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    Movie Review for The Social Network (Project in CS Fundamentals) Movie Review for The Social Network * Name of the film The Social Network * Prominent Actors Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker Armie Hammer as Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss * Plot Summary In October 2003, Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg has the idea to create a website to rate the attractiveness of female Harvard undergraduates

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    by: Laxman Aryal Roll no. 8 Manikkya Apex College 2012 Ek Ruka Hua Faisala is a Bollywood movie directed by Basu Chatterjee inspired from Hollywood film 12 Angry Men. We the student of MBA are shown this movie to learn some lesson of Managerial Communication. Altthough this is a movie about different organizational behavior, it also gives a strong example of effective communication. This is a movie about 19 year old boy who was a suspect for murder of his father. There was a committee of 12 people

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  • Blood Diamond Movie Review

    Analyze the economic situation of the movie: The movie “Blood Diamond” is directed by Edward Zwick. This movie is considered as one of the great movies because the diamonds mined at Africa are traded in exchange for firearms and other weapons which are used in civil wars, coups and cruel military dictatorships, and what makes the story interesting is that, which side is worse? Is it the government or the rebels? So the first thing we see in this story if we will relate it to economic situation

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    is at the difficult time in his life battling drug and alcohol addiction as a flight captain. He becomes a hero and has to make a decision that can change his life. After reviewing the movie we can determine the reason for him becoming a hero, the "real" Whip, and my final review of the film. In the movie “Flight”, the major character Denzel Washington presents a bad portrait of professionalism. He plays an airline flight captain addicted to money, sex, and alcohol. Whip decides to use cocaine

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    My favourite movie is “The Dictator”. It was produced in year 2012 and starring one of the most renowned actor, Sasha Baron Cohen. It is a comedy film and it features a little mockumentary. As a form of parody to current world issues revolving around the topic of democracy and dictatorship, it tells the story of how a ruler risked his life for the sake of oppressing democracy. The movie takes a straight pinch at the world politics by making jokes of those we called our leaders. The brave act

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  • Movie Review : Sweeney Todd

    Meryl Louise P. Piñon BASS Political Science – I Comm 2 - K Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Movie Review) What would you do if everyone you love was taken away from you? Are you going to stand and stare and wait for them to return? Or would you dare to take revenge to the person who took everything from you? Here comes now the story of Benjamin Parker, or more known as Sweeney Todd. Benjamin Barker, arguably the most accomplished barber in all Victorian London, is married

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  • Enron Movie Review

    University of Technology, Jamaica School of Business Administration Internal Auditing Article Review The Smartest Guys in the Room Tutor: Ms S. Bewry Student: Rajik Brown ID#: 0904827 1. To identify least five (5) control issues in the movie using the C.R.I.M.E. abbreviation from the Committee of Sponsoring Organisation of the Treadway Commission (COSO) framework was used. C- Control Activities are procedures and policies that aid management and employees in carrying directives

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  • True Grit Movie Review

    MOVIE REVIEW: TRUE GRIT 1 Movie Review: True Grit The movie I chose to review is the 2010 remake of “True Grit.” This movie stars Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Hailee Steinfeld as the main characters. Jeff Bridges plays Rooster Cogburn, Matt Damon plays LaBoeuf and Hailee Steinfeld plays Mattie Ross, Josh Brolin portrays Tom Chaney, the man who murdered Mattie’s father. In the following paragraphs of this paper the following will be discussed: when it was produced, the basic

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  • Gladiator Movie Review

    EAST WEST UNIVERSITY MOVIE REVIEW OF “GLADIATOR” SUBMITTED TO: Nazia Manzoor Lecturer English SUBMITTED BY: Nusrat Jahan Nishi SUBJECT: ENG102 SECTION: 5 Date: 30/11/2011 History made

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    November 2011 Cultural Review: Gangs of New York In his review, Roger Ebert gave the film Gangs of New York, directed by Martin Scorsese, a three and a half star rating out of four and made both positive and negative comments of the movie. Although he gave it a favorable review he also said it was “very good but not great”(Ebert). The problem with Ebert’s review is that he does not review the details of the movie, such as the acting or the set or soundtrack, but critiques the movie only as a whole after

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  • Review a Beautiful Mind Movie

    ADYSSA RISKA L. Z. 291 12 089 Business Economics – YP47A A Beautiful Mind – Movie Review A Beautiful Mind is a story based on the life of the famous mathematician John Forbes Nash. His contributions to mathematics are outstanding. When he was an undergraduate, he proved Brouwer's fixed point theorem. He then broke one of Riemann's most perplexing mathematical problems and became famous for the Nash Solution.  From then on, Nash provided breakthrough after breakthrough in mathematics. In 1958

