Glass Ceiling

  • Within the Glass Walls

    the room, you begin to far consider it as hell since it is not a thing as you imagined hell to be. The room had no corners with only about ten normal steps in diameter. It is also glass-walled but with nothing beyond it in sight. Then you noticed the ceiling which produces the brightness of the room. It is a whole ceiling flat with light wherein no switch in the room can be sighted. The floor was also fully made with cushion, making it comfortable to sleep at, except the man emphasized that drowsiness

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  • The Glass Ceiling and Women in the Workplace

    The Glass Ceiling And Women In The Workplace Sabra D. Pope SOC 490: Social Science Capstone Professor Sandy Smith October 10, 2011 There are far too many businesses around the world that either choose to or unconsciously interfere in the progress of women into higher positions. This problem, even if it is unconscious, can usually be back-tracked to the beginnings of a woman’s entrance into the workplace. This problem can especially be traced if she exhibits any proclivity for moving

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  • Glass Ceiling

    “good-old-boys club” in addition to lack of experience and the traditional family and parent responsibilities are a few of the reasons why women have difficulty breaking through the glass ceiling to top management/leadership positions. Unfortunately, I have experienced and know many women who have experienced the glass ceiling. In the fire service, the good-old boy system and constant gender discrimination are to blame for this. Although the fire service has become very progressive and has come a long

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  • Glass Ceiling

    Although minorities and women have made some headway in management and professional positions in the last decade, the corporate "glass ceiling" still appears to be an obstacle to their advancement into senior leadership. We have done a qualitative research on the factors that are responsible for glass ceiling and the factors that help women find a way to get around the glass ceiling. We have followed an exploratory research design approach wherein we have used interview as the basis to get down to the

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  • The Glass Menagerie

    When the father leaves the entire family in The Glass Menagerie, it leaves Tom with an overwhelming feeling to do the same, feeling as if his father has found freedom. Throughout the story, it is evident that Tom feels the need to get away because he is constantly going to the movies to feel the adventure he has never experienced. When the reader is shown the true colors of where Tom’s heart really is, it brings a mild discomfort because it is noticeable how much the family really needs him and

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  • Glass Ceiling

    but is not given a fair chance, this is commonly known as glass ceiling. According to the online database, Answers, glass ceiling refers to situations where the advancement of a qualified person within the hierarchy of an organization is stopped at a lower level because of some form of discrimination. This situation is in reference to the term glass ceiling because there are limitations of upward movement or advancement. The word glass comes from being transparent because the limitations are not

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  • Glass Ceiling

    get where they are in the workplace. However, many of the historical customs continue and hinder women’s success. Due to these customs and competitive business environments a glass ceiling has been constructed above women in the workplace. In this thesis we will explore the cause of such discrimination from the glass ceiling from a feminist perspective starting in the 40’s up till today. The beginning of women entering the workplace is arguably when women began challenging their roles as a housewife

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  • A Critical Evaluation of Women in Management Breaking the Glass Ceiling

    A critical evaluation of Women in management- the glass ceiling at the St. Lucia Fire Service Executive Summary The topic of the glass ceiling has been of great interest in recent years especially in the field of management. The problem is that women demonstrate successful qualities over years and despite the qualities that they possess, the glass ceiling still continue to exist in organizations that are male dominating and find it difficult to break into management. The purpose of this

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  • Google Glass


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  • Glass Ceiling on Women

    Race and Gender at work As living human being, there are a lot of things they never disconnect from our other way it may impossible living life without those things. Among these work is one the crucial thing. It is common senses each of us we deserve to live and share all the opportunity equally. But in reality it never happens in equilibrium. This unbalance way off life makes people to print questioners in their mind. Gender at work is a big issue in daily is clear fact that r

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  • Glass Ceiling

    Glass Ceiling Effect Leslie S. White Concorde Career College Table of Contents References Aguilar, L. (May 22, 2013). Merely Cracking the Glass Ceiling is Not Enough: Corporate America Needs More than Just A Few Women in Leadership. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Retrieved from Herzlinger, R. (April 2, 2013). Has the Glass Ceiling Been Shattered for Women Leading Major Companies

