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    ORM-II Project Report “Appetite Restaurant”, JK Residency           Group 4 – Section B Name Vrajesh Shah Manik Raina Chinmay Kamat Ankit Jain Ajay Rajan   Roll Number B11121 B11090 B11075 B11069 B11065   This  project  report  has  been  submitted  for  the  fulfillment  of  Operations  Management  –  II  course  under  the  guidance  of  Prof.  Trishit  Bandyopadhyay.  We  thank  Mr.  Amiya  Paul,  Captain,  F&B  (Services),  Appetite  Restaurant  for  helping  us  out  with  details 

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  • Restaurant Methodology

    FOR FOOD CHAINS Introduction Restaurants are a notoriously difficult business to own or operate. Not only is it a relatively capital and employee-intensive business, restaurants are also highly regulated, low margin and in most cases have a plethora of competition to deal with. A successful restaurant can make a lot of money for the owner and a lot of prestige comes with being associated with a popular restaurant. While the food and atmosphere of a restaurant are obviously critical factors--for

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  • Technology in Restaurants

    Technology in Restaurants Julio Olla COM/172 April 5th, 2012 Davine Jones Technology in Restaurants Technology is impacting the restaurant industry because dependency on computers is the remarkable key to run the business. Computers in restaurants are the key to create the experience that experts want to introduce to guests, to support the changes of a modern society and the information technology that is constantly changing; we are the consumers of a competitive world of technology. The

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  • Ginny's Restaurant

    Ginny's Restaurant 1. A) what is Ginny's current wealth? b) If Ginny spends nothing today, how much can she consume next year? a. Virginia’s current wealth = NPV (6%, 2, 3) = $4.83M. She can consume $4.83M today. b. Assuming she consumes nothing today, she can consume $5.12M next year. 2. What should Ginny do to maximize her wealth? Virginia should invest $3m of her money into the restaurant and put the rest in the bank. At the end of the year, she will have $5.46M. (i.e. A return of 36

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    THAI RESTAURANT 1 CASE STUDY REPORT Restaurant Management in The U.S. : In Case of Thai Restaurants in 2005 Parinya Maglin EDWARD S. AGENO SCHOOL OF BUSINESS GOLDEN GATE UNIVERSITY Date: September 17, 2005 THAI RESTAURANT 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this case study was to motivate the owners or managers of Thai restaurants to increase their definitions of Thai restaurant management and get the edge to make their restaurants a going concern and to provide some

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  • Restaurant Feasibility

    FEASIBILITY STUDY Proposed Project: ROYAL GARDEN BUFFET RESTAURANT Tuguegarao City Prepared for: Prepared by: SHERYL A. TULALI HETILYN URBANOZO DEXTER BERONA NORLYN DE LUMA EMILY URSULUM TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION GENERAL INFORMATION……………………………………………………………I a) Type of the project b) Name of the project c) Address of the project d) Name of the owners e) Form of the business f) Capitalization INTRODUCTION………………………………………………………………………………..II a) Market Study

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  • Eating at Restaurants

    to eat, either they go out to fast food stands or restaurants, or they prepare food at home, whatever suitable to them. In my case I prefer to go out to eat, as it is easy to get, it saves my time, and I can try variety of interesting food of different countries. Being a working person, with all day long office work and driving long way, it becomes difficult to do all preparation for making food. For me easy way to get food is restaurant, where I can get prepared food at home or office by

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  • Kabuki Restaurant

    Madsen English V01A 2/25/13 Japanese Restaurant: Kabuki As you walk into a Japanese restaurant what are some of the things that really stick out to you? Maybe the cultural decorations? Or perhaps the strong aroma of sushi and other great Japanese foods being prepared in the kitchen? Or maybe even some fun live entertainment? Whatever a certain Japanese restaurant has to offer, it should provide the customers with complete satisfaction. Kabuki Japanese restaurant does an adequate job of giving the

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  • Ginny's Restaurant Case Analysis

    GINNY’S RESTAURANT: AN INTRODUCTION TO CAPITAL INVESTMENT VALUATION 1) Virginia has current assets worth $4.83 million at present. This value of her assets is calculated by adding $2 million she receives today to the present value of $3 million which she will get at the end of one year. Cash on hand (today) = $2 million Cash after one year = $3 million Rate of interest = 6% Net Present Value (NPV) = $2M + $3M/ (1+0.06) = $4,830,188.68 Virginia can spend or consume maximum