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  • Erin Brockovich (Movie Review)

    Erin Brockovich The movie Erin Brockovich is based on a true story of a heroic paralegal, who uncovers that a California utility company, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, polluted the groundwater around Hinkley, California. Pacific Gas and Electric Company used Hexavalent Chromium to control corrosion in their cooling tower. The wastewater dissolves the Hexavalent Chromium from the cooling towers and then discharges to unlined ponds at the site. This wastewater went into the soil and contaminated

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    Movie review The action of the clones The Island is a remarkable and must-see action and science fiction. The film features the life of the clones and the sponsors which is directed by Michael Bay, the director of Transformers, Pearl Harbor and I Am Number Four. A young man Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan McGregor) and a young woman Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansson) live in an underground organization which is full of strict regulations and created by a selfish scientist Dr. Merrick (Sean Bean)

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  • Movie Review- King's Speech

    Movie Review: The King’s Speech The King’s Speech relates to this course by showing someone who struggles with presenting speeches in front of large crowds of people, eventually gets over his fear and accomplishes his goal by giving an amazing speech. I’m almost for certain that more than half of my public speaking class is afraid to give a speech in front of people due to nerves. To me, giving a speech in front of people makes me nervous and scared. I feel like the King George VI because I tend

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    How to Write a Movie Review Writing a movie review is a great way of expressing your opinion of a movie.  The purpose of most movie reviews is to help the reader in determining whether they want to watch, rent or buy the movie.  The review should give enough details about the movie that the reader can make an informed decision, without giving anyway any essentials such as the plot or any surprises.  Below are our guidelines and tips for writing a good movie review. HYPERLINK "http://www

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  • Movie Review: Out of Darkness

    Movie Review: Out of Darkness Letitia Y. Wright CO 810 – Abnormal Psychology Katherine James, PhD, LPC, NCC Ashland Theological Seminary February 10, 2014 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to review the depiction of a person suffering with and living with the mental condition of Schizophrenia in the movie, Out of Darkness. The film has a dynamic cast including: Diana Ross as Paulie Cooper (the individual suffering with schizophrenia), Rhonda Stubbins-White as Zoe Price (Paulie’s sister)

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  • The Descendants Movie Review

    The Descendants Movie Review For this assignment I chose to review Alexander Payne’s film The Descendants. George Clooney stars as Matthew King who on paper has the perfect life. He lives on the beautiful island of Honolulu, Hawaii, has a beautiful family, and is a well-known lawyer on the island. You soon find out that Matthew King is the sole trustee of 25,000 acres of prime land on Kauai which is more of a burden than a benefit to

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  • Enron Movie Review

    INTERNAL AUDITING MOVIE REVIEW: Enron Movie: The Smartest Guy in the Room Tutor: Ms. Bewry March 29, 2014 Ashley Johnson-Blake ID #100426 Review Questions 1. Identify at least five (5) control issues in the movie using the Committee of Sponsoring Organization of the Treadway Commission (COSO) framework as a guide. According to COSO, the five control issues are concerned with the control environment, risk assessment, control activities, information and communication and monitoring. Based

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  • Paradise Now Movie Review

    Lauren Davis Dr. Stephanie Wheatley Intro to REL 1113 Nov 15 2013 Paradise Now Review The movie Paradise Now follows the lives of two best friends Said and Khaled in present day Islam-oriented Palestine, In Nablas on the West Bank. Nablas is a sort of slum type area; there are many parts in the movie where we see the buildings are broken down and ruined. For example, Said and Khaled both live with their whole family in their shack style houses that look like beat up apartments, when it shows

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  • Review of 2012 Movie

    Introduction The following summary report will review the events that took place in a movie called “2012” that was released in the year 2009. The report will provide a review of the plot but it will primarily break it down into the main scientific information the writers choose to include and the validity of their claims. It will also provide the geological landmarks that were used throughout the film. The creators of the film took advantage of some very high-quality special effects to dramatize

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  • Gladiator Movie

    Gladiator Ridley Scott Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix Derek Westerman McDonald History 134 42/21/2014 The movie gladiator was a film that was originally intended to stay as true to history as possible, but director Ridley Scott was unable to keep that at the conclusion of the movie. The first problem with the historical accuracy of this movie is the political aspect. In this film they state that the Roman Senate was chosen from the people to speak for the people when in