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  • Glass

    “The future becomes the present, the present the past, and the past turns into everlasting regret if you don’t plan for it” I can finally say I read the Glass Menagerie. And I loved it! Back in High School I never really thought it was great but it was everything. In the play The Glass Menagerie, many characteristics were shown in different people. There were primarily four main characters in the play: Amanda, Laura, Tom, and Jim. Each character had there own original issue in the story, which

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  • The Glass Cieling

    The expression glass ceiling had been used to describe the artificial barrier placed on individuals that prevent them from advancing to high ranking positions within an organization despite the fact they are qualified. Although the glass ceiling can be experienced by any individual, it is primarily encountered by women. While many people realize the glass ceiling is still intact, some believe it has been broken by women. There are many factors in today’s work environment that allude to the fact that

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  • The Glass Ceiling

    the Glass Ceiling : Treatment for Women Kevin Jiang Dallas Baptist University April 20, 2013 MANA 6320-01 SP8 Business Ethics the Glass Ceiling : Treatment for Women Introduction The world can not be totally fair everywhere. The glass ceiling which is a situation in which progress, especially promotion, appears to be possible but restrictions or discrimination create a barrier that prevents it is an unfair phenomenon. Diplomas, background and sex all can lead to the glass ceiling

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  • Sparkling Glass

    Sparkling glass limited a company with 300 million turnover, is running through losses for the past 2 years. The financial problems have resulted because, production is outpacing sales, as production cost is 75 percent of the sales. Government also hold most of the company's input which results in increase in price of the product and at the same time competitors, sell glass containers at lower prices because of which customers prefer to buy from those sellers. Manufacturing of glass containers

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  • Google Glass

    Bill Haney Student ID: 17692665 Google Glass Introduction: Google Glass is the new forefront of technology. This new technology will change how we watch television, view our favorite pictures and information that we use everyday. Like social media, navigation, and news. Summary of key findings: * How we watch television * As we advance in life, we advance in technology. Like watching television. Today a lot of humans receive information from the television. Since the first television was

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  • Google Glass

    1/23/2014 Google Glass Research Paper 12th November 2013 Google Glass Research Paper Google Glass: A New Technology Jasmin Manea (G00777041) IT 101 October 7, 2013 "By placing this statement on my webpage, I certify that I have read and understand the GMU Honor Code on [] . I am fully aware of the following sections of the Honor Code: Extent of the Honor Code, Responsibility of the Student and Penalty. In addition

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  • Glass Ceiling

    Female Managers Struggle To Break the Glass Ceiling Thirty-two years ago, Pat Chapman-Pincher was excelling in her first job and applied to become a management trainee. Her company turned her down and was quite open about the fact that she was being rejected because she was a woman. "We went around in circles," recalls Ms. Chapman-Pincher, now senior vice president, global accounts, at WorldCom Inc. "They said no. I said I was leaving. They said they wanted me to stay and I replied, 'Put me on

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  • The Glass Managere

    The Glass Menagerie The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams is a touching play about the lost dreams of a southern family and their struggle to escape reality. The play is a memory play and therefore very poetic in mood, setting, and dialogue. Tom Wingfield serves as the narrator as well as a character in the play. Tom lives with his Southern belle mother, Amanda, and his painfully shy sister, Laura. According to Margaret Thornton: “William wrote to himself about himself” (1). Thus

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  • The Glass Ceiling Effect: Women’s Career Advancement in Puerto Rico

    The Glass Ceiling Effect: Women’s Career Advancement in Puerto Rico Ángela Ramos Pérez May 7, 2008 2 Index Chapter One .....................................................................................................................................3 Introduction..................................................................................................................................3 Purpose for the Study.......................................................................

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  • Price Ceiling

    Price ceilings are government mandated maximum selling prices in order to make items more attainable. It can have a negative effect on the economy if not regulated to keep up with a changing market and tends to throttle a free market system. In a perfect market, prices will balance themselves. Ceiling price on bread lead to long lines, high costs in lost work hours, and binding prices for sellers. As an individual is required to wait in line for an hour, there is an hour of work cut into total

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  • Blue Painted Ceiling and Wasps

    painted ceiling and wasps Kasia Nalbandian American Intercontinental University 3/24/2010 Abstract In this week individual project options are very interesting but unfortunately I have to choose only one option, and I choose the second experiment which is painting the porch ceiling sky blue can keep off wasps or other insects from building their nest or no?, I’m going to talk about my hypothesis and my outcome for the controlled experiment. Blue Painted Ceiling and Wasps

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  • Sparkling Glass

    Sparkling Glass Limited A decision support document for the recruitment of the new General-Shift-in-Charge (748 words) Sourav Das PGP 2014-16, IIM Bangalore SR NO. 9233920 Sparkling Glass Limited Sparkling Glass limited Contents Background: ................................................................................................................................3 Purpose: .........................................................................................................