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  • Restaurant Review

    Review of China Buffet Restaurant I am a food lover, and I enjoyed eating in a Chinese restaurant. I tried different restaurants in our place, but what interests me most is the China Buffet Restaurant. China Buffet is located at Madison Avenue at the heart of Mankato, one of the biggest cities in Minnesota. The restaurant has a seating capacity of approximately 100 people. They have several food stations. Although the name China Buffet speaks for itself, their food stations consist of American

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  • Restaurant Review

    Memorable Trip to a Chinese Restaurant Last Friday, my classmates and I went to a Chinese restaurant named Spicy House to have a “Food Party.” Our professor Susan also joined us to experience this unique trip. It was a sunny day, which brought everyone a good mood. Our group got the destination at around 12 noon, and Susan, together with some of the classmates, was already there. Once I stepped into Spicy House, I was totally astonished by the decoration of the restaurant and couldn’t help asking

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  • Possibility Restaurant

    Case Study 1 – Possibility Restaurant Executive Summary Angela and Zooey decided to open the first ever French restaurant in Draperton called “The Posibility”. They could not offer a full menu at the beginning because they had no idea which tastes their clientele would gravitate toward when it came to French cuisine. They decided to settle for two main dishes; fish and beef. Their second dilemma was to figure out the number of meals to prepare each night. This would help them to efficiently plan

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  • The Possibility Restaurant

    friends have decided to open up a French restaurant in Draperton, which is also the town State University is located in. They believe their business will prosper because there are no French restaurants in the area leaving the restaurant to be unique. They acquired a Victorian home just off of Main Street which is a heavily trafficked area and name their new venture “The Possibility”. Though “The Possibility” has potential, being inexperienced restaurant owners leaves for some potential problems

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  • Ginny´S Restaurant

    analysis shows that investing $3 million in Ginny’s restaurant today is the optimal investment decision for Virginia. The calculations included in Table C demonstrate that Virginia achieves her highest net present value of approximately $5.15 million when she invests $3 million and saves $1 million. This investment choice is supported by a high future cash flow, and will provide a substantial amount of up-front capital and labor for the Ginny’s Restaurant. Thus, by making the investment Virginia increases

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  • Restaurant History

    Restaurants are one of the most common places all over the world. The restaurant business has grown rapidly in twenty first century because of the fact that almost every day there are thousands of people going to restaurant. There are many reasons for people dining in at a restaurant. People dine in at the restaurant because of the busy schedule, to socialize, to eat varieties of food, and many more. What is a restaurant? According to oxford dictionary, “Restaurant is a place where people pay to

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  • Savor Restaurant

    Savor Restaurant Case Analysis Aaron Vo Bellevue University MBA 652: Marketing Strategy Dr. Doug Brown January 20th, 2014 Case Recap Savor, an upscale restaurant located in a strip mall called Rockbrook Village in Omaha, NE and has been around for much over five years. Not only is Savor a restaurant but also a catering company as well. Savor caters to most of the middle and upper class citizens in the area. Savor attracts their customers by the “hip” young staff and routinely updating

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  • Restaurant Business

    Restaurant Industry in India - Trends and Opportunities Restaurant Industry in India - Trends and Opportunities HVS International (India), Mr. Navjit Ahluwalia, Associate Director and Mr. Dushyant Singh, Consulting & Valuation Analyst Research, Report Writing Mr. Shyam Suri, Secretary General, FHRAI Editing, Report Fianlisation Mr. Pooran Chandra Pandey, Assistant Secretary General (Research), FHRAI Hotel Questionnaire & Co-ordination Mr. Raj Rajeshwar Sharma, Computer Data Assistant Design

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  • Japanese Restaurant

                2013  –  2014   1   MAKOTO DIY SUSHI JAPANESE RESTAURANT ICMB 493 DIRECTED RESEARCH 5180385 Phupisit Smittinet 5280077 Sarinpat Jiraphongchaijul 5280089 Napat Punvawuthikrai 5280801 Pichaya Unchuleepradit 5280883 Tanasak Visessintop           TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 6-7 8 9 10 10-11 11-14 15 15 17 18-22 18 18-19 19-22 23-24 25-29 25 26-29 30 31 32 33-34 35 35-36 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43    

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  • Openning Restaurant

    Paris in 1765, the first was restaurant started by Boulanger. In the beginning, in his tavern, he served the soups which called restorante and later he opened the restaurant named Le Champ d’Oiseau. After the French revolution, in 1794, the French refugee, Jean-Baptiste Gilbert Paypalt, brought the word restaurant to the United States. Paypalt set up the first French restaurant in Boston where served the truffles, cheese fondues and soups. However, this French restaurant was influenced to Delmonico