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  • Movie Review for Comp 1

    The Day After Tomorrow is a movie that stars Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Emma Rossum and was directed by Roland Emmerich. The movie is based on a paleoclimatologist that treks across America to save his son who is trapped by a sudden international storm that plunges America into a new Ice Age. I liked this movie for many reasons, but it had some draw backs. Summary In the beginning of the movie Jack Hall (played by Dennis Quaid) is at the North Pole drilling core samples for research

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  • Movie Review - Confessions

    I watched a movie named Confessions which is a mystery about two years ago. It is based on housewife-turned-author Kanae Minato's 2008 debut mystery novel that won the 2009 Honya Taisho award. It was directed by famous Japanese director Netsuya Nakashima, and with Takako Matsu in it. It’s a Japanese movie, and it was really impressed me, until now it’s still my favorite movie. This movie is filled with amazing actors who make the film alive. Takako Matsu’s superb acting is one of the highlights

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    2 fast 2 furious Review 2 fast 2 furious is one of the best car street racing movies to watch. The Miami police department has been tracking down a drug lord, Carter Verone, but cannot find any evidence to arrest him. The department has Monica Fuentes, an undercover agent, as Verone’s girlfriend. They need street racers in order to capture Verone, so they arrest the main actor Brian O’ Connell at the end of a street race and take him to the department. At the department, they give him the breakdown

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    Movie Review Fireproof Zelder Dickerson April 14, 2013 The movie, Fireproof, is a Christian based movie drama which was released in 2008. It is based on a married couple who is experiencing issues which could lead to divorce. Caleb was a heroic fireman who saved lives every day but was allowing his marriage to go up in smoke. He desperately needed to change in order to save it. As a result, he decides to shares his dilemma with his father. In turn, his dad suggests that he postpone the decision

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    their rights. China Blue is one film that made me realize how fortunate I am. We do not understand the value of things until we do not have them anymore. This movie showed me what I was blessed with, and what these girls were not. I do not understand how it would be to fight life everyday just to survive. There is a lot to learn from this movie. It not only makes you feel extremely thankful, but also responsible to stop such injustices from happening.

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  • Burn Movie Review

    the message of the movie Burn! Burn! – Movie Review By Chithra “If a man gives you freedom, it is not freedom. Freedom is something you, you alone, must take.” José Dolores a black slave, says this quietly, but shakes the ideals of so called civilized Europe. In this movie Burn (or Queimada), the director Gillo Pontecorvo presents a vivid picture of colonization, slavery, resistance and martyrdom for sovereignty; set in a fictional Portuguese colony. Movie, throughout its

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  • Warrior Movie Review

    Warrior Movie Review Warrior is a powerful fighting movie portraying the battles of two brothers that reunite after years in the final fight of a mixed martial arts tournament. The two brothers, Tommy and Brendan, grew up together yet had two very different upbringings. Different circumstances bring them to the same decision that they need to fight for a living. Brendan needs to support his family while Tommy drastically changed from a happy, competitive and caring child to an angry, reserved man

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    1. Bruce Willis – Harry Stamper 2. Billy Bob Thornton – Dan Truman 3. Ben Affleck – A.J. Frost 4. Steve Buscemi - Rockhound 5. Michael Clarke Duncan - Bear 6. Ken Hudson Campbell - Max 12. Rating by the MPA (PG-13) The movie Armageddon is a disaster movie that is about a group of men trying to save the world form a huge asteroid headed straight at the earth. After several smaller meteorite showers Nasa discovers the enormous asteroid and realize they don’t have much time to figure

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  • Movie Review - 21

    “Movie Review – 21” Ben Campbell is a Havard Medical School’s mathematical genius student who desperate to find 150,000 dollars of money to pay for his college fees. He works a part-time job as an Assistant Manager in a clothes shop which enables him to earn only 8 dollars per hour. As the income is insufficient, he intends to apply for Robinson Scholarship which only extra dazzle person is about to get the scholarship. But before that, Ben had been through a great experience in the most popular

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  • Patriot Movie Review

    1103-503 10 October 2014 The Patriot Movie Review The Patriot was an American Revolution epic that was portrayed from the perspective of an implacable family. While the movie provided entertainment, there were many historical events that were illustrated in this film such as, the depiction of militias, the implications of battles, and insight to life during war. Due to the bias nature of the film and a few historical inaccuracies, the nationalism in this movie becomes overwhelming. This film

