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    In accordance with BrainMass rules this is not a completion of assignment but only background help: FROM: Elementary Division Manager, TO: CEO DATE: July 06, 2011. SUBJECT: Claims of constructive discharge: The reason why this memo is being written is that a former employee has filed a case under against the company under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, constructive discharge, on the charges that the company requires its workers to work on religious holidays. The reason for this charge

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    Let1 Task 1 The expectancy theory of motivation is consisted of three parts: Expectancy (Effort-Performance), Instrumentality (Performance-Reward) and Valance (Rewards-Personal Goals). This theory is based on the argument that a person will be more motivated to do a better job if they believe that those efforts will result in a higher performance and they will receive better rewards for the work they do. Part A Expectancy (Effort-Performance) The first part of this theory is expectancy where

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    FNT1 Task1 Western Governors University FNT1 Task1 | Financial condition of Company G memo | | | Introduction: | Below is business memorandum to the CEO of Company G. Below is a chart that full meets the expectations of the task that was give. Each ratio is explained and the formulas used are listed along with the ratio finding. 1. That information is used to understand what our current trend and if it indicates a strength, weakness, no concern. Final Justification of identification

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    Running head: JFT2 Organizational Management – Task 1 JFT2 Organizational Management – Task 1 Charles Jorgenson WGU 1. Bill Bailey Motivational Technique Mr. Bailey could effectively use Vroom’s Expectancy Theory to motivate his organization to oppose the merger. Vroom’s Expectancy Theory can be summarized in this way: The probability of a person acting in a certain way depends on the strength of the belief that the action will create a certain outcome and the attractiveness of that outcome

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    COMPAIRING ARTISTIC PERIODS RENAISSANCE ART AND MANNERISM ART WESTERN GOVERNORS UNIVERSITY IWT1 TASK1 COMPARING ARTISTIC PERIODS The Renaissance period was from roughly the 14th century to the 17th century of the common era (CE) beginning in Italy later spreading throughout Europe. The word Renaissance comes from the original Italian word "Rinascimento" or "rinascere" which means "to be reborn" according to Harper (2012). The influence of the Renaissance movement can be observed in art

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    EGT1 Task 1 – Marginal Analysis The profit calculation of total revenue and total costs is Profit (P) equals total revenue (TR) minus total costs (TC) and focuses on maximizing this difference. Profit will be maximized when the total revenue, or the amount they would receive by selling that particular widget exceeds the total cost, or the costs associated with making this widget by the greatest amount. The greatest difference between these two is considered the profit.The profit calculation of

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    Helpful tips for GKE1 By Andrea Hall in WGU Students: ECE/Elem/Special Ed · Edit Doc -Don't try to find the information in the COS, you can waste hours and hours there. Find outside sources that help you make your specific points. -Do the tasks in whatever order is easiest for you. -Break each essay into parts, the graders don't care too much about cohesion between part A and part B. -"Discuss imperialism" means "explain how and why" (I spent a page discussing in and got it sent back--the first

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    Memo To: Chief Executive Officer From: Date: Subject: Response to constructive discharge law suit. Constructive Discharge Constructive discharge occurs when an employer makes working conditions unbearable that an employee feels forced to resign from his job. Unbearable conditions can include discrimination, harassment or negative change in pay. In our company’s case the former employee alleges that enforcement of company’s new shift policy is discriminatory because the policy requires

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    JFT2 – Organizational Management: Task 1 A. Create an analysis document (suggested length of 3–5 pages) in which you do the following: 1. Illustrate how Bill Bailey, chairman of the board of the Utah Opera Organization, might use one theory of motivation to oppose or support the merger. Response: One theory of motivation Bill Bailey will use to support the merger by using Alderfer’s ERG Theory shown below. The definition of this theory is the following: Alderfer's ERG Theory: Three basic

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    LIT 1-Task 2 Situation A Employee A has taken a leave for 11 weeks and is now returning. Under The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), our employee is eligible to return to his position, schedule and pay grade. According to your memo, he is asking for compensation for his time while on leave to be with his spouse who delivered twins. Employee A’s leave was unpaid. Under the Act, all eligible employees are entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid leave. This is including but not limited to, the bonding