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  • Comparison of Restaurants

    be consistently met. Success and sustainability are not mutually exclusive in the context of the chosen outlets and their industries since the start-up costs and recurring costs are substantial. 2. Comparison One – Brotzeit VS Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar 2.1 Sales/Revenue Monetary gains are a good measure of success and a highly tangible KPI. Due to high start-up and recurring costs of the chosen outlets, increased revenue and hence profit would increase success and sustainability. Brotzeit

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    Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Surveys Can Keep Your Customers Coming Back Keep your customers coming back and recommending your restaurant to others with help from restaurant customer satisfaction surveys. Restaurant customer satisfaction surveys give you quantitative insight into the opinions and attitudes of your customers. You’ll obtain facts about what they want, what they expect, and if they plan to return to your restaurant again. If results show that your restaurant does not meet your

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  • Restaurant Review

    Assignment I hope that you are hungry because this assignment calls for you to investigate a restaurant and write a review.  The first task of this assignment is to visit any establishment that serves some type of food or drink. I know that you many of you are on student budgets, but we all have to eat! You don't need to spend a lot to fulfill this assignment. You can write about a fast food restaurant, the school cafeteria, your local coffee shop, a bar, even a food cart would do the trick.  It

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  • Restaurant Manegement

    Restaurant management involves many different aspects, including public relations, inventory, dealing with staff, customer service and the list goes on and on. Here are ten 10 things you should know about restaurant management. ! 1. The customer is always right. Always. The golden rule of business – the customer is always right. Even if you don’t agree with a customer’s complaint, how you handle it will determine if the customer comes back to your restaurant. Read more about restaurant customer

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  • Korean Restaurant

    Service & Industry Background Korean Restaurant Running a first Korean restaurant in Kampar will be the business that we choose. Joh-Eun will be our Korean restaurant shop name. Joh-Eun means good to all such as good to customers and stakeholders. The Joh-Eun Korean restaurant is to sell Korean food in Kampar, and the ventured of the restaurant might not suit the taste for Malaysian. This will be the risky of running this business. The restaurant will be selling the food with Korea cultural

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  • Restaurant Review

    Lamark Harper Carla Rogacs Composition 1 July 2014 Restaurant Review I couldn’t avoid the big golden arches I saw coming home one night from school. On top of that, it was about to be a start of Monopoly season. So being as hungry as I was, I had to stop. I really wanted to like this place as I pulled up because they had remodeled the restaurant. They gave it a new upscale look with two drive-thu ordering stations. The inside was really refreshing to look at and very clean and decorated

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  • Restaurant

    Bulacan State University College of Architecture and Fine Arts Malolos, Bulacan. THESIS PROPOSAL Kamayan sa Villiares (food and restaurant) In Particular Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Visual Communication Submitted by: By: Regienald S.D Bairan CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Advertising is how a company encourages people to buy their products, services or ideas. An advertisement or Ad is anything that draws good attention towards these

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  • Ginny's Restaurant: an Intro to Capital Investment Decision

    Corporate Finance II Lecture 04 Shama-e Zaheer Risk and Return Risk is the variability of returns from any asset. The greater the risk, the greater the required return from the asset. Therefore, in order to find the required return from any asset we need to know its risk and match that risk to another asset (or portfolio of assets) with a known return and use that as the opportunity cost of capital for the risky asset. Required Return, or, ri = Risk-free Rate (RFR) + Risk Premium (RP)

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  • Ginny's Restaurant

    Ginny's Restaurant 1.a) What is Ginny's current wealth? b) If Ginny spends nothing today, how much can she consume next year? a. Virginia¶s current wealth = NPV (6%, 2, 3) = $4.83M. She can consume $4.83M today. b. Assuming she consumes nothing today, she can consume $5.12M next year. 2. What should Ginny do to maximize her wealth? Virginia should invest $3m of her money into the restaurant and put the rest in the bank. At the end of the year, she will have $5.46M. (ie. A return of 36.5%). Her

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  • Giny's Restaurant

    Case Study: Ginny's Restaurant 1a. What is Vrginia's current weath? Cash today Cash in one year Interest Net Present Value 1b. How much can Virginia spend today? Team 6 $2,000,000 $3,000,000 6% (NPV) = $2M + $3M/ (1+0.06) = $4,830,188.68 Virginia's current wealth is made up of her $2 million in had and the present value of her future $3 million. Without a loan If Virginia does not want to borrow from the bank, she can spend a maximum of $2 million. With a loan If Virginia makes use of a bank