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  • Glass Menagrie Review

    Name: Reem Zamgan ID: 43165 Title: The Glass Menagerie Performance Attended: Wednesday Director: Catherine Moran Playwright: Tennessee Williams Name of Actors: Tom, Laura, Jim, and Amanda. List actors: The Glass Menagerie is a play that is a result of a memory from the narrator, Tom. It revolves around Tom, the older brother and the mother Amanda and the sister Laura. Tom supports

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  • Glass

    CAREER SUCCESS: THE GLASS CEILING EFFECT WITHIN THE UAE CEDARS - Jebel Ali International Hospital TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 3 Problem statement 3 Significance of the study 3 STUDY ORGANZIATION: CEDARS - Jebel Ali International Hospital 5 LITERATURE REVIEW 5 An introduction to Leadership: 5 DIFFERENT STYLES OF LEADERSHIP 6 Authoritarian Type of Leadership: 6 Democratic Leadership style: 7 Laissez-Faire Leadership : 8 The underlying concept of Glass Ceiling Effect : 9 Women

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  • Glass Ceiling

    positions and are unable to attain them. In a recent study almost three-fourths of women and two-thirds of men believe that an invisible barrier (a glass ceiling) prevents women from attaining top management positions. In this report we have tried to find out the barriers causing women advancement in organizational top levels referred to as “Glass Ceiling.” We have conducted our research among some of the top level organizations which are United International University (UIU), MERCANTILE BANK Limited

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  • The Glass Ceiling

    The Glass Ceiling Hossam Elhowary Professor Anthony Teri, MBA, MA Psychology of Women Union County College The Glass Ceiling Inequality primarily refers to when different groups are deprived their choice of rights. It has been pronounced in the current society at diverse levels and in a variety of parts. The most common features are in relation to gender, age, social class, geographical background among other features. In adverse situations, discriminatory acts have

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  • Google Glass

    Google Glass as a Cybernetic System Paola Gulian 18/06/2013 Stavangerweg 352, Amsterdam 1013AX Telephone: +359 888 88 30 81 Student Number: 10396144 Thesis supervisor: Michael Dieter Media Studies: New Media and Digital Culture Universiteit van Amsterdam   1  Table of Contents: 1. Introduction / 3 2. Chapter 1 – History of Cybernetics theory, Systems Theory, Cyborg and Posthumanism / 6 2.1. Introduction to Norbert Wiener’s theory of cybernetics / 6 2.2. Gregory Bateson

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  • Empowering Women in Business - the Glass Ceiling

    bottom lines (Coleman 13). The Glass Ceiling The impassable obstacles between female employees and the executive suite were reported in the report issued by the Glass Ceiling Commission in 1995 (Johns). The glass ceiling is a concept, which was initially introduced in the 1980s (Johns). In fact, it is a metaphor for the artificial obstacles, which prevent females and minorities from climbing the corporate ladder to executive positions (Johns). The Glass Ceiling Commission stated that nearly three

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  • The Glass Menagerie

    Literary Analysis: The Glass Menagerie Many critics believe that “The Glass Menagerie” is one of Tennessee Williams finest literary pieces, and that like most of his work, it was a reflection of his own life story. Born as Thomas Lanier Williams III on March 26, 1911, in Columbus, Mississippi, he lived with his loving but possessive mother and his older sister, Rose, who later suffered a mental breakdown. His father was a hard man who tended to drink too much and who was often away from home

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  • Glass Castle

    Book Report on Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls 1 Book Report on Jeannette Wall’s Glass Castle Book Report on Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls 2 Jeannette Walls's story is one that gives the reader an idea of what it is like to grow up in a very complex and often self-destructive family system. Jeannette Walls's memoir Glass Castle begins with her riding in a taxi through contemporary New York City on her way to a party. As she looks out the taxi window, Jeannette sees her mother digging through