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    LIT1 Task 1 Part A SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP: A business that is owned by one person and is not incorporated. Sole proprietorships are easy to start. You don’t need a lawyer and you don’t need to register with the government except to obtain a business license or permit where required. * Liability: The owner is liable for all debts incurred by the business. His personal property can be attached. He is also responsible for any damage an employee may cause

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    Smith, A. F. (2011). Potato: A global history (pp. 38-51). London: Reaktion Books. Zimmermann, K. A. (2013, March 14). Andes: World's longest mountain range. Retrieved March 13, 2014, from http://www.livescience.com/27897-andes-mountains.html GKE1 TASK 1 1

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    Meghan Fletcher GKE1 February 12, 2014 Task 1 The Mesopotamian society was influenced by many factors. The most significant factors that contributed to the development of Mesopotamian society were the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. Virtually every aspect of Mesopotamian life was influenced by the presence of these two rivers. From the beginning, the Mesopotamian’s had to develop an irrigation system so they could better utilize the river’s water. From this point, water from these rivers became

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  • Iwt1 Task1

    Task 1 Introduction:
Works of art vary greatly across genres and time periods.  While it may seem that these works originate solely from the minds of specific individuals, artists are influenced by the styles and characteristics of earlier periods as well as social and political events of the time. Works of art are often a continuation of or reaction to earlier artistic styles. For example, classical art from ancient Greece and Rome was revived during the neoclassical era. Cubism was a reaction

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    1. Constructive Discharge In response to the following legal action of former employee, Mr. Ed Hewhoshallnotbenamed, claim that Toymart is not incompliance with the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in regards to Constructive Discharge. Constructive Discharge is the theory that if an employee resigns from any company it shall be treated as if they were terminated. (McGehee & McGehee Palmer Rivers, 2012) This theory works off the basis that an employee resigns due to working conditions being

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  • Glt1 Task1

    Impact of Globalization on Selected Non-Western Cultures Globalization is defined as the “worldwide interconnectedness, evidenced in global movements of natural resources, human labor, finance capital, information, infectious diseases, and trade goods” (Haviland, Prins, Walrath, & McBride, 2008, p. 19). Globalization has or is occurring across the world but it has especially effected the non-Western cultures in dramatic and significant ways. Two Examples of Globalization South Korea

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  • Qbt1 Task1

    SUBDOMAIN 105.1 - COLLEGIATE READING SKILLS SUBDOMAIN 105.2 - BASIC INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SKILLS Competencies: 105.1.1: Reading With Comprehension - The graduate constructs meaning by using multiple strategies to comprehend a variety of texts. 105.1.2: Reading Critically - The graduate identifies relationships among ideas, points of view, and language choices by reading critically. 105.2.2: Evaluating Information - The graduate accurately evaluates the validity, reliability, and significance

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    GKE1 Task1 Student 320979 A. One significant environmental factor in the development of the Egyptian society is the Nile River. The Nile River made it possible for the Egyptian people “to form the first nation by 3000 BCE” (The Gift of the Nile, n.d.) From its rise to its fall the Egyptian civilization depended on the Nile River. The Nile focus created a more positive point of view for Egyptian society “for it could be seen as a source of never-failing bounty to be thankfully received, rather

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  • Gke1 Task 3 Part a & A1

    GKE1 Task 3: A and A1 00039791 Tiffany Teague In the late 1800’s to early 1900’s the Europeans started the colonialism of Africa. Europeans chose to use their power to take over Africa for several reasons. Europe wanted to prove its political power and one way to do so would be to acquire new territories. Europe was also over populated in some areas and so they sent some of their population to Africa new establish new colonies. Europe also had an economic reason to exploit Africa

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  • Fyt2 Task1

    Private Investigators LLC Controls and Countermeasures Private Investigators Limited Liability Company (LLC) has a small office with one server and six workstations. This LLC partnership hosts its own website that allows clients to log in and enter case information. An evaluation of the network and security configuration to determine threats and weakness to the existing system has been completed. A list of the top five associated threats for the Server, Workstations, and Website are outlined

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    1 Geography and the Development and Diffusion of Human Societies GKE TASK 1 Michelle Murray Western Governors University GKE Task1 2 A. The two rivers, Tigris and Euphrates are substantial examples of geographical and environmental factors that impacted the development of the Mesopotamia civilization. Mesopotamia- “known as the land between two rivers”.