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  • Movie Review on Charlie Bartlett

    Charlie Bartlett Summary of the movie: The movie is about a 17 year old boy, Charlie Bartlett. Being a son of a wealthy but depressed mother, and a father who is in jail for tax evasion, and Charlie seems not to be able to forgive him. Charlie is a walking problem for himself. He has been thrown out from several private schools because of his behaviour, and his obsession with becoming popular. After being kicked out of his last private school, Charlie’ mum send him to the public high school

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    Review of “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” The movie “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” is a biographical drama recounting of the colorful life of legendary martial arts star Bruce Lee. The film is written based on the Bruce’s window Linda’ book "Bruce Lee: the man only I knew", and directed by Rob Cohen and starred Jason Scott Lee. This biographical drama released in the United States in year 1993, and inspired a Kong Fu hit in Hollywood. The film gives audiences the closest account of inner Bruce Lee

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    SYNOPSIS Overall this movie is based on fashion industry. Andrea Sachs, graduated in journalism try her luck to fill the most wanted position that been dreamt by girls which to be personal assistant to Miranda Prisley, a sophisticated executive of the runway fashion magazine. She among the luckiest person to be hired by Miranda. As Andrea does not have good sense in fashion, she always been undermine by her colleague as dressing code is a major thing in fashion magazine company. In order to be

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    Film Music in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Name Professor Institution Course Date Introduction The movie ‘the curse of the Black Pearl’ is a fiction film that was produced in 2003. This movie saw the establishment of jack sparrow the principal character in the movie. This movie took the historical setting of colonialism and explained the adventure of rescue (MacDonald 56). The film talks about a quest where jack sparrow wants to form an act of revenge

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    REVIEW ON THE DARK KNIGHT RISES The Dark Knight Rises(New York , July 16, 2012) is a superhero film directed by Christopher Nolan. It is the sequel to The Dark Knight (2008).The film introduces two main characters to Nolan's series: Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) and Bane (Tom Hardy). It has been eight years since Batman vanished into the night, turning, in that instant, from hero to fugitive. Assuming the blame for the death of D.A. Harvey Dent, the Dark Knight sacrificed everything

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  • The Mummy Historical Movie Review

    exception. The Mummy is an amazing movie. It has action, comedy, and decent special effects too. Overall, I found the movie very entertaining and enjoyable and I loved almost every minute of it. Although the movie was very entertaining, l did find some historical inaccuracies in it. I believe the movie could have been made much better if some of these inaccuracies were fixed. This review will deal with historical inaccuracies that focus on the characters of the movie, the values and beliefs of the Ancient

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  • Inside Out Movie Review

    Colegio de San Juan de Letran Niceforo Vince A. Balbedina III Midterm Requirement General Psychology Movie Reaction Write-up Disney’s Pixar’s Inside Out Born in the 21th century, I was blessed enough to grow up in the luxury that is modern animation in entertainment. I remember the first animated movie I saw was DreamWorks’ Prince of Egypt. From then on, my fascination over animation and cartoons ran like water. I was five years-old when my mother let me watch my first Pixar

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  • Movie Review

    Goliath story. I believe perseverance and desire, desire to not give up and that nothing is impossible is the intended message the movie is trying to get across. A coach persevering with the whole community and his players, and the players and coach having the desire to believe they can win and that they belong. The Major Characters The biggest character in the movie was played by Gene Hackman as Coach Norman Dale. Norm was an old college basketball coach who returned to coaching after twelve

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  • Despicable Me Movie Review

    Aglibot, Dianne A. 2006-33658 Math 100 October 14, 2010 Film Review: Despicable Me As a fan of Pixar’s genius, I really sought out to see this movie as soon as it came out. But before that, I exhausted all of the film’s hilarious and engaging theatrical trailers. I also went out of my way to read a couple of the movie’s review. It might not have garnered not-so-good ratings but the plot, the cast, and also a bit because of the music all made me finally decide to go check it out.