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  • Restaurants

    RESTAURANT PRACTICUM REPORT On THE MAX’S RESTAURANT Robinson Place Imus Cavite TRAINING PERIOD: November 11, 2014 to February 6, 2015 In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course Restaurant Practicum For a Degree in Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management College of International Hospitality Management University of Perpetual Help System - DALTA Alabang – Zapote Road, Pamplona 3, Las Piñas City SUBMITTED TO: Mr. Wendell B. Aguirre

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  • Matsuba Restaurant

    1.0 Introduction to Report The Masuba Japanese Restaurant is located at the commercial block of Taylor’s Lakeside Campus’ Commercial block. The Matsuba Japanese restaurant is the only restaurant that promote primary on Japanese food in the campus. Therefore, the purpose of this report is to study how the restaurants operate, solve issues faced by the restaurant to improve the quality of their service and also study the background of the restaurant. In this report contains the discussion about

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  • Are Restaurants Downsizing?

    really should operate with fewer people. Dumbsizing is downsizing that, in retrospect, failed to achieve the desired effect. ( Are restaurants downsizing? * According to, downsizing is one of the restaurant trends to tap for 2015. “Restaurant operators are downsizing dishes and whittling menus to appeal to consumer tastes for petite portions and quality over quantity.” (

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  • Castle Restaurant

    Plan Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage III Susanna Vilim DeVry University HRM-340 1 Castle Business Plan Table of Contents Item Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Page # 2 3- 4 5 Company Review 6- 7 Business Analysis 8 - 11 HRIS Type/Comparison 12 - 14 HRIS Recommendation 15 - 17 Conclusion 18 Bibliography 19 2 Castle Business Plan Executive Summary Castle’s Family Restaurant being the successful family

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  • Restaurant Project

    Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Restaurant Concept 3-4 II. Food Menu 5-10 III. Organizational Chart 11-13 A. Front of the house B. Back of the house IV. Work Shifts 13-15 V. Restaurant Layout 16-17 VI. Restaurant Equipment 18-24 VII. Sources 25 Tsunami Fine Dining and Sake Bar 2 Restaurant Concept Our Restaurant serves Modern Contemporary Japanese cuisine with 200 square meters space

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  • Vintage Restaurant

    The Vintage Restaurant is on Captiva Island, a resort community near Fort Myers, Florida. The restaurant, which is owned and operated by Karen Payne, has just completed its third year of operation. During that time, Karen has sought to establish a reputation for the restaurant as a high-quality dining establishment that specializes in fresh seafood. The efforts by Karen and her staff have proven successful, and her restaurant has become one of the best and fastest-growing restaurants on the island

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  • Ginny's Restaurant

    Ginny’s Restaurant: An Introduction to Capital Investment Valuation 1) Present Consumption = C0 + C1/(1+0.06)1 Future Consumption = C0*(1+0.06)1 + C1 |Present Consumption (Wealth) |$4,830,188.68 | |Future Consumption |$5,120,000.00 | Virginia’s current wealth is $4.83 million. She can spend and consume that amount today. She can spend and consume $5.12 million one year from today if she consumes nothing today. 2) |Amounts are

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  • The Vintage Restaurant

    Forecasting Sales The Vintage Restaurant is located on Captiva Island, a resort community located near Fort Meyers, Florida. The restaurant, which is owned and operated by Karen Payne, has just completed its third year of operation. During this time, Karen has sought to establish a reputation for the restaurant as a high-quality dining establishment that specializes in fresh seafood. The efforts made by Karen and her staff have proved successful, and her restaurant has become one of the best and

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  • Restaurant and Hotel

    Reviewed International Research Journal Publisher: Global Journals Inc. (USA) Online ISSN: 2249-4588 & Print ISSN: 0975-5853 A Study on Customer Preference and Satisfaction towards Restaurant in Dehradun City By Neha Joshi Abstract - India is in the midst of the restaurant revolution. The revenues hotel and restaurant industry in yr.2006-2007 increase of nearly 22 %...The eating habits of people are changing; the style of cooking and the ingredients used increased the popularity of Indian food

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  • Feasib on Restaurant

    vision, Frisky in mission.” This study aims to create a business plan that will give rise to a new profitable establishment in the thriving industry of food and beverage specifically in the casual-upscale dining or most commonly known as themed restaurants. With the group’s objective of enticing local and foreign appetites to experience the tastiest cuisines all over the world in a single dining, we were able to create a business proposal that will set a new trend in the casual upscale dining through

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  • Jose Restaurant

    Problem Statement: Jose’s Mexican restaurant is a small yet popular spot. Lately they have been losing customers and profits due to service issues. In order to improve the restaurant, Jose’s Mexican Restaurant must provide service that is top-notch, in other words fast, efficient, great testing, convenient and heartwarming. What must the restaurant do in order to improve service? Areas for Consideration: [i]Quality at Jose's restaurant should be defined by service, value,