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  • Glass Ceiling

    The Glass Ceiling July 11, 2011 Overview The glass ceiling still exists despite the fact that the year is now 2011. Ray B. Williams and Lisa Martin wrote an article for Psychology Today about “Why Hasn’t The Glass Ceiling Been Broken?” They discuss that while progress has been made it has been incremental. Even though researchers can show evidence that women executes do a better job then their male counterparts, there are still many women excluded from the highest positions in the corporate

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  • Glass Menagerie

    Hermione Petioma Professor Larriviere ENC 1102 T R 6:30- 7:45 am 4/23/15 Essay #3 The Glass Menagerie pg. 1134 #1 Freedom Spread your wings and fly. There may come a time in everyone’s life where they choose to change their life and never look back but they need to have some motivation. In the play The Glass Menagerie Tom is a man who wants to change his life. He is an adult living with his mother but she nags him. He feels stuck and wants to leave his home. When he’s fed up he chooses to

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  • The Glass Ceiling Effects on Women

    The term “Glass Ceiling” became popular when a Wall Street Journal article used it in 1986. It refers to the barrier that prevents women from stepping into the top management level in any organizations. The “Glass Ceiling” is invisible and impenetrable. Very often a woman could see her ultimate career goal was just ahead of her, but she just could not get to the top of the hierarchy. Before the term was introduced, researchers had been exploring varies theories that could explain why it was so hard

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  • The Glass Ceiling

    Stefanie da Silva April 4, 2014 BUS 410 – Maher Research Paper ------------------------------------------------- The Glass Ceiling: An Ongoing Problem and Its Solutions The Wall Street Journal coined the term “glass ceiling” about twenty-five years ago. The glass ceiling refers to invisible barriers that prevent women and minorities from reaching the top of the corporate ladder. Traditionally, throughout the United States and the world, men instead of females have held the vast majority

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  • City of Glass

    THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Book Three City of Glass Margaret K. McElderry Books An imprint of Simon & Schuster Children​s Publishing Division 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10020 This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author​s imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead

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  • Google Glass

    1. Google Glass from Google Incorporate 2. We chose this product because it is convenient, useful and high technology but unsuccessful product. 3. Google was found in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page while they were PhD students at Stanford University. Google is an American multinational technology company. The name of "Google" originates from the misspelling of the word "googol", a mathematical term, which means 1 followed by 100 zeros. Google’s chairman is Eric Schmidt and Larry Page

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  • The Glass Ceiling

    “The Glass Ceiling” The glass ceiling is an invisible, but real barrier that prevents people, often women and minorities from achieving further success. I think that the glass ceiling may be more of a form of sexism. The expression is often used to describe the sexist attitudes that many women run into in the work environment. The term “glass ceiling” originated from the Wall Street Journal in 1986 and was then used in the title of an article by A.M. Morrison and others that was published in

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  • Glass Ceiling

    Assignment on Glass Ceiling. l should have to mention that there are different religious, cultures, and mentalities throughout the world. I think that when we give our opinion about global issues such as glass ceiling. We need to consider which religious they do follow. For instance, if l give my opinion derive from Islamic teachings. There are some regulations on working females who are in Islam about their clothing, working positions and time. But females who are Christians and Buddhists may

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  • Glass Castle

    Review of “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls is an intriguing story of Walls’ family and their experiences. Through Jeannette’s story as both the narrator and the protagonist in the story, the actual state of Walls’ family is vividly described. Through the eyes of Jeannette, the reader finally shares the troubles of Walls family, where the parents are less concerned about the children. Jeanette herself is rendering the burden and responsibility of taking

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  • Glass Ceiling

    Glass Ceiling The glass ceiling is encountered by women in the workforce every day. Women face a barrier separating them from advancing in the work place and gaining equal pay as men. “Yellen punches through 'glass ceiling' at Fed,” describes the monumental advance and breakthrough of the glass ceiling for Janet Yellen, now the first woman to ever lead the Federal Reserve. She has made great strides throughout her life, “Yellen served as president of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank. She also

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  • Business Ethics - If There Is a Glass Ceiling, How Is Its Existence to Be Determined Objectively