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    A. One key geographic factor that contributed to the development of Mesopotamian society was the climate. Since, the region had very little rain, about 10 inches a year, there were numerous hot/dry periods and productive farming was a major problem. In contrast, the rising rivers caused flooding which destroyed crops, livestock, and dwellings. While the environment was vexing it was very consistent therefore, over time this allowed the animals, people, and the plant life to adjust. One of the noted

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    Task 1 Carrie A. Nuxoll Western Governor’s University Themes in U.S. and World History/GKE1 March 10, 2013 Have you ever wondered about any great significant physical geographic factors that contributed to the development of our great United States? I must say, to do this, you must first look at the history of past great human societies trials and tribulations. For example, take a look a look at the history of Egypt and the Nile Valley civilizations. According to our course readings, Keita

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  • Gke1- Geography and the Development and Diffusion of Human Society

    Running head: GEOGRAPHY AND THE DEVELOPMENT AND DIFFUSION OF Geography and the Development and Diffusion of Human Societies GKE1- Western Governors University Geography and the Development and Diffusion of Human Societies Evaluating and researching how environmental and geographical factors, such as the availability of resources and location of land have affected and continue to affect the human race through development, distribution, and diffusion is not only

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  • Egt1 Task1

    One of the most important objectives of any business is profit maximization. The concept aids in the survival of the business, guarantees an increase in the return of its shareholders, and also prevents insolvency from occurring. In order for a business to understand profit maximization it must first comprehend the relationship between marginal revenue and cost. For a company to properly understand marginal revenue and cost, it would have to determine how it is related to total revenue (TR) and

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  • Jit2 Task1

    RISK REGISTER Risk One: Global Political Instability| Description:|As a global business, The Company travels to various countries where the political climate is not as stable as in the US. Should a State where The Company does business experience instability, it may become difficult to continue operations.| Owner:|The CEO would make the decision on whether to send staff or not to events in those places.| Source:|The source of political instability is hard to identify. One source is dissatisfaction

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    ABN 22 784 493 641 12 Mountain Drive Jade Valley, Victoria 3999 Phone (03) 9123 4567 Fax (03) 9123 7654 http://www.MacVille.com.au MacVille Disciplinary / Dismissal Policy Part 1 1. An employee’s contract of employment may be terminated by either the employer or the employee giving the notice required by the applicable Award or the Industrial Relations Act 1990. 2. Where the prescribed notice is not given, the employee shall be paid wages

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    GKE1 Task 2 Miranda Stewart Western Governors University   A) Martin Luther was born in Eisleben, Saxony, now Germany, in 1483 and died in 1546. (Martin Luther and the 95 Theses. 2013) During his 63 years of life he set in motion many changes that would take place in the world. His two most significant changes were his key role in the Protestant Revolution and the translation of the Bible into German, which later was translated into English, thus making it available for all to read.

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    RMGT Task 1 GenRays HRIS Project Page 1 Table of Contents GenRays Matrix (A) ............................................................................................................................ 4 GenRays Project Charter (B) ....................................................................................................... 19 Project Title ............................................................................................................................................