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  • Horror Restaurant

    INTRODUCTION Name Of The Service: Bones n Brains --- A Horror Restaurant Service Is: The motto is "FUN FOR THE YOUNG DEVILS”. The horrifying environment. Dracula, Vampires, and others at your service. Foods with a new touch and names. Amazing way of serving food. Offering a unique and affordable way of celebrating special occasions. Objective Of The Project (Mission): A new, impressive way of capturing the target market with the help of perfect marketing

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  • Spanish Restaurant

    exceptional service. Vision Carpe diem sells only appetizing and exceptional food and drinks that meets the highest standards of quality, freshness and seasonality. Objectives * To promote and expand Carpe Diem concept as a unique destination restaurant * To expand the market in Metro Manila and in neighbouring suburbs to increase our customer base * To accomplish our social responsibilities and environmental profit – having a business without making any conflicts to others B. Business

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  • Maroush Restaurant

    Name Institution Date Maroush is one of the most famous hotel and restaurant known for its Lebanese cosines in London. It is located along Edgware Road. The first Maroush restaurant was opened by Marouf and Abouzaki in 1981. The restaurant was started to serve Londoners authentic Lebanese foods when people were beginning to explore world cuisines and other people’s culture through trying out their food. The food is prepared in the traditional Lebanese ways where hospitality

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  • 4p's in a Restaurant

    improve their health.” B. The View Restaurant at Indian Kettles ( “Our mission is to provide only the freshest and finest foods possible at a reasonable price to our guests. In addition, we will provide the highest degree of service possible. We will treat each and every one of our guests like family visiting our home for a festive occasion. We will strive to keep all areas of our Lake George restaurant spotless. We will protect Lake George

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  • Promotion of a Restaurant

    Promotion of a Restaurant What types of promotions are “frequency-builders” and how they can be implemented? Prior to making any decisions about what promotion to run, one must first ask how well the customer is known. If a business does not understand the target audience, they will never run the most effective or efficient promotion. If the motivations of the customers are understood, it will be much easier to develop positive marketing programs which are both effective and cost efficient. If a

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  • The Possibility Restaurant

    “The Possibility” Restaurant Problem Angela Fox and Zooey Caulfield were food and nutrition majors at State University, as well as close friends and roommates. Upon graduation Angela and Zooey decided to open a French restaurant in Draperton, the small town where the university was located. There were no other French restaurants in Draperton, and the possibility of doing something new and somewhat risky intrigued the two friends. They purchased an old Victorian home just off Main Street for their

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  • Restaurant

    organized segment of the restaurant industry, at 16-20% of the total industry is more than the organized segment of the retail industry, which currently stands at 8%, and is growing faster than the overall restaurant industry, at 20-25% per annum. 2 0 2008 2009 Organized 2013 2018 Unorganized Segments of the Food Services Sector 20% 80% Organized Unorganized Segments of the Organized Food Services Sector This segment is dominated by restaurants which constitute 40%

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  • Types of Restaurants

    Types of Restaurants Definitions and Examples of Restaurant Concepts By Lorri Mealey, Guide Today there are many different types of restaurants, from fast food to family casual. Here is a brief overview of some of the more popular restaurant concepts. Fast Food Restaurant 
Fast food is the most familiar restaurant to most people. Chains like McDonalds and Burger King became popular in the 1950s, and helped spawn countless other concepts like Taco Bell, KFC and In&Out Burger. Fast food

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  • Restaurant Development

    Restaurant Development Group’s Winston-Salem Project Paul E. Juras The Wayne Calloway School of Business and Accountancy Wake Forest University P.O. Box 7285 Reynolda Station Winston-Salem, NC 27109-7285 E-Mail: JURAS@WFU.EDU James F. Cotter The Wayne Calloway School of Business and Accountancy Wake Forest University P.O. Box 7285 Reynolda Station Winston-Salem, NC 27109-7285 Restaurant Development Group Memo To: Date: Re: Registered Students March 1st 2006 Restaurant Development Group’s

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  • Restaurant Plan

    has become a great vision, a restaurant that will give a home style environment with a touch of culture with new rich and diverse tastes of food. Where you can sit down and listen to live music along with one of our specialty drinks and food. The restaurant setting its for a family dining restaurant with a very casual environment, were everyone can sit done as a family, a group of friends or just individuals and enjoy the food and the environment of the restaurant and enjoy their time there. The

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