    3. What is the attitude of young people towards authority at their first stint at work? 4. Is there an age culture that affects human relationships at workplace? 1. If there is a glass ceiling, how is its existence to be determined objectively? 2. If there is a glass ceiling, how it may be removed? 3. Would reverse discrimination be morally justified or would that be unfair to men? 4. SEZ’s are not different workplaces, they only work differently. Comment

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  • Business Ethics - If There Is a Glass Ceiling, How It May Be Removed

    3. What is the attitude of young people towards authority at their first stint at work? 4. Is there an age culture that affects human relationships at workplace? 1. If there is a glass ceiling, how is its existence to be determined objectively? 2. If there is a glass ceiling, how it may be removed? 3. Would reverse discrimination be morally justified or would that be unfair to men? 4. SEZ’s are not different workplaces, they only work differently. Comment

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  • The Glass Worker

    Week 4 Assignment 1/29/2012 Case Study: A Laid-off Glass Worker Issue in the case Ronald Petrie was laid off from the company on March 20, 1997 and from the beginning of May that year, the remaining employees of the Glass department were made to work over-time and at the same time; a few other employees from different departments were transferred to the Glass department. The Union’s contention is that the management was wrong in not making a recall for Petrie when it realized in the beginning

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  • Shattered Glass

    true. The article “Lies, damn lies and fiction” talks about Stephen Glass, a The New Republic reporter that wrote unreal events. The word “unverifiable” is important in this article because Glass’ sources in his articles were not able to be proven to be true. 2. Describe “Hack Heaven” and explain the story behind Ian Restil. "Hack Heaven", an article written by Glass redacts the story of Ian Restil; a 15-year-old computer hacker who broke

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  • Glass Ceiling

    Causes There are varying reasons why the glass ceiling exists in our society. One chief reason is that leadership has stereotypical views concerning males and females in leadership positions. Males are viewed has being tough and strict, while women are considered more nurturing and caring. Being a tough or very strict leader in the workplace is accepted more by society. While a women’s leadership style, if not identical to her male counterpart, may be viewed as ineffective and soft. In some

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  • The Glass Menagerie

    The Glass Menagerie Dr. C. Hemmye University of Phoenix In the play The Glass Menagerie, many characteristics were shown in different people. There were primarily four main characters in the play: Amanda, Laura, Tom, and Jim. Each character had their own original issue in the story, which makes the play so entirely complex. What makes the play interesting are putting those characters together and creating inside moral and conflict. As a result, everybody still appears to be an outcast

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  • Breaking Thru the Glass Cieling

    Breaking thru the Glass Ceiling GEB 452 Organizational Ethics Introduction For too many women, discrimination still plays a role in the jobs they get, the wages they are paid, and the promotions they receive. The base of this paper is on the ‘glass ceiling’ metaphor, which is the invisible barriers women experience in their rising career, which prevents them from reaching the top of an organization or making it difficult to get there. Even though we have come a long way from how it was fifty

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  • Glass

    4700 ft high Glass Sky Walk in Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie Hunan, China 中國湖南省 張家界天門山玻璃棧道 China’s newest tourist spot is a glass-bottomed walkway around the cliff face of the Tianmen Mountain, 7 ft above sea level, at Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province (自動翻頁) 張家界天門山國家森林公園新建的玻璃棧道正式對遊客 開放。玻璃棧道于天門山頂西線,長60米,最高處海 拔1430米。所有上橋的遊客均被要求穿上鞋套,以保 持玻璃橋面潔凈。玻璃棧道是張家界天門山景區繼懸于 峭壁之上的鬼谷棧道、憑空伸出的玻璃眺望臺、橫跨峽 谷的木質吊橋後打造的又一試膽新景點。 China's newest tourist attraction ... a glass-bottomed walkway around a cliff face. Brave tourists

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  • Glass

    these days is glass, and every other building that you come across can be seen flaunting it proudly. The skylines of Indian metros are dotted with high-rise buildings clad in glimmering glass, spelling out affluence and style. People today are willing to splurge on glass just to get that ‘hi-tech’ and sophisticated look, but there’s much more to glass than just that. Glass glazing is one of the most preferred options of architects and developers these days, and with good reason. Glass reduces the

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