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    GKE - Task 1: Geography and the Development/Diffusion of Human Societies Part A The Nile River was a significant geographic factor that contributed to the development of Egypt. This 6,695 Kilometer river; which is the largest river in the world contribution to Egypt's early human society in a way that is difficult to replicate. (The River Nile Facts, 2008). The Nile River provided drinking water for farmers and others who lived alongside the banks of the Nile. Also the Nile River floods

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  • Jdt2 Task1

    Financial Analysis JET Task1 Western Governors University Prepare a summary report in which you do the following 1. Evaluate the company’s operational strengths and weakness based on the following: A. Horizontal analysis of financial statements involves comparison of a financial ratio, a benchmark, or a line item over a number of accounting periods. This method of analysis is also known as trend analysis. Horizontal analysis allows the assessment of relative changes in different

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  • Cjc Task1

    Improving Company Q’s Attitude Towards Social Responsibility Company Q has exhibited a consistent attitude of disregarding the needs and desires of the area in which they serve. They prefer playing it safe instead of expanding their thought process to think outside of the box. The company seems to have no sense of commitment to serving the community along with consideration of the bottom line. It took years for them to heed the wishes of gives the general public the impression that

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  • Gke1

    Task 1: Geography and the Development/Diffusion of Human Societies Part A: Mesopotamia is regarded as the birth place of civilization. “Historians believe that large civilizations began in Mesopotamia between 4,000 and 3,000 B.C.E.” (Wandrei, 2015). The most significant geographical factor that I feel contributed to the development of this society was the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. These rivers are part of a larger area referred to as the “fertile crescent” due to its rich soil. The soil

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  • Rtt1 Task1

    RTT1 Task 1 Nursing-sensitive indicators reflect the structure, process and outcomes of nursing care. These are measurable indicators of the quality of care provided to patients. Quality and/or quantity of nursing care can and does affect patient outcomes and the understanding of these measurements can assist in the planning and implementation of nursing care so that appropriate, quality health care with positive outcomes can be achieved. Poor performance on these indicators means not only is

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  • Task1

    T o B u i l d a F i r e AY HAD DAWNED COLD AND GRAY WHEN the man turned aside from the main Yukon trail. He climbed the high earth-bank where a little-traveled trail led east through the pine forest. It was a high bank, and he paused to breathe at the top. He excused the act to himself by looking at his watch. It was nine o’clock in the morning. There was no sun or promise of sun, although there was not a cloud in the sky. It was a clear day. However, there seemed to be an indescribable darkness

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  • Hr Task1

    Re: Constructive Discharge Claim – John Doe Scenario: A former employee, John Doe, has filed a claim against the company under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, constructive discharge, after a work schedule policy change. The employee, who quit after the policy change took effect, is alleging that the enforcement of the company’s new policy on shift work is discriminatory because the policy requires employees to work on a religious holy day. In the past, production employees worked

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  • Riwt Task1

    Humanities RIWT Task1 Describe Dadaism Dadaism or Dada was developed during World War I. The movement was born, as they say, in Zurich by refugees from mostly Germany and France. Dadaism used visual art, literature such as poetry, theatre, and some graphic design. It was a protest against the war. Because of the horrific events going on in the war, Dadaists used everything from obscenities, scatological humor, visual puns, and any object that would do to thrash nationalism, rationalism, materialism

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  • Vlt2 Task1

    Information Security Risk Analysis Top Five Threats to the Server # | Threat | Description | Likelihood of Occurance | Severity of Impact | Controllability | 1 | Denial of Service | Disruption of service to users. | High | High | Medium | 2 | Malware | Software used to gain access to computer system, gather sensitive information, or disrupt computer operations. | High | Medium | High | 3 | Principle of “Least Privilege” | Ensuring users have only the needed privileges for their job functions

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  • Wgu Gke1

    GKE1 Task 3 Part A. The rise of New Imperialism in Africa began in 1881 and ran through 1914. Looking to expand their empires, European countries looked to Africa as its size and benefits became evident. The invasion of Africa began as a paper conquest, conducted in the drawing rooms of European capitals. Once they arrived in Africa, leaders and footmen took the ideas from Europe and put them into action on the ground. They conquered weak African chiefs and signed treaties with the powerful

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  • C200 Task1

    ------------------------------------------------- Task 1: Organization and Leadership Analysis Assessment Code: C200-Task 1 Name: Nongbzanga Tiendrebeogo ID: 464060 Date: 25/9/2015 Mentor Name: Michelle Caldwell Table of Contents Acacia Overview 3 Acacia Description 3 Leadership Practices at Acacia 4 Relationship Between Leadership and Organizational Culture at Acacia 5 SWOT Analysis of Acacia 7 Organizational Strengths of Acacia 7 Organizational Weaknesses of Acacia 8 Organizational

