural education systems.This act will go a long way in enhancing intercultural maturity and social justice in schools and the society as a whole ( King & Baxter, 2005). Concerns of diversity issues such as discrimination, rights for the minority, racism and ethnicity cannot be overemphasized

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  • A Gap of Skye

    reminding you of reality. It is different from persons to persons how this feeling of freedom are attained; some people like to go out in nature to open their minds, and some do drugs to escape from reality. This is also the case in the short story A Gap of Sky by Anna Hope from 2008 that deals with the issues of drugs, freedom and reflection. Ellie is a nineteen year old teenager who lives in the heart of London. She is a student at an unknown university, and it appears that she lives at a college

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  • A Gap of Sky

    Write an essay (900-1200 words) in which you analyse and interpret Anna Hope's short story "A Gap of Sky". A part of your essay must focus on narrative technique and the importance of the city setting. A Gab of Sky - essay To be young is the greatest thing on earth, especially when you have a lot of friends, do well in school, and remember to relax and enjoy life. In this short story Anna Hope tells us about a young girl, Ellie. She takes pleasure in life by using drugs in her everyday life

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  • Generations

    "We have the power to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world or to make it the last." (John F. Kennedy). Every generation has similarities and differences from the one before, and the one after their time. The people living through that time determines if they will be known for something great. I believe every generation feels a need to leave a positive legacy to pass on. We as people are constantly advancing in social acceptance but where we grow and excel in some areas

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  • Joining Generations

    Joining Generations University of Phoenix Joining Generations Social problems are a rather specific matter for the analysis. A problem can be explained by the fact that there is no uniform opinion among scientists as for the definition of the term, and moreover, the problems can be of various types and kinds. However, the most important point in this is that the interpretation of social problems is rather personal. This means that a problem can be important to one person and absolutely

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  • Customer Gap and Provider Gap of Qubee

    Services Marketing Assignment on customer gap and provider gap of QUBEE Submitted by: ORCHID Executive summary: This assignment topic is about choosing a service organization to analyze customer gap, to find the factors that causes customer gap and to give solutions to reduce or eliminate customer gap. We have chosen Qubee wireless broadband internet service provider to analyze its customer gap. Qubee provides both corporate services for offices, organizations etc. and individual customer

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  • Lost in a Generation Gap

    Lost in a Generation Gap I have part of my company for almost seventeen years. When I started I was one of the kids in the office. I was part of a small group primarily made up of baby boomers and a few of us generation X’ers. Over the years, the work place has grown and changed. Most offices, including my own, now have three generations. We are watching the boomers prepare for their exit while the millenniums are making their presence known. Generation X, sits right in the middle. So where

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  • It Generation Gap

    Article Summary Savage,Marcia. "IT Support: Bridging The Generation Gap" InformationWeek  (December 2015): Link : Pre-Script: Baby Boomers: Born before 1965 Gen X: Born between 1965 and 1980 Millennials :Born between 1980 and 2000 Millennials, digital natives who grew up with computers and Internets have much expectations regarding the technology they use rather than the baby boomers. These tech

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  • Generation Gap

    MGT/311 Employee Portfolio Management Plan May 25, 2015 Instructor: Professor Escue Daryl Bonner Employee self-assessments are a prodigious technique to acquire additional information about a worker. An exceptional tactic to attain the strengths and weaknesses of an employee along with other personnel they will theoretically toil well with is conducting self-assessments. Having knowledge of the strong points and dimness of your personnel will govern the managing technique required to stimulate

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  • Bringing the Gap

    Two Cultures: Bridging the Gap with Etic and Emic Viewpoint Culture is defined as a learned system of beliefs, feelings, and rules for living through which they organize their lives. Culture is a way of life that is passed from one generation to the next, and societies within the culture are guided by their learned system of beliefs, feelings, and rules for living. Within the customs of their culture, people within society are taught that they share some common understandings with one another. Being

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  • A Gap of Sky

    “A Gap of Sky” Change never comes easily, and the process of finding and shaping our identity is no exception. We constantly learn, adapt and evolve, but never as much as when we are adolescents. Our parents’ protective “cloak” is no longer there to shield us from external stimulus, and we are suddenly exposed to the world in a new way with different and exciting perspectives. One of the most common reactions to this newfound perspective is, to strive as far from the road, their parents have tried

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  • Effects of Generation Gap in Working Environment

    registered labor; Generation X with age range 30 – 44 fair at 11.8%; and Generation Y with age range 10 – 29 constitutes 87.1%. These statistic shows that labor market are mostly dominated by Generation Y but this does not means that most of the company have more Generation Y workers compared to other generations. Each of the company has different ratio of generation workers with three generational groups represented. As generation age, the older generation is replaced by younger generation which is of

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  • A Gap of Sky

    A Gap of Sky In life there's many obstacles to overcome. The difficult transition from childhood to adulthood brings along some of these obstacles and it's often young people who make the wrong choices when choosing how to live their lives. Being young is more or less about providing a background for your personality and that's why the youth is such a vital part of life. But being young is not always as easy as it sounds. Even though freedom is within reach, responsibility and expectations are

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  • Achievement Gap

    One of the major issues I have observed is the “achievement gap”. Most educators define the achievement gap as the difference in performance between low-income and minority students compared to that of their peers. Traditionally African-American students lag behind their white peers. In “The Black-White Achievement Gap, why closing it is the greatest civil rights”, former Education Secretary Rod Paige and his sister, Elaine Witty argue that education is the new civil rights. Instead of fighting

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  • Generation Gap

    EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2010 Determinants of Generation Gap among Parents and Children in Multan City, Pakistan Tehmina Sattar Department of Sociology Ghulam Yasin Department of Sociology Muhammad Ishaque Fani Department of Pakistan Studies E-mail: Saima Afzal Department of Sociology, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan (Pakistan) Abstract Generation gap refers to parent child disagreement, contradiction and divergence in certain matters

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