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  • In Time (Movie Review)

    In Time (Movie Review) In Time, released on 2011, is a science fiction film directed by Andrew Niccol, starring Amanda Seyfried, Justin Timberlake and Cillian Murphy. This movie has an interesting and creative concept that is still relevant today. It conjures up a future where time is money and money is time. Benjamin Franklin’s infamous quote literally turned into a currency. Everyone is born with a luminous digital clock etched on their forearm and they are genetically engineered to stop aging

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  • Review of a Movie

    The movie UP is perfect for ABC yeah the movie of the house flying with a bunch of balloons. The movie consists on a young Carl Fredrickson meets a young adventure-spirited girl named Ellie. They both dream of going to a lost land in South America. 70 years later, Ellie has died. Carl remembers the promise he made to her. So he decides to go in an adventure, while he gets stuked with a young scout kid The movie up is perfect for ABC because it covers your basic requirements. The movie UP does

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  • Movie Review Thor

    MOVIE REVIEW THOR: THE DARK WORLD For SIR MUHAMAD FUAD ABDUL KARIM By NOR FAIEZAH BINTI AMIR HAMZAH 2012141929 NURUL FAZLINA BINTI OTHMAN 2012912953 Group: BA4A (AM228) Date of Submission: 15TH December 2014 TABLE OF CONTENT Table of Content……………………………………………………………… 1 Short Synopsis………………………………………………………………… 2 Four Issue or Problem Revealed…………………………………..... 3 - 4 How Issue Can Be Relate to Organizational Behavior……… 5 - 8 Suggestion to Rectify the Problems…………………………………

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  • Movie Review

    Hancock Being a movie fanatic, life is measured by when the next big movie release is going to be. One of the movies I have been looking forward to for a while was Hancock. Unfortunately, the movie was released in theatres during the summer when I was visiting Hong Kong and by the time I got back, it wasn’t in theatres anymore so I had to wait for the movie to be released on DVD. The movie is directed by Peter Berg and stars Will Smith and Charlize Theron. The movie takes place in modern

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  • The 25th Hour Movie Review

    freedom for seven years. Monty is having difficulty enjoying his final day of freedom as both Frank and his business associate Kostya Novotny (Tony Siragusa) both seem to hint at Naturelle being the informant that led to Monty’s arrest and conviction. Review I went to see this film on a Friday evening in Olathe. The audience was well mixed in almost every way imaginable. The two constants were age - approximately %90 of the audience appeared to be between 21 and 30 - and the culturally “in touch

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  • To Catch a Thief Movie Review

    “It takes a thief to catch a thief.” Well, that’s the saying we’ve always heard. In modern day times, we’ve seen it in productions like Fast and Furious, Criminal Minds, and even in comedies like 22 Jump Street. Hitchcock based his movie, To Catch a Thief, solely based on this saying. John Robie (the infamous jewel thief from previous years) is being framed as stealing multiple precious jewels around the city. The culprit has the same technique and does it with the same stealth as Robie did. The

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  • Lincoln Movie Review

    Lincoln Movie Review In the Lincoln documentary, Daniel Day-Lewis plays the roll of Lincoln. The documentary focuses on Lincoln trying to get the 13th amendment to pass in congress. The main reason why Lincoln wants to abolish slavery is to end the civil war, which has been going on for a few years with no progress, causing a lot of casualties. The documentary takes place right after Lincoln’s re- election into his second term as President of the United States. Lincoln informs his cabinet

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  • Movie Review

    Paramount Pictures); the research is bout a young aspiring entrepreneur Jordan Belfort and about his lifestyle, convergence in the lifestyle, ethics, business culture, addictions and many more. Being an R Rated film due to many sequels presented in the movie, (The Motion Pictures Association of America. (n.d.). Retrieved March 29, 2016, from; therefore, his lifestyle was seen. A propaganda of change, a growth of a normal individual who aimed to be a millionaire

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  • Movie and Book Review in Filipino

    Movie Review Sa Filipino Ipinasa kay: Ginang De Guzman Ipinasa ni: Tamayo, Joie Ann L. Panimula Ang "ANAK" ay isang pelikula noong 2000 na handog ng Star Cinema para sa mga OFW (Overseas Filipino workers) sa ibat-ibang dako ng mundo. Sa natatanging pelikula na ito na sumikat sa takilya ay pinagbibidahan nina Vilma Santos at Claudine Baretto. Noong 2000, ang pelikulang ito ang pinakatanyag na pelikula sakasaysayan ng pelikula sa industriyang Pilipino dahil sa laki ng binatak nito satakilya

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  • Movie Review

    1. Movie Review The movie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, taught me more about South Africa. It made me think that the world is so big and I just know a tiny dot of it. The movie consists of situations wherein they experience social problem, social movement and social change. They overcome these situations after a long period of time through tough situations and countless meetings of the British Government and Nelson Mandela. 2. What social problems have you observe in the movie? Explain why

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