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    The Kaplan Interview Guide [pic] [pic] The Interview Guide “Be prepared” Preparation is the first step towards a successful interview. Interviews provide the opportunity for you to find out about the organisation and if the position will provide the challenge you are looking for, as well as an opportunity for the interviewer to find out more about you and if you are a suitable candidate for the job. Ensure you are fully aware of the date, time and location of the interview; and don’t

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  • Gke1 Task 4

    GKE1 TASK 4 A: The two most significant social consequences to come from the Industrial Revolution include urbanization and the increase in child labor. Before the Industrial Revolution took place, over 80% of the population lived in rural communities (BCP.ORG). With the rapid growth of population in the cities came disease and epidemics. According to Patricia Chappine, the wealthy fared far better than the industrial workers. The wealthy were able to afford housing on the outskirts of the large

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    This document has been removed. Please try browsing through our hundreds of thousands of others.

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  • Tft2 Task1

        Security Policy Cyberlaw, Regulations, and Compliance – TFT2 Task 1   Introduction: Heart-Healthy Insurance is currently evaluating their current security policy and have requested some changes to the policy concerning adding new users and the password requirements for the users. The end goal of the requested changes is to satisfy several compliance regulations that are required by law for their business. The regulations that need to be considered are: 1. PCI-DSS (Payment Card

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  • Lit1 Task1

    LIT1- Task #1 Provisions of FMLA: In 1993, congress passed the Family and Medical Leave Act, they developed this bill to assist employees that needed to be out for extenuating, planned, or unforeseen medical circumstances. To remove the fear and worry of losing one’s current place of employment. The creation of this bill gives, employees the ability to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave, although they do have the option of using all of their calendar year given vacation

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  • Wgu Lit1 Task1

    LIT1 Task1 A1. The family medical leave act of 1993 guarantees an employee: - 12 weeks of leave in a 12 month period to care for a newborn or child within the first year of life. -12 weeks of leave in a 12 month period to care for their spouse, child or parent who has a serious medical condition. -12 weeks of leave in a 12 month period if the employee suffers from a serious medical condition and they are unable to perform the essential duties of their job. FMLA entitles

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  • Est1 Task1

    Social Responsibility In today’s world many companies deal with social responsibilities on a daily basis. In my term, social responsibility is the way a company positively impacts its employees, customers, community and investors while minimizing negative impacts on them. In this scenario Company Q would seem to think they have ethical issues. My time in business I have learned that ethics drive culture, culture drive behaviors, and together they drive great results. Having an ethical practice

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  • Rjet Task1

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of the following report is to evaluate Competition Bike Inc. operations and the possible direction of the company in the next few years. Figures were obtained from comparative balance sheets and profit and loss statements from the relevant years as well as additional information that were forwarded for review. This information enabled the development of percentage and ratio analysis, which was then used to create the report. Administrative expenses were indirectly

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  • Da-Task1

    MEMORANDUM To: Shuzworld From: Farah Shekari, consultant Re: Maui Sandal Date: February 12th, 2012 Improve Work Flow In order to improve the current workflow in the plant, I recommend that Shuzworld’s Shanghai Production Facility (SSPF) should use the layout strategies (such as assembling balancing) method because of the nature of the issue. The objective of the layout strategy is to develop an effective and efficient layout that will meet the firm’s competitive requirements” (JGT2

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  • Let1 Task1

    Developed by Victor Vroom in 1964 the expectancy theory seeks to define employee and work motivation by using different criteria. According to Vroom’s theory, employees are motivated by three factors: Valence, Instrumentality, and Expectancy (Van Eerde, 1996). Each one of those factors has a causal relationship: effort-performance, performance-reward and reward-personal goals. I will seek to define the components for the model and their associated relationship (Robbins, 2007). Vroom conveyed